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President Lungu expected in Addis Ababa for AU summit

Headlines President Lungu expected in Addis Ababa for AU summit

President Edgar Lungu address members of Diplomatic corps at state house during the Annual greeting ceremony in Lusaka – Pictures By Eddie Mwanaleza/State house 18-01-2017

President Edgar Lungu is today expected in Ethiopia to attend the 28th ordinary session of the assembly of heads of State and government of the African Union.

ZANIS reports that the head of State is scheduled to touch down at Bole International Airport around 16:00 hours local time and proceed to Sheraton Hotel where he will be accommodated.
Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta told a media briefing in Addis Ababa yesterday.

President Lungu is on saturday expected to hold bilateral meetings with Egyptian President Abdul Fattah el- Sisi, Malawian President Peter Mutharika and Ethiopian President Hailemariam Desalegn on the sidelines of the summit dubbed: “Harnessing the demographic dividend through investment in youth:

Other dignitaries expected to hold bilateral talks with Mr Lungu include African Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Vice President of the State Council of Cuba, United Nations under-secretary general and UNFPA executive director Babatunde Osotimehi.

On Sunday, President Lungu is scheduled to hold a working breakfast with UN Secretary General Anthonio Guterres before attending a retreat of the heads of State and government at the AUC and later in the night meet with Zambians resident in Ethiopia.

Mr Lungu is on Monday expected to have a prayer breakfast before attending a closed session of the AU assembly and later attend dinner to be hosted by President Desalegn.

On Tuesday, President Lungu is expected to wrap-up his tight schedule in Ethiopia with a meeting on the implementation of the Common African Position (CAP) on ending child marriage which he will chair before attending a closed session of the AU assembly.

The head of State is later scheduled to attend the official launch of the Africa Center for Disease Control (CDC) before departure for Lusaka.

First Lady Esther Lungu is also scheduled to attend Organisation of African First Ladies (OAFLA) meetings on the sidelines of the AU assembly.

The 28th ordinary session AU summit is being held under the theme: Harnessing the demographic dividend through investment in youth:

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    • How much is mealie meal? Visionless Lungu ni njala! Load shedding which they PF bandits Donchi Kubebab will end in November~2016, now PF bandits are lying that it will end in 2018 amid floods & poor economy.
      How much is an egg, bread & mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Skeleton, if you can’t find a job start street vending. It now legal and a lot of people are making a living by doing it. By the way, did HH promise you a job during the campaigns? You seem to have taken this whole issue personal

    • shu shu shu~ its a very simple question, how much is mealie meal? Answer the question bandit shu shu shu & stop your red lipped grossed out illusions. The Skeleton Key~206~ gives HH productive business for better economy. Just tell blind Lungu that his 3rd term dictatorship bid is aikona! Ask him how much is mealie meal & how is the economy or everyday load shedding going? By the way, stop changing your LT blogging names mambala~shu shu shu visionless PF bandit.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Thanks your excellency for the honor of this longest state visit you gave us! This is the longest we have had you. Farewell and Bon voyage!

    • Aha so ECL will be meeting Malawian President Peter Mutharika …..sounds fishy
      Does he want to warn him to stop going further on that Malawian Maize gate? No meeting before we know the truth as who was involved in that scandal.

  1. Lusaka Times, could you please send your reporters to UTH and find out which doctor performed a life saving surgery on a victim who was on the verge of death? What about a story of volunteers who fed vulnerable people 2 days ago? How about you send investigative journalists to Kasama to investigate that sexual abuse of girls at the school?

    My point is these are the heroes who deserve front page news and not this obsession with politics and this thief and dictator Lungu in particular. Every day it’s Lungu this, Lungu that… no wonder these corrupt makawawalas think they’re small gods! Give us a break from this garbage for a minimum of 48 hrs at least.

