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Condoms and Contraceptive pills are not being distributed in schools as alleged by FDD


CRHE Executive Director Amos Mwale
The Center for Reproductive Health Education (CRHE) has refuted claims by FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza that the government and other stakeholders are distributing condoms and contraceptive pills in schools.

Center Executive Director Amos Mwale says all stakeholders in sexual education sector and the government through Ministries of Education and Health have sat and agreed on this matter.
Mr. Mwale says the statement issued by Mr. Mwanza is misleading and should not be taken seriously.

He explains in an interview with QTV News that what is happening is that pupils are only given information on how they can avoid getting pregnant which can lead to them dropping out of school.

Mr. Mwale says politicians should be talking about the pupils who have dropped out of schools as a result of getting pregnant and not issue unsubstantiated statements .

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  1. Mushota
    I don't like women condemns disgusting Ban condoms. They are the reason people have HIV. That's right. They are deceptive to the core. Thanks BB2014,16
    • Shot Put
      Just continue issuing condoms to these school children, especially in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. They are hyper active sexually. Don't pretend you haven't seen their libido levels.
    • Nostradamus
      In early days of HIV, we used to receive maximum condoms in secondary school. It was part of "style" to put a condom in front pockect of white shirt. Ever ready! You remember those days? Boxes of condoms in library, and mostly used by teachers and prefects.
    • Yambayamba
      I can't believe people still want to pretend that school going children are NOT having sex, getting pregnant, contracting all sorts of STDs (including HIV) and dropping out of school as a result. This is the kind of SELF-IMPOSED IGNORANCE that has made controlling HIV-AIDS in Africa, and Zambia in particular, very tough. It becomes a vicious circle. Govt and Concerned Orgs like the CRHE put in all their efforts to educate and raise awareness, but then you have !d!ots like FDD Antonio Mwanza and Mushoto who still think this is the 1950s when the worst one can get was AKA SWENDEE! Wake up people, kids in schools are having sex whether you like it or not. Hence the chances of them contracting STDs/HIV and getting pregnant. You have a choice to close your eyes and pretend its not...
    • Yambayamba
      "Your comment is awaiting moderation," for what, I have no idea! If you can't even use certain words to discuss important issues of se.x.ua.lity on the Internet, what makes people like @Nubian Princess think that Zambian parents are able to comfortably and openly discuss Condom or Contraception use with their children? Such topics are still a TABOO in many African cultures to talk to your parents about. Which leaves the Government and other concerned organizations to fill the void---otherwise we are going to have an entire generation of young people (especially girls) uneducated or dead!
  2. Mr Kudos
    It's a pity that Kaponya (HH) managed to sneak out of a burst condom. He's the source of Zambia's problems this year after holding the courts to ransom when voters rejected his miserable asrse.
    • Shot Put
      You are sick. Stick to the subject. To me it looks like you are the one who was born accidentally. You hate speech and reasoning are pathetic.
    • NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND ) BEST BLOGGER 2016.
      Your mother forgot to swallow and instead caught you in her hands and then accidentally wiped her backside after using toilet and got pregnant. Wembwa we
  3. Sisters of Mercy
    It is a fact that Zambian teenagers just like teenagers the world over do experiment with alcohol, drugs and sex. Declaring a country a christian nation does not change these facts. The recent killings of spouses in Zambia testify to the fact that even adults engage in illicit sex. Do not let the young people pay the price with their lives. Teenage pregnancies have been going on since forever. At least let them be safe. Providing them with condoms is a safety measure, not an endorsement of "bad behaviour". Let them recieve condoms.
  4. NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND ) BEST BLOGGER 2016.
    You are right that they are not been distributed because these young girls are been eaten live by pf thugs masquerading as teachers. That's why teenage pregnancy on rise
    • analyser
      Who is the LT BB 2016 between Mushota and NEZ? Is it the loudest and the fastest to blogger? 2021 NEZ Vs Mushota and Lungu (Edward) Vs Dr Kambwili. Bonse aba ba UPND, FDD, MMD and Mulyokela nibangwele.
  5. Mzambia wa Zamani
    Zambia is a nation of hypocrites - a so called "Christian nation" that has lots of fornication, lots of corruption and lots of underage girls dropping out of school due to early pregnancy.Say no to condoms they're just an excuse to fornicate.
  6. Lombe
    I see nothing wrong in teaching teenagers reproductive health or giving them condoms. But I haven't seen Antonio Mwanzas argument.
  7. Wantanshi
    My experience is that teen sex, right from primary school to university is a norm. If you didn't have sex at school it's because you were scared of the girls or you didn't want to. The least the govt can do is distribute these condoms and provide education about safe sex. With or without condoms sex will happen. If only there wasn't so much hypocrisy we would be a long way ahead of this problem.
  8. Shaka
    Its obvious when a teenage boy comes across a condom for the first time, he would want to experiment. Advocate for no sex before marriage. As for adults, stop fornication and adultery lest you die of AIDS. Most of you are already sick as a result.
  9. Louisa
    What is true is none of the successive governments has been able to curve out a clear cut policy on condom distribution/use in schools. I doubt whether this man has been able to carry out even a slightest survey to prove his argument. Truth is while distribution may be random there's widespread use of condoms in schools. Believe me you had it not been so the pregnancy rates would have been disastrous
  10. James
    Please condoms have failed and will always fail; Preach abstinence, because that is the only solution to HIV & AIDS. God bless Zambia!

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