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PF panicking because Lusaka is Pro UPND – MMD

Headlines PF panicking because Lusaka is Pro UPND – MMD

UPND Vice President Geoffery Mwamba addressing a rally in Chingola
UPND Vice President Geoffery Mwamba addressing a rally in Chingola

MMD National Secretary Reuben Sambo has said the real reason for banning political campaigns in Lusaka is not about political violence but is allegedly due to fears arising from findings of a foreign based research company that the entire Lusaka and surrounding areas are pro-UPND. It is alleged that this has caused great panic in PF ranks forcing the suspension of UPND rallies and to use the 10 days to quickly re-brand the PF and Mr. Lungu in a desperate effort to win back support. It is alleged that huge mobilization teams and resources have been unleashed, with the help of some taxi drivers, to paint Lusaka Central ‘green’ with PF regalia to buy voters in order to avoid embarrassment in August.

He said this scheme is likely to be thwarted by the new ‘water-melon’ concept which is urging UPND and MMD supporters and sympathisers to accept the green regalia, but only ‘eat the red and throw away the green.’

He said there are also serious allegations that the PF have planned to use the 10 days window to mount huge billboards of President Lungu to try and improve his poor image by showing his face everywhere.

He further said these frantic last minute efforts have come late because Zambians have already decided to remove the PF government due to their lies and poor ‘chipantepante’ policies which have caused massive job losses, escalation of basic commodity prices out of the reach of most Zambians.

He said President Lungu is likely to have fueled the spate of police violence in the country which has resulted in the murder of a UPND cadre, seriously wounding others because he personally told a public rally recently that he had summoned all senior police officers to State House and instructed them to deal with the opposition in his words,


(deal with them because they have become very stupid) as can be heard from a video clip, which has gone viral on social media. He said another video clip which has gone viral is that of an alleged PF cadre being interrogated at Lusaka Central Police station, wearing a police uniform, believed to be part of a large contingent of PF cadres who were recruited 18 months ago and have now been released into communities to cause terror.

Reverend Sambo has said the banning of political campaigns in Lusaka has actually worked in the opposition’s favour as this has created an opportunity for them to flood the entire Copperbelt, with mammoth rallies to ensure PF is kicked out of power.

The Zambia United Alliance partners have in the last three days criss-crossed the Copperbelt holding huge mammoth rallies addressed by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, UPND Running-mate GBM and alliance partner MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba, with the message to the Copperbelt electorate that the PF vision for them is ‘NO JOBS’ as evidenced by the massive job losses in the mining sector since they came to power.

He said Mr. Lungu has failed to implement late President Sata’s ‘MORE JOBS’ vision promised in 2011 and wondered which vision he was following since thousands of miners have now been turned into beggars under his watch and they have not brought a single mining investor to Zambia since taking power. The PF have instead specialised in destroying what they found.

HH and Nevers Mumba addressing a rally in Chingola
HH and Nevers Mumba addressing a rally in Chingola


    • This Gender Based Molester and his Kaponya (HH) care just crooked tenderpreneurs. UPND bunch of thieves. Look at their team of recycled idtiots and pig swine like the Boer farmer Gay Scott. Look at their cheap diseased prostitutes like Sylvia Masebo. The piece of turd shhit GBM is on record as having insulted dirty vernacular words from his 5 brains. What nonsense is he uttering now from his 100 Kg smelly buttoks?
      Zika virus pussiy charlatans

    • Let’s not wait for suffering to reach Zimbabwe levels before we start making rightful decisions. This is the last hope for Zambian democracy, economic revamp.

      If PF wins, Zambians have only themselves to blame when kwacha gallops join to Zim-dollar in the grave.

      Lungu’s lack of respect for the law & Constitution will only lead to him becoming Zambia’s Dictator following the footsteps of his mentors Mugabe & Museveni.

      KK became a dictator who wanted to turn Zambia into a family dynasty because of his close association with Kim il Sung of North Korean Ceausescu of Romania & Tito of Yugoslavia.


  1. How can we be afraid of a small regional party full of Harlots, Gays, Scott Mmembe Boers and exiled South African wife beating xenophobes like GBV?

    • Iwe Kudos
      Discuss issues not personalities. At least tell us what your party will do differently if re-elected seeing its performance has been perfectly decimal the past five years!

    • This guy is a low life. He does not discuss issues because education has failed to change his primitive thinking and approach to life.

