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Now NGOCC want action taken against Kaizer Zulu for physically attacking a Female Police Officer

Headlines Now NGOCC want action taken against Kaizer Zulu for physically attacking a...

Kaizer Zulu (c) with President Lungu and Harry Kalaba at Statehouse
Kaizer Zulu (c) with President Lungu and Harry Kalaba at Statehouse

The Non Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has said that President Edgar Lungu should take action against his Political Advisor, Mr Kaizar Zulu for reportedly having physically attacked a female Police Officer after a scuffle with Confederation of African Football (CAF) Officials at the Heroes Stadium on Sunday.

In a statement released to the media yesterday  and signed by the Executive Director Engwase Mwale, NGOCC said that they were deeply deeply concerned with Mr. Zulu’s continued public display of disrespect for women, citing an incident in which he assaulted a 25-year old young woman of Lusaka’s Chilenje Township for hooting at him at a Filling Station in July 2016.

Below is the full statement



The Non Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) demands that President Edgar Lungu shows commitment to the fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV) by taking action against his Political Advisor, Mr Kaizar Zulu. Mr Zulu was reported to have physically attacked a female Police Officer after a scuffle with Confederation of African Football (CAF) Officials at the Heroes Stadium on Sunday.

As a focal point of the women’s movement in Zambia, NGOCC is deeply concerned with Mr. Zulu’s continued public display of disrespect for women. Just in July 2016, he assaulted a 25-year old young woman of Lusaka’s Chilenje Township for hooting at him at a Filling Station. As a senior Civil Servant and Advisor to the Republican President, Mr Zulu’s conduct has failed the country and is grossly demeaning the decorum that comes with his office.

According to the 2016 Zambia Police statistics on GBV, the country recorded 18,540 cases compared to 2015 where 18,088 cases were reported. This showed an increase of GBV by 452 cases translating to 2.4 percent increase. This is a very high number which, apart from costing the country a lot of money on medical bills associated with GBV, is also lowering the status of women in the country. It is totally unacceptable that a senior government official should be allowed to perpetuate this status quo. Therefore, the commitment by the Head of State, especially in his capacity as the He-For-She champion is imperative in this case.

The President owes it to the women of Zambia to ensure that he works on harnessing a national environment that is free from gender based violence and indeed any other violation against women and girls. Hence it is our expectation that public officers like Mr Zulu have no place in our Zambian society or elsewhere.

In addition, just a few days ago, during the 2017 March 8th International Women’s Day commemoration, the President is on record having expressed great concern on the rising number of GBV cases in the country. It therefore goes without question that the President should move into action and decisively “Walk The Talk” on his Political Advisor.




    • NGOCC is just barking from behind the fence, no effect on Kaiser Zulu, i wish they take this case with the same tenacity they had over the disk jockey chichi who assaulted assad in kafue.
      But this same Kaiser is wizo, after been hounded like a thief from the podium by CAF security, instead of fighting his fellow men, he just had to flex his muscles on a woman.

      Kaizer suffers from “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM SYNDROME”.

    • Ifya kumwena Kubukulu ifi fya kumwena Kubukulu …… Mundowe ndowe dedicated to Kaizer …. I still maintain my dedication 😉

    • What is the ransom is Kaiser demanding, how many are they in team? I feel sorry for Edgar, how much does he owe him/them, just election count?

    • As men, if Kaizer approached my girlfriend like he did to Kavindele son, ine kuti namuponona straight fye. Just to let him know that he should continue beating women, because naifwe eko twaba fwebaume banankwe….

    • He will shoot you and your girlfriend will remain single and the hyenas will run after her with easy. And Kaizer will remain as assistant to the president without any charge. Dont you remember that kaizer shot a UPND cadre in mongu? Yes same will happen to you my dear friend sp better you comfort your babes ati “its ok babe naimwe kamupononafye bwino ngayapwa job yakwe. so dont cry babes”
      Plus Kaizer moves with kaponya PF cadres in police uniform. Don’t even try brother. That is why they say fighting is dirty. ULUBULI FIKO

    • That is Lazy for you, only last week he was making hollow speeches at Womens day today he can not even punish his own staff on the team. This is a President who has never held a press conference since he was elected…he is an incompetent lazy coward.

