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Heavy rains   destroys Samfya District buildings


Persistent rainfall that affected Lusaka over the weekend left a trail in Kaunda Square Township where several houses, such as this one, partially collapsed. Above a woman does her laundry outside the house.

A heavy downpour has left massive damage to property and other infrastructure in Samfya District in Luapula Province.
Among the damaged infrastructure included government offices and most of the houses the roofs were blown off..
ZANIS reports that a survey conducted by District Commissioner Narson Bwalya  in the District revealed that houses in areas such as Mano Ward in Bangweulu Constituency and Chisokone Secondary School in the area have been  damaged.
And Mr. Bwalya said that the recent heavy rains have left several people homeless after their houses collapsed.
Mr. Bwalya said there was an urgent need for the Provincial Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit ( PDMMU ) to move in quickly  to repair especially  the damaged schools for the benefit of children in the area.
And Mano Ward Councilor James Kapilila has asked government to provide the internally displaced people with relief food and tents while they await to reconstruct their houses.


  1. Divide & Rule
    imwe let it pour, tizamanga vinangu, we want kariba dam to be filled up this year, we want to see how far pf will go with boza on loadshedding.
  2. Divide & Rule
    Ooh! Sorry the luapula waters go to the congo enroute to the Atlantic, but let it pour on the xopperbelt, western, northwest, lusaka, Southern, kariba here we come.
  3. Kanjimaano
    Those so called houses and offices are dilapidated built in the 19 century ,, Come on build modern houses and offices that can withstand heavy rain and storm.
  4. Enka
    Heavy rains destroys Zambian slums...and slums is all most Zambians can afford since the PF gov't has destroyed the economy .Add the willful disregard of building codes and the result is what you now see.

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