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PF ordered councillors and Mayor not to work with Independent MP

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

Kantanshi Independent member of Parliament Anthony Mumba is angry that Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davis Mwila has instructed councillors and the Mayor in Mufulira not to work with him and has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to intervene because such a stance would deprive his constituency of development.

Mr Mumba complained that the decree by Mr Mwila that PF party officials, Councillors and the mayor should not to work him (Mumba) had left the people of Kantanshi disappointed.

Mr Mumba has since appealed to President Lungu to intervene in the matter.

Mr Mumba claimed that Mr Mwila allegedly instructed Mufulira Mayor and all the party officials not to work with him (Mumba) as an Independent MP.

“I respect the fact that one of his roles is to mobilize the party and as he mobilizes the party, there will be a number of statements that he will need to issue to reenergize the party but in reference to Kantanshi constituency where he is reported to have said that the people of Kantanshi will suffer for electing an Independent candidate because I do not belong to the ruling party, I find it odd that the governing party should decide not to work with MPs not belonging to the party. I am appealing to President Lungu to intervene because such a stance means that many Constituencies will be deprived of development,” Mr Mumba said.

He said while he had respect for Mr Mwila decision, he said it was important for the PF chief executive to look at what he termed as the bigger picture in governing the country.

Mr Mumba said the bigger picture was that an MP was the interface between the Constituency and the executive which was the government through which citizens could have development.

Mr Mumba claimed he had continued to enjoy warm and cordial relationship with President Lungu and wondered why Mr Mwaila had adopted an antagonistic style of administration in the ruling party.

“So, it is unfortunate that driving agenda for the country has narrowed it down to a political agenda where councilors of Kantanshi constituency have been directed not to woerk with me. In fact, he has even gone further to warn the Mufulira mayor not to entertain me because according to Mwila, the mayor has been pushing the agenda in district that we need to work together for the development of the district,” Mr Mumba said.

Mr Mumba explained that his concern was that the Mr Mwila should avoid isolating the ruling party from governing with those who were opposed to it and reconsider his position on banning PF officials from working with the governing party.

“For the last two months, I have been donating 10 percent of my salary to the people of Kantanshi something that has never happened in history of the constituency. Secondly, we have managed through President Lungu’s support to receive funds for Ndola-Mufulira-Mukambo road which will create over 8000 jobs. This is within the two months that I have been Mp,” Mr Mumba said.

