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Ministry of Higher Education awards Scholarships to 1,478 students


Nkandu Luo

The Ministry of Higher Education has awarded Scholarships to 1,478 students for the 2017 academic calendar year.

The Scholarships have been released to cater for various skills training under the support to Science and Technology Education Project.

Ministry of Higher Education Public Relations Officer Chiselwa Kawanda has confirmed this in a statement released to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

Ms Kawanda said the project is an initiative by the government financed through a loan from the African Development Bank -ADB.

She said the initiative will help increase access to Science Education through University education and Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training -TEVET.

Ms Kwanda said the project which targets three public universities, five TEVET institutions and one college will come to an end in 2018.

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  1. Lombe
    My Nephew couldn't get a scholarship to UNZA now he has to go to NIPA. NIPA should not award degrees because it's a Community College like Evelyn Hone
  2. Lombe
    It's a shame that I have to come to America to get two Masters degrees, I'm happy but not proud. I'd be proud of I was a UNZA graduate
  3. Spaka like lilo
    I can bet my last dollar these awards are not based on academic performance and parental wealth. Look closely you will find PF ministers and managers awarding scholarships to their children, like Given lubinda awarded a scholarship to his daughter that was needed by a more deserving student.
  4. Ndanje khakis
    Yes these are awarded only those close to the corridors of power. Even common Bursaries are reserve for the affluent and not for the poor. Imagine a social welfare officer asking for two thousand kwacha before processing your bursery application when he's aware that the reason you're applying is because you don't have money. Regardless of who's in power this habit has been prominent for a long time.

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