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Zambia would have gone through the worst form of political victimisation had UPND won-Lifwekelo

Headlines Zambia would have gone through the worst form of political victimisation...

UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo
Former UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo

IT WOULD have been a tragedy had the UPND won the last general elections because the kind of vengeance and retribution its leadership had planned would have completely dismembered the country, Edwin Lifwekelo has revealed.

And Mr Lifwekelo said the clique of Guy Scott, Miles Sampa, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Mulenga Sata and Nevers Mumba largely contributed to the defeat that Hakainde Hichilema suffered at the hands of President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Lifwekelo who is former UPND deputy spokesperson said Zambia was safer in the hands of President Lungu and that had the UPND won, the country could have gone through the worst forms of political victimisation and economic tribulations.

Breaking his silence in an exclusive interview after resigning from the UPND to re-join the Patriotic Front (PF), Mr Lifwekelo said Zambians had made the best decision to re-elect President Edgar Lungu and that he was happy to have come back to the party he helped found.

He said the UPND leadership was ‘‘gravely bitter’’ that they had yet again been rejected by Zambians and that he was aware more than two years ago that the UPND was never going to win the general elections.

He said time had come for him to rejoin the party he belonged to and that on more than two occasions, former president Michael Sata had invited him but had refused because he was waiting for the right time.

Mr Lifwekelo said most of the senior and ordinary members were not happy with the manner the UPND was being administered.

He said it was not a secret that the general membership had strongly resisted the nomination of Mr Mwamba as Mr Hichilema’s running mate because of the uncouth behaviour of the UPND vice-president and his vulgar and vile language against citizens.

Mr Lifwekelo explained that while he greatly appreciated that Mr Hichilema had given him an opportunity to serve the UPND as deputy spokesperson, he did not agree with his style of governing the party.

Mr Lifwekelo said Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba had invested a lot in politics and that their desire to be in government was to recover their money and continue building their financial empires at the expense of the country and its citizens.

“I have just gone back home where I belong as a prodigal son. Late President Sata invited me more than twice to work with him but I told him let me be the other side. I have been interacting with President Lungu who had also called me and wondered why I did not want to be in the party I helped to form.

‘‘Records are there that the PF was registered in my name and I just want to work with President Lungu. Zambia is safer in the hands of President Lungu and had the UPND won the last general elections, we would have seen the real Armageddon but thank God Zambians voted for President Lungu and the PF,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

Mr Lifwekelo revealed that many people in the UPND were only waiting for the outcome of the petition by Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba who have rejected the re-election of President Lungu and have asked the Constitutional Court to nullify the presidential results.

He reiterated his earlier statement that there shall be mass defections from the UPND after the Concourt petition as many members were tired of being perpetually in the opposition.

Mr Lifwekelo appealed to the people of Southern, Western and North-Western provinces to reflect deeply because Zambia was much bigger than the three regions.
He said he was disappointed with UPND general secretary Stephen Katuka who claimed he (Lifwekelo) had resigned because of poverty.

Mr Lifwekelo said he had been in the UPND since 2011 and had endured the hardships associated with citizens who belong to the opposition and only moved on principle.

“The UPND has received many members from the PF such as Guy Scott, Miles Sampa, GBM and Mulenga Sata and no one condemned them. Why should the UPND condemn me and call me names for my personal decision. They did not invite me as I joined the UPND at my own volition and I have left on my own volition,” Mr Lifwekelo said.


    • Had UPND won would Lifwekelo have rejoined PF?…… 100% NO! this is purely out of poverty and hunger.

      And yeah, you can accuse Sata having invited you because he can not dispute your allegation because he is dead, there is no eveidence to prove your lie.
      I can also say that he wanted me to be minister of finance but i refused…… You can not ask Sata if this is true or not.

    • Well said Lufwekelo. UPND is the worst thing that could have had happened to Zambia. Thank God the people have shown the jokers where they belong.

    • Yet another unprincipled f00l “whose god is his belly”.

      They say a population gets the leadership it deserves.
      So this embic!les is the best we have??