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  1. Mr Kudos
    This is not news. It doesn’t qualify as news. It can't even be headline news. Davis Mwila is fighting ghosts. We need to replace him. 2016 vote Mr Kudos.
    • Peace for Zambia
      My, my, my!! That is no good from Mr Mwiza. People must be respected and development must be enhanced by working together for the sake of progress. Politics should not be played at the expense of people's development.
    • Ngolwa
      Stone age politics. In the end you will send yourselves into oblivion like the way the meteorite wiped out dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Very boring.!!!
    • FuManchu
      Here one finds hypocrisy especially among opposition parties who tend to rush castigating each other when one of them instructs its members not to be seen cosy with the ruling PF! Where are those that cried foul when UPND instructed its members to stay away from PF led functions until at least disputes in the courts have been dealt with? In Zambian politics the party is larger than country and this is perpetuated with every successive government where it has become policy to sideline all opposition held constituencies from receiving resources for development programs!
    • Kopala nafuti nafuti
      The Idiot lost to an independent. He does not mean well to the party. I agree with you, the sooner Hes replaced the better. Hes a bitter man!
    • Buck Teeth Lungu
      It is not about Davis Mwila. It's about PF - the most divisive, destructive and incompetent party to ever govern Zambia. PF are selfish. That's how they have doesn't $9.3bn on their strongholds and individual pockets, while the rest of Zambia wallows in abject poverty.
  2. Nzelu
    general Davis Mwila might be the most ignorant politician ever. Chama Chakomboka, and now his resurrected self, Muliokela have more foresight and truths. They know that Zambia has gold deposits, but not the right technocrats.
    • FuManchu
      It is self destructing as bacihunye cannibalizing on themselves! (Pardon me bloggers, but "bacihunye" are those fat flightless cricket/grasshopper like insects that appear during the farming season which tend to devastate crops especially the about to ripen maize cobs. They easily feast on each other starting with hind quarters when hunger strikes!)
  3. Jay Jay
    This Party has no leadership...if you asked Lazy Lungu now at the airport tarmac he will state contrally and direct ZNBC to play the recording if its there.
  4. Nzelu
    Kantanshi Independent member of Parliament Anthony Mumba, is what MPs should be like, working for their constituents. Someone is angry Luapula voters saw his dullness and removed ousted him as their Member of parliament. President Lungu only appointed Davis Mwila to appease his province.
    • The Chosen One
      So MPs should emulate Anthony Mumba? This is the same Mumba who took the motion to Parliament to bring back Deputy Minister posts in case you're not aware.
    • Taliban
      @The Chosen One, set your facts right. AM is not the one who took that motion to Parliament. And for your own information, as a person who comes from that constituency, am very proud of our MP because he is very hardworking and visionary. DM is just as A##%se H%^&e, nowander we are not developed.
  6. Zambia Shall Win the Afcon Again
    Ba Mwila you have to recover from your loss to an independent candidate and do what is good for the country because you won't be any different from HH who has ordered his MP's and Councilors to boycott state events. Look beyond your disappointment and do a self introspection then you will know what led to your loss of the MP position.
    • Zambia Shall Win the Afcon Again
      @ Kaputo Davies i mentioned HH because he was condemned by the PF for ordering his party members to boycott state events. What Mr. Mwila has done is exactly what the PF condemned. When dealing with matters of national interest especially service delivery to the Zambians we have to look beyond party lines and serve the people who have made people like Ba Mwila to have the privilege of being one of our leaders.
  7. True Patriot
    This is very retrogressive and it seems this Davies Mwila has a strong grudge against independent MPs simply because he was defeated by an independent MP. That's why we always tell some of these politicians to shut their mouths if they do not have anything sensible to say. How can you develop a country with such backward ideas? Shame!
  8. general Kanene
    Who is the PF Party President, who is leading this Party? Whether ECL is in the country or abroad, it appears he is always behind the scene, and these smelly spokesmen seems to be making decisions on behalf of the PF Party. Something must be wrong here
    • Kaputo Davies
      Whatever Mwila said has the blessing of Lungu. During the campaigns Lungu went to Muchinga province were he told people at a rally not to vote for opposition or independent MP's because if they did they risked not seeing development in those areas. So why are you blaming dull Mwila! IT is Lungu talking on behalf of PF.
  9. Brother Leader
    ECL bring back CK as SG 2021 is near has things stands we are in trouble no need to pretend. Let Mwila organise the party at provincial level.
    • The London Eye
      @Brother Leader, I don't understand your logic. Are you serious that Kambwili should be brought back and be appointed SG before he clears his name over serious allegations of corruption, abuse of office and theft? Anyway in Zambia it is a common way of life to idolise pompous criminals just because they flash their ill-gotten wealth around. This is one of the main reasons why Zambia will for a long time remain dead.
    • Nzelu
      You should be investigated for the abuse of not using both hemispheres of your brain. How would you suggest nonsense like that. Chisimba Kambwili is being investigated as a possible Lazo, thief in laymen terms. Have a seat and drink Munkoyo or Chibwanto.
  10. The Chosen One
    Anthony Mumba is just an attention seeker and a bootlicker for those of you who don't know him. This is the guy who proposed a motion in Parliament to re-introduce the positions of Deputy Ministers. This latest complaint is not genuine, he just wants to be noticed by the President. He loves being in limelight. He really wants a Ministerial post. If you were really a genuine PF member, why did you defy the party directives and opted to stand as an independent? For once, I support Davies Mwila's stance.
