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HH slammed for saying SADC should have followed ECOWAS example in The Gambia

Headlines HH slammed for saying SADC should have followed ECOWAS example in The...

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema addressing media from his residence
File:UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema addressing media from his residence
THE Patriotic Front (PF) has slammed the United Party for National Development (UPND) for criticising the Southern African Development Community (SADC) for allegedly failing to intervene in domestic political matters in Zambia the way the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has intervened in Gambia.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said the ECOWAS had done what SADC and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) had failed to do in Zambia.

But PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya said there was nothing that had taken place in Zambia’s post-election period that could be compared to what transpired in The Gambia after elections.

Mr Bwalya said opposition party leaders that felt SADC and COMESA should have at any point intervened in Zambia were suffering from panic and desperation to rule the country.

“One wonders how a person who wants to rule Zambia one day could mix up events the way they are doing,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said the role of SADC and COMESA was different from that of ECOWAS because the two regional bodies, to which Zambia belonged, were founded on the promotion of trade while ECOWAS, on the other hand, was founded to partly deal with challenges of dictatorial tendencies and coup d’etat that the region was facing at the time.

ECOWAS intervened in The Gambia because the incumbent leader lost an election, conceded defeat and later changed his mind.

In Zambia, the incumbent won and there was no dispute.

The United Nations, SADC and ECOWAS acknowledged the election outcome and congratulated the winner, President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Bwalya said that those proposing forceful removal of a legitimately elected president were proposing an illegality.

Political analyst Alex Ngoma has also charged that it is day-dreaming for the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to suggest that SADC should have compelled President Lungu to vacate office following the
outcome of the general elections in August last year.

Dr Ng’oma said the two cases were different because The Gambia had been embroiled in a political crisis while in Zambia President Lungu won the election which was held peacefully.

“The elections in Zambia were not disputed for the SADC to come and settle the dispute. Mr Hichilema is just day-dreaming because there is no political crisis in Zambia,” he said.

Dr Ngoma said it was unfortunate that Mr Hichilema had tried several times to win sympathy from the international community but had failed.

He said the opposition leader should allow the country to concentrate on national development rather than dragging the country into election matters that had already passed.

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  1. Ba HH.. Move on my man. I have survived all these years minus politics and having the time of my life. There is so much you can do instead of being bitter. Free advice.

    • There is no comparison between Gambia’s situation and the August Elections in Zambia. All International monitering bodies including the AU, UN and EU declared Zambia’s elections free and fair and ECL as the winner whereas those same bodies declared Gambia’s Barrow as the winner. HH was not declared the winner in Zambia’s August elections he was declared a dunderhead due to his constant timewasting antics and pettyness, both him and his sa.tan.ic disciples. Anyone can tell that HH is really a sick, mentally challenged bitter individual! HH the Hungry Hyena!

    • SADC and COMESA are indeed useless. It is not only in Zambia but in Zimbabwe and Uganda where they have failed to deal with rigging regimes. These dictators are ruthless and will steal votes and declare themselves winners. What more illegalities do you want? There’s no need to move on if elections can never be fairly conducted. Younger people are losing interest in elections because of the rampant rigging that PF carries out.

    • This is why HH has been losing for the past six elections.

      HH’s logic is always on the wrong side side of the least expected.

      HH thinks since ECOWAS has facilitated Barow, who was in opposition, to be sworn in – it means regional groups exist to transfer power from the incumbent to the opposition.

      HH dose not understand that, in the case of Gambia, Narrow won the election and he was president elect who needed to take, and the incumbent was disatisfied, yet acknowledged the loss.

      In the case of Zambia, the one who won as President elect was the incumbent, and the opposition leader HH lost and was disatisfied, despite all monitors and observers agreeing with the results.

      Thus, if HH had the least of logic he would have understood that, following the ECOWAS example, if SADDC…

    • Thus, if HH had the least of logic he would have understood that, following the ECOWAS example, if SADDC was sent to Zambia they would have come for HH to flash him out for causing anarchy after losing. This is exactly what ECOWAS did in Gambia.

      But HH’s thinking falls short if this baby logic.

    • Such type of desperation blinds HH from analysis issues based on merit. He can’t make a difference between, conceding defeat, congratulating the winner and later refuse to leave office and that of being declared a loser and all others congratulate the country for holding a free and fair election. That is a problem of desperation and wanting to rule the people by hook and crook. In any case what is HH looking for in this country? People do not want to be ruled by you HH but you continue fighting left right and centre. Even Nawakwi is advising them to stop going to court every day. He is planning something

    • ECOWAS were actually on their way to ZAMBIA, not GAMBIA to push out election-thief, widow-swindler JAMESON not JAMMEH. Unfortunately they mistook the names, thats how JEMASON survived.

    • Absolutely no parallelism. The danger of being self centered and floating on utopia, is the case of brother HH in Zambia. Sad and pathetic antics.

    • A country and its people is said to be rotten when its people accept mediocrity and say lets move on when
      1. The returning officer announces a non existence constituency called Chitulika constituency with ECL 33477, HH 32
      2. A candidate gets 8000 votes higher than the registered voters in a constituency (Lundazi) ECL gets 29000 votes, when this is noticed and reported by the media, that media is closed. Later on the correction is done but no changes from the total.

      The above few anomalies should make right thinking Zambians (PF or non PF) to seriously question the system and demand better systems. Alas it is in Zambia where some people just think of today and as long as they are benefiting from the system then its fine. Thats why right thinking people feel it is no use…

    • If SADC or your COMESA were in west Africa they would have gone to Gambia to protect Yayah Jammer from the Oppositon.You remember when Kibaki in Kenya and Mugabe in Zimbabwe respectively stole elections these two organisations were forcing the winners to accept appointments from the THIEVES and calling it un African way of solving conflicts.Infact those refusing the appointments were labeled by their vuvuzela papers as agents for the west,Ka bwalya just shut your beak.

    • That’s the more reason HH will never be President of Zambia. He is outlived his usefulness in UPND politics. He should now concentrate on the cattle ranching he has. Politics awe yalimukana.