    • Which rational citizen is paranoid to the fact that UPND under HH is future-less and will never win the hearts of Zambians for popular vote? Edwin, you can say that again because its an indelible fact. They are too bitter with corrosive hatred to risk a country with. As it is bound in the heavenly places, it is bound here on earth too. They have redeem them themselves from hatred an excessive love for tenderpreneurship, their time to rule will remain a sealed illusion. Even the push to be coronated by the courts is a matter of unparalleled delusions. Take a moment and see through the waked eyes of Masebo, Scott, GBV, HH, Siakalima, William Banda, Nevers and Miless Ruth Mbandu Sampa. Don’t you see armageddon spirit in them?


      I have been writing and like UPND Generals, advising on the need to replace HH, until this petition mess. People thought I was confused PF chap, stupid and all sorts of names. I would wonder a leader telling his flock a year before elections that he has already won; and he is called an Economist. This man is a real uncouth fellow. I am not surprised the entire UPND other than his “PF migrants” are talking after such a humiliating defeat. The Party was made to live in “imaginary ivory towers” that it was automatically forming Government, in 2015 and also in 2016. What a fuss! Technical and Political advisers all so disappointingly cold. I have never felt pain like this. HH should be the last man to trust. BB

    • Lifwekelo has been enduring a lot of pain in UPND.

      UPND has always said this country lacks leadership, but what they have meant is that there was no able leadership in their party.

      Why is that so? It is so because UPND is supposed to be a party, not a business with a chief executive as owner.

      HH and GBM are used to being owners of entities not mere members.

      HH and GBM believe in hiring and firing, not associating.

      That is why they are not able to run UPND as a party but an entity they own.

      This why, if they had a chance, they would be glad to fire everyone from UPND who does not agree with them, and replace them with retirees from PF.

      In conclusion Lifwekelo is right, HH is bring driven by bitterness, envy, respiration, and extreme passion and hunger for power…

    • Press Briefing
      “We campaigned a lot is that not so, GBM?”, says HH.

      “Oh yes, no doubt. We went all over Zambia”, agrees GBM.

      “Your legs are even paining, is that not true, GBM?” asks HH.

      “Oh yes, why not?” Says GBM.

      “So how can we not win, heEH,! ayi GBM?” queries HH.

      “We can, why not? Is it not because this same one – Lungu?” responds GBM.

      “Now what can we do?” asks HH.

      “Have you not heard of the word petition?”, asks GBM.

      “You mean we petition? But do we have evidence?” queries HH.

      “We can look for it until we find where is”, proposes GBM.

      “But how do we go about looking for suitable evidence, heee!, GBM” asks HH.

      “These same advocates, anything you tell them, they can advocate” says GBM.

      “Oh ya, ya, ya, I remember. Mushipe can find…

    • Continued..

      “O ya,ya,ya. He will help his sister . They will find evidence. They are generally good.” confirms HH

    • “Oh ya, ya, ya, I remember. Mushipe can find the evidence, she is very resourceful.” suggests HH.

      “Even uyu wine uyu, this one. I mean the brother”, adds GBM.

      “Which brother?” asks HH.

      “Iwe naive, kwati teiwe presido? You dont know chite uyu – Mwiimbu?” argues GBM.

      “O ya,ya,ya. He will help his sister . They will find evidence. They are generally good.” confirms HH

    • Pity for Zambia. Is it a curse on a country?! I have never seen a country whose people are so unconcerned about the future of there children and that of the country. The question is; How do you help a country whose people have such an attitude? No wonder a Norwegian Ambassador once said it is almost impossible for a country like Zambia to develop.

    • “Mr Lifwekelo said Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba had invested a lot in politics and that their desire to be in government was to recover their money and continue building their financial empires at the expense of the country and its citizens.”


    • For all I care Zambian politics as everywhere else in Africa will never mature and powers that be will keep abetting that which makes us behave the way we do while they remain in the driver’s seat! Ours is politics of dancing to and singing the song of whoever gives us a piece of bread and at the same time ready to kill kin for extra morsels! Education for those privileged only enhances capacity for application of suppression to all forms of human endeavour to the struggling under privileged!

    • This guy is just being used for propaganda. He says, ” Zambians had made the best decision to re-elect President Edgar Lungu.” But the ConCourt hasn’t made their ruling yet. What if they rule against ECL? What is this guy going to say then? He’s nothing but a political opportunist looking for a handout from ECL. When politics begin to revolve around an individual, this is what happens. Everyone wants to please him to get some favors. He’s talking as though ECL is the only guy who cares about Zambia, and the only one that can keep Zambia safe. Nothing is further from the truth.

