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Nevers Mumba found with a case to answer

Dr Mumba flanked by Luckson Kazabu, HH and GBM at the Magistrate Court

Former Republican Vice President and former MMD President Nevers Mumba has been found with a case to answer.

This is a case in which Dr Mumba was accused of criminal trespass on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

Lusaka Magistrate Court has since put Mumba on his defence.

Editors testified against MMD leader Dr Nevers Mumba in a case he has been charged with criminal trespass and giving false information to a public officer.

During cross examination by state and defence lawyers, ZNBC Assistant News Manager Cosmas Chileshe told the court that he received a call from officers that Dr Mumba had visited the stations expressing his displeasure over a story which was aired concerning the presidential hearing.

He further said the newsroom staff informed him that Dr Mumba made running offensive remarks.

Mr Chileshe told the court that much as ZNBC is a public place, entry is restricted to safeguard security of the premises and the nation at large.

And ZNBC Sub-Editor Barbara Malilwe said she felt intimidated and shaken when Dr Mumba walked in the newsroom to inquire about an item which was carried out on the news and later asked her to speak out as she was the citizen of the country.

Mrs. Malilwe said the statement was intimidating as it was coming from an opposition leader and a Former Vice president.

And another Sub-Editor Arnold tutu also told the court how he felt belittled by Dr Mumba’s statement calling on him and others editor to speak out.

Mr Tutu said when walking out Dr Mumba threatened that he will make sure there was no inauguration on Tuesday and that he and other Editors were misleading the nation.

On 8th September 2016 in Lusaka, whilst and jointly acting together with other person unknown, Dr Mumba is said to have unlawfully enter into ZNBC newsroom with intent to intimidate and annoy the staff.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice President for Administration GBM were present in court to give solidarity to Dr Mumba.

The matter has since been adjourned to tomorrow for continued hearing.