  2. HH is right. SADC is toothless. Don’t listen to this boy Bwalya & and also to Ngoma supporting wako ni wako

    • PF and ECZ cannot prove the wins by Lungu in Lusaka and Copperbelt for the same reason that Luo’s purported win in Munali was annulled. ECZ does not have valid returns on Forms 12,13 and 19 to have given votes to Lungu in Lusaka. That’s the reason why the Kangaroo Court would not hear the petition because the outcome was obvious that Lungu could not have won the elections.

    • @KK Airport Cabinet:- You have got it wrong. In Gambia the incumbent lost the election and conceded defeat as announced by Gambian Electoral Commission, but later on he U-turned and claimed that the election was rigged. Here in Zambia the incumbent won the election as announced by Zambian Electoral Commission and the opposition leader HH, in his shallow wisdom with his cohorts, decided not to accept the result. This two cases are totally different – it is like comparing MANGOES with APPLES.

    • In as much as SADC may be toothless owing to their terms of reference or mandate for their formation, the truth is HH has never won any election inn Zambia , off coarse he has won in some parts of the Country. And although am personally not happy with the performance of Lungu currently point is he did win the election. Therefore instead of lying to themselves the best HH and his members can do is to focus on the future instead of wasting time telling lies

    • You think the same as HH. No clue about regional African politics and the purpose of these regional bodies. Even if you a HH supporter, you do not support even the nonsense he speaks. Nonsense is nonsense. It shows that HH has very little or no understanding of the political world. Only fools follow him.

  3. Quite frankly – it is retrogressive to keep undermining free and fair elections that we hold in Zambia. We are the envy of the world on that matter. We should only talk about how we can further improve our electoral process, particularly teaching people on how to vote based on performance and not tribe would be better for Zambia. In the meantime lets cherish our peace and move forward and desist from discussing elections that ended more than 6 months ago. Let us scrutinise the current govt so that they can be answerable come 2021.

    • “In Zambia, the incumbent won and there was no dispute” !!

      Is this dull Bwalya really so mad? Has he not heard about a PETITION that was taken to the ConCourt and not heard?

      Or Ugandans in the ECZ computer room changing the results? Or the stealing of votes in Lusaka and no G12 forms to cover up the rigging?

      And for sure he has not read the reports by those election monitors.

      Even a fool can see the election was STOLEN, but obviously Bwalya is even more stupid than a fool!

    • The electoral system in Zambia is rotten. If we are the envy of the world, why is it that there have been so many annulments of parliamentary wins since 2011? How come in Lusaka alone two PF seats have been annulled? ECZ and PF are rotten at rigging without shame. These elections were a coup in broad daylight.

    • Annulments simply shows how our democracy and electoral system is improving naimwe ba meno meno ( Buck teeth) Simply because your preferred candidate didn’t win doesn’t mean it was coup. Mukafwa ne chinkonko mukulusa bamambala! This time in 2021 am making sure i vote and never for HH nangu pakafwe insofu.

  4. So this man has money but no brains? The election of Edgar was accepted by all including the UN, the same body which authorized the AU to authorize the ECOWAS to interven in the Gambia. Edgar unlike Jammeh was declared winner. End of discussion.

    • @ Ndanje khakis kkkkkkkkkkk you’ve just made my day ati kolwe can look after him/herself unlike a cow which needs a kachama pwahahahahahahahahahahahah


  5. Comment:These are the problems of starting politics from the top. If this man had started as a section chairman in Dundumwezi rising to ward chairman, then counsellor,mp then finally standing for presidency, this time we could have been talking about a different HH. Anyway batila pansaka tapabula chiwelewele.

    • That’s African stoopid thinking for you. With such dull minds, a Trump win can never be allowed because his political career started at the top. There’s no cure for stoopidity.

  6. HH is just okay. I don’t belong to his party but I know he is the most victimised politician by the PF regime and for no reason. HH has suffered the way Kizza Besigye has suffered in Uganda. President Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema are sons of this country and should both be respected. Also an important piece of advice, Frank Bwalya is not an honest person, please don’t listen to him. He is even denying what Davies Mwila said in Kabwe and yet there is a video that is very clear on this issue, the guy has to survive and eat. He has no job. Lets respect HH please

    • We are ready to respect him if and only when he begins to say sensible things. I actually want to even question his education. How do you give a wrong example? This is the guys who used to even get wrong the example given on the board. I know HH has good brains but the problems is that he wants to think that Zambians can be cheated.

    • HH is being victimised because he is saying the truth, he is the only credible person to beat Lungu and he continues to expose PF lies.

  7. This Lunatic Frank Bwalya lacks common sense. The 2016 Elections in Zambia were disputed and that is why HH &GBM Petitioned the Re-Election of the President Elect,Lungu. In terms of the Constitution of Zambia once a Presidential Election is validly Petitioned at Concourt, ECZ’s declaration of Lungu as a Winner was automatically suspended pending the Hearing and determination of the Petition. This has not happenned. Furthermore, Lungu should have stepped aside and allowed the Speaker of Parliament to Act as President of Zambia while the Petition was being heard and disposed off. Lungu refused to resign, blocked the Petition Hearing in Court and proceeded to illegally swear himself in power. Hence Lungu is an illegitimate President Until the Petition is heard and disposed off. Lunatic…

    • Disputed by who apart from the serial loser HH. ECL won fair and square but sickos like you want to eat his money by lying to him that he won. How can HH be the stupid. He probably smokes cow dung

    • So even a malicious petition must have the effect of derailing a constitutionally due process. That would be a serious injustice and unfair to the nation!

    • Any petition is a valid petition and only the courts should prove that it is vexatious and malicious. No court said that about HH’s petition. So don’t sprout forth with nonsense opinions.

    • The inauguration was suspended pending the outcome of your petition. Please learn to be honest. Its because of your lose of focus that made you people lose time on the time constraint petition. Already you have mentioned Lungu refusing to hand over power during that time, an example of the many irrelevances you people concentrated on as opposed to bringing out your evidence in court. Wake up and strategise for 2021 otherwise the little support you had gathered will soon be eroded. I mean how can you people be still cheating your supporters that the petition is still on? Why have you neglected to tell your followers that the conc. court is the highest organ of the court process and its decisions can not be appealed against? You mean the entire party does not know this???