    • There is nothing to sebana here, he has just realized how lost he was, better late than never. This is the Zambia we know, peaceful and progressive, not primitive and barbaric had upnd won, God forbid.

  1. Please Lifwekelo grow up and find something to do apart of politics.You have been in PF Sata droped you ,then MMD you were not usefull then you come UPND .If a man divorces 3 or 4 times it will be concluded that he is a problem because not all the three women could be bad.Stand as an MP if you can win.

    • The only tragedy this country has, are *****s like Lifwenkula and his fellow stupid thieves and plunderers who think that it is vengeance to demand what rightly belongs to Zambians. All that has been stolen including the votes must be paid back even if it is not now, Zambians will always demand payment.

  2. Don’t blame ECL for his being president. It’s all God’s doing where Zambia is concerned; that’s why even ECL himself was surprised! Ala fipelwa naba Yahweh!

  3. SPEAK ON MR. LIFWEKELO. We need more revelations. Really, Mr.HH. stop being so BITTER.. God does not like COMPLAINANTS AND BITTER PEOPLE. Consider changing your internal mood regulator , then only can God favor you out side business.. REMEMBER THAT GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOUR ,You can see it through his people and his creation. But the ARTIFICIAL creations of the DEVIL ARE ALL SCARY ( Am sure you know HALLOWEEN) opposite of CHRISTMAS..

    • The ultimate measure of a man is NOT where he stands in moments of comfort and Convenience BUT where he stands at TIMES of challenges and Controversy.
      Only few zambian politicians have withstood the latter.

  4. You are not the first one to drift to the other side of the political river but just one of many. This is why we should have all voted YES to the referendum question so that we can enjoy enhanced liberties. I for one respect your move. Its never too late. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM and you are most welcome. Those two leaders and the other ingredients in the combination are known by most Zambians as being extremely bitter, unkind and not trustworthy.

  5. This man is suffering from p£nis dysmorphia, where the size of his todger is small enough to trigger a psychological condition.

  6. Whether what he is saying is true or not I hardly take such persons as heros! So Edwin is telling us that he knew about all the bitterness and impending armagedon but never wanted to leave but waiting until the Armagedon never really happened as expected? He is just talking in generalities without even a mere example of what some of the bitter people he is talking about had planned! Those who disagreed with the way UPND had entered into the election resigned or just kept quiet to see how things would turn out. He has raised good points bordering on national unity but why wait till the party loses? Yes Edwin you have made a good personal move but it may not be very helpful to talk too much for now.

  7. This is like a rapist saying it’s good the rape case which he is accused of did not go to court or else the judges would have applied the law.

  8. I feel very bad when any person accuses western, nwestern and southern of seclusion.

    This time i feel annoyed.

    It is this that will make us extreme with ourselves.

    This issue is now beyond politics. It is more harmful to everyone now.

  9. I will only agree on vengeance. The other things only Mr Lifwekelo knows the truth. GBM had even in privecy vowed to teach Lungu a lesson. By now Lungu would have been a prisoner at Chimbokaila.

    • Its time we prepared the political space of tomorrow by bleaching out all menaces baptized in hatred like GMV, Scott, Masebo, Siakalima, and Sampa.

  10. From the pic you can see a brain HIV Aids infected person just like the leader of a party he has opted to join. Aids effects


    Comments reserved! Next UPND file please!

  12. Till 2026 we meet again for now count the cost of flying with choppers around Zambia.HH retire now GBM take over the party then we vote for you

  13. Lifwekelo take care of your health bro dont relent to take ARVs,encourage your new leader as well not toyhink coz u re forged presido u should stop taking ARVs.

  14. You should change your attitude towards other tribes you the three provinces. You have a problem bz you don’t listern from other provinces. HH and Gbv are not the only leaders who can rule this country and stop politicking that upnd is for you three provinces. For your own information you will never win. The tribes you hate do not hate you at all. A lot has been learned from this year election one day they will show you as well.

  15. @ Judge K, you are very tribal. You are the kind that are dividing the nation. Ask RB and KK, they will tell you that you are practicing tribalism. People like you only exist in Africa.