    • Zakeyo
      Correctly observed and he's all over the news media and he just mentions the name of the President Mr Lungu for his own attention...
    • ROKA
      CHOSEN ONE this is a very valid point you have raised, if indeed he wanted to work with PF why did he campaign against PF!!Independent MPs are on their own and not answerable to a party.A party, serious one, will be concerned if one of its MPs is not working according to its manifesto.I even urge the PF to prioritize their development action plan in favour of the areas which voted them most.Each party told the people what they will do if voted for and they won on those promises.The idea of saying the government must take development to all areas is good, but priority to the areas which voted for them.Look at southern Province, massive development taken but rejected PF, which means uwakana ukwela akana no koca period.VIVA MWILA
  11. bwafyaa
    UYU MP Eeee.. donating part of your salary is not part of development but charity! And then WHAT TYPE OF ROAD WORKS CAN CREATE 8,000 jobs for such a short distance: ''“For the last two months, I have been donating 10 percent of my salary to the people of Kantanshi something that has never happened in history of the constituency. Secondly, we have managed through President Lungu’s support to receive funds for Ndola-Mufulira-Mukambo road which will create over 8000 jobs. This is within the two months that I have been Mp,” Mr Mumba said".
    'I can't bear to look at his face. I would have commented but because he is Bemba I will just keep quiet here in Scotland where I am eternally engaged to Neil my white fiance whose skin I worship.' Mushota
  13. Kabova
    Chikopo Davies Mwila is just as much a distubilizing figure as his boss is. How do you choose a divisive uneducated figure like Mwila to steer the wheels of a political party when he hardly understands a thing about politics?
  14. Dundumwezi arise!!!!!
    8000 thousand jobs on a 50km road stretch....liar.ba mwila also you should behave mwaya sana,we need each other to develop this country no segregation.why do you want to put salt in everyone's mouth.
  15. Peace for Zambia
    My, my, my!! That is no good from Mr Mwila. People must be respected and development must be enhanced by working together for the sake of progress. Politics should not be played at the expense of people’s development.
  16. Peace for Zambia
    My, my, my!! That is no good from Mr Mwila. People' vote must be respected and development must be enhanced by working together for the sake of progress. Politics should not be played at the expense of people’s development.
  17. Wantanshi
    What you all must remember is that Sata organisesd his PF using what he later termed as useless people. Now he is no more, but unfortunately one of his useless people has taken over the power to govern. What do you expect? Miracles? That suddenly these stup!d people will get it right and put Zambia on a trajectory of progress? You are insane if you think so!
  18. Mzee Hekima
    I have always wondered why President Lungu chose a failure in Mwila as Secretary General. This is someone who failed to return his own sit to an indepedent for that matter. How does he manage the entire Party.
  19. blabla
    Yaba!!! 1. 8,000 jobs for the Ndola-Mufulira-Mokambo rd is not possible. What a gross exaggeration. That said, this is a key road which has been neglected for way too long and needs immediate attention. 2. The role of MPs is not to execute government policy nor are they an extension of the Executive. This misunderstanding of the role of MPs causes unrealistic expectations of MPs and underperformance of the executive. MPS as part of the parliament which is the legislative body. There role is to ensure that appropriate regulations and legislation is in place and budget is appropriately allocated for the relevant bodies of government to execute an implement. It is very critical that MPs first understand the limits of their role and better still the electorate
  20. MunaDekhane
    PF have run out of reasonable people. Chishimba Kambwili the thief failed in many ministerial posts ending stealing government funds, Frank Bwalya is always toxic in speech everyone distances away from him, now this Mwila after being rejected has become bad news for PF as his looks. Needs to be replaced soon or PF is fast becoming unpopular not only with CB but all over Zambia.
  21. Monica
    Ba former minister who lost like chipuba of kantanshi to an independent have to accept people's decision and live with it.
    The PF SG should be ashamed that his own people disowned him. The problem with PF is that they are not ASHAMED of what they say and do. UBUNTU KUMFWA INSONI !!! Abantu basala uwo balefwaya weo bakene kumwenu waya mukupanga ubuwelewele kumunobe uwo basalile ..SHAME ..SHAME!! What kind of leader is the PF SG? Entice people to join your party by being accommodating not arrogant. Try to read a bit mwebantu, some leadership skills can be learnt. Be like your president who looks around for people that have skills that he wants. Mutati is not PF.... look at his knowledge. How many of you in PF can equal him including yourself bwana SG? People of Kantanshi looked around and found him suitable for their needs. RESPECT THEIR CHOICE capwa.
  23. Mzee Hekima
    Its vindictive people like Mwila who are letting down this country. He lost to an independent now he wants to punish Zambian for his lose what a shame.
  24. Terrible
    UPNDonkeys, do they have to comment on everything and anything? Even contradicting their statements and comments made as fresh as last week? Didnt Stephen Katuka on instruction of Chief donkey ban their MPs from interacting with government? In your donkey thinking what is the difference between what Mwila and Katika have said? Awe bu donki bulwele mwe..
  25. Advocate
    Mwila is still a diaper wearing politician without brains.No wonder he lost miserably to an independent. Oh I hear he has not finished some work at primary schools as well.He is a garbage.
  26. fk
    Does it mean that half of the country under UPND should also not work with the PF GOVT because they are not PF members?
  27. Shaka
    Mwila is becoming a liability to PF. Just look at his face, nothing sensible comes out of that mouth. He needs to be replaced. Actually the entire PF needs overhauling.

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