  8. The Gambian Opposition leader won the election withour any dispute. The Gambian electoral commission, however faulty, declared the opposition duly won. In Zambia the election was declared for Edgar Lungu and the PF; which was disputed by the major opposition. A fiasco of settling that dispute followed and in the end an inconclusive settlement was reached. It should be borne in mind that a well concluded verdict could have gone either for the opposition or the ruling. Hence, since there was a declared winner who actually took over power, SADC, The AU or indeed the UN could not intervene the way similar bodies did in the Gambian case.

    • No settlement has been reached in Zambia because the petition was never concluded by the Kangaroo Court.

  9. HH is free to expose his thinking capacities. If he believes the role of sadc and comesa was to remove ECL so be it.We need remind him that AU,EU and the two he mentioned sent election observors and all their reports conclude he lost the election albeit marred by violence.

    • So “marred by violence” is a fair election according to your African standards? What about other issues including lack of proof of proper election returns that the petition was going to prove in court? Aren’t you surprised that the petition could not be allowed to be concluded by PF?

  10. This Bwalya is just a village fool privileged be in politics. How do you allude that SADC’s primary purpose of existence is trade, while the same SADC intervened in the Madagascar political saga, DRC and Lesotho? In DRC, Namibia, Angola and Zimbabwe had to send troops to back Laurent Kabila from the insurgents. And this is the person who speaks for the government and the party? Shallow thinking. The reasoning here should have been that SADC could not be in possition to intervene because the case was already with the concourt and court ruling in favour of the sitting president cannot be offset by SADC. Had court ruled that, yes indeed UPND won the elections and the incumbent did not want to leave power then SADC could intervene. Not referring the reasons to trade.

  11. PF Bloggers are naive. They say HH must forget about the Petition and move on to where? Move to another rigged Election in 2021? HH & GBM must leave No stone unturned. This Petition is alive and it will be heard without fail. Following recent events in Gambia ,SADC has enormous pressure to redeem itself in Zambia and DRC. Ecowas enforced the transfer of Power and kicked out Dictator Jammeh in terms of the Gambian Constitution. In the case of Zambia the Bill of Rights provide that the the Rights of HH & GBM as Petitioners in Court should be respected. SADC and AU are going to enforce the Hearing of the Petition in Zambia without further delays. Tumoro we will see what other tricks Lungu still has in delaying the Hearing of the Petition. All eyes on the High Court and Lungu. By the way…

    • Sontapo,i didn’t know so much STUPID could be put in such a small paragraph.Keep dreaming whilst ECL prepares for 2021…

    • PF are electoral fraudsters. If the petition cannot be concluded, we might as stop having elections. ECZ cannot prove the basis of elections result in Lusaka as there were no valid returns (properly signed by returning officers and observers/monitors). That’s the crux of the matter. The elections were cooked up by PF and ECZ. The illegal alien at the ECZ servers was just further proof of the fraud committed.

    • Move on to ensure the electoral process is strengthened and made credible for future elections. Remember, you people have numbers in Parley to do this. Its really laughable that educated people like yourself still think your petition will be heard really??
      This is not the opposition we need in Zambia. Opposition must work and benefit the people by pointing out the various problems in community to the attention of government not just crave for power.
      Watch out FDD is coming to fill that slot. You have had your chance and are busy going to court when voters are in the opposite direction.

  12. HH is wrong. He is not comparing apples with apples. The ECZ did not declare him winner as was the case in Gambia so apa alakwa muntu uyu. @One Zambia-aNgoma is from Eastern…

  13. The only difference was that HH was not declared the victor by our Electoral body in last year’s elections.So SADC or indeed any organisation couldn’t comment,plus he went to court challenging the outcome and he was unsuccessful yet again.So it’s like comparing apples to oranges.Meanwhile bwana HH,ECL has declared interest in the 2021 elections..whats your plan? Please try to strategise and put up a strong winning team.You seem to be surrounded by an incompetent team.To beat the incumbent,it must be a “WHITEWASH” bwana..otherwise even 2021 you’ll be “DUNUNAD”!!

  14. @10 Silyva, agreed 100%+1. Like in Gambia the winner of the elections in Zambia was declared, congratulated and recognised by all observers, all countries in the world including ECOWAS members, and all international organisations including SADC, EU, AU, UN. So HH expected SADC to turn around like Jammeh and reject the results for the sake of one HH? This is the chap who made me coin the term Donkey and now I am vindicated, he certainly thinks like a donkey and heads UPNDonkeys.

  15. Grade 1 politics. How do you expect the same body which said you lost to intervene. The man is really day dreaming and let him continue with his bag of maize. Under five politics indeed. If your neighbor eats offals yopu should also eat offals. Shallow thinking for one intending to lead the country. Try leading cattle.

  16. Hh man better just concentrate with what you know best. Farming and dubious business deals. Politics wil just shorten yo life.. Hold on and move on

    • Are you normal? Why should Zambians be happy to be ruled by electoral fraudsters who cannot even manage the economy?

  17. The use of force by ECOWAS to remove an outgoing president and then to proceed with the installation of new president is unusual. The first option for the regional body is sanctions. When sanctions fail, then force can be considered on a case by case basis. Regardless of narrative, it is inconceivable for ECOWAS to march on a regional power such as Nigeria or Cote d’Ivoire. The Gambia is a small country with limited strike force to repel the advancing foreign combatants. That is why, the argument advanced by HH is consistent to the extent that UPND is peacefully contesting an election outcome. The political party that contests election results is by definition the political that emerges loser. The loser has the right to a fair court hearing in appearance in reality.

  18. Mr HH or your advisors let’s be serious for a second, after the elections you called for an uprising which resulted in attacks on non UPND members in your strongholds, what kind of mindset of a leader is that? Secondly they say charity begins at home, if you really want to help your fellow Zambians start with your own workers and their families at your farms and butcheries ! Their salaries are pathetic, many without safety clothing and gumboots. You say you’ll provide free eduction for all Zambians are you paying school fees for your workers children? The answer is no because you are a selfish individual unsuited for the office of President. Charity begins at home!

