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Two juveniles fined K5,000 each for giving their teachers Marijuana laced Cakes

General News Two juveniles fined K5,000 each for giving their teachers Marijuana laced Cakes

Court hammerTHE Ndola magistrate court has fined two juveniles K5,000 each in each of the three counts of feeding teachers cannabis cake.

Two Ndola pupils gave a cake laced with cannabis to their teachers during World Teachers’ Day commemoration recently have

The two pupils are jointly charged with unlawful trafficking in marijuana and inducing another to take the substance.

The juveniles who had earlier appeared for plea before Ndola magistrate Bubala Sikalunda pleaded guilty in court.

In count one, the juveniles are charged with unlawful possession of psychotropic substances contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that the juveniles on October 10, in Ndola, jointly and whilst acting together, unlawfully possessed 0.4 grammes of marijuana, a herbal product of cannabis sativa without lawful authority.

In count two, the charge is inducing another to take narcotic and psychotropic substance contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
It is alleged that on October 10, the juveniles induced a psychotropic substance to Muma Mulenga and Chisenga Mulenga by force and deceit in a cake namely 0.4 grammes of marijuana without lawful authority.

When the matter came up in court, the juveniles said they understood the charge and pleaded guilty.

The juveniles stated that the cake was an experiment and the teachers that consumed it had no knowledge that it contained marijuana.

“While in class for a period of geography, the class teacher did ask for the cake we were having, which they later took to the staffroom and shared with other teachers,” they said.
They admitted that they had full knowledge of the contents in the cake, which included marijuana.

When the matter came up for judgment yesterday Magistrate Sikalunda said the matter the juveniles committed was very serious.

“The offence was serious and I don’t know what will make young people behave like this. The cake was was not for the teachers but merely asked for cake which makes it hard to believe. I don’t believe that they were commanded to take something for teachers. To put something is totally irresponsible and dangerous. Smoking is one thing but to put in food, it is clear thta the victims got sick and admitted to hospital, it could have being worse,” magistrate Sikalunda said.

” Who do you conduct the experiment in human beings? Parents worried that these juveniles are in contact with drugs. I order for 12 moths probation to be counseled so that they become better citizens. In addition, order the juveniles in first count fine of K5, 000 in default four months imprisonment, and second and third count K5, 000 in default, four months imprisonment each.”

Magistrate Sikalunda also ordered the juveniles to pay K1,000 each to the victims for the pain and suffering.

The juveniles were by press time remanded in the holding cells to meet their conditions by 17:00 hours.

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  1. Why are teachers exploiting children? Why did the teacher accept a gift from students? this is against the code of conduct of a civil servant. Gifts from a client are not acceptable. Where are the law enforcement agents? Who baked the cake? Who have the students money to buy the cake?

  2. No need to impose fines. This whole experience of appearing before the court has taught them a lesson. Judge should simply have ordered them to undergo a drug awareness course.

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous. Those poor STUDENTS have now had their entire lives ruined because of their teachers’ ego, demands for subservience, and shame.

    It’s the teachers who should be reprimanded for their childish retribution. not the students.

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