    • @Mr Kudos is Myopic,
      There is no need for the PF to do anything different. The country is on the right track. Only lazy i.d.i.o.t.s think other wise.

    • Mr Kudos is nevers,GBM ,Mulenga sata all for southern.Keep on dreaming few ma Zambians twakana kutekwa na chakolwa.Mean while its Operation watermelon.

    • Mr Scatter Brain- Kudos” stop using vulgar language and give objective contributions to the forum.Keep quiet if you have nothing to offer.You are one charatcter i feel is idle as the saying goes empty tins make the most noise.
      We are all zambians and want the best for our country ! The current regime has failed us [Scatter brains like you cannot feel it as you a john solye ubwali type.
      Do yourself some justice by cleaning your monkey crowned brain with constructive contribution on this forum

    • @ Local Champion

      Leave this clown Kudos to rant his clueless comments. He is the very best example of why Lungu and his corrupt PF must go.

      Zambia does not need such people running (or more accurately RUINING) the country.

  2. Ba Reverend Sambo lyashi lya mutulo ilyo…Sauloshi alapona nakabili. However, dreaming is allowed as long as one’s snoring is not disturbing others…

  3. Dream on Reverend ! Which MMD is he representing, the bitter one or the Mutati One?
    Honestly it will be embarrassing to trust our lives in the hands of GBM and HH. I see more sense in Nawakwi, Edgar or Mutation than the other flip flops. You will regret it if you make a mistake to put UPND in power!!!!

    • Neither will it change my mind to voice for bitter people… Thats how it goes, one mans meat is another mans poison

  4. I thought this is the illegal MMD camp. How can they be issuing statements when this faction is illegal? Keep on dreaming the under 5 party is winning. This is the end of UPND because they have embraced useless people.

  5. Yawn ,yawn Zambia is a nation where we have passion for 24/7 electioneering but no passion for work ethic and diligence.

  6. Same rally in Chingola …the picture on top has trees nearby to where GBV is standing whereas the picture below there is no trace of a tree from where Pastor Mumba is standing…….. Explain

    • @Alinaswe the first picture is that of Chipata at Mpezeni Park Rally. I do not know of the second one. LT report the truth please.

  7. UPND is a party full of lunatics!!HOW CAN LSK BE PRO-UPND WHEN NO SINGLE UPND CADRE CAN DARE MOVING ON STREETS WHILE WEARING HH’S T-SHIRT BECAUSE LSK CITY IS FULL OF MIGHTY PF LOVERS!!these guys in opposition will cry badly after 11/08/2016 after seeing PF retain power!!PF IS 100% WINNING IN 2016!!

  8. I am a Lusaka resident and I am not eating PF money so why would I vote for Lungu and Pf? I will the red part of water melon and throw away the Green part. On 11th August I will go to my local Polling Station to put my X for HH. How can I vote for a drunkard, thug, thief, hypocrite, murderer and a failed President? Forward with HH,GBM & UPND.

    • Well, you UPND you know very well that you have no chance in Lusaka. You are even failing to sale your party here. What you see is what you get. You again, as usual trying to or have stolen the “Donci Kubeba” slogan with your “Water Melon”. You lack so much originality. So why should we vote for your party when you cannot come up with any new idea. No wonder poor HH says he will “control” PF projects. HH and UPND have no project of their own.

      Forget it, Lusaka is PF and PF is Lusaka!

    • Asigai

      You have invaded private property in Lusaka Central Business District with PF cadres selling salaula etc along shop corridors including Cairo Road. A PF cadre bragging that he was now a landlord claimed that after August his tenants would be allocated space in Indian owned shops just like what Mugabe and Mu7 have grabbed land from whites and Indians.

      I won’t vote Lungu PF.

      Indians be aware of pending encroachment and evictions from your properties.

    • Operation Watermelon doing pf more harm than good[These kaponyas have failed to read the game]
      Thanks to artistic minds who brought OW on board !

  9. Ati Lusaka is pro-UPND? Kuti? UPND and its sympathisers should not show their desperation in this shameful manner. We are all decided to continue with PF. We are not ready to vote for HH and his party purely because of their deceit. Viva ECL, Viva mighty PF.

