Calm returns at CBU’s Riverside campus after unrest over meal allowances

CBU Vice Chancellor Naison Ngoma
CBU Vice Chancellor Naison Ngoma
CBU Vice Chancellor Naison Ngoma
CBU Vice Chancellor Naison Ngoma

THE Copperbelt University (CBU) management says calm has returned to the university following a student unrest that occurred on Saturday 25 February 2017 over meal allowances.

According to a statement obtained by ZANIS in Kitwe today, CBU Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma said relative calm has been recorded at the tertiary institute adding that students had resumed classes.

The unrest that occurred on Saturday night was in reaction to the perceived delayed meal allowances following what some students interpreted as assurance from the Minister of Higher education Hon. Professor Nkandu Luo who recently visited the institution.

Professor Ngoma said management has meanwhile instituted investigations to identify the ring leaders of the Saturday night disturbances that led to the damage of property.

He said disciplinary action will be taken against students who will be found wanting once the investigations are concluded.

Professor described the action taken by the students as criminal adding that resorting to destroying private and public property is not the best way to get government’s attention.

He added that management was disappointed by the stance taken by the students despite having taken part in the orientation and team building session a few days ago where they pledged to work with management and refrain from riotous behavior but instead engage in dialogue.

He further disclosed that efforts by the Copperbelt Students Union (COBUSU) Secretary General aimed at calming the students down and informing them that the meal allowances would be paid by 28th February 2017 fell on deaf ears.

And COBUSU President Alfred Lukwesa said it was unfortunate that the students resorted to be heard adding that the move they took was not the right way to air their grievances.

Mr Lukwesa said the mood in the campus is frustrating and tension is high among the students.

He appealed to the Ministry of Higher Education to release the funds on time stating that payments of their meal allowances will bring calm to the institution.


    • Expel first the ring leaders and everyone who damaged the public properties and thereafter pay them their peanuts.

  1. Thees unrest will never end no matter the threats issued to students besides this strategy has been failing time after time. Their is need to address concerns of the students in a proactive manner unlike issuing threats which have failed to work.

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