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Israeli companies have expressed willingness to invest in the agricultural sector-Dora Siliya


Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya
Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya says a number of companies from Israeli have expressed willingness to invest in the agricultural sector in Zambia

Ms Siliya says this is an indication that President Edgar Lungu’s recent visit to Israel is beginning to bear fruit.

Speaking when a delegation from Israeli’s ZRB Group of Companies paid a courtesy call on her in Lusaka, Ms. Siliya said the country is in a hurry to see more investments in the agricultural sector.

Ms. Siliya said investments in the agricultural sector will see more Zambian products on the shelves and help boost small scale farmers who are in the business.

Ms. Siliya said ZRB Group of Companies is among several companies that expressed willingness to invest in Zambia during President Lungu’s recent visit to Israel.

And speaking on behalf of the delegation, ZRB Group of Companies Zeez Zacharin said his company is interested to partner with Zambian companies on commercial integrated farming.

Mr. Zacharin said that his Company which is also based in Angola produces about 250 million eggs per year and would like to have a similar production line in Zambia.

He also said ZRB Group of Companies would like to produce about 1-hundred Thousand tonnes of vegetables per year under an out-grower scheme with Zambian smallholder farmers.

Mr. Zacharin said his company’s goal is to train small scale farmers to produce high quality food in order to boost Zambia’s food production.

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  1. Obatala
    why don't we invest more in empowering locals to engage in agricultural activities? We can use Israeli expertise where necessary. Africans and Zambians in particular think only foreigners will improve living conditions. Nothing is further from the truth
    • FuManchu
      Truth of the matter is no so called investor as per Zambian definition will exert their energies to improve Zambian conditions better than if the empowerment was vested in indigenous people! Zambian leadership keeps living a farce that imported investment is solution for development! I was irked at Lungu smirking while holding a vegetable when visiting a farm in Israel. One needs only to move around visiting farms to get the reality that what seemed to impress him in Israel is much on the ground in Zambia and all the hard working farming community needs are workable government policies with lots of incentives! The rest will be plain sailing, not the idea of importing Israelis to come and set up farms in Zambia!
  2. Jay Jay
    If they are interested refer them to ZDA...this why your name is implicated in corruption scandals.
  3. Lombe
    This is Al LIES. Bena is just propaganda politics all the time. Trying to justify the allowances they made on a trip. If you believe this you're sleeping. This is politics. Just keep their hope alive until the next election, chapwa!
  4. Napapa Sana
    Oh please spare us the non.sense talk please, not again. Which fruits is the Israel tourism trip bearing??? We all know and the whole world saw that Lungu, Dora and the entire gang of ministers were busy visiting and praying on the Tomb of Jesus; we also know that Lungu was given only 30 min by Netanyahu; we also know that Lungu visited a small garden doing hydroponics. These were the climax moments of the tourism trip. Finshi uletubepa iwe Dora. Just shut up. We have not forgotten your Trip to Saudi Arabia when you and Lungu cheated us on oil.
  5. Chibale
    Zambians must start thinking of how to stop paying taxes to ZRA in order to stopo Dora and Lungu from their continued abuses of our funds through useless trip like those done to S. Arabia, Israel, Poland (by Dora), and the US by ECL. These trips have brought nothing good for Zambia other than increased poverty and enrichment of Lungu and Dora via bribes and allowances on top of bribes!
  6. Nkope Shinyenga
    I have always believed that Jesus Christ 'flew' back to the heavens after being lynched by his own tribesmen. Sadly when 'Vodka' Lungu visited Israel recently, he was shown only where Jesus's robes were/are buried. Now wait; his bululus are coming to "infest" in Zambia awe mwandi, twafwa
  7. Masalamuso
    Good timing just after announcement that shoprite has to buy local. Tell me how zambians will benefit by the new egg factory. The money will go direct to israel. All outgrowers will be paid ibto bank accounts no more cash my Farmer friends. Your profit already sma,l take out ZRA tax, ZRA bank fee per transaction take out bank fees. ......apart from Zambia benefitting by increased tax compliance the bulk of the profit goes too.......TBE INVESTOR who can manipulate his accounts. Foreign or international assistance in gtowing, processing and marketing skills better for Zambia. By assistance I mean technkcal advice. Don't get me wrong investment is good but please dont SELL Zambia Neelkanth own canning factory in Lusaka why are we buying canned tomatoes ffom china, sachets of...
  8. Masalamuso
    Sachets of tomatoe paste, in austrlaia they can pineapples, tomatoes, carrots, peas, sweet corn. Mangoes are canned in china Malaysia thailand, pineapples canned in thailand malaysia, indonesia.Why cant Zambia can tomatoes, pineapples mangoes, tomato paste and look for exports. Investment in agriculture now doesnt mean large scale employment because of mechanization machines will do ost of the work. Name two outgrower schemes that have worked properly in zambia. One problem payment after a monthe how does the farmer and fa ily live betweeen payment. Why not have a THINK TANK of educated Zambians to lookmat ways to progress this great Country TERRIBLE SEE NOT ONE MENTION OF POLITICS
  10. Mwamba
    Beware, these guys could be setting up something worse to ensure that opposition leaders slowly start disappearing to please the PF. No Zambian MUST trust the PF and their agenda whether with foreigners or enslaved mercenaries.
  11. Franklin
    They are here to monopolize the sector from local producers. Just as we lost it in the mining sector this time we are going to burried as we loose the only leg we were left standing on ..the agriculture sector
  12. Franklin
    They are here to monopolize the sector from local producers. Just as we lost it in the mining sector this time we are going to buried as we loose the only leg we were left standing on ..the agriculture sector

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