  19. This is what happens when you let Mmembe think for you. Mmembe told HH that he had the power to remove and install presidents of Zambia and he gave the example Mr Sata. Donkey as he is HH and UPND believed Mmembe and did not expect and were not prepared for any other outcome apart from “His Excellency Hichilema”. Self conceited and believing in Mmembe, HH even invited the diplomatic corps to meet the “incoming prezident”. But the Zambians in 7 provinces had the last say. So Mr HH are you not gonna call the diplomats back to thank them for attending your dinner last year?

  20. HH is 100% correct. ECOWAS did the right thing to kick out Jammeh and uphold Constitutional Democracy in Gambia. SADC got it wrong in Zambia. To redeem itself SADC must now enforce the Hearing of the Petition. Zuma,Khama and Magufuli have already recognized President Adama Barrow of Gambia. By so doing the Actions of Ecowas,AU and UN in Gambia have been condoned. To be consistent Zuma,Khama and Magufuli must insist that the Petition be heard and disposed off in Zambia. Illegitimate Lungu has no choice but to recognise President Adama Barrow of Gambia since his friend Yahya Jammeh is banished from Gambia. Recognising Barrow means accepting Constitutionalism in Zambia. That means Hearing the Petition as per Zambian Constitution.Period.

  21. No matter what the PF guys say and no matter how they say it. The majority of Zambians know that HH is a very trusted guy. I can never join UPND myself but I know that HH is the most competent of all politicians at Presidential level. HH keep on keeping on. They can write tonnes of rubbish, but please be assured that the marjority are with you.

    • @Joseph no matter what the UPNDunderheads say 7 provinces rejected the Hungry Hyena a known privitisation crook plus his partner in crime a serial lumpen, fired from his post due to corruption and known wife beater GBV. So which is which? 2021 Hungry Hyena will certainly lose the elections if he continues being petty, bitter, dictatorial and crooked. Those are facts! Do you remember this?


    • About GBM’s GBV, we have to accept that GBV and thieving is traditional among Bembas. Bembas have to be allowed a role in running the country, even in the opposition, although they are not the most pleasant of people. As for any privatisation crimes by HH, how come 6 years later PF cannot prove them despite holding instruments of power? Is it incompetence?

    • @ Buck Teeth Lungu, usually I wouldn’t bother with a simpleton tribalist like you! How dare you generalize that Bembas are known for being thieves when there are many other tribes who steal and are in prisons for theft, breaking and entering and fraud which all form part of stealing!
      You are a tribalist and people like you are what cost your lousy HH presidential elections. Campaigning among the Lalas, Bisas and Swakas of Central province in the August 2016 elections, they were very upset with the insults from the tribalist because these tribes have traditionally inter- married with the Bembas and find them to be good people.
      This hatred for my tribe by the tribalists will cost your HH dearly even in 2021. As our ancestor, leader and hero Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe wrote “Africa Kuti…

  22. The Mmembe which HH trusted so much had poopood in his pants and stunk so much with his deeds that Zambians no longer trusted him. Mr HH could not read the situatin and believed that Mmembe was “still” the king maker. Somehow HH has no ability to read political moods and events, I have always wondered why but clearly this means that he will never rule this country. His party of Donkeys is just any smelly fart, it will just fizzle out as they all do. Add to that no democracy in his party, so how does he know what new ideas his members have? Oh sorry forgot that Donkeys cannot have new ideas.

  23. Take advice Mr! Be a good loser and move away from bitterness! It is not good for your health. Your so called riches will become meaningless when your health is gone! Zambian politics is a serious health risk. We have lost too many from the last elections. We know a number of people who have died of depression or strokes because of either not being adopted or losing an erection or sorry, losing an election. Losing five times is too much. Let others try also. Step down!

  24. @21 Joseph, yes HH with a corrupt running mate in tow is the best thing that happened to UPNDonkeys, but not for Zambia.

    • It is very difficult to keep Bembas from corruption as PF proves every day. GBM is being himself, unless you want the opposition to be squeaky clean by excluding Bembas.

    • @24.1 Buck Teeth.. this is what will keep YOUR PREFERRED CANDIDATE FOREVER in OPPOSITION! INSULTS ON BEMBAS, describing them as THIEVES FORGETTING THAT STEALING in ZAMBIA is practiced by SOME OF ITS PEOPLE,NOT ALL and NOT ALL OF THEM ARE BEMBAS. It is a bad culture which has evolved overtime,just like tribalism!Read the Auditor General’s reports and tell us if all officials mentioned there in are Bembas. How many BEMBAS where involved in the ZNFU saga? Rest assured that UPND’s tribal drive has been known that is why prominent bemba speakers cannot join it except for people like GBM. Don’t forget we read what is on the internet and tell others to beware, RESULT,LOSS FOR UPND! CONTINUE TO REAP THE RESULT!!

  25. This is very disappointing coming from a person who claims to be one of the most intelligent Zambians! Either his untamed ego is getting the better of him or his repeated defeats at the polls is salvation for Zambia from a lunatic of a leader!

  26. HH was given 14 days in which to challenge the election of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, but he failed within that stipulated time frame. Instead he was busy bringing out preliminarily issues and other related matters that ultimately chewed his time. If he had evidence that the election was rigged, why did he not present that evidence to the Constitutional court within 14 days?

    So the grounds for the parallels that he is trying to make between SADC, COMES & ECOWAS are weak. Why can’t he just move on in life? No one will sympathize with you sir, just accept that you lost an election and move on. Sometimes a person wins by losing!

    • It was PF and the Kangaroo Court that delayed the petition. Where was the judge when the 14 days zipped past? Why did she start proceedings at 10:00, took long lunches and stopped court at 15:00, never worked in the evenings and weekends and then some up. To realise that 14 days are over? Are judges sideline coaches or spectators in court who allow lawyers to fool around until a judgement cannot be delivered? Do you see why the Kangaroo Court is a sheer waste of time?