  10. The fascination that HH and UPND have for crowds attending their rallies is amusing for how much they are fooled like the underfives that they are. Crowds go to.attend UPND rallies yes but the reason why is not what HH thinks. The crowds are expectant of the UPND message and to see what this HH and that GBM look like. But as soon as the crowds go home and analyse what they gatherer, they realise that actually HH, GBM and UPND has no tangible message. Immediately they start campaigning for ECL. If HH and GBM cared to go back to the same people they would find that there is no change in people’s allegiance to PF and ECL, which they decided even before the campaigns started.

  11. Those crowds at UPND rallies are so deceptive that HH even concludes that with what he has seen there is no way he can accept the results if he loses. Someone tell Mr HH that thise are campaign rally not votes…..kikikikikikiki…..

  12. Ati water melon….sorry we the people decided a long time ago that our vote is on PF. It would take a really inspiring message from HH to change our minds and we do not change our minds that often. As it is the adage “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush” still holds true for ECL. That is why UPND keeps changing its campaign slogans because nothing is working for them. 10 point plan, I am a christian, I love this country, Dununa forward, and now the ridiculous water melon.

    • Iwe Chika.1a which people are you talking about just say I the second most incompetent and 1di0tic cadre I m voting for my fellow clueless,useless,heartless,ruthless,directionless,spineless,needless,brainless,headless,dullness and a drunkard Edgar Chakolwa Hangover Kaloba Wrungu. Don’t use we, we with who stupeti iwe kumbafu ban0k0________mukwapa.

    • @ Lutuku, its people like you who makes me not to think about voting for HH. Most ofl HH supporters are full of themselves and dont regard other people. Its only messages of good hope that will make people to vote for HH not insults or hate speech. Think twice about your campaign strategy, otherwise Edgar is headed for victory again

    • @ Lutuku

      Don’t insult like @ kudos, you are offending us Christians. Just put your point across nicely,forcefully but not abusively.

  13. Those thugs Pf has entrusted to run markets and bus stations and using proceeds there from to spread violence and illegality all over Lusaka with their stupid flags will one day be held to account.It is not enough that the panga family,Pf,had a head start in campaigns under the guise of inspecting fake projects but they should also start dictating where and when the opposition should campaign!The so called democracy in Zambia is just a facade….now “uncle Barry”the owner of Christians in Zambia has started killing us after limiting our freedoms and its clear that he”s also positioning himself to steal our vote…

  14. AS a matter of fact the pic which shows GBM at in chingola looks like mupazeni park in chipata…….
    though none of my business am living my life

  15. The sooner you accept that HH does not connect with the people the softer your landing shall be when and not if you crash.
    The guy may have his ten point message but it is not inspiring at all.

  16. Kikikikikilililili. The two photos above are from 2 different places. This is what despiration can do. The truth is UPND will not win this year. HH will give up after this election and GBM will be deserted. Even Guy Scott will leave them alone to try and grow Sampa’s party. Edgar will be president of Zambia beyond 2021.

  17. Terrible,you are indeed terrible….you are too thick to understand….indeed you are so fickle minded the only message you understand is “within 90 days”,more money in you pockets and such meaningless sound bites like “Sonta”.without such terrible people like yourself this country would have been well ahead.Your Pf failed project is what has gotten us in the shape we are in….does this connect with your poor appreciation of national campaign messages?

    • One on one, quality of PF campaign messages or video are far much better and ahead of UPND. Despite all the money HH ha, he is failing to put up some respectable campaign videos and messages. What UPND is currently running is so primitive!! It belongs to the 1970 era!! Mybe HH is still remembering how he stole our privatisation money.

    • It is the way in which we win elections and outwit those who move forward with a purpose and vision or clear direction. Moving forward does not mean success, it could mean going into the lions den, ditch or failure. Meanwhile thinking in reverse will help you reflect of your successes, potentials, failure and how to overcome challenges.

      You can not win the future without revisiting the past!

  18. The issue for zambians right now is can they afford 3 meals do they have a job.
    Nice roads seem nice to the rich. But the poor jobless zambians will not be fooled anymore.

  19. ” allegedly due to fears arising from findings of a foreign based research company that the entire Lusaka”
    You never learn ..do you? You are basing your opinion on Foreign research companies…really laughable.

    • Spot on Jay! Which foreign research companies and why should we trust their findings? one can tell that the same man is the one who is desperate. Kanshi where are the other upnd senior members who were there before Fat Albert joined them?

