YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
YALI President Andrew Ntewewe

The Young African Leaders Initiative has called on youths in the country to celebrate the swearing in of President elect Edgar Lungu and Inonge Wina responsibly and in a manner that promotes unity.

YALI President Andrew Ntewewe said youths should remember that what they will be celebrating to tomorrow is simply an inoguration as work of the new government i s just beginning.

He said the victors should not look at those who lost as the vanquished but as comrades who have an important role to the nation’s developmental agenda.

“Our appeal as YALI is that the celebrations tomorrow are going to be calm and peaceful. It is important that especially for young people as they celebrate to remember that this is simply an inoguration. The work for the new government begins now and so it is critical that sobriety and magnanimity in celebrations but also we call on those who participated in the elections to be gracious and being gracious means that in a democratic system of governance there are no real losers.

“We urge opposition leaders that participated to therefore accept the verdict of the Zambian people and fully congratulate those that have won the elections. We also call on them to attend the inoguration ceremony. Attending the ceremony is not a sign of weakness but a show of the strength of character, maturity and unite.

“We do not expect those that will be celebrating to look at those who participated and didn’t come out the victors as the vanquished because they have a critical role to play in national development so in that regard even the celebrations should be conducted in the manner which will be all embracing as opposed to the celebrations that we have seen in the past were people carry coffins with heads of opposition leaders that is not the way to go and that is not what we expect,” he said.

Mr Ntewewe also called on President elect to embrace opposition leaders and their ideas as the country needs everyone in its development program.

“It is also critical that some of the ideas by the opposition be brought to the fore. They must bring those ideas and try to find a way of incorporating those ideas in the Governance of the country. Our expectations is that especially from President elect Edgar Lungu as he gives his inoguration speech he should extend an olive branch to the opposition to come to the table so that we can find solutions to the many challenges that face this in country together because it’s not as if Edgar is suppose find solutions alone,” Mr Ntewewe said.

President elect Edgar Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina are expected to be sworn in on Tuesday 13th September, 2016 a month after the 11th August polls.

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  1. Mugabe is coming to the illegal inauguration. For sure Lungu will ask him for advice, and Mugabe will tell about his huge success called Operation Murambatsvina.

    Operation Murambatsvina, which means Move the Rubbish, officially known as Operation Restore Order, was a large-scale Zimbabwean government campaign and according to United Nations estimates has affected at least 700,000 people directly through loss of their home or livelihood and thus could have indirectly affected around 2.4 million people. Robert Mugabe and other government officials characterize the operation as a crackdown against illegal housing. The campaign has met with harsh condemnation from Zimbabwean opposition parties, church groups, non-governmental organisations, and the wider international community. The United…


    • …The United Nations has described the campaign as an effort to drive out and make homeless large sections of the urban and rural poor, who make up much of the internal opposition to the Mugabe administration.

      Dr. Jameson Kurasha, initiated Operation Murambatsvina weeks after the disputed elections were held there. Mugabe said the clearances are needed to carry out “a vigorous clean-up campaign to restore sanity” and he has described the program as an “urban renewal campaign.” Chombo has described the operation in terms of ‘restoring order’: “It is these people who have been making the country ungovernable by their criminal activities actually.” The Zimbabwean Police Commissioner, Augustine Chihuri, said that Operation Murambatsvina was meant to “clean the country of the…


    • The Zimbabwean Police Commissioner, Augustine Chihuri, said that Operation Murambatsvina was meant to “clean the country of the crawling mass of maggots bent on destroying the economy.”

      While police have carried out most of the demolitions, they have been supported by the army and the National Youth Service. Many inhabitants have been forced to destroy their own homes, sometimes at gunpoint.

      People whose homes have been demolished are being told to return to the rural areas or face further action from the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the dreaded Central Intelligence Organization. Education Minister Aeneas Chigwedere claimed that there is “nobody in Zimbabwe who does not have a rural home”.



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