    • Muntu Wanzelu
      Those boys and girls at ZNBC giving false evidence against the Nevers Mumba must make sure they get over K1million kwacha each. Because if they do not, they will very poor when the same PF turns against them very soon. When you dance with the devil, the rewards are short lived. Ask Kambwili, he is spending sleepless nights after insulting UPND and Tongas. They should say I did not warn them.
    • Mushota
      Trespassing? I have never had any confidence in the Zambian judiciary. Someone will have to remind me the credible cases they have concluded on time and then I will give them any credence they may feel they warrant. The greatest president the country has ever had - Michael Sata still has cases to memory that can't be termed closed. Mumba is still MMD president and not former! Who is not is ? Thanks BB2014,16
    • Jay Jay
      I am sure even BUFFOON CK will also be found with a case to answer given the number of times he stormed into the Director General's office.
    • Nostradamus
      @Saulosi, how are you? Why hate a man like that? Is it because of calling your boss as leader of those pests attacking maize?
    • Shot Put
      PFNBC, formerly ZNBC, should be sold. It has become irrelevant to the nation and is a huge cost. We can do without it.
    • Buck Teeth Lungu
      How can you be intimidated when asked to speak out??? Is it that these morons are used to being told to shut up?
  1. Frank/Genuine
    Comment:The man made a lot of noise during elections its better that he learns something and not 2 repeat what he did.
  2. MunaDekhane
    Will there ever be any former ruler to roam freely after their tenure is over? My bet is Edgar Lungu will be striped of his immunity to face the public, lessons appear difficult to be leant.
  3. bwafyaa
    This is what happens when someone becomes overzealous!! He may just go in the Chanda Chimba III way while the real owners of the party,UPND that lost an election were more civil and will remain free! Look at Mwaliteta, from a Minister in PF to a long time detainee on a serious charge of aggravated robbery for UPND when old UPND members are walking free because they were civil in behavior. There is HH and GBM,they are free with their families only coming to give solidarity as Nevers waits to become a convict and damage his political career!! No sympathy as you he was there for his gain rather real reasons to serve the greater Zambia!
  4. Keleni tasa atushe'
    This must serve as a huge lesson to all dishonest greedy Zambian "Bellyticians" Man of Gold- Nevers Mumba included!! Mumba helped Tin -pot Dictator Edward Chagwa ascend to power, & was willing to trade in his ethics & morals to fill his religious belly, had Chagwa chosen him instead of Grandma Inonge as Vice President. Problem is the same cowboy he helped put in power is now persecuting him, & has torn up the constitution to make himself Life President. To Nevers Mumba, I have one word of advice, Enjoy the Own Goal.
  5. Mulenga Sosa
    I do not understand how someone can be charged of criminal tresspass at a public place! This case wll flop miserably once it reached the high court, it's ridiculous. And with all the lies and faulsehoods ZNBC keeps on raving off on a daily basis, no wonder they want to claim theirs is a place where entry is restricted to safeguard security of the premises and the PF at large. They are lucky Mumba was only armed with a loud mouth and a bible, if it was in Colombia, he would have been armed with a machinegun and these hired witnesses would today be cold in their graves.
    • Dyonko
      ZNBC is a public institution and not a public place so as an army barrack, mwembeshi satellite, ZAF airbases, parliament, courts, state house and the like. Such places have restricted accesses due to their sensitivity and importance to the nation.
  6. Terrible
    UPND president and his vice (don't know which is which) were in court to give Mr Nervous solidarity. This is a good spirit among the opposition leaders, I hope they will exhibit the same spirit when he is locked up for a few months, I mean sharing the prison cells and single mattress with him during those few months. But if they don't then it's not solidarity but exploitation of a poor foolish pastor by HH and GBM for their political publicity. Never seen such a foolish bemba as Nervous in my whole life. Okay, next is GBM to be put on his defence.
  7. Terrible
    UPND president and his vice (don't know which is which) were in court to give Mr Nervous solidarity. This is a good spirit among the opposition leaders, I hope they will exhibit the same spirit when he is locked up for a few months, I mean sharing the prison cells and single mattress with him during those few months.
  8. Honest
    to a politician is day light slavery. imagine five adults leaving their nice homes, beautiful wives, pretty kids, good friends and maybe their serious businesses just to lender solidarity to a person that caused his own trouble in an attempt to champion and unreasonably secure his own ambitions. if the total number of those offering solidarity are 20 and they spent 4 hrs per such event, and 100 such events occur, its as good as declaring one of them dead as the total number of hours will equate the life of one full grown up man for a year.
  9. Divide & Rule
    Mr honest when you hit six figure digits in pounds and dollars and invest intelligently, money starts working for you, when an a. Ss hole like you thinks hardwork is putting your smelly teeth and nails to hard labour for 20 hours and claim to be a 99 jobs man but all you got to show is delayed salary which you get paid on the 15th day in the next month, you become smart, i have seen people who put in 3hours work in a day, whose results are amazing, and i have seen some burning candles, with nothing to show for, if it wrong for hh, gbm, to offer solidarity to nevas, what do you make of pf caders who are always transported to the airport in droves to go and wave at a plane taking off?
  10. Seven Spirits
    Nevers uli mbushi sana. See what fighting other peoples battles has brought unto thee ? Those richmen wont flank you in prison. You will just be all alone in a cell full of dirty and horny hardcore criminals
  11. Alb
    our country is full of Mongrel street dogs, They will eat any sheet that they come across. What journalist are at ZNBC? Station full of crap, Scroungers etc. only a fool would work there.
  12. Mwendabai
    Fools do not know that even their neibour can be charged with criminal trespassing if they come to their house start insulting and intimidate their children if they are not present. Fools do not know that ZNBC is a place to start wars and ceasing wars too. Fools are those not understanding what trespassing mean. Fools are those mixing the judiciary and politics. Fools are those condemning every action taken by the law...
    • Kapps
      Indeed @ Mwendabai, Fools will politicize everything, even when their perceived enemy goes to the toilet they will politicize it.
  13. Mateo
    Why would Nevers be in jail for what? He is harmless. As for Mwaliteta it is Lungu who will pay the price for stealing votes from Zambians. Mwaliteta will be vindicated by God he is not asleep. Read Joseph story in the bible was wrongly jailed. We are praying for you my brother Mwaliteta. God's eyes are not dim, nor his ears deaf he hears our cries.
  14. Mwansa
    Dr Nevers Mumba is being persecuted for standing by HH &GBM in their Petition against the re-election of Lungu and for saying that Lungu lost the 2016 Elections but he Is clinging to power illegally. Dr Mumba's stance that until the UPND Petition is heard and determined Zambia has no Legitimate President. Lungu is blocking the Petition in Court and violating the Rights of Petitioners to be heard. If Dr Mumba had said Lungu won the Elections the frivolous charges would have been dropped. Lungu is harassing and imprisoning all his Opponents using compromised Courts. Lungu has destroyed the Courts and social justice in Zambia. There is no more Rule of Law and respect for Human Rights in Zambia. Had Dr Mumba not been supporting HH & GBM in their quest for Justice and being outspoken about...
  15. soul
    Znbc is a protected site. Why? Ask Luchembe Solo. You sieze the station you control a nation. Nervous the form 5 school drop out knows this.he under went the compulsory ZNS military training and on account of failing 20 mnts. In court he will be asked which are vital installations?
  16. pink toe
    Imagine someone storming into a church and telling the pastor to stop soliciting for umutulo. Can the pastor sight the one for trespass or indeed stop preaching the money issue?
  17. Ba General
    I like the photo, shows the four total failures in the Zambian society. How can a sane person be a follower of this lot?

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