2015 Auditor General Report is out, Irregular payments jump from K 26 million to K 115 million


zambia-coat-of-armsThe Report of the Auditor General on the Accounts of the Republic for the financial year ended 30th September 2015 is out with an unvouched expenditure of 349 million kwacha ranking the highest irregularity followed by undelivered materials at 251 million kwacha.

Unvouched expenditure is where payment vouchers are either missing, unsupported or inadequately supported by relevant documents such as receipts and purchase orders.

This irregularity remains an area of high concern as it makes it difficult to ascertain the authenticity of expenditure incurred.

The Report has also seen an increase in irregular payments from 26 million kwacha in 2014 to 115 million kwacha in 2015.

Irregular payments are payments made outside the normal practice or acceptable regulations or norms.

On the other hand Misapplication of funds have seen a reduction from 73 million kwacha in 2014 to 28 million kwacha in 2015

Furthermore, the report has issues such as outstanding arrears, failure to meet revenue targets on individual tax types, failure to recover domestic tax debt and failure to collect ground rates among others.

The public may wish to know that during the year 2016 the Office carried out a number of audits and interacted with the Controlling Officers extensively to provide them with an opportunity to take corrective action on the findings of the Audits.

In this regard, the report contains ninety (90) paragraphs, of which eighty-four (84) are on audit findings while six (6) are on other matters. These remained unresolved during the audit process and corrective actions were not undertaken as of 30th September 2016.

The table below shows a comparative summary of the issues contained in the report:


The report is now a public documents which can be accessed from Office of the Auditor General in Long acres and the office website: www.ago.gov.zm.

Issued by: Ellen Chikale (Ms.)
Head Public Relations


    • Voting PF into power in 2011 was the biggest mistake in the history of Zambia. Zambians gave away the keys to the national treasury to a bunch of thieves. Now they are no longer pretending at stealing. It is straightforward looting now. Go figure.

    • Honestly when you look at Chagwa, does he look like someone who can fight corruption? Look at RB the once rejected man due to daylight corruption but now the messiah and chief advisor in Chagwa’s PF, Dora Siliti the woman facing legal battles now Agric Minister, Kambwili the minister of Information who has no data who happens to be a former Gerabo , Bowman Lusambo die hard MMD youth now Copperbelt Minister, Kampyongo and the shwang’andu saga of twice wanting to bring down the Helicopter

    • Infintu ni Lungu…lets dance to this achievement..this is the selfsame recklessness I always tell you about, if you add Lazy Lungus slush fund you will be shocked; to add insult they illegal ministers do not want to pay you back the monies tbey owe.


  1. So what is the point in this report? What is the job of the Auditor General? This has been going on for Donkeys years yet nothing gets done about. We heard about misappropriation of funds at the Zambian High Commision in Canada, yet nothing was done. The person who was there is now the one fighting the government.

    • This is convenient for PF because the peanuts “stolen” by Nevers was a donation from a corporate. Now PF are looting with abandon. Payments without supporting documents? Unretired imprest? Zambia is a thieves paradise.

    • Kumikoti – Do you know that you use a brain to think with – obviously you have no brain, you are brain dead. It is very clear that the PF HAVE LOOTED ALL THE MONEY – THIS IS PROOF.

    • @Queen. I was told you give respect to all people when I was growing up. God knows why I’m here if I didn’t have a brain.

      How old are you? These reports come out every year? Yet like I said, nothing gets done about it. Read my post again, you’ll find that we are singing from the same Hymn sheet. Typical opposition mentality you’ve got there! Always ready to pull the trigger.

  2. We shall see whether IMF will give them money to steal. Even the budget will not come. Sooooooooory. Until HH will rule Zambia shame bakabwalalàlal!

    • The IMF are advised not to increase Zambia’s indebtedness by recklessly giving loans to Zambia with this type of thieving leadership in place. All that the IMF need to do is read this Audit report as part of its risk analysis to realise that Zambia is not worth bailing out. As a country, we choose to be poor, we choose to be led by thieves, and applaud drunken leaders as they dance Dununa Reverse. This is not the target customers for the IMF. IMF should keep its money and stay away from Zambia.

