Lightening kills 7 people in Katete


Lightening has killed seven people of which six are members of the same
family in Katete District of Eastern Province.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Alex Chilufya confirmed that
that the lighting struck to death Dish Banda 34, Gena Banda 16,
Getrude Banda, 14, Fred Banda 12, Fostina Banda 11 and Prudence Banda
2 members of the same family from Chikwanda village in Chief Kawaza’s
Mr Chilufya said the incident  happened on Tuesday between 14:30 hours
and 16:00 hours.
He also said the second lightning struck and killed a woman in
her kitchen in Soweto Township.

Chikwanda village and Soweto Township are few kilometres apart.

Mr Chilufya said all the seven bodies were lying at St Francis Mission
hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.


    • Lightening or load shedding?
      The Skeleton Key
      PF bandits how much is mealie meal violent & visionless chimbwis without plan? Load shedding or there anything to blame?
      PF let the petition be heard, Dagama to give power to the speaker & leave mwaliteta alone visionless bandits. Flies have started disappearing mwa blind dagama. Dununa regret bandits.
      The Skeleton Key

  1. This is sad news indeed to Dish Banda’s family. Unfortunately, this is something we humans cannot do anything about. Please mwebantu, refrain from finger pointing. Such things happen and has nothing to do with whitchcraft. Dzikomo…

  2. Very sad. Unfortunately, our people generally lack the basic understanding of this natural phenomenon, much less take some form of preventive measures, i.e. assuming they were in a building, since they died as a group, was the building properly earthed? The general guide is that it is useful to know electricity likes to travel the easiest path between Earth and cloud. So, avoid being part of that path.

  3. Scientifically regions lying between the Tropical of Cancer & Tropical of Capricorn are reasonably less pron to lightning because they are far away from magnetic fields generated by the earth’s poles. Regions or countries lying closer to North or South poles are reasonably expected to experience more lightning conditions. Zambia, lies within the latitude & longitude of 15 00 S and 30 00 E deep inside both Tropical of Cancer & Tropical of Capricorn which are 23 00 N and 23 00 S. The likely cause of most of these deaths is satanism or whichever name you call it & men & women of God have to lead before the entire population is wiped out. Its like evil ones just wait for rainy season for them to strike their enemies. May Their Souls Rest In Peace.

    • @True Zambian, or more precisely UnTrue Zambian,
      How old are you? Learn not to clown around and make fun of a situation where people have lost their lives in such tragic manner, especially your own kith and kin. You know very well what you have written is complete nonsense. You think its funny? How would you feel if your own brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties all died at once by a lightning bolt, and some !d!ot deliberately starts making fun of it?.
      Just to clarify for the sake of other readers:- Lighting and thunder occur in thunderstorms. Heat causes thunderstorms. This is why this meteorological phenomenon is common in tropical and sub-tropical regions, and NOT in the arctic and Antarctic circles as this bad-mannered untrue Zambian is saying.

  4. My condolence! But kwena mwebena Chipata out of so many good names how can one be Dish? Import names from Bembas. May the souls of the departed rest in eternal peace.

  5. The government should set up a commission of inquiry to investigate wbere this lightening is coming from. It could be political.

  6. aKumawa have now refined this heavenly technology ka, successfully striking multiple targets instantaneously is a first. Mwanya imwe, umfwiti muleke. Maybe try directing it towards Chimbwili’s chilufumo and Luo’s ugly face to surgically transform these two Kasais into good looking beings.

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