    • Jay Jay ok lets do this is PF wining in Chongwe,Kafue,Mwembeshi,Rufunsa,Chilanga,Kanyama the is a big no.Its 50:50 in matero,Mandevu,Kabwata and Lusaka central.Munali is lost already so were is PF in Lsk apart of Kaponyas at city market,Kulima tower,Inter city and Soweto.UPND has not yet started campaigning seriously in Lsk.When OPERATION ANACONDA starts in LSK wina azialila.The big red machine will roll all over.

  20. Plse defactors nevers and others ar failed political prostitutes. i always say heaven may pass not satan mansonist will rule christians hh wil never rule the children of God ….the angel of Darkness ve been xposed mumba and others…God has alread selected the humble one..like the way he did to joseph.amongst his brethren. take it o let it…..period ecl Amen

  21. Can someone tell me where Upnd members have gone. All I hear are the defectors, bitter, corrupt , thieves and prostitutes who have taken the podium. Is this what they mean by water Mellon? Upnd is truelly engulfed by Pf goons.

    • That are taking care of traditional UPND votes. If the PF goons as you put can bring 100,000 more votes then job well done. when lungu won by less than 50 ,000 votes last time it will be job well done.

    • Uleti bufi the original members of UPND are on touch line and HH is using former PF members to strengthen his hopes to win. You will see how akabapasa nga ba kapanga, and is when will realise that this man is a double standard because the elements of tribelism are still there. HH is just the same like the late Mazoka the way he ran Zambia Railways – much is reserved out of what we witnessed.

    • Sorry, I made a mistake. These defectors add up to nothing in UPND. They have actually messed up our party. There is no longer unity in UPND. We are in trouble. The people that come to our rallies are like coming to watch nyau dancers, not really to hear our messages.

  22. @22 Nkandla, for your information I never needed any “more money in your pockets”, or whatever equivalent HH will be offering since he is all copy and paste no original ideas. I am fully independent now and for the next 50 years. Those are for serious cadres like you. Being fully self reliant, I support ECL on principle because on the balance of things there is really nothing that HH is offering Zambia except just a desire to go to state house. His plans are either empty, or pure lies, or being done by somebody else. Deep down your heart you know that HH is empty rhetoric more or less like you and other humans unfortunate enough to belong to UPND.

    • Even a chinama patient taken straight to state house can do better than lungu.

      After spending 10 billion, have years to campain when others were banned 3 months before the elections and having the whole state machinery behind him , lungu is having to use violence to try to force people to vote for him.

      It’s not about sontapo the roads it’s about 22% inflation, worthless kwacha and rampant joblessness.

  23. @28.1 spaka like lilo, that is exactly what I am saying, I am glad you hve reconfirmed it. All sane Zamvians understand the state of our economy and the impact of external factors eg commodity prices. All sane Zambians know that the low water levels in the dams caused electricity shortages, which led to other impacts. Surprisingly HH could not ubderstand this at first it took quite some drumming into his ear drums for him to have a small understanding. Every sane Zambian knows that HH understnding of economics is shallow, to illustrate my point we did not fail to notice that HH was extraordinary mute during the recent AFDB conference in lusaka when his fellow economists and ihternational financiers were busy debating real issues affecting commodity based economies including Zambia. HH…

    • This is @terrible thinking. Don’t use the lame low water level excuse for load Shedding.
      Which govt cancelled the lower kafue gorge power station commissioned by MMD in 2009.

      Don’t you know that power plant would have stopped load Shedding?
      All politicians should be held accountable for their actions.
      Water or no water, we need power in Zambia.

    • @terrible I am Zambian I don’t understand the state of the economy , so lying that Zambians understand.All I know is Lungu has failed.Please stop showing us white elephants we are tired we want food on our table simple.Tell your Lungu to reduce inflation tulefwaya imilile isuma kwapwa ne nchito.

  24. …..contd…… affecting commodity based economies including Zambia. HH could not make a contribution for fear of embarassing himself because those experts were explaining the very things that HH could not understand. HH opened his mouth again when the meetings closed, mistakenly assuming that Zambians were dull like him and dis not understand the issues and solutions discussed. Ati economic manager, kuti? Plus HH has now stopped calling himself economic manager after that, have you noticed that he now only hallucinates?

    • HH is an economist who has distinguished himself as a practical person by turning his reasources into tangible profits for all to see.So he fully understands Zambian economy not Ka Lungu a bush lawyer,who has never managed anything in his person life let alone a Gadern,he thinks he can look after millions of Zambians.Lungu is the Joke of the centaury.

