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PF’s Sunday Chanda issues statement on Cadres Protest at LAZ offices

Columns PF's Sunday Chanda issues statement on Cadres Protest at LAZ offices

PF cadres protesting outside LAZ offices
PF cadres protesting outside LAZ offices


Lusaka, 6th March 2017 – Recently, a section of citizens led a peaceful protest against the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ). As stakeholders in the affairs of a public body as LAZ, the protesting citizens felt the association was leaning heavily in favor of the opposition, abusing the “public interest” provided for under Cap 31 of the Laws of Zambia and unnecessarily inciting public hatred against government and the ruling party. These Citizens chose to publicly make known their feelings and their displeasure in a peaceful and democratic manner.

Since then, this action has elicited all manner of condemnation from some opposition politicians and some sections of civil society. These individuals and organizations have labeled as intimidation the protests against LAZ. These same organizations want Society to believe that LAZ is impartial and always serves the public interests of the Zambian people and therefore cannot be criticized by anybody. In other words, they are telling us that LAZ does no wrong!

We wish to put it on record that before anyone’s political belonging, they are citizens of the Republic of Zambia with vested interest in institutions such as LAZ. Well-meaning Citizens, whether as PF members or not, shall not sit idly by and watch the reputation of both government and the ruling party recklessly dragged in the mud. Whether LAZ is a professional body or anything, we shall not be made to feel guilty by their false claims of professionalism when in actual fact what they are practicing is partisan politics. They may disguise their arguments in lingual only unique to the profession but LAZ must understand this that we are intellectually capable of separating sincere commentary from political discourse.

As a matter of fact, LAZ arguments lately have become intellectually so weak it does not take much application of mind to smoke the authors of the organization’s statements out of their cocoons.

Tragically, other professional associations have fallen for the ruse. Furthermore, we wish to remind whoever cares to listen that in democracy, you can protest against anybody and any organization. But an intellectually fraudulent narrative is being promoted to the effect that protests against any organization other than PF and government are tantamount to intimidation. This notion is democratically corrosive and deliberatively meant to mislead. What is good for the gander is good for the goose!

If society allows this narrative to gain ascendancy and dominance, elements at LAZ will continue executing their skewed agenda aimed at inciting hatred against President Lungu, his government and the ruling party which they calculate would eventually lead to manufactured public despondency. In their clear scheme of things, these elements, using the LAZ platform, will have succeeded in setting a stage for a party of its own desires to assume the reins of power.

Given the seriousness of this situation, we wish to call members of the public not to give in to LAZ and any of its surrogates so that we may defend and protect the interests of the Zambian people that are now being addressed in a manner we have not seen since this country attained her independence status.

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  1. How can a person with proper reasoning call a protest with pangas as ‘peaceful’? In what world would that be considered a peaceful protest? Those cadres went to intimidate and possibly injure people. I am disappointed that a wrong can not just be called a wrong. It doesn’t matter whether it is against the opposition, civil society, citizens or the ruling party, if its wrong, its wrong.

    • If we allow this lumpen to try and shape the twisted views of his party it is an affront to good governance.
      The people of Zambia need to ignore this good for nothing attention seeking maniac

    • Compare this to what UPND cadres did at the High Court. Which one is more civil. UPND destroyed property of innocent people include for the Zambian people and you could it a sensible protest. You must be ashamed of yourselves the more.

    • Even within PF itself, this Mongrel, Sunday Chanda, isolated and has no friends at all. He is increasingly desperate after he failed to gain adoption to stand as an MP and this is one way of trying to regain his relevance.
      Currently, he living a miserable existence and doesn’t know where he is coming from or where he is going and the best that our citizens can do is to ignore the silly Chimp, Sunday Chanda!!

    • Linda Kasonde has shown us the true colours of all those weak members of LAZ. She has turned them into clowns who can’t count 14 days.

      Shame on the legal fraternity and shame on LAZ.

      LOL! Thanks


    • Really laughable that you call a group of thugs with deadly weapons peaceful protesters. You must be on drugs and delusional. Why did the Police have to use teargas to break-them-up? Why haven’t they publically complained about the actions of the Police if they were as peaceful as you claim. Put simply, it was an unlawful gathering and they got what they deserved. Very shallow of you to have come-up with that statement. Is that what you learned at Unilus?

  2. In as much as LAZ does everything in conformity to the code of ethics,you morons at state house would have felt very much delighted had the President of this straight association of this country been injured.you’re not just happy that they do not fall in your fallacy’s idiocy of being puppets.you preeks!

  3. Sunday Chanda is a vuvuzela for PF and is following his boss Makebi Zulu. Let him shut up and eat as he has no meaningful contribution to make towards the development of Zambia.

    • Yes, he is a vuvuzela. He was employed to do just that and he is doing a very good job by countering and challenging what the opposing is doing. That is why you hate him so much. Is factual and very at researching before he speaks. You people do not do much research and act of of emotions which is typical of many UPND leaders and their supporters. Slow down and think rationally before opening your mouths.

  4. This amazing that people can think so low.
    Did these cadres get a police permit to do what they did?
    Was this a peaceful demonstration with people carrying hammers and machetes?
    Would this have been tolerated if the it came from the opposition?
    This chap must have been the organiser of this criminal demonstration full stop. Wait my friend your time is also.