  3. We have received the report now its us as citizen of the great Republic of Zambia to do the following
    1. Identify the department and persons involved
    2. How much was involved thus monies and materials
    3. We regroup ourselves and make citizen arrest
    4. Enough is enough we should also report the value of property
    5. All MPs, Ministers, Service Chiefs and Ps named in the report should resign
    6. ACC should act farst, this is our money
    7. Check all the bank accounts for the named officers include monies in suspense accounts from banks as most people work with bank managers and deposit the money in suspense accounts, this should include people from ZRA.

    • This is the route to go, any wonder there are always dark corner meetings everywhere these days, just to plan on plundering and looting by both vultures of men and women in government!

    • Anti Corruption commission is a sheer WASTE OF TIME, a drain on our treasury & another department kept to reward Cadres for the sole purpose of “Eating” whilst selectively hounding opposition members, including those that disagree with Chagwa’s corruption hatched by his corruption special advisor Kaizer . Unfortunately half of Zambia despite the evidence decided these P.F, crooks are fit to rule Zambia. Zambia will NEVER develop with corrupt P.F. in power.

    • If you cannot attend a funeral without PF Police Force firing on you, you try any of your proposed actions and seed where you will land. PF has wrapped up and sealed its looting strategy by controlling all wings of govt. I am even surprised that the Auditor General still has the guts to issue a report that reports anything useful. After Lungu “refines” the Constitution, next year’s report will either be a State Secret or the AG will be banned from investigating any department without Lungu’s consent. Watch this space. Lungu is a master at muzzling the truth using silly legal moves.

  4. At Pio,who will do the following with you?When clearly you are the same people that voted PF into power last month,when you are the same people that watched whilst LUngu was rigging,while the Uganda was caught inside ECZ.Yet here you are today day dreaming.If you couldnt stop that Election mess you think you can stop the looting.Hahahahhahahahhahahaha!you must be mad my friend-go to chainama.

    • Bang Bang, do you have congenital Syphillis??
      If you dont know what that is, I strongly suggest you use your phone /computer to check it out, & enlighten yourself asap, rather than use that phone /p.c to scrath, & sniff your [email protected]!

    • @6.3 Mana from IMF.. This audit goes as far back as 2011 so you will be shocked to find that Ministry of Defence could be toping the list when GBM was a Minister there! Don’t conclude too early! There are also crooks in UPND who run companies that defraud government especially by conniving on tribal basis. So give be objective!

    • Government men and women in the civil service are non partisan when it comes to plundering and looting. So careful what you say.

  5. We do not care as PF… You voted for us to eat and we shall continue eating until we eat no more… Besides, our Dununa project was accepted by the majority Zambians who will continue voting for us.. So what the hell can these auditors tell us?

    • atase iwe you are even bragging about stealing and correction the majority of us Zambians voted for HH and you stole the vote; this time we the citizens are going to put pressure on you thieving buggers and you shall be answerable;

  6. Its shocking that most of us who have reached grade 12 which helps someone to read and understand then analyze information in order to give fair contributions. The officers who stole, misapplied, did not produce vouchers etc belong to various political parties including UPND and these fellows have been in these positions some even over 15 years.Government change but they still remain in these ministries.They are the architect of corruption of public resources not politicians. Even the same group that produced this report are corrupt to the core.What they are showing us has left out their corrupt friends in parastatals.So lets remove politics in addressing this problem. We need to stand together as far as stopping corruption is concerned. Even if HH or Nawakwi or Milupi the report will…

    • You are wrong bwana. Mwanawasa reduced this nonsense. If there is political will anything is possible. It is lack of political will to act which worsens the situation.That is why we can correctly blame those that are in power (control)

  7. This report means nothing to PF. I’m sure they are even surprised that it’s only K115 million.

    See that number grow over the next few years.

    Also, they will attack the Auditor General. These thugs have no morals.

    Dununa Reverse!

    • If the president is abusing public money why should the GRZ workers care ?

      It’s Monkey see monkey do Bwana…

    • @Nzelu: please tell us how to sue! If a high profile case like the Presidential petition cannot even be determined in court, how can you be allowed to sue on behalf of Zambians against PF thieving? Don’t waste energy on self-blame.

  8. This is why I stated that UPND MPs are useless. You are needed in parliament and national assembly to prevent these things from happening. Then again you too are part of parliament and the government, so you share the resources with PF.

