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Malawi President fires Agriculture Minister Chaponda over ‘Maizegate’ scandal

Peter Mutharika

Malawi’s Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda has been fired by President Peter Mutharika, the first top government figure to be pushed out to pave way for smooth investigations towards the suspicious maize purchase from Zambia, State House has confirmed.

Presidential spokesman Mgeme Kalilani confirmed to media in a statement.

“This is to inform the public that using powers vested in him by the Constitution, His Excellency the President, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has decided to relieve Dr. George Chaponda; M.P of his responsibilities as Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development with immediate effect.

“ With this development, all matters requiring the attention of the Minister of Agriculture should be referred to the President,” Kalilani said.

Below is the full statement

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    • Rainman & the Magna Carta: I make it Rain on command.
      I agree Nostradamus...There was no need of even the enguiry: the case was clear. However, at least he has finally acted and is seen to be doing something, not the ever drunk PF Rungu wa Tumatobo.
    • Chiwanangala
      That's what serious pipo do, now here the bandit ECL won't do anything kuli siliti Dora coz he has no powers , only RB can do that
    • Nsimanadelele
      What a great leader President Mutharika is. Our own is eating elephant meat with dictators like Mugabe, Museveni and al bashir. What a difference this is.
    • general Kanene
      A good way to go... Please provide us with more information concerning the Zambians involved in this deal, so far they have remained unscathed and without help from Malawi, this case will go to bed without any implication. ACC will come up with zero cases for any Zambian. Their excuse? No one is accused on the Zambian side, their investigation is mere to provide info to Malawians. That's how this case will end.
    • Kanjimaano
      I disagree with Nostradamus On grounds that Mutarika needed surficient inform before pulling the tringer . It is a senitive matter that could not be done without due course
    • Shot Put
      @Kilimanjaro you are just one of the corrupt people around who want to hide behind procedure. I can assure you this issue will humiliate the Zambian govt. ECL should quickly take some action which will be seen to be anti corruption. Otherwise Zambia will be a laughing stock soon, and very soon.
  1. mailon
    With us we have not even gotten any reaction from our president.He has been implicated in this scandal having met this Chaponda but has said nothing.MeANWHILE Dora has continued parading a married man as her fiancée.How did we get to this low level surely?
    • Rainman & the Magna Carta: I make it Rain on command.
      Milton, you are expecting far too much from your head of state. Give the man a break from things that are anchored on corruption and development. He has no capacity to engage himself; IQ and otherwise!
  2. Lundu
    This caanot happen in Zambia unless the President feels a personal/political threat. He knows not how to do the right thing.
  3. Major One
    Anything news from the petition to the Chief Justice made by Sinkala. When is she going to make a move and tell us the commion of enquiry will be done
  4. Zero Boyz
    If Dora survives again then there is really something not right either at State house or PF itself.....we are watching with a vultures eyes
  5. 2020vision
    As a die hard PF supporter I believe the next one to go must be Dora Siliya. It is her moral duty to hand in her own resignation.
    • wanzelu
      @2020 Thats not enough, its not Dora who initiated the maize deal but Kaiser Zulu after consulting Lungu his boss to authoise the deal. So if Dora goes then Lungu and his team must also be fired! Dilemma hey? You are not genuine in this bwana. You just hate all MMD turned PF people period!
    • Spaka like lilo
      Lungu is part of this corruption. He has been implicated. He was photographed entertaining the fired minister. Not a word from the fraud convict you have in state house. He knows opening his mouth only implicates him .
    • Zambian
      Why her alone, not that I am condoning what she did. She has spent her adult life being very controversial. From wearing very short dresses to this? Anyone whose name is mentioned in that damning report must resign on moral grounds. This goes even to the ZRA. How honorable is the ZRA people? How was this company given export documents without a TPIN? How did Customs Services issue the express permission for this unregistered company to export this maize? Shame on all of you. How was this company paid without a TPIN when the Law demands for this? How how...Kudos to the Malawian people. Obviously you guys feel repulsive to be eating stolen food!!