    • Maverick~LT can’t do anything until they are told what to report by PF bandits of visionless Edgar. They failed to report about HH building schools & also to do the same when the Gambian dictator~Jammeh was kicked out of power with democracy.
      Ask LT how much is mealie meal? How is load shedding, economy, acc with Kambwili & Dora siliti malavi maize scandal? Zero news, apart from PF bandits & blind Lungu.
      Don’t expect anything good from visionless Lungus PF bandits, PF ni njala.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Maverick and Skeleton,
      Stop visiting the Lusakatimes website if you don’t like their news. Some of us look forward to this because we know that one HH get sick when he reads that ECL is president. Recognised worldwide.

    • Kamwendo munjila, he is just back from touring Eastern P and he is off to Addis, when is he going to attend to office issues , policy etc. RB you are a bad role model to our presodo

  2. These are the things our president should be attending and flying too. No more visiting other presidents for Guiness beer.

    • What’s this about mealie meal price? Supply and demand (market forces) are behind the soaring prices; the more the people buy the commodity for smuggling the higher the price. I hear the commodity has found its way in Angola as well- soon it will be heading to Haiti! No one can do anything about this.

  3. Illegitimate Lungu should not be allowed to attend the AU Summit. If AU believes in Constitutional Democracy Lungu does not represent the majority of Zambians. Lungu,Jammeh and Kabila should be treated the same as Illegitimate Presidents of their respective countries. Lungu stole Elections in Zambia and is clinging on to power illegally. The Zambian Constitution is very clear. As soon as a Petition was filed at Concourt the ECZ declaration of Lungu as Winner of the 2016 Election was Nullified. Lungu was required to resign and allow the Speaker of Parliament to Act as President of Zambia. Lungu refused to resign,proceeded to illegally inaugurate himself back in power and since then he has been blocking the Hearing of the Petition. Until Lungu proves in Court Court that he won the Elections…

  4. one hell of a theme these people coin just dont match the fruit they bear,i mean look at ethiopia thats where the HQ for AU is but look at the atrocities which have been committed in recent months claiming hundreds of lives all because the president doesnt want to step down on the account of people’s desire,bunch of hypocrites meeting

  5. At the AU Summit Gambia Is on top of the Agenda. Is the AU Summit going to commend Ecowas for the Role it played in enforcing and upholding the Will of People In Gambia? Will the AU Summit recognise President Adama Barrow as the Legitimate and Constitutional Elected President of Gambia? If so on what basis is AU and SADC recognising Illegitimate President Lungu of Zambia? If the recognition of President Barrow in Gambia is based on the Gambian Constitution what does it say? The Gambian Constitution provides that a Petition can be filed in the Supreme Court of Gambia within 10 days. This is what Jammeh did. In Gambia a Petition does not Suspend or Nullify the Inauguration of the President Elect whereas in the Zambian case it does.In Zambia a Petition to Concourt Nullifies the ECZ…

  6. @Moya. Your comment is correct. Concourt never heard and determined the Petition. The litigants never gave evidence showing who won the 2016 Elections. The Petition process was aborted and Concourt never declared a Winner. So Lungu is an illegal and illegitimate President of Zambia. Just like Ecowas did in Gambia, SADC should enforce the Hearing and determination of the Petition in Zambia. Zambians want to know who truly won the 2016 Presidential Election and who is their Legitimate President. The Petition must be heard under the supervision of AU and SADC. Until this is done Lungu is as Illegitimate to Zambia as Kabila is to DRC. People of Southern Africa need an ‘ECOWAS’ to solve current Election Disputes in Zambia and DRC.

    • Chanda~you are very right! Like many democratic people, the truth is, as you put it ~”Concourt never heard and determined the Petition. The litigants never gave evidence showing who won the 2016 Elections. The Petition process was aborted and Concourt never declared a Winner. So Lungu is an illegal and illegitimate President of Zambia” period.
      Unfortunately for SADC, bandit & dictator Mugabe is chairman of the now visionless SADC~ even bandit Mugabe must go. Trump is coming for them Dictators like Mu~7 & Mugabe. Very soon, dictatorship in Africa will be history ~ Trump card has no jokes.
      The Skeleton Key
      The Skeleton Key

  7. Ok this is my internationally recognised leader go and engage with the 53 other heads fly our two candidates austin and albert and great all our kinsmen in Addis Ababa God bless

  8. only Zambians have a solution for Zambian problems.
    The liberation struggle cost ba Kaunda the presidency
    Kanshi why do we see history repeating itself.
    Borrowed money is used for useless meetings.
    Why not send your vice and sort out the domestic problems at home…


    • @Muna, he does not have the capacity to solve domestic problems. He has nothing to do. Can you imagine, during the week office hours he found time to go and inspect his personal fish ponds, while waiting for one-week trip to Ethiopia.

