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Kambwili refuses to campaign for a PF Mayoral candidate in Luanshya

Headlines Kambwili refuses to campaign for a PF Mayoral candidate in Luanshya

PF candidate for Luanshya constituency Steven Chungu introducing Nathan Chanda during a campaign rally in Luanshya's Ndeke area on Sunday
PF candidate for Luanshya constituency Steven Chungu introducing Nathan Chanda during a campaign rally in Luanshya’s Ndeke area on Sunday

PF Roan constituency parliamentary candidate Chishimba Kambwili has vowed not to campaign for the party’s candidate for the position of Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda.

Mr Kambwili said he will not waste his time and energies campaigning for Mr Chanda claiming that the Mayoral candidate lacks respect for elders.

He said Mr Chanda who challenged him for adoption for the Roan seat on the PF ticket is a very ungrateful young man who lacks discipline.
Mr Kambwili was speaking Sunday afternoon in Luanshya’s Section 22 Mwaiseni Basic School ground when he addressed a public rally and introduced candidates standing as councillors on the PF ticket in the area.

“Uyu umwaice alitumpa sana. Takwata umuchinshi, alefwaya aibike pabakulu kanshi Kakunkubiti (This young man is very stupid. He lacks respect. He wants to elevate himself and yet he is a small container),” Mr Kambwili said.

He vowed that he will not campaign for Mr Chanda but instead will support an independent candidate Famous Kabwe who is standing as Luanshya Mayor.

Mr Kambwili accused Mr Chanda of rushing to the Catholic Bishops to plead for their intervention so that they could plead on his behalf to President Edgar Lungu for his adoption.

“This boy went and pleaded with the Bishops in Ndola that please speak to the President so that I am picked as Executive Mayor. If it weren’t for the Catholic Bishops, this boy would have been nowhere,” Mr Kambwili.

He said Mr Chanda should consider himself lucky that he was allowed to stand as Executive Mayor even when there were other credible contesters.

“I will not campaign for him. Two people wanted to stand, people who were even more educated that this boy. Mr Famous Kabwe, he was Maintenance Manager in ZCCM and worked as Chambishi Smelter and Mr Modeza who was a Manager of Schools under ZCCM. These are more credible people with traceable education,” Mr Kambwili said.

“This new role of Mayor now requires somebody who is well educated. Akakunkubiti (The small corner) will not manage the affairs of this new office because all government functions including Schools Heads will be reporting to the Executive Mayor, now this boy wants to be Mayor with no education. Nathan has no proper academic qualifications to hold such an important position, he only has a grade 12 certificate and a diploma in Distance Education programme.” he said.

Mr Kambwili said he has even told President Lungu about his reservations regarding the adoption of Mr Chanda.

Dr Kambwili introducing the PF candidate
Dr Kambwili introducing the PF candidate

Part of the crowd that attended Dr Kambwili's rally
Part of the crowd that attended Dr Kambwili’s rally


  1. The biggest problem with you mr Kambwili is arrogance and you want to be feared and worshipped by those who hold divergent views than yours in PF. If the young man you are referring to as akakunkubiti is stu…pid as you put it, then you are lacking what it takes to be uwasalapuka nangu uwamano. Anyway, I am still putting my money on Chagwa Lungu and PF in the coming elections. No doubt Chagwa is bouncing back including yourself but sir, let your mouth be born again this time around. There is no civility in your mouth. I love PF.

    • This Kashimba Nimbwili is the most use1ess thing in Zambia. How can you call someone’s husband as akakunkubiti just because that someone exercised his democratic right? Kashimba cursed is the day you were born

    • Nathan Chanda was already Mayor for Luanshya before.

      Steven Chungu and Chishimba Kambwila are two DIC.K HEADS who are only interested in benefiting their pockets and not advancing Luanshya otherwise they would be working together instead of these school yard shenanigans they are involved in. Luanshya NEEDS TO FIRE BOTH OF THEM!

    • Doesn’t PF discipline those who campaign for independent candidates? Is this hippo too big to be disciplined? Can someone in PF start the disciplinary process for this lunatic.

    • @Ndobo kekekeke, no one follows orders in PF any longer.
      Do you know akankukubiti? Ni scad ya chibuku.

    • This may explain why that beautiful lady this buffoon calls wife has elected to be miles away from this muntu-he must be a thorn to be with under one roof-eishii no forgiveness, ba Kabwili amayebee-please people of Luanshya bring down this baboon to his level by voting him out and to rub salt in his thick skin, vote the young Chanda as executive Mayor. .

      Anyway the young man should have just opted to jump camp, stand on UPND ticket and gone into showdown with this typical african muntu called Kabwili, Chanda would have come out triumphant because he is loved by the grass root in Roan unlike this bully called Kabwili!!

  2. Its healthy to hold divergent views with you superior in Africa. They prefer boot lickers in this part of the world.

    • I only agree with Chimbwili because I have never seen such horrible bowlegs in jeans like this Chanda chap. However, the capacity to insult and diss each other that Bembas are capable of is amazing. No wonder the only word that GBM says when he has nothing else to say is chikkala.

  3. This PF party is indisciplined. They don’t have collective responsibility.They are washing their dirty linen in public. No wonder Lungu & PF are visionless and clueless. They cant agree on a mayoral candidate. This confusion is a mirror image of the PF and its leader. Its chipante pante way of doing things. For a change lets vote for HH,GBM and UPND for progress.