    • One Zambia
      You fool, the fact that there is corruption on the Malawi end of the transaction does not mean that there is corruption on the Zambia side.Mutharika is free to fire political opponents, do not expect ECL to fire anybody for political expedience.
  6. Musula Kupanta
    Dora is still walking tall, even when there is overwhelming evidence in that maize deal. Our president has only managed to fire kambwili and because Dora comes from mawa, she is untouchable by the head of state. We even wonder why she was given to run that sensitive ministry
  7. MyZambia
    We need a statement from State House on this issue. It has been proven that Dora did wrong but SH is so quiet. Are they hoping it goes away? We need to keep it in the media until action is taken.
    • Spaka like lilo
      Lungu will never issue any statment that might implicate him after he leaves office. As all good theives he knows the best way is to keep quiet.
  8. Keleni tasa atushe'
    Mutaeika's actioa are what proper uncompromised leadership is all about, Not dancing travelling,& sleeping, & stealing on the job. Unfortunately there is a huge core of non thinking bonehead P.F Cadres like a certain Mundetelele - aka (slimy Delele), who will swear the sky is pink,not blue, & P.F turning a blind eye to blatant corruption is the way forward. We then wonder why Zambia has turned into a Failed toilet under PF?? Anyone in doubt, please visit U.T.H.
  9. Spaka like lilo
    That is why lungu hates HH with a passion. Lungu had to committe massive corruption in every Sphere to fight HH , even that was not enough. At the end he had to rig elections.
  10. Her bra cut her bra
    Chaponda was found with $223,000 in cash in his house. What about his connections in Zambia who must have benefited from the deal? Why havent the Zambia Police gone to search Dora's homes? Sleeping ZP only work on criminals identified for them by PF.
  11. im with her
    Could someone articulate on the overall Zambien economy ? What is its composition and how do the requisite sectors function? That is to say how many core ministries are there? The impression one gets at quick glance is that Zambias economy is at all systems go and flourishing except for the one Ministry of Agriculture for its alleged ineptude. Clearly then the country is on a fastrack to high technological accomplishments and exemplary innovation because outside of the "incompetent" Ms Siliya we have a fine tuned machine functioning in outstanding fashion. By the way how long has Hon. Siliya been agri. minister? You make me laugh! Get serious and be objective with your criticism fellas!
  12. sinker
    What of that man who sold our companies and pocketed our money? At least Dora didn't steal from Zambians but that man! Fire him first and Lungu will fire Dora
  13. Terrible
    @19 sinker, you are very right on that one. Just look at the UPNDonkey running mate, corrupt to the core by the words of none other than chief donkey himself hh, and yet what do we hear hh say? Ati GBM is ".. the best man for my running mate, in other words I want him to become my vice president if Zambians are foolish enough to elect me, and when I die GBM becomes President." Talk about fighting corruption! Talk about Lungu! UPNDonkeys never cease to amaze!!
  14. Terrible
    @19 sinker, yoyare very right on that one. Just look at the UPNDonkey running mate, corrupt to the core by the words of chief donkey himself. And what did the chief donkey say? Ati "..I have selected the best man (sic) to be my running mate, in other words I want him to be vice President in the unlikely event that Zambians are so foolish to elect me. And when I die he becomes President of Zambia." Talk about fighting corruption! UPNDonkeys never cease to amaze!
  15. ZCCM-IH 4 Zambia
    Wish are president would also show us some balls and look at the zambians involved in this also. Come on lungu if you want to be president you have to lead and it will be interesting to see the involvement of his friends who have stolen the pf leadership away from the true path king cobra led us down.
    What is the maize gate scandal involving the Malawian minister of agriculture and water development? Does it mean he stole the money or the maze from the garden .Is the action taken right or will mislead Malawian farmers .W e need a proper remedy to this. Thanks WILLIAMS MOI CORRESPONDENT
    • Zambian
      You must be a Malawian. Read the brilliant report presented to your August House. Zambia the country of humanism beliefs has been exposed. I wonder how Mr.Trump would describe our way of governance!!
  17. one nation
    in Zambia there is nothing like a scandal that can bring anyone down,even kambwili was not fired for corruption but eyeing the presidency,anyone pointing the finger at at government is either bitter,jealous or spreading false stories aimed at undermining the government.its really laughable..

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