  1. Kaizer Zulu can never be sacked in this regime may be after 2021. We all know what role KZ plays particularly during elections. Politics for PF is practised during elections. So lets just agree that some people are more equal than others and move on. KZ has nine lives.

    • NGOCC
      This is embarrassing
      Women have been murdering husbands and boyfriends you’ve been quiet, but anything political or PF you want to quickly involve yourselves

      Are you even aware that the doctor who signed the medical report disputed the assault claims? But the foolish girl you’re defending didn’t even read what her doctor commented! He clearly stated that she was neither swollen nor in pain but only pretending to have pains and this is the reason officers could not continue with a case against KZ who in fact was a victim of harassment, where in the world do ushers and steward grab a Presidential Aide out of the presidential entourage?????

  2. Kaiza is most corrupt state house official this country has seen in recent times. Kaisa Zulu and Amos chanda behaves as if they are the sons of the president. They are now the CASTRO chiluba of recent times. These 2 state house stooges are corrupt and pompous. Kaiza zulu is actually the one who is behind the stealing of K150,000 for FAZ with Kazala, the guys connived to steal the money and they shared, I dont even know why up to now the guy is still walking tall and has not been fired. Lungu is a weak president for sure.

    • Do you even know who Castrol Chiluba is? How old are you? Castro was just a wayward boy who liked to party with his rich minister’s kids of Sata and Newsted Zimba.

  3. NGOCC should remember that Lungu is himself a hooligan and a hypocrite. His survival at state house is maintained and guaranteed by thugs. They brought him to power through waving pangas, stealing the election. He owes these thugs a lot. It’s safe to say these thugs are in fact in charge of the country while Lungu spends his time flying and drinking and generally having a lekker good time. Plus the petition is about to be heard and his reliance on the thugs is at an all time high. It’s unthinkable that he is even listening to calls to sack his trusted lieutenant in crime. The best is for people of Zambia to rise up en-mass against Lungu’s fast encroaching dictatorship, not appealing to him personally to do something about Kaisa Zulu. It’s like asking Satan to discipline one of his…

  4. Kaizer Zulu will soon be relieved of his duties, I have trust and faith in President ECL to do the right thing.
    Let this thug Kaizer start boxing, he and GBV should meet in the ring.

    • Ikalenifye naimwe. A goat has more chance of giving birth to a cat than spineless dull Lungu actually getting rid of this thug.

  5. Have you seen flies chasing away each other when eating s**t? that is how Lungu and Zulu are. Brothers in eating! None of them is going to fire the other!

  6. The thug will survive. What type of country is this kanshi where in the eyes of our leaders, abnormal is normal. This is not the first time that this thug is causing public embarrassment to the government. He must be holding a very serious key to something we don’t know

  7. what happened to innocent until proven guilty. excuse my ignorance has he been reported to the police? mob viligilantism shouldn’t have a place in society. Let the guy be taken through legal processed and the courts decide then ask the president to act.

  8. If LUNGU has failed to act on DORA’s Maizegate scandal which has strained with Malawi & scared away any destroyed exportability of Zambian maize, you think he can fire Kaizer for assaulting a cop.

    LUNGU thrives on violence & needs such dirty guys to do the dirty work for him while he dupes PF00Ls that he’s a humble Christian. Kaizer, Eric Chimese (ZAF commander) worked so hard doing the dirty work e.g. changing ballot boxes & forging G12 forms in-transit, organizing violent cadres, banning opposition rallies in provinces etc. in the last elections. He can’t touch them.

    Kaizer was caught red-handed with ballot boxes at City Airport by Obvious Mwaliteta but it was Mwaliteta who ended up being arrested & is still in jailed without bail by pipo who even have the guts to visit TOMB OF…

    • CONT’D…

      by pipo who even have the guts to visit TOMB OF JESUS in Jerusalem. Some pipo think they can mock God.

      The female cop will just end being fired, arrested & detained without bail by our screw*d up/upside-down justice system. Kaizer is CASTRO version 2.0

  9. “To chase away flies is to defecate in two places” Kaizer will not be fired but the fickle will be in two places and he will transfer to another. That is how I see it.