  5. These guys and lungu will die a painful death before 2021. I am so upset about what is going on in Zambia. This is unacceptable.

  6. Sunday Chanda should ask KK how he felt being locked up on christmas day! He forgot how tortured his friends who left UNIP and formed UPP, detained them at will. PF will not be in power for ever and those hired thugs will pay for their deeds one day. Sunday will not be able to defend them. They were so foolish as not to hide their faces. Sunday should be involved in all this

  7. Is this Sunday who reasons like this a lawyer, then law is like education it has social misfits.

  8. This chap is not a lawyer, he has just completed his law degree at Lusaka university, wait until he goes to ZIALE then hecwill meet the LAZ members he’s disparaging, He will be lucky to pass the law practising exams even after 10 attempts!

    • Law degree from Lusaka university: This is the problem really! So many bedroom universities chunning out fake unrecognised qualifications. Nobody should recognise or take such “Kambwili” type of qualifications seriously.
      Please Zambians we deserve better – listen to the stu.pidity which holders of such fake LAW degrees are spewing!! What an Ar.se this mongrel is.

  9. Why can’t the Police simply name and shame those hooligans like the do with opposition cadres ..they have photographic evidence..this tin is not saying anything in those paragraphs – what type of leaders are these who can not admit responsibility where does the buck stop..this is the same with opposition leaders in UPND. Are you telling us those Hooligans would care less about Linda Kasonde or LAZ…they probably don’t know the role it plays.

  10. These people are not ordinary Citizens but thugs who can kill you and they seem to be taking over the country, threatening everyone who does not agree with them. I think we need a lesson on democracy and free speech. As a democratic nation we should learn to tolerate one another. This dude just needs to advise his cadres to act civilized, such uncivilized attacks on our institutions is a threat to freedom of expression. We need to be released from this cult of worshipping anyone in power they are public servants and not Gods. Such that no one can condemn them when the make mistakes that eventually will have adverse effects on the masses.

    • And after just being promised a pack of chibuku or junta. Pathetic at its best. Anyway what do you expect from PF.

  11. IF the demonstration was peaceful and permitted, why did the police intervene?
    Intellectual? hehehehehehehehehe

  12. Now you can all see what some of us have been telling you that PF is an evil, violent party. How can a governing party defend cadres protesting with pangas? These cadres had the blessings of PF police command and of Lungu whom I praised for claiming that he had rededicated his life to Jesus Christ in Israel. Now some of us are starting to doubt if Lungu’s rededication was genuine or not. This current LAZ leadership is the best Zambia has ever had because they are not cadres of any political party but are for true democracy and justice yet this boy Amos under Lungu accuses them for being pro opposition. Why can’t LAZ not defend the human rights of any Zambian? As true blue Zambians we reject Lungu’s schemes to silence the voice of reason in our nation.

  13. Looking at those chaps who demonstrated, do they even know what they were demonstrating for. hahahahahah. Sunday Chanda and his friends must have bought them chibuku since they have no jobs.
    LAZ has a history as the only institution to protect Zambians in times of abuse of law. This happened in Kaunda, Chiluba and Rupiah governments and nothing of this reaction had in happened from their cadres. This is the first time it it happening in the history of Zambia and it seems Edgar is serious panicking believe me or not.

  14. My question is: Is LAZ exempted from protests by citizens that may feel aggrieved by its actions? If the the answer is “YES”, then the PF cadres had no right to protest, however, if the answer is “NO”, then the PF cadres had the right to protest.

  15. Mumbi Phiri disowned the cadres and sunday chanda does support them. Who is then telling the truth. The problem with PF is that everyone speaks for the party in any different manner. One may not know the party’s position.
    LAZ is a body created by Act of Parliament. Government or quasi organization must be respected and any concerns against the government or organization must be done in a orderly manner.
    Never destroy the institution we have built for political mileage. Somali is an example where gvt institution are failing due to politics…………
    Ba chanda ,speak and defend issues based on principles. Imagine you are LAZ president and someone protest with a panga at your office, What will be your response.
    My advice is a wrong is wrong and we need to rebuke with love…

  16. Gutter journalism is thriving in Zambia!

    If these guys were carrying all sorts of dangerous weapons, this reporter and his camera crew should endeavored to capture/take some shots of the same weapons rather than making the whole story look like it has just been sensationalized. Sensationalized to raise UPeNd miscreants’ libido for hate speech! All I have seen are banners denouncing Linda Kaswende!
    @ Fuehrer, those are questions that beg for answers! Does LAZ enjoy some sort of immunity from demos?

    • You have hit the nail where it hurts most, kudos brother; a simple banner being seen as a machete just to defend Kaswende and the UPND chaps undergo orgasms just like that.

  17. Bravo Chanda, this is how to pump sense into these misguided people. UPND followers are a like the serpent that made Adam and Eve fall and if we are not careful Zambia will be turned into a satanist den.

  18. Typical. Defending them because they were PF thugs. And this thug comes up with such biased diatribes above – even evoking words like ‘democracy’ when we know the PF has never been anywhere near such civility. A country run by thugs, in power only for the benefit of other thugs.

  19. Sunday is looking for more praise singers for PF. LAZ has been acting professionally since their members are being harassed due to politically motivated legal suits.

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