  9. Please we have had enough of this Lazy thing called Lungu, please can you tell us what this Bum has done in the last 7 days apart from travelling. He spent the week end in Eastern Province came back Monday, Tuesday was swearing in someone, Wednesday at the State Lodge and now he is off o the AU. Zambia can do without him.

  10. World explorer in chief.The likes of Amerigo Vespucci,Vasco Da Gama and David Livingstone would be mighty proud of you (and jealous of the comforts too) Mr Lungu.

  11. He will meet his Malawan counter part and discuss the maize scandal in which they the poor and starving people lost millions of dollars. If they steal from starving masses what about the delayed fertilizer being distributed now? Imagine what do you expect the farmer to do with inputs distributed in February? Welcome to kamwendo munjila volume 2.

  12. This means more money in his pocket. The last thing on Lungu’s heart is worries about the hungry masses in Zambia.

  13. I get amused at UPNDonkeys. They carry so much pain on behalf of their chief at the fact that His Excellent Chagwa Lungu is the head of state attending these important functions. They always wish it was their chief donkey and am sure he reads these presidential trips with much envy. But for the UPNDonkey cadres, someone tell me how they would benefit from their chief donkey travelling, please I am lost. I knoa that the cadres would benefit from food and drinks after escording him at the airport, but is that a good reason sure mwebantu?

  14. @Skeleton:you sound very boring and no normal zambian can take you serious!as long as HH cant win in 6.5 provinces,then upnd must forget about the presidency because even in 2021 he will 100% lose to ECL!!!then over the price of mealie meal,PRICES FOR GOODS AND SERVICES KEEP ON GOING UP.in 1964 am sure it was less than k1.in 1991 about k10 in 2011 about k60 so in 2030 it may be above k150.so this is very normal because even incomes for people also have gone up.so your reasoning is useless!!!look our economy has been bad since 2013 even load shedding also.so if voters saw HH to be an answer to our problems,then he could have won in 2015 or 2016.but majority voters know too well that tribal HH cant do better than PF!!!

  15. Zuma of South Africa, Khama of Botswana and Magufuli of Tanzania have already recognized President Adama Barrow of Gambia. When is Lungu going to recognise Barrow? On what basis will he recognise President Barrow? Lungu claims to have won the 2016 Elections. The Results have been Petitioned so why not allow the Petition to be heard and give evidence showing how he won the Election? Surely the Hearing of the Petition will vindicate Lungu. What is he afraid of if he truly won the Election? By the Emmanuel Chavula wants his money for rigging the election on behalf of illegitimate Lungu. If Lungu does not pay up the USD200000 Balance b4 February 2017 Emmanuel Chavula of Uganda will spill the beans and give the rigging information to UPND. Lungu better pay off Chavula b4 he squills.

    • To hear or not to the petition is the matter of the republican constitution not the president. Why were you 1mbeciles not pressuring your hh to present the case within the stipulated 14days of the constitution. If The exam envigilater can never allow you to answer questions after the end of the exam period, what of an election petition. I wounder why no upnd supporters have failed to see the fullishness in their tribal leader.

  16. This is what president Lungu know. Moving around the world, he can’t sit and solve the problems the nation is going through. Galu iwe!

    • Is it the president who told you not to get educated? Is it the responsibility of the president to feed 12 of your kids which you fathered. Don’t be lazy work hard and solve your problems. How come the majority are managing.

  17. The man is away for 5 days – when the meeting of the Heads of State is only on Monday and Tuesday (30th & 31st January)

  18. More travel allowances in his pockets and more free wine and vodka. A few rubbish dance here and there and the Lungu account will be credited with trolley loads of tax payers cash.

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