  25. HH has found out that he is campaigning a well enlightened population who are attending his meetings in large crowds during the day only to tear his messages to pieces during the nights. He has resorted to recruiting innocent young girls to act as shields when he orders his cadres to defy the law on instructions from Mmembe. By the way, where is HH campaignning today so that we warn parents and guardianns of our young girls to lock them up?

  26. For the first time in Zambia we have characters masquerading as ministers when parliament has been dissolved….how can someone who is not an mp be a minister?why should someone in their right mind encourage this illegality?why has the president got so much affinity for lawlessness when he’s supposed to protect the constitution he swore to protect?thats why governance in this country is at an all time low….now it’s the rule of man and not the rule of law…..even their symbol, the fist just depicts criminality….look at our markets and bus stations,it’s criminality…look at how dirty they have made Lusaka look like..when they travell,don’t they admire how other cities look?

  27. PF will win Lusaka, but not by much. I wouold safely project 250,000 votes to around 170,000 votes. But the key for Lungu this time around is that Copperbelt has rejected UPND and PF could pull a feat of 300,000 votes there if not more. UPND must not underestimate the fact that Easterners will vote on tribal grounds as much as the South will.

    • St Sweet Anus that’s a blue lie.CB has not rejected UPND and HH.Iam in Ndola HH is a household name.Hh only needs 30 to 40% votes from CB then he is home and dry.

  28. RB cried ati Kakolwe kanitundilalol lol Lungu will crie ati adada newo Ngombe yaninyokola.kikiki seo tebelela kulya Mbeba.Joke of the day lolol

  29. Ba rev simbao and pastor mumba campaigning.this week I wont to go church I will be telling lies to the people of Lusaka to vote for my party uppf.I remember those days when this man nevers mumba was on tv with that favourable programme Zambia shall be save,little did I know that he was on practice for what he is now campaigning in chilabombwe,this man inspired me much.but for now I can’t say much coz we are in living in a world full of sin,hunger which has led alot men of God to abandon there rolls in there societies and follow politicians for brown envelopes.pastors go back to were we know you better,these politicians they should come to you for spiritual guidance,not you following them twakana.

  30. Total lies ! Which upnd is in Lusaka ? These ba kanchema are day dreaming alot and they will cry in August because they will only manage some vote in nega nega and not elsewhere in Zambia.We are ready to teach them a lesson.

  31. What a Joke. UPND popular in Lusaka? Let 11th August come we teach these people a lesson. They claimed they were popular on the Copperbelt. HH ‘s Rally flopped in Chimwemwe – Kitwe now they have started dreaming about Lusaka. Trying holding your Rally at Heroes like what PF did. You will be lucky to even be 1/4 full. PF is winning with a landslide. Continue

  32. GBV and his friend Haleisa Halelila can not match the developmental record set by PF in few years.These two chaps are proper capitalists who are fighting for plot 1 to get contracts for themselves…..not that they have a heart for poor Zambians.
    To all my colleagues on C/B and elsewhere,eat their money which they stole from privatistion but the vote is for PF…….Donchi kubeba !

  33. Kanchemas have their votes in cuundu caitwa province and they are nowhere near Lusaka or Copper belt.HH is in trouble because GBV wants to take over up and down after August.He failed to get the presidency in PF and he is almost succeeding getting it in upnd.I shudder to think how Garry Nkombo and other upnd long time members will react to that……it will be confusions thru and thru

  34. This Reuben Sambo should have his brains checked at chainama for supporting GBV and masons.Surely in all fairness country men,what leadership qualities can you see in GBV of all the people in Zambia ?

    I will seek refugee status in another country because its against my conscious to be ruled by GBV……….even kabimba is better then.For now it makes sense to vote for PF whose foundation on development need not be disturbed if this country has to progress.

  35. Ba Nevers Mumba is on a JOB seeking mission from HH and finds that apa kuti washala weka without belonging to any party.

  36. Nerves as Sata used to call him is a lost sheep and must be ashamed to be campaigning on the same platform with gbv and masons.Where is his Christianity if he sink so low to support useless chaps who want to come and steal as if what they stole from privatization is not enough.GBM is well known Kaponya and what quality leadership can he offer to mother Zambia.
    Canicius Banda may not have blood money but he has the brains at least.

  37. Pipo, am converted to PF. Have actually realised UPND under HH are going nowhere. Some shocking information I have come to know about HH have taken me away from UPND.

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