Superior Milling Company Limited Managing Managing Director Peter Cottan addressing delegates during the launch of a depot in Kazungula
Superior Milling Company Limited Managing Managing Director Peter
Cottan addressing delegates during the launch of a depot in

SUPERIOR Milling Company Limited has called on Government to come up with a policy that will allow the export of value-added maize to contribute to revenue inflow.

Company managing director Peter Cottan said with the vast opportunities being offered in the region, exports of various processed agricultural products could bring much-needed income and also create jobs.

In an interview recently, Mr Cottan said it is unfortunate that despite the country recording consecutive bumper harvests, millers are still not allowed to export maize.

He urged Government to consider engaging millers when exporting maize or maize products to promote value addition.

“Currently, we are lobbying Government for the country to start exporting processed maize. This will not only increase revenue generation, but it will also make Zambia a net exporter of maize and maize products in the region.

“As you are aware, Zambia is among the countries in the region with surplus maize. And this gives us the opportunity to promote agricultural trade and earn foreign exchange,” Mr Cottan said.

He said there are great opportunities for maize exports in the region, and that the country should take advantage of the situation by creating strong market linkages that will also benefit the farmers.

Mr Cottan suggested that Government could channel revenue generated from the processed maize and could be used to subsidise agricultural production to avoid price increases the commodity.

He said there is a huge advantage in the whole value chain as it will not only benefit Government, millers and farmers, but consumers as well.

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  1. We are tired of “should”, “would”, “could”, “will”. We want “have”, “did” and “done”. Where is the problem kanshi? You were crying for ruler-ship now you have it. Do something. Pathetic Failures.


  2. Good point. Legally Govt cannot ban export of maize and its products from producers who do not benefit from input support, but use their own fully paid for inputs. It is just there is timidity to sue Govt on this silly ban simply for fear of reprisals. If I had raised my own maize using my money for undubsidised


    • You are lost with you pathetic ‘knowledge” about government does and don’ts. Government can regulate the market even in a liberal micro economic settings. These PF chaps they think they can do anything anyhow. Grow up and learn that a country means we are interconnected and you do not behave life you are on a lonely planet by yourself. So what you do with your junk if it ultimately affects me I have a say in it. Get the clue.



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