Finally President Lungu declare ready for DUNUNA REVERSE 2021 – My Immediate Reaction

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu and the First Lady,Esther Lungu dancing at Mkushi rally
FILE: PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu and the First Lady,Esther Lungu dancing
at Mkushi rally

By Isaac Mwanza

FIRST let me clear the impression that I am against President Lungu standing in 2021; I am not and those sending me unnecessary threats to my inbox after the President has spoken a different position from mine, you are wasting time. I am not a politician but just a citizen who has every right to hold an opinion based on my understanding of the Constitution just as President Lungu holds an opinion based on his understanding of the Constitution. I doubt he asked you to silence those with a contrary opinion.

So I have a few calls from colleagues in the media asking for my reaction and my position is: respect the President’s opinion much as you respect my opinion which I have not changed because i feel an impartial Court examining my argument and authorities and those of President Lungu, if he gave any, would arrive at the better judgment. I don’t think I am wrong.

President Lungu has held office twice as President and thus, as per article 106(3), not eligible to hold office for the third time.

Do I intend to take this matter to the Constitutional Court as advised by His Excellency? No, I will not waste time approaching that Court so they could take advantage and condemn me in costs.

President Lungu cannot benefit from the provisions of Article 106(6)(b) because he was not the Vice President at a time when he first held office and neither was he elected under circumstances in article 106(5)(b).

Do I intend to take this matter to the Constitutional Court as advised by His Excellency? No, I will not waste time approaching that Court so they could take advantage and condemn me in costs. The President is empowered by the Rules of the ConCourt to refer matters of this nature to court. This could be an opportunity for him to refer the matter because he has not explained anything which is unnecessary exciting cadres to say that the nation has a final position.

So for now this debate may appear insignificant because the opposition and other stakeholders are quiet but the President will be thankful that we can talk this matter now.


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    Just the picture tells you what Zambia is all about, How can you have a leader who can do that in public, You voted for him and now you just have to put up with it.

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    Ummmh! politics is really a dirty game.
    i must state that me as myself boo,i don’t wish to comment to political matters but where need arises,am compiled to do so.
    first of all i would like to thank president lungu for bring up this debate of him being eligible for another term at a right time.the court will have enough time to clarify to the people of Zambia of what those articles pipo are quoiting mean.
    please constitution court and Laz president comment on these matters so that pipo are clear.
    Madam Ireen Mambilima issue a statement to tell them pipo of Zambia what those article shani shani mean.

    To Kabwili-i think kabwili noe regrets for supporting Lungu,ovious bena Guy scot and other enstonished member of PF are happy about the current happening.ovious they use to advise…

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    Stupid people die fast. This man lungu is the epitome of stupidity

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    This is not even a ConCourt matter nut the amended Constitution says it all. The man qualifies, whether one likes it or not. Maybe, all UPND cadres should urge their top leadership to amend their party constitution, so that HH can stand again, a record seventh time in 2026 after losing in 2021. Ni kulimba shamwali!


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    64 flag MunaDekhane January 6, 2017 at 1:21 pm


    We told you that Lungu is a disciple of Mugabe and Mu7, there you have it for your selves.
    Lungu’s audacity statements are based on the weak judicial system in the country. The Con courts, LAZ and the judges in the nation are weak, bought out and divided. My profound concern of Zambia’s incapability to hold any credible elections is being vindicated. We have wasted so much time, efforts and resources to improve our democracy for nothing to show up. Its a disgrace to Zambia.


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    Opposition should thank God that he wants to stand again as he will be the easiest candidate to beat…… in Tanzania the ruling party was headed for a defeat until they brought in new blood in the name Magufuli

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    Personally, I think both sides have valid points worth noting. But we must not be swayed by what we read or feel, but be open minded as this debate is not over yet until the con-court finally gives its verdict. Remember, the issue of ministers remaining if office after the dissolution of parliament? The same learned lawyer our very President mocked us, saying we do not read and went on to ramble and convinced people like Sunday Chanda only to be humiliated by the ruling of the con-court. Much as I appreciate the intellectual evolution on both sides, the fact remains that correct position will be made known by the con-court and both side to the argument stand a chance to be right or wrong.

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    That said, this is not time for politicking but suffice to say a good time to make it clear that ECL may only have 4 years to prove his leadership qualities. To be honest, 1 year was too short a time for me to judge this president. Whereas it is important that you and other “good citizens” brought this issue up timely,
    1) AG should bury it. 2) the Concourt should put a tombstone on it. 3) PF’s succession wrangles should be limited to their party conference. 4) We may not have the luxury of time to politick all the time. 5) Bwana ECL get to work fast and lastly; 6) Zambians should not attempt to mess with this Constitution, it appears to me, that it has not…

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    Who is the guy in the picture with a wired stance! JK,s dancing king? the nigga looks pathetic, like he,s on the toilet

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