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LAZ asks Davies Mwila to retract his Statement about markets and bus stations

General News LAZ asks Davies Mwila to retract his Statement about markets and bus...

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has called on the Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila to retract his worrisome statements on running of bus stations, markets and the allocation of land.

The association is further calling on elected public officials and those in public service to work within the confines of the law.

In a statement issued to QFM News today, LAZ President Linda Kasonde says related to this issue, the association has noted media reports in response to Mr. Mwila’s statement suggesting that the UPND in Southern Province will reciprocate and takeover the running of bus stations, markets and land administration in its strongholds if the PF Secretary General does not withdraw his statement.

Ms Kasonde says her association condemns this proposed course of action and also call on UPND to retract their statement.

She says the apparent interference in the exercise of public functions by the private citizens encourages corruption and illegality in the exercise of public functions.

The LAZ President has emphasized that there is a separation between political parties, particularly the ruling party and the government.
She states that Article 60 (3) (d) of the constitution clearly provides that a political party shall not use public resources to promote its interests or those of its members.

She says it is important to maintain this separation as the mandate of the government is not limited to political party interests and considerations.

Ms Kasonde says this state of affairs is undesirable as it is a recipe for lawlessness, illegality and corruption.

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    • Warn and caution. If the PF cadres in Kabwe and central province cause nonsense, then Davis Mwila should be arrested. We need to follow proper procedure.

    • The guy is dull, i mean Davies Mwila looks disorganized from his looks what more his brains…… it is this kind of reasoning that made him lose his parliamentary seat to an independent whom the electorates thought he didn’t belong to the Chainama psychiatric wing where Davies Mwila belongs

    • @Dombwa, that’s a typical Bemba look. That is how the other half of Zambia behaves and lives – UTTER CHAOS.

    • Thug Linda Kasonde is a nuisance to say the least,,,even though I am not in support of Thug Davies Mwila, this Thug Linda only comments on Issues which is in disarray with the PF, you’re All Thugs Mwe-Mbwamwe and that’s why I am not ever voting agin in this country, the PF Thugs are the worst though

    • Thug Back Teeth Lungu, We-Mbwa-we, which typical Bemba look,,,, leave the mighty Bembas alone you Thug of losers no Wonder Tamwa-ka-tekepo you Thugs coz you’re so selfish even though I will never vote in this country full of Thugs

  1. Zambia police should have no reason to fail understanding why they have lost esteem and trust of the citizenry. Their reluctance to summon Davis Mwila for an “interview” over his remarks capable of disturbing the peace is reason enough to understand their bias and divisive approach to application of the law! What is obvious is that the police would have excitedly executed an arrest or issue summons were the subject at hand from any of the opposition party! In this case its unless their paymaster the PF gives them a go ahead! Ubupuba bweka bweka and someone would want to praise ZP as a professional authority!

  2. THE PF puts the t w a t Davies Mwila above the Vice President. This is where the problem is. PF is a re-incarnation of UNIP but wearing a multi-democracy sheepskin. The mind has not changed. Imisango yaba chaimani!

  3. I saw the clip of what Davies Mwila said in Kabwe and Frank Bwalya in his usual evil scheme of things denies it. In a normal functioning country the President was going to be the first one to admonish him. I am PF but embarrassed with what is going on. I will always stand on the side of the truth

  4. frank bwalya the mental petiant iam convinced he is real sick when he keeps silent he will come with some rotten staff all the time.

  5. The Ruling Party should not incite violence. It was to hear illegitimate Lungu suggesting that Tongas who are members and supporters of UPND can be victimised and brutalised. The fish rots from the head downwards. Violent and Visionless illegitimate Chakolwa Lungu will Never take Zambia anywhere. Zambia is doomed with this man at the helm.

  6. Why is it that LAZ is quick to comment on some issues but keep mute on other matters, especially when it has been petitioned? While Zambia’s law enforcement agencies should be seen to be doing their work, LAZ should also be seen to rise to the challenge of impartially and timely guiding the nation on important legal issues. How I wish all Zambians can do away with these men and women who reap where they did not sow – stupid!

  7. And you wonder why there is so much lawless in the country. An SG of a party is that reckless. And because they have no morals, the guy will keep refusing he never said such things instead of apologising. Ba satana

    • Just look @ Mwila’s skin, so thick & ashen similar to an Elephants.
      Whatever is causing that affliction is also affecting his Brain, & reasoning capacity, BUT unfortunately the leader Edward Chagwa, is TOO DRUNK on the job to realise the dangerous insendiary statement made by his fellow clueless visionless P.F Cowboy Goon!

  8. Kanshi what happened to city councils being in charge of civic duties such as overseeing the day to day operations of bus stops etc? Why should politicians be involved in any and everything?

  9. Have, politicians involvement in running markets and bus stations is where big Mula, cash is. Most PF cadres are goons! bakaponya! they have found it easy to fleece the public just like that with your blessings as a PF supporter. Most PF supporters will not agree, that such utterances were made by there SG. Bena kukana @ balemubepesha fye. You know how hard core criminals are. kufwa Na NO!

  10. This LAZ is useless. Why not issue a statement on whether Lungu can contest elections in 2021? Instead they want to comment on ma rubbish yamu ma market and bus stations. Wake up LAZ and be the citadel of national guidance on constitutional matters instead of just speaking on petty issues

  11. Ka Linda
    We are waiting for you to comment on the issue of the president to stand in 2021 not this nonsense of markets. Why not go Mr. Mwila’s office and discuss?

  12. problem of Davies is that he has failed to accept the loss in chipili to younger man. everwhere the man goes, he is Tantrumic. this was really a miss by ECL. ba Davies ifya bu SG fyamifulunganya.

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