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Saudi Arabia requests 1 million goats from Zambia monthly

EconomySaudi Arabia requests 1 million goats from Zambia monthly

We have the capacity as a country to supply the one million goats monthly which Saudi Arabia has requested, says Small Livestock Association of Zambia vice chairman Trust Chasha.

In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chasha expressed confidence that farmers were capable of meeting the Saudi demand for goats and urged the Government to offer livestock farmers an attractive price as well as initiate necessary incentives that would further grow the sector.
Mr Chasha said that livestock farmers needed to take advantage of this opportunity and that it was a motivating factor to rear and restock more goats.

“We have the capacity as a country to supply one million goats on a monthly basis which Saudi Arabia has expressed interest. We would like to urge the ministry of agriculture to offer an attractive price as well as erect bulk centers in all districts as that will help establish the statistics at a single market and will help in levy collection,” Mr Chasha said.

He observed that unscrupulous traders had taken advantage of the wide market of goats and smuggle livestock through porous border points in order to sell in neighboring countries.

He said that particularly around this season goats had actually flooded the market and were readily available to consumers. Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya recently met with officials from Saudi Arabia who indicated that that they would be importing one million goats and fresh vegetables on a monthly basis. Ms Siliya has since urged all Zambians in the farming business to plan for this future business.
[Zambia Daily Nation]


    • What?? 1 million goats per month!!! There will no more goats in zambia,,,,, why did Saudi Arabia over look the the masai on the east coast??


    • Lake Victoria is polluted, the fish stocks have dwindled because of poor fishing methodologies used by the international companies who only leave bones to the locals.

    • I want to say “may the fishbones stick in their throats”. Because, while the filleting fish are being sold to Europeans and Japanese, the fish heads and the fishbones are being sold to poor people. Yes, the wormy fishbones are being sold to Tanzanians for money! So, “Creme de la creme”!
      Then one day, a decent person coming from Austria, whose name is Hubert Sauper, goes to Tanzania, makes a documentary by taking the whole case into the camera in all its nakedness. There is no provocation, there is no dramatization, but just “cold facts” in the documentary. These “cold facts” are quite enough to upset everyone who has responsibility to be a human.
      – (World’s Most Expensive Fish – by Ne?e Kutluta?)
      They feed with chickpeas in the daytime, but at nights…
      The planes that aviated by…

    • The planes that aviated by Russian pilots carry 55 tons of fish fillets from these factories to Europe and Japan. And while coming back to Tanzania, the same planes carry Kalashnikovs and bombs to the “Civil Wars” in Rwanda and Congo.

    • “While these airplanes were carrying the food aids to the refugees in the daytime, they were carrying the bombs, which will kill them, at nights! That was a terrific detail to me.”

      “Then, I went to Mwanza on the coast of Lake Victoria in Tanzania. Mwanza is one of the main bases of the arms trafficking. At the same time it is the center of another trade, the trade of fish fillets goes from Tanzania to the EU countries. It was the view of the two airplanes standing side by side in Mwanza airport that drove me to make the documentary, ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’”.
      “The US aid plane was loaded with 45 thousand tons of chickpeas as the Russian aid aircraft was loaded 50 thousand tons of fish fillets. The chickpeas were for the refugees at the UN camps and the fish fillets were going to the EU…

    • @Off Topic, You are off YOUR HEAD!

      Just because someone makes a movie and embellishes it with sensationalist untruths does not prove anything. Hubert Sauper was just making money out of gullible ld!ots like you! Get the facts. Those fish are East Africas Copper. They exported US$ 600 MILLION a year until they overfished it.

    • @Ndobo, why PF is being punished to supply 1 million goats for barbaques in dessert ? Is it to pay for oil or why such a number?

  1. Icipowe caingila nomba. AaaaaHHHH 1, 000,000 goats a month. Our farmers will end up selling everything for the sake of money.

  2. Here is a market just waiting to be tapped…in West Africa the demand from Saudi Arabia is so high that they are stealing goats..very easy to raise!

  3. No one is talking about how the government is going to support this business venture. free dip and veterinary education. Better breeds . Any value add other than just shipping whole goats . This business is beyond Dora. The appointment of Dora in this portfolio was a mistake. Probably HH would have done better. Only difference he would supply all the goats from his farm. Making himself richer every month.