  10. The Presidency is such a dignified office that it requires sober men and women . In Africa , it suits the incumbent president to allow anything evil for as long as it maintain or preserve the status quo. Zimbabwe is a typical example. ZANU PF cadres can anything for the OLD BOB…
    In UK, so called colonist , kaizer Zulu cannot not be tolerated any further……..

    Frankly , in Zambia the moral standard or professional ethics have gone down. We should ask ourselves how we have come this low . Professionals are not free to do the right thing or else they might retired on national interest…….

  11. No chance chi GBV Kaizer will be sacked.
    This behaviour is a norm @ the Chawama tavern run by Edward.
    In fact attacking females is see as a manly thing to do.
    K K. or Sata would have long kicked this Thug Kaizer to the kerb.
    In fact Sata had already chased this Kaizer virus, BUT Mr Visionless Chibuku warrior Chagwa brought back this scourge to State House.

  12. As they say u are as good as People around u. Lungu is surrounded by Criminals like RB,Kaiser Zulu, Amos Chanda etc. KZ is Lungu’s Kingmaker and Lungu and KZ are life fish is to water. Lungu cant survive without KZ and KZ cannot survive without Lungu. They are siamese twins bound together in corrupt and criminal deals. KZ is the main Election Rigger so Lungu cannot touch him. This protection of Criminals will bring about Lungu’s downfall soon.

  13. Remember that lungu released a famous defiler and woman beater by name general kanene. So what makes you think this rat can let kaiser get prosecuted. To make things worse kaiser knows lungus dirty dealings. This is life under dictatorship. Am sure the dull chaps who voted pf are now regretting. Live with it because for me lungu has never and will never be my president l

  14. Ala bane. That is like asking Lungu to walk on water-dismissal of KZ would be a miracle. Just accept that KZ is Co-president until 2021 unless he dies in a plane crash or car crash. Lungu has no courage we established that already. Don’t worry we will deal with KZ my 2021.

  15. Only a corrupt leader can keep a thug in the name of Kaizer unless if Kaizer practices witchcraft which the president is afraid of firing him. i think number one has a good point too.

  16. Nothing to do with gender violence, it is simply violence under the laws of Zambia and unbecoming behaviour by a public officer. Do not spoil your case by being childish and pretending to be able to give instructions to His Excellency the President. Just leave the political undertones out of an otherwise straight forward case.

    • Mr Terrible, Mr Terrible,

      We told told you lungu keeps thugs in state house and does not respect and laws.

  17. To All Zambians: Why is it that some people cannot humble themselves in this country? When you humble your self people will exalt you. Money will never buy you respect neither richness, but humbleness does the best to people who listen from advices given by others. You may look poor but once you carry humbleness with you, you become rich in spirit.

  18. Ladies and gentlemen i present to you your humble people whose presiding bishop is Joshua Banda, the Christians for lung u, see on the 18th of October during playing and feasting.

  19. If Chilubanama ( nampo ngani game meat or yamu butchery) was fired for organizing thugs to beat Andrew Kamanga after Church service, what about Kaizer who is beating people himself and not through others? This ***** must be demoted from what he is to something this Clerical officer at the Provincial administration or better still as District Administrative Officer for Luano District so that he can just resign on his own.

  20. Apparently when Kaizar Zulu asked that CAF official this question, and quote: “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM SYNDROME”, the man responded like so, and quote: “Of course I know you uKaizar, I”m Dingane and I’m the one who on on September 22, 1828 put you out of your misery with an assegai! So voetsek Kaizar Zulu, I know who the hell you are’ atase kach.ikala iwe”

  21. Yes indeed Edgar should walk the talk. Can he show the nation, the electorate that he has disciplined teeth to bite! Ba Edgar nga mwasalilwe na Lesa cindikeni Lesa ukupitila mukucindika insambu shesu, the constitution . Dont just condemn GBV verbally act on Kaizer Zulu ABD show us u are genuine. Its also TRUE that Kaizer is holding a lot of secrets especially those concerning last years elections. Where is the church in this country? Oh sorry I forgot the church is equally corrupt like the police and the concourt.

    • Today these so called Bishops are all on State House pay …why on earth do think they have closed meetings surely what is so secret that they should be chatting behind walls.

  22. Don’t worry zambians, you have a God fearing humble leader in state house who listens and calls for national prayers.

    Don’t pay no mind to kaiser zulu.