    • @Nzelu: don’t waste your energy on self blame. UPND MPs only missed the opening of Parliament by Lungu. They have continued to represent the interests of their constituencies since. However, Parliament cannot stop the PF govt from stealing money. Audits are done after the event, not before. And even after audits, it is for the Executive (led by Lungu) to prosecute the thieves. And there lies the problem!

  9. You are all commenting on the news but not on the actual report or its content, apart from what the PR officer has decided to write. I have been to the AGO website and the 2015 report is not listed. The last report on the website is the 2014. We are all quick to rush and condemn PF, before we do that lets hold the people in the public offices accountable. How can you put out a statement when the report is not even available. Moreover I shouldn’t have to go to your website to look for the report. There should be a link to the report within the press release. Just getting paid fat salaries for nothing you cant even do the basic.

  10. You ain’t seen nothing yet…just ask to see lungus bank account after this 5 years….lungu will have acquired a personal fortune in the region of $50 million….now that is the sontapo dununa PF were making you dance to…

  11. it doesnt make sense even if you arrest them take them to pf courts you find their judges who will misinteprete the law and will even ask for refunds .after the have appealed.


    • @19 Dube, if at all you are Zimbabwean? What have you seen to start comparing us to your country? At least we are able to even see a report and discuss it! The same time it took Zambia is the similar time it has taken you if not less! You inherited a country that had been built to some extent from Northern Rhodesian copper and we lost significant resources fighting for freedom from White racist rule- which contributed to ruining our economy. Zambia at independence had no infrastructure the way Zimbabwe was in 1980 so we started from a far to reach where we are. But you with all the infrastructure you inherited you have a reached a point where you can’t even feed yourselves 36years after independence. No one will beat anybody in Zambia for talking in free and civilized manner unless law…

    • @Dube: Lungu’s obsession with Mugabe is frightening and your warning is timely. @Bwafyaa’s kneejerk slap against you is typical of insecure Zambians who think that merely being 1% better than Zimbabwe is good enough. Zambia is inexorably headed into a black hole that Zimbabwe has languished in for close to 20 years. PF in Zambia think it is regional solidarity. However, this is the effect of being in a terrible neighbourhood. You cannot see potential because you are surrounded by poverty and squalor.

  13. People have to purchase their own drugs, supply their own bedings and sleep on the floor in hospitals. Government institutions of learning are in pathetic conditions, pensioners die while still waiting for their dues and salaries are paid late. Yet, billions and billions (unrebased) as shown in the report, are misappropriated with impunity. People can see Zambian money being splashed out by those entrusted with the same, on mansions, large tracts of land, shopping e.t.c. Year after year, nothing is done, beyond us being annoyingly informed of the massive thefts. When we say there no systems anymore or any care for accountability, some cadres argue back in shameful defence. Soon and very soon, with this lot in power, the coffers will surely dry up completely.

  14. Country men, Menomeno Lungu was barred from practicing as a lawyer by the LAZ because he stole a client’s money. So how do you expect him to safe guard public funds??? Just wait the WORST IS YET TO COME! ! IMF and WORLD are aware about this ‘ROT’ that’s why they are reluctant to release their money..

    • The IMF should batten down the hatches before releasing any money to PF for stealing. They do not need any more red flags. This report is from PF auditors themselves, cadres who keep their jobs at the behest of Lungu. Much as this report is worrying, we should assume it is a mere whitewash and hides more than it reveals.

  15. AFTER THE DEATH OF MR SATA, PF CEASED TO STAND FOR Patriotic Front. It now stands for Political Fools because of its New membership of the likes of Rupia Banda the child difiler
    ,Dora Slit Siliya etc

  16. There are lots of people that can take over from the questionable guys. ECL, please study the report and act. We know for sure the opposition shall cry that you are targeting their followers but if they are the ones trying to betray the government, the cage should be their destiny.

  17. The civil service employs Zambians from all works of life. You will be surprised if investigations are carried out to see some of the names involved in these thefts. ZNFU bosses are trying tooth and nail to put Ndambo Ndambo’s cousin, a certain Ha something or the other as Executive Director so that he prevents Ndambo Ndanmbo to be jailed. You will see that Ndambo Ndambo employed his fellow tongas and lozis. There was massive stealing by the same tongas and lozis at the top at ZNFU.

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