  4. Visionless presido in action.People don’t have food in their homes.soon they will start stealing goats from their neighbors in order to raise money for mealie meal…

  5. wish you luck as you look to sale 1 million goats a month out of your total national goat population of no more than 3 million!


    • One million goats or circa 15,000 metric tonnes is per year not per month, someone must have been dozing when statement were being made. This is an opportunity to create the much needed jobs if this industry is to be developed and that is why it needs careful planning from the start, and no dark corner meetings in the process. Authorities must also ensure excellent inspection facilities at the abattoirs in order to maintain quality.

  7. Haha! Soon we will have goats in the backyard like chicken business! So ma lawn, play parks and other vegetation will be the first casualties even before the Saudis taste their first nyama choma…

    • In the 80s garden compound in Lusaka had an over-population of goats. They used to chew even paper. There is even a song for this: 72hours kwa mutonyo by late John Nyirongo, brother to late Paul Ngozi.

  8. Saudi Arabia requests 1 million goats from Zambia monthly? Really?

    Lesson to learn from this – Small Livestock Association of Zambia vice chairman Trust Chasha cannot be TRUSTED to be objective. Dreams and pie in the sky are one thing. Reality is another.

    The Saudis are already getting all the goats they need AT VERY CHEAP PRICES from Sudan and Somalia. What makes this Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya and Trust Chasha think Zambia can be competitive from the middle of Africa and a dysfunctional TAZARA railway? Or do they think Saudis are fulls happy to pay double the price they are already paying?

    We need Agriculture Ministers that know what they are talking about, not this hogwash!

    • Somali and West Africa are struggling…this market is very real. Arabs love goat meat…if this govt of Lazy Lungu was serious about diversification this is where forex is!!

  9. Meanwhile….. African women working as housemaids in Saudi Arabia are sexually abused, tortured daily and have turned into slaves!
    Youtube videos—-
    – Ethiopian Maids in Riyadh treated like Animals
    – Ethiopian Slave Girl Beaten By Saudi Family
    – Ethiopian Women’s heartbreaking plea who were kidnapped & being raped by Saudi gangs!
    – Kenyan woman stuck in Saudi Arabia claims abuse
    – and many many more…………………….

  10. Meanwhile….. African women working as housemaids in Saudi Arabia are sexually abused, tortured daily and have turned into slaves!
    Youtube videos—-
    – Ethiopian Maids in Riyadh treated like Animals
    – Ethiopian Slave Girl Beaten By Saudi Family
    – Ethiopian Women’s heartbreaking plea who were kidnapped & being r a p e d by Saudi gangs!
    – Kenyan woman stuck in Saudi Arabia claims abuse
    – and many many more…………………….

  11. This is what we call exports coz we can not be depending on cooper which we have no direct contact business, As goats we are very direct to the community

  12. Can the Livestock ministry guide us on the current Goat population in Zambia. Let them also advise how much one goat will fetch. How will the government tell between stolen goats and clean ones? This decision may look good initially but sounds reckless and hasty on the part of government. It has potential to increase livestock theft and decimate the goat population in Zambia. Instead of exporting raw materials in form of live goats, why not value add? Government should have no business in business and should learn to consult widely before making reckless pronouncements that are not sustainable in the long term!

    • This is not a matter for the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. The truth of the matter is the officials of the Ministry of are not interested in seeing farmers make money. As a matter of fact they think that if this offer materializes, Tongas will be richer and such development raises their BP. I can therefore assure you that the RB controlled Government will not be happy at this development. This is a matter for the business community and the Zambia livestock industry to pursue and take a leading role.

  13. The late president, MCS, brought back the emeralds(commodity) MARKET to Zambia!! Great move
    His next move was to bring back the the Copper(commodity) MARKET to Zambia!!! Ambitious move
    Instead of us exporting goats(commodities), let us set up a goats MARKET here in Zambia and let them Arabs come and buy from here!!!! Very challenging move but the point to start from!!!
    This is true value creation approach!! ALL SOUTH AFRICAN businesses are MARKETS(numbers),e.g Shoprite, PEP-stores, Pick-And-Pay etc, Exported to our country!!! They carry with them all sorts of products(equivalent of processed goat products)!!!
    Our friends have stopped exporting commodities, they now export MARKETS(NUMBERS)!!!!!!!

  14. Zambians! very shallow comments. I am so dissapointed. Bravo to they that believe and are already thinking of how they can take advantage of this move assuming it comes to fruition.

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