  23. Lets not put unnecessary pressure on ECL on this matter, KAIZER WAS RIGHT PLEASE TO ASK TO BE NEAR ECL WHEN GIVING MEDALS , FAZ DID NOT DO THEIR WORK WELL BECAUSE WHETHER ZAMBIA WON OR LOST ECL was still going to give medals, hence KZ needed to be near ECL incase CHAGWA AGWA NAFUTI would HAYATOU hold him?? Even president of Gabon in the last AFCON his advisor was near him giving instructions to the boss how to great smile etc infact KZ should sue CAF AND THE POLICE WOMAN

  24. Amazing how Zambians easily resign themselves to issues affecting them. Lets move on even if Kaiser Zulu harasses women and men, shoots at innocent person, even kills ( Kaiser has done) a person, lets move on. If Zambians die its not PF government fault lets move on. If elections were stolen by Lungu, its fine, he is already president lets move on. Stockholm Syndrome has engulfed the entire nation, don’t even know whats good for Zambia. Next, lets be ruled by our former colonialists, will be fine.

  25. Let the presidential petition be heard so evidence comes and we have a the real president installed to not only deal with this thug but his boss as well. Zulu’s behaviour is highly unacceptable. Violence has never been our culture and Lungu while he enjoys the questionable presidency let him deal with this thug.

  26. Zambians must really learn to be militant when the situation warrants it as in this case where a mere punk is holding govt to ransom. Almost every president who steps into statehouse comes with a baggage of extremely spoiled brats or uncouth and dangerous thugs to dent the image of high office. But this is getting out of hand to just sit by and wait and hope Lungu will some how come to his senses and do something about the louts surrounding him. Yet we all know this is a man without a shred of morality in him, he is dishonest, a thief and very violent but we are expecting him to punish fellow criminals? If you are waiting for this to happen you will wait in vain for forever.

  27. He has to be fired and taught a lesson for being a nuescense. He has a behaviour like a kaponya since he is protected by the BIG house . I’m sure secrets are holding him back .

  28. Leave Chagwa out of this. Just know that you judge ones character by the company he keeps. Birds of a feather flock together. Kasoma journalist wired by police. Ati boma ni boma. UPND member scampering shot by police ati boma ni boma. Police officer wired by Kaizar let it be boma ni boma. Kaizar is advisor to the president so he is boma. Baka polo Lola should have acted professionally and arrested him for conduct as GBM calls it. He would be coming out of a ditch to defend himself. But unprofessional conduct has led there colleague into trouble. So even them bujus are not safe. Rise up people of Zambia when it’s not to late. When it goes beyond this you will rising from ashes worse than Zimbabwe. ECL and his colleagues are drunk with power. Sober them up and let them know that they are…

  29. Zambia ought to start a leadership school somehow. Kaunda did well and the Quality and Disciplinary conduct of His subordinates showed.
    Behavior and Exposure of the sort we are seeing today leaves one vulnerable to future security concerns because one may find Him/Herself on the other side of society. Good behavior in leadership leaves people with a soft spot for you and most likely a cushion for that ‘hard landing’.
    Our leaders could certainly do better though we understand the Freedom Fighters did not groom enough leaders of the Quality seen in Levy Patrick Mwanawasa(MHSRIP) and Probably HH. This thing of Violence is a display of lack of Leadership.

  30. Kaiser please take note that Jehovah God hates violence (Psalms 11:5). From oppression and violence the God of the heavens will soon act and free his people ( Psalms 74:14). Seek humility because you are just made of dust just as the officer you allegedly assaulted (Genesis 3:19). If true seek forgiveness and peace with the Zambia people you supposedly lead.

  31. I am concerned that the Police Service ( read Force) is not coming out to protect one of their employees. First and foremost she was there on duty and it is incumbent upon the employer to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. I thought it is a criminal offence to obstruct or stop a law enforcement officer from carrying out their duties.
    The President abetting lawlessness and not upholding the constitution- LAZ where are you?

  32. NGOCC should start collecting signatures to petition the President to fire Criminals like KAISA ZULU from State. House. The integrity of Government is at stake right now with uncouth, unpolished characters masquerading as advisers to the President. Looks to me there are no ethical or Behavioral etiquette at state house. Where are all the women we have heard about?

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