  27. People should stop playing stupidd comparing Gambia’s electoral body with Essau Chulu’s Zombie (ECZ) limited company, Gambia’s electoral body used marbles with drums, the more marbles in your drums, you automatically declared a winner, here we had the traditional ballot papers, issues of chavula in server room, G12 form saga, overzealous essau chulu, etc, pf caders want to move on, ninani amikenya, kabiyeni.

  28. PF thinks facts can change by repeatedly broadcasting their lies. My friend the truth remains truth. HH won the election in 2015 and in 2016. God can not be mocked. One day you will wake to find your lungu has gone to jail for treason.

    • The same ECZ and Kangaroo Court that Lungu manipulated will one day be his undoing. Note how Jammeh could not get his own petition heard in time before Barrow was sworn in!

  29. This is why HH has been losing for the past six elections.

    HH’s logic is always falling below the least expected.

    HH thinks since ECOWAS has facilitated Barow, who was in opposition, to be sworn in – it means regional groups exist to transfer power from the incumbent to the opposition.

    HH dose not understand that, in the case of Gambia, Barow won the election, with all monitors and observers agreeing, and he was president elect who needed to take office, and the incumbent was disatisfied, yet acknowledged the loss.

    In the case of Zambia, the one who won as President elect was the incumbent, and the opposition leader HH lost and was disatisfied, despite all monitors and observers agreeing with the results, except HH only.

    Thus, if HH had the least of logic he would have…

    • Thus, if HH had the least of logic he would have understood that, following the ECOWAS example, if SADDC was sent to Zambia they would have come for HH to flash him out for causing anarchy after losing. This is exactly what ECOWAS did in Gambia.

      But HH’s thinking falls short of this baby logic.

  30. Far from politics like day to night. What does the skull of this man contain? The educated continue farming and feeding nations sure you can compare Gambia situation to Zambia’s? Awe ine uluse kuli aba abaume

  31. Sorry ba hechi hechi! You have become irrelevant and your chances of winning any future elections are becoming slimmer by every utterance you make. You have simply killed UPND single handedly. Tamwakatekepo pa zed. Maybe ku ECOWAS mulefwaya nomba… kikikiki

  32. We the majority of Zambians spoke that ECL is our preferred candidate and in 2021 we will do the same. So those minority who thinks HH can win continue supporting him its your right but the fact still remains ” Majority are behind ECL” Come next election again and again we are voting for the same candidate and no one will convince us to change. #die if you don’t like it to see ECL as president#

  33. The fact is SADC and COMESA witnessed your loss and therefore had no business intervening HH. Continue campaigning cleanly. Such dirty utterances from you keep on distancing me from you until you sober up. You win from the ballot which you shall fail gain.

  34. The fact is that LUNGU did NOT win the elections. Stop creating a lie and then believing in it. LUNGU and PF stole those elections. LUNGU and PF did NOT rig the elections, they lost the elections fair and square and then just used power and tribalism to hide the votes and reporting documents that could have proved that HH won the elections. If you want to support your tribes-mate just say so openly, we will understand; BUT don’t do it by hiding behind the lies that LUNGU won. We now know what to do in 2021. Just wait…

    • COMESA, SADC, AU all witnessed the loss HH suffered at the hands of Lungu and as such they have no business intervening. They know very well that the claims by HH were malicious thats why they have not entertained his stupidity.

  35. In Zambia the IEC, the International Independent Observers including ECOWAS and SADC declared THE Ruling party winner.

    In the Gambia the IEC, the International Independent Observers including SADC and ECOWAS declared the opposition winner.

    • You have obviously not read the election observers reports. They did NOT declare the winner. They only said voting on election day was peaceful, and then listed all the unacceptable nonsense that happened. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

      Or are you so dull you believe all the LIES being thrown around?

  36. @Vic Likishi:your reasoning is what makes HH lose elections.we all heard from UN,EU,SADC,AU,etc declaring Edgar Lungu as 2016 winner.so how did HH expect SADC to hand over power to him (a loser)?this is pure madness.surely if HH won in 2016 and all international organization declared HH as a winner,was it going to be possible for ECL to remain in state house?NEVER!!!so please HH grow up and move on because no organization will ever hand over power to you when infact you have lost!!!

    • When did UN, EU, SADC, AU declare Lungu winer?
      1mbecile, only Electoral Corrupt Commission declared Lungu winner.
      Not even Constitutional Court had courage to declare CONVICTED embezzler winner.

  37. HH, please don’t be discouraged. You represent many people who look up to you for hope. They can write about comparisons of apples mangoes and oranges, but the price of mealie meal is going towards K150. I simply do not care what they write, but please come to rescue this country HH. Me I am a Kunda from Eastern province but I believe only you HH has the key to unlock the potential that this country has. They can spend the whole day blogging and demeaning you it does not change the fact that they have failed. Ask them a simple question at what price MMD left the price of mealie meal- no more arguments

    • very soon one will have to ask a simple question. the question is: at what price did Roy Welnsky leave the bag of mealie meal in 1964? answer is 2 surely comparing prices of different years – say 5 years is as good as comparing a form sili of 1965 to a current grade ten and expecting him to acquire a place at a nursing school or at Nkhruma College today as it were that time. Lets face facts, a grave site in Moscow was $22,500 in 2011 and is now $65,000. Does this mean Russia is doing very badly? If people are not happy with prices, why not revert to Barter system of 1820 and all shall always be equal.

  38. @ Buck teeth lung, your posts are always pathetic to say the least, may be you are HH because you are very bitter, you will die of bitterness so relax mune.

  39. If you critically examine Fatherless Bwanya’s head, you will realise it bears a cunning semblence to a baby born infected by the Zikas virus. His analysis of matters clears shows he is an intellectual midget. I mean to claim that ECOWAS was founded to partly deal with challenges of dictatorial tendencies & coup d’etat that the region was facing at the time amounts to gutless f.oolishness & clearlys shows he does not even know what the acronym ECOWAS stands for. Further, he seems oblivious to the fact that SADC was initially the Frontline States which in 1980 formed the Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC) to promote their own development & free themselves from South Africa’s economic hegemony. SADCC efforts bore fruits when South Africa held its first non-racial…

  40. … democratic election in 1994 & afterwards became SADC as we know it today. Given this history, its foolish of any person, more so a Zambian, to say SADC shouldn’t intervene when chaps like Chagwa or Mugabe shamelessly rig polls.