  4. Kambwili is ichikunkubiti!
    He’s so furious because akakunkubiti will soon grow into ichikunkubiti and he will be displaced.

  5. “I will not campaign for him. Two people wanted to stand, people who were even more educated that this boy. Mr Famous Kabwe, he was Maintenance Manager in ZCCM and worked as Chambishi Smelter and Mr Modeza who was a Manager of Schools under ZCCM. These are more credible people with traceable education,” Mr Kambwili said.
    Really laughable..coming from this empty tins.

    • Why is this selfsame empty tin called famous kabwe as if he is famous? Great Jayjay, you identified fun grammatical errors. #jayjay lies

      I thank you

  6. Awe, twachula sana , sure to be called none- entities because Kamwbili today has an unrecognized from a rubish pit of a university. What about Michael Sata ba Dokot Kambwili, how far did he go in education? even yourself , are you not just a mechanic?

  7. Absolutely no comment………Forward chabe, will be voting for a respectable UPND and HH a visionary leader.

  8. It’s clear that the opposition has one extra vote for parliamentary and another one for mayoral from these two PF members.

  9. But Chishimba Chimbwili lisaka sana!It’s him who pleaded to Presido Jamerson to convince Chanda to retain his Mayoral candidature pantu Chanda is the One who was prefered by PF officials of Roan Constituency to be adopted as Area MP Candidate 4 PF & Chilambwe of Kagem Mine on UPND ticket.Elyo Luanshya after all is not a City but Manucipal Council to have an Exective Mayor.If Chanda becomes Mayor is Chimbwili going to be boycoting Council meetings?Shame upon U Chimbwili Kanshi we prove Fr Frank Bwalya is not mad but ba Chimbwili.

  10. Ba UPND, this is a family affair bane. In PF there is freedom of speech. Chishimba Kambwili will change his mind soon, he has done that before. Just mind your own weak campaign bane, PF is mature enough to sort out its internal matters.

    • UPND didn’t say anything here my friend. If they did, it is to our benefit as the people. These are they people that shall be handling our parents taxes.

  11. @10 Lutuku, so you dont know the meaning of Dununa reverse? Daft UPND cadre, you have not read the way they dance to the song? Its a powerful.message which says that in January 2015 HH was defeated, now the PF machine will pause and reverse to crash him forever.

  12. Chishimba kambwili has no brain.He dose not think properly, he is a bull frog,he makes a lot of noise it is just next month.

  13. Baf!kalaa mapul! yenu why do you like insulting each other? We are one people. One Zambia One nation. Stay blessed.


    • My thoughts exactly.The catholic church in Zambia has abdicated its traditional role of speaking for the masses and are now in cahoots with these PF murderers.Kambwili has unwittingly spilled the beans.

  15. Chimbwili ulimbwafye, you have 2 citizens, one in uk and zambia. In short you are arrogant, you can run away to uk. Upnd, is coming to get rid of them.

  16. I told this Kakunkubiti- Nathan Chanda who claimed to be the CB provincial youth chairman that he is naive to think PF is a peaceful party. If he commands CB, let him campaign for himself and de-campaign Kambwili. This is war and he should pull no punches. Get elected and let Kambwili fall. Whoever wins the presidential election, HH or Lungu will respect you, otherwise your career is dead before it is born. You will go back to selling sweets on the street.

  17. Kambwili has declared war on you Nathan, play your role and de campaign him too. After all, all of you are looking for employment. PF is not Kambwili, it is all of us. If he dies will PF die too? PF has no shortage of leaders .. let any leader resign their position, there will be an automatic replacement. shame on you not to think before you speak. We need leaders that reason,think, and analyse their thoughts before opening their mouths. Kambwili, your reasoning stinks!!!!! How do you expect him to respect you when you are also stupid.

  18. Nathan Chanda just look up to God it will be well, man has nothing to offer to you. Humble yourself and God will lift you up. The case of David and Joseph in the bible.

  19. EDGAR LUNGU, we warned you about the LEOPARD. You cant change the colour of a tiger neither can you change the leopard’s spots. Chishimba will disappoint you at an important time. He prefers FAMOUS KABWE who we all know is his relative and manages all his companies in Luanshya and lusaka. it is kambwili who even appointed FAMOUS on the board member of Zambia Daily Mail and sits on several other board courtesy of the MBWILI. What a shame. will now vote APC.

  20. Not many people at these PF rallies. I think people have more productive things to do while they wait for HH to have his rallies.

  21. It is good to see them fighting each other ati Dr. Kambwili ubututu bwekabweka just because he suspected the young man having bewitched him now he refuses to campaign for him. That is good news for the UPND candidate.

  22. Really! Kambwili should not even open his trap! He is afraid to lose is all what this is. A young guy has challenged him and he knows he will be embarrassed because the people of Luanshya are fed up of Kambwili. A very dirty man with no regards of where he came from (Roan) and treats people with little respect. A lesson for Kambwili is respect is earned and does not come by lashing at people. His mouth is a weapon and the very thing that is destroying him. One can have money through stolen means but it can not buy you class. In Kambwili’s case here is a list of what money can’t buy him: manners, morals, respect, character, common sense, trust, patience, integrity and love. Simply put Kambwili Is NOTHING!!

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