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UPND refutes fabrications, Nevers has replaced Canisius

Headlines UPND refutes fabrications, Nevers has replaced Canisius

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has dismissed as a total fabrication reports suggesting that Dr. Nevers Mumba has been appointed as party vice president for politics replacing Dr. Canisius Banda.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says the story is malicious and has no substance.

He says at no time has the party’s National Management Committee sat to discuss any issue to do with the replacement of Dr. Banda.

Mr. Katuka noted that the party is not in a hurry to replace Dr. Banda and has not started discussing such issues.

He said the party is currently busy with other issues and has urged people to ignore the rumour on Dr Mumba’s alleged appointment.

Mr. Katuka stated that should anything be decided, the party will use the right channels to communicate.




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  1. Okay, so now UPND acknowledges that Dr Banda HAS ‘left the building.’ And of course Dr Mumba can’t replace Dr Banda because…he lacks the one and only quality he needs to head up. He is ‘Tribally challenged’ ….to put it in a politically correct manner as the USA would!

  2. Don’t worry,they will replace CANICIUS with another i.d.i.o.t,the likes of Scott,the same never or Maureen…….such MANIARCKS that
    originated from PF/MMD as a result of being TRASHED,DUMPED and ignored for loss of value. Munzako ataya iwe wadoba, munadoba MATUVI pela weee.

  3. M. Mumba Ni “MUSELELA KWAKABA” loosely translated an opportunist who goes to where he thinks the grass is greener for him. He formed NCC party but when he realize he could have a position to himself he abandoned NCC by way of dissolving it and asked members to join MMD. Now he has seen some opportunity after CB was pushed out from Veep political affairs. So Mr Mumba will make as much noise as he can to justify the position he has been promised. The truth of the matter is that Mr Mumba is just a loud man with no real cloud for anything worth mentioning.As soon as situation changes at UPND he will be heading somewhere else


    • Correction…….He is NEITHER OF THOSE. He makes a claim to a FACTION not legally recognised since Mutati legally took control of the MMD.

  5. With ECL as President, the UPND cant get any meaningful vote from the east. So the other option is to try and lobby the Bemba vote. Unfortunately, Nevers has no political muscle to woo the bembaland block. GMB has failed, Katoloshi failed so the only hope for them is Nevers.

  6. Not yet, but eventually he will and you’ll come up with explanations why this “has been taken “. Politics have short memoried people.

  7. “JANZA KUMBELE MWANA ABAAMA” HH ni forward ngodundumutule omu zambia.

    Those who toted for “pf” mwaona loadshedding yayamba muzaudya umbebe wamalamulo…..

  8. How the mighty have fallen, Mr Mumba was a tool for the GOSPEL and now he is just a confused fellow who needs to find himself. If GOD was the one who told you to go into politics, don’t you think that by now you would be in the office as president? retrace your steps and go back to GOD PERIOD.

  9. @Patriot abroad I agree with you , “Nervous” Mumba is tribally challenged so he can’t be VP kikikikiki, the position is reserved for someone from a certain region. Yaba

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