  41. Oyu Dr ngoma mu daalu siteleki, if election matters are gone why is your pf still has upnd members incarcerated over an election you pf dunders perceive to be a by gone? Why have you not given the same advise to pf to release the upnd members over your so called past election matters.

    Useless mpwita mamina.


    It has failed to intervene in 2004 ZIMBABWE elections after MUGABE clearly lost elections & resorted to PF tactics of violence & arrests of opposition cadres/leaders. Now we have Zim refugees in Zambia, RSA, Botswana etc.

    SADC has failed to intervene in MOZAMBIQUE where now there’s a risk of return to civil war. SADC has failed many other countries like Lesotho, DRC. Thats why PF can do anything, rig elections, kill/jail/intimidate Opposition members, beat up Independent Media Journals, introduce 3rd Term, extend LUNGU’s tenure to 7-LOOOOONG Years or even bring back One-Party Dictatorship, coz they know SADC is a NGOMWA & will NOT lift a finger.

    SADC, just like AU, is a useless organization, irrelevant to Africans & a drain on our coffers.

    Who knew that a…

    • CONT’D

      Who knew that a Zim teacher/nurse/doctor would come to Zambia to be a maid/HOOKER/street-vendor? Same thing can happen to Zambia. Let’s be tolerant & cherish & safe-guard our democracy.

  43. His colleague in the Gambia was sworn-in in neighbouring Senegal by ECOWAS, let him also be sworn-in by neighbouring Namibia so that we can be spared the noise

    • His colleague in the Gambia won the elections clean. He beat the incumbent convincingly & no claims of vote rigging. Jammeh got 208,487 votes (39.62%) against official winner Adama Barrow with 227,708 (43.28%). HH got 1,760,347 votes (47.63%) against official winner ECL with 1,860,877 (50.35%). But for him its claims of vote rigging like Jammeh compared to the figures at hand.

  44. The whole episode to of Lungu refusing to surrender power after the results were petitioned against his own AG’s advise was tragic. As though to add salt to injury, he goes on to appoint a constitutional court made up of judges who did not qualify to sit on the bench and they on a dangerous technicality drop hearing the matter purely created by delaying tactics created by no other than the PF. You know very well that Zambians are generally very docile people sometimes to a point of being blockhead imbeciles. Had such blatant rigging like what happened on the Copperbelt and Lusaka been in the likes of Nigeria, Ghana etc, Chagwa would today only be residing in one of two places, the grave or in exile as a refugee.

    • Here is the thing you should know on the appointment of judges to any court. Yes the president appoints but parliament ratifies. Yes parley with numbers for the opposition. Therefore, you should hold parley response for allowing the so called unqualified people to serve as concourt judges. You should hold your MPs accountable in that house. This is the moving forward people are talking about. Tell your MPs to perform and not just earn allowances then come and complain of the consequences of their inactions in the house. Your MPs are part of the system that created the concourt. We understand that in FDD that is why we dont waste time on irrelevances. 2021 we are coming!!

  45. ….why is that When ever an article to do with UPND appears on LT its always appears to be negative news…??…why compare Zambia to Gambia and not Gambia to Zimbabwe..or indeed to Congo DR..??

  46. Zambia is in urgent need of a new opposition movement like the one we had with MMD then to offer credible and intelligent checks and balances and restore democracy. Currently democracy and opposition parties are dead. We need to get worried with this scenario. When democracy dies, freedoms are taken away with impunity. The question is what will become of Zambia 10 years from now at the rate we are going?

    • Opposition is only meaningful when those in power are responsible and understand democracy not a ka makeshift party like PF power where every jim and jack speaks on behalf of GRZ.Making noise is considered working.

  47. very soon one will have to ask a simple question. the question is: at what price did Roy Welnsky leave the bag of mealie meal in 1964? surely comparing prices of different years – say 5 years is as good as comparing a form sili of 1965 to a current grade ten and expecting him to acquire a place at a nursing school or at Nkhruma College today as it were that time. Lets face facts, a grave site in Moscow was $22,500 in 2011 and is now $65,000. Does this mean Russia is doing very badly? If people are not happy with prices, why not revert to Barter system of 1820 and all shall always be equal.

  48. These are the allucinations of a confused man. Why can’t he concentrate of making up his own Secretariat, the premise is in shambles, bunda bwankuyumfwa at nilikwata indalama. Knowledge is common but wisdom is rare because you don’t attain it by education. HH suffers from a syndrome which is incurable by human design, accepting what you cannot change. His comparison are far beyond what one would imagine an educated person can ever imagine. Who failed to accept defeat after the elections, is it President Lungu a humble leader or him? Therefore who should leave Zambia for failure to accept defeat. Sorry my friend, if it’s impossible to overcome, the Blood of Jesus will help. Ask one of the Anointed men of God pray for you otherwise, you’ll commit suicide. Accept defeat, chapwa.

  49. Does hh have an advisor on International affairs if he does he should be fired. His remarks show that he does not understand the way the international system operates.

    • Instead of crapping in public, tell us about principles of international law.
      Start from State Responsibility for wrongful acts (as the most recent) all the way back to UN declaration on Fundamental Rights

  50. ECowas are after Jammeh but unfortunately they mistook the name Gambia for Zambia so to differentiate the two countries they had to add The to Gambia.

  51. On this one , the opposition leader is mixed up totally,and this statements will reduce his political milledge and status badly. It’s worrying now because he seems to send missiles towards his own by likening peace to war. Take it easy you will rule , but let it come honourably.