    Had U.P.N.D, won this Election, amongst our new zambian leaders would have been this poor sickly dishonest sap of a man Lifwekelo.
    Does anyone in their right mind think this frail moth Lifwekelo, who really lacks ethics, moral compass, & judgement, & cannot resist drifting to wherever the light shines brightest like a moth would have positivly contributed to National development under the new U.PN.D, Government??
    Its similar to having poor gene pool amongst your livestock, & expecting Pedigree award winning livestock.
    The Zambian political genetic pool is SO FLAWED, SICKLY, & ROTTEN TO THE CORE, that NO development will ever thrive, apart from Corruption, whichever party wins in…

    • Its for the above reasons ive posted that I really feel sorry for well meaning political leaders like H.H, as despite any good intentions, he would have been surrounded by worms like Lifwekelo.
      As for P.F, its already a barrel of rotting flesh from Chagwa, Kaizer, right to the bottom. Nawakwi, you just need to look @ her running mate, & here I do rest my case!

  17. This is what poverty can do to a person. like his friend Kapita. what victimisation is he talking about. How can one support Lungu and PF who have butchered Zambians? I thinkt these people have been blinded by powers of witchcraft. HH and GBM and Pastor Mumba stand united. PF will not last forever.

  18. LIFWEKELO – YOU ARE A RETARD! You know that the courts are going to throw the petition out that is why you are now running to join the PF ! The UPND does not need imbeciles like you in the party – join the PF where you will feel at home with the rest of the liars. All you are worried about is your belly and not the people of Zambia.
    YOU RAT !

  19. It is the future versus the past.Levels of education are the ultimate destruction of our nation.Blind royalists shouting slogans they do not understand.Genuine leaders are in the minority for right has always been the minority or else the world would be perfect .Keep upholding right morals and preserve right values or else you rott.

  20. I don’t think much of Likwekelo’s morality – if at all he has any. However, the issue of vengeance and retribution has a ring of truth. I recall how one former UNZASU President, turned UPND cadre, and a horde of UPND cadres threatened us after voting in last year’s by-elections at UNZA Sports Hall. They made it unequivocally clear that once they won, they were going to sort out all those who cast a vote for ECL, and clean up all major state institutions by populating them with their people. The UNZASU guy even showed us the staff line up at UNZA, including a new Vice Chancellor, his Deputy, Registrar, etc. – all of them from their traditional three provincial strongholds. It was scary and the only time I seriously thought of going into exile!

  21. The caliber of politicians we have in Zambia is worrying. People like Lifwekelo making news? Just Last week you were UPND today you change camp and start telling us fake things..! Who can believe you? If UPND won, would you have changed your goal post? Just Shut your mouth. Only an imbecile can believe the nonsense this man is telling the world.

  22. Very interesting indeed. Zambia is full of s.h.i.t. politicians. Never trust any of these chaps no wonder i have come to believe that no matter the problems, be assured that 50% is solved by being peaceful and the other 50% is for you and me to struggle. Do not complain over nothing but just work hard to make end meet.

  23. Economic Difections. When u rig and win an election it now appears you a well meaning person in a country, but you lose and seek Judicial intervation you are labled as someone hungry for power.Which christian channel is shoul one use?. And who doesnt want power? Even as little as class monitors! Why do we have so many political parties if it where not for power?. These difections are not new in zambia. Fact is 5years is too long a period for someone who is not employed and depends on hand outs for survival. Point is, why stay in a hungry camp for next 5 years when you are assured of a job ounce u resign and make yo former camp look evil? It comes back to Economy. A well performing Economy sees less of such.As King BOb Marley said-Give me the food and let me grow and a Hungary man is an…

  24. Lifwekelo one of the unprincipled chaps like Mulenga Sata. It will be shameful if the likes of Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa, Nevers Mumba and Guy Scott would also opt to come back to PF in spite of all the unbecoming behaviour they exhibited to the public against PF. Let them rot in the camp they joined. Unprincipled chaps!!!

  25. A number of teachers including a named head teacher at a primary school in Kaunda Square. Such civil servants were doing things contrary to the wishes of the PF government the time it was near the last general elections. It is likely that they were promised positions in UPND government (illusions).

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