  52. HH is right those defending are the ones enjoying and cannot see anything wrong. Sandc and those Countries in East Africa are failing I wish uncle Mandela was still alive. Look at Museveni, Mugabe Kagame,Kabila and others joining you guys like Lungu in Southern Africa. You are destroying Democracy through your own selfiness rigging is a new gimmick for the above Countries including Zambia. How can you compare yourselves to Ecowas? You guys are toothless and Cowards. Lungu lost and wanted to concede defeat then Rupia Banda and Esau Chulu cooked the figures to give Lungu the victory. You will not enjoy your rule for not respecting the will of the majority. The consequences of stealing are what you are reaping. The truth will prevail.

  53. Be careful HH, you may end up copying a wrong formula. You are actually exposing your lack of understanding the difference between the two scenarios.

  54. Ignorance is bliss. ECZ Chairman Essau Chulu announced the Election Results and declared Lungu the Winner and President Elect. HH & GBM Petetioned the Results and Re-Election of Lungu. In terms of the Zambian Constitution once a Petition is noted and accepted Concourt the ECZ’s declaration of a Winner is nullified and there is No President Elect thereafter. In fact the President Elect if Encumbent immediately steps aside and allows the Speaker of Parliament to Act as President of Zambia while the Petition is being heard and determined. The Court after due consideration can then Rule the Winner of the Election. That Winner of the Election is then inaugurated as a Legitimate President of Zambia. Lungu disregarded all these legal requirements and proceeded to inaugurate himself as President…

  55. HH has hit the nail on the head. I do not understand why we are in SADC and COMMESA. They are both becoming irrelevant and useless organizations that specialize in pumparing dictators. How much money is Zambia contributing to SADC and what do we get in return? What SADC is doing amounts to appeasing thieves. What a shame. ECOWAS has demonstrated that it does condone dictators and any well meaning African should be happy with that. Fr. Frank Bwalya should try to find out why he has not been given even the Ministry of Religious Affairs instead of criticizing HH’s opinion.

  56. Can all those claiming that Lungu won the Election tell me why Lungu has been frantically blocking the Petition in Courts? Why is he refusing and blocking the Petition to be heard and disposed off in Court? The guilty are afraid and very afraid. Lungu knows the Petitioners have enough evidence to prove in Court that Lungu lost the Election and HH won it outright. SADC should emulate Ecowas and enforce the Hearing of the Petition in Court. Since Lungu has corrupted all the Courts in Zambia an Independent Tribunal should be appointed to hear the Petition,determine it and declare the Winner. Only then can that Winner of the Election be inaugurated as the Legitimate President of Zambia.


  57. HH Mwaume. Hate him or love him, he is the man. Evonomist, focussed, right judgement, fair, intelligent. I am moving from PF, Kaleza

  58. Edgar LUNGU should have legitimatimised his presidency by hearing the petition and standing down when the petition was effected. He did not. That implies his presidency is questionable. Don’t fool people by saying he has the mandate given to him by the majority Zambians. The majority in context is what the issue is. Sometimes it’s best to look at things the way they are. Did Edgar LUNGU win the elections based on issues that have surfaced? The answer is nobody knows!! Why can’t he Edgar follow the law for once and settle this matter? Edgar LUNGU is illegal until he proves himself otherwise. Stupid people, stupid Zambians like KK use to say. You are educated and some of you very educated yet you cannot employ logic to arrive at conclusions. Let Bozo, prove his legitimacy in courts…

    • How do you hear a case that the owner is shying away from.

      Do you hear it from yourself? Can you give evidence against yourself as a defendant?

      You wanted Lungu to give evidence on behalf of HH, when the owner, HH was shying and running away, avoiding his own case?

      Perhaps your view explains why HH wanted ZNBC to provide evidence when he had sued ZNBCas one of the defendants.

      I have said above that HH’s logic will leave even babies laughing.

      Unfortunately, from your comment, eve his followers are just like him.

      I think the feathers are the same as they flock together.

  59. If horses were wishes we could buy one and ride…I miss you thechangewe need upnd! where are you chairman mao has arisen and is now condemning the people he is suppose to work with should he enter state house in 2021….sometimes its best to let the tide ebb and know when to ride the wave…

  60. Someone ignorant is comparing our system to the USA. These are two different systems . USA a candidate with more vote can still lose an election (Hillary had beaten Trump by 3million votes but still lost because of how their system works ….another topic. ). Zambia ‘s system suits us well albeit some fine tuning required. No system is better than another system.

  61. Edgar Lungu is not President of the Republic of Zambia until the petition goes through all the channels legitimately. He disregarded the constitution and everything legal. This makes him an imposter making decisions, majority of which are wrong based on incompetence but we very educated idi0ts supporting this nonsense. Stand down Edgar and give the country back to Zambians. Enough!!

  62. The Zairianization of Zambia Chiluba started in 1991 is now complete, Zambia is now Kasailand. I mean, what Lungu and the PF did was indefensible but if you can have fellow countrymen defending such blatant cheating in broad daylight, then you know it might be high time this country split into two. Bembas and their cousins Nyanjas can pi.ss off and go f.uck themselves and leave Tonga’s, Lozis, Kaondes, Lenjes, Lundas and Kaondes to also go it alone. They cannot be expected to be bedfellas with such stinking skanks whose only reason in life is to cheat, steal and bed the truth. No wonder the likes of Nkandu Luo and Chimbwili still have a cunning semblance to Zinjanthropus, they are still evolving these stinking apes.

  63. I agree with HH that both SADC & COMESA are toothless. Both HH & Yahya Jammeh were officially declared losers in the presidential elections & claimed that the elections were rigged. Jammeh got 208,487 votes (47.63%) against official winner Adama Barrow with 227,708 (43.28%). HH got 1,760,347 votes (39.62%) against official winner ECL with 1,860,877 (50.35%). For HH the claim of rigging standoff started in August 2016 whilst Jammeh started in December 2016. ECOWAS has this month, barely a month after elections, already forced Jammeh who claimed vote rigging into exile while SADC & COMESA are still watching HH toothlessly & have failed to force him into exile for claiming vote rigging. ECOWAS has used official IEC results to act.

    • Jammeh got 208,487 votes (39.62%) against official winner Adama Barrow with 227,708 (43.28%). HH got 1,760,347 votes (47.63%) against official winner ECL with 1,860,877 (50.35%).

  64. War is not the best way to go. Innocent people’s lives will be lost in Gambia while the president may not even be defeated. This is how life is. I like HH but he should just focus on 2021 elections.

  65. HH has been telling lies that he won the last elections. He has failed to produce evidence from his PVT. The truth is no one won by 50+1%. Thanks to Mugabe and Museveni who have no respect for incumbents that give power away just at the. Stroke of a pen like RB. How can you organize and lose an election as the incumbent? How long will HH cry ati bandibida ma voti (they have stolen my votes)? Otis not the voters who decide the winner. It is those that do the counting who decide. If your agents were sleeping on duty, that is your problem. The honorable thing to do is what Sata did when RB played him. Move on and cease from this bitterness which has contaminated many!

  66. An electoral system that is dysfunctional as ECZ can not produce free and fair election results. Added to this inability, with a weak judicial system becomes a recipe for constitutional breaches to be committed at will by the incumbent president. Ministers staying in office after dissolution of parliament is an example. In Zambia, elections appeal at presidential level can not/ does not exist given the above stated factors. If Lungu stole election results even with overwhelming evidence, according to PF is of no effect given the stated factors above. The end justifies the means – Zambian democracy.

    • Kikikikikikikiki, I know. I am here laughing. He forgets Zambia’s army and armed forces are probably stronger than our neighbors lol.

  67. To all foolish under5 cadres, who don’t know or want the reality, Zambia has 10provinces hh won elections in three provinces, How then was he going to win the presidency! Some tongas are useless, hh is a de.vil wo.rsipper and zambians don’t want satan.ist and thieves who stole wealth during privatisation….and the idi.ot called hh can’t explain or account for the money he has….HH the money you took from poor zambians who always speak against you…The souls of the dead is speaking against you…because you deprived them of what belongs to them…Pls stand in 2021. To all useless upnd cadres free advise start looking for a new leader, HH is dirty.


    Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has commended the western African region grouping – ECOWAS for ensuring that Gambia’s Dictator President Yahya Jammeh has been forced out of the office and the right winner assumes office.
    The UPND leader who has rejected the August election results where incumbent president Edgar Lungu was declared winner says it is good that ECOWAS has demonstrated leadership to ensure that democracy was respected in Gambia.
    Below is Hichilema or HH’s press statement:
    We would like to commend ECOWAS for the bold decision they took in cementing democracy in their regional block by making sure that leaders respect constitutionalism as provided by the various national…

  69. I didn’t know you can use an embassy to take power. You only need one ambassador to agree with you. for me blame HH not going to some neighboring country and hold an inauguration.

  70. I agree with H.H. as a paramount chief of Ngoni speaking people. SADC leadership is useless. During the last elections It is gospel truth that H.H. won the elections but Lungu and ECZ rigged the elections shame on you SADC leaders. Edgar lungu you will pay for what you did don’t think that you will be there comfortably. Your days are numbered. Machende yako!

  71. HH needs to understand that the election is over, the petition will not be heard why? Zambia does not have a true separation of powers ie legislature, executive and judiciary. If it did this concourt process would have been resolved after the dispute took place. PF is doing what MMD did whilst they were in power, until Zambians had enough. So until such a time that this happens, PF will still be in power. HH as the largest opposition party should focus on 2021 currently Zambia is in a difficult situation ie economy, debt, lack of power, unemployment and that the ratings agencies have given us a negative rating moving forward. The PF infighting will be their downfall as lines are drawn. HH and UPND cannot win a general election with 3 provinces….

  72. By letting time elapse, the constitution of Zambia handed the presidency to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Why did the UPND take 12 days to get their act together? Lawyers won too. They got paid.

  73. @Mya:you are 100% right.as long as UPND and HH keep on winning only in 3.5 provinces,then PF will continue winning.economically,things are bad in Zambia today but many of us voters in 6.5 provinces can never ever vote for HH.he is never an option!!!if the local opposition had a humble and God fearing leader like ECL is or late Michael Sata was,2021 was going to be theirs.but so many voters in 6.5 provinces hate HH like hell.so PF under ECL is highly likely to win again in 2021.as for 2016,HH lost it-period!!

    • I shall go as far as saying that UPND might actually lose North Western province in 2021, plus large chunks of western province.

  74. HH’s point is about the uselessness of some African regional institutions. In fact the AU is at the top of the list of impotence. What election observations did SADC and other dubious International groups make? HH is not saying the two scenario’s are the same, but that where there are clear cases of massive injustice, the regional bodies should be robust enough to say it out and even condemn. He is not necessarily alluding to military action. He is referring to impotence in the face of political abuse and dictatorship. What has SADC done about Mugabe or MU7? Even strong statements are amiss.

  75. What ever the case, God has been emphatically engaged in Zambian Politics and He shall be the ultimate Referee. Reconciliation, forgiveness and so many such declarations have been declared on one suiting occasion and brutality, persecution and deceit pursued on yet another suiting occasion.
    But, God is God and He allows certain things for a reason and I suppose it is not easy for a naked eye to see the workings of God. All I can say is that lessons are learned through the process and I hope they are good lessons fellow Zambians. We are yet to see the unfolding truth and when God lays it bare, NO ONE can cover up. That is the ultimate destiny and God has risen mountains and has flattened them in split seconds. Our prayer, My prayer is that we stop fighting God who wants His people to…

  76. The real agony now in Zambia is IGNORANCE of those appointed to lead us. Fr. Bwalya could do well to first do a bit of research before opening his foul mouth to expose his ignorance so loudly. The role of the regional bodies like ECOWAS and SADC should be very clear to anyone who deserves to be in leadership position. It is such a shame. This is one of the reasons we’re not even benefiting from these institutions as we should. Other countries are busy ripping the benefits while we’re busy mud-slinging and pulling each other down. What a lost opportunity for such a potentially great nation!!!!


  78. To be fair, the Regional bodies have done well by averting a catastrophe in the DRC by negotiating a compromise between Kabila and the opposition.

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