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There are over 17 Fake Facebook Accounts created in my name for abusive purposes-Dora Siliya

General News There are over 17 Fake Facebook Accounts created in my name...

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya
UNSCRUPULOUS people have created over 17 Dora Siliya fake Facebook accounts to tarnish her image and are using her name to solicit for funds.

Ms Siliya, Agriculture Minister, who confirmed the fake Facebook pages yesterday called on the Minister of Justice Given Lubinda to strengthen internet regulations because people were abusing the social media.

She said in an interview with the Daily Nation that some unscrupulous people were bent on tarnishing and abusing her name to the extent of creating over 17 fake Facebook accounts.

Ms Siliya said that those people had been disseminating false information about her and that some desperate media houses had been feeding on the lies without confirmation.

She said that she had been receiving calls from people asking her where to deposit the money for her to get them diplomatic jobs as agreed with her on Facebook.

Ms Siliya reiterated that she had not been on Facebook for a very long time and that all the Facebook accounts in her name were fake.

“There are over 17 fake Facebook accounts in my name, and I even get phone calls from people claiming that we have been talking on messenger and I also asked them to send me money so that I can get them diplomatic jobs.

“There is too much falsehoods about me out there and its unfortunate that even some newspapers are getting information from there,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Siliya said that she had been off Facebook for a very long time because she had been busy working on agriculture matters.

“I am busy with agriculture matters, serving the people of Zambia and have no time to respond to fake Facebook innuendoes,” she said.

The minister, however, warned the general public to be wary of people who were purporting that she was helping people get diplomatic jobs.

She also called on the Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo to ensure that such unscrupulous people were brought to book.

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  1. Dora should check with her lover first before commanding Kapyongo to arrest people.
    But how do people get Dora’s selfies pictures with her so-called boyfriend, Congolese boxing promoter, of all people.
    Even on Saturday he accompanied Dora on Agricultural matters with Lusambo. Is that man also a fake, like Facebook?

    • No Dora, there are only 4 Facebook accounts in your name and not 17…….No need to exaggerate things, anyone can search your name on facebook and all accounts will show.

    • NO DORA! You can write to Facebook and tell them to close the accounts. We do not need any more draconian legislation!

    • She is lying just because things are being published hence the claim, she the most crooked person in the whole government. she has no ethics. watch her closely soon she will join HH being that his camp will win the next election. DORA is a shame to Zambian women..

    • Why would someone want to say there are over 17? Why not just say there are 18? What is crucial about 17? Boza chabe

    • We are in the world of social media, without knowing that people in these modern days do a factual check. so big lie she has over exaggerated…

    • INTERNET is not a Zambian innovation so LUBINDA won’t do nothing about it DORA. Kwati tawasambilila naiwe. By the way what has this got to do with Agriculture policies of MMD, sorry PF. I even forgot which party you belong to. Internet I more of CK’s jurisdiction or is that the reason why you got him fired to have everything to yourselves you parasites. Chishimba Kambwili will come back to bite you alone or with other forces. Mwaya sana!

  2. Maybe it is the boyfriend creating facebook accounts and asking for money, the guy looks very dodge.

    And by the way Dora, how can people you have never met have your phone number and call you asking where to deposit money so that you can give them jobs?

  3. This is very true.late last year one crook was busy pushing me to deposit money so that she can get me a job in Zambian Embassies abroad.but i told that crook off and that Hon.Dora Siliya cannot ask for money (k1 500) to get one a job and thats how that crook left me alone.ZICTA must do something.

  4. It’s true. There’s one of another minister who wanted something from me but when I checked with the concerned minister he expressed surprise. And there is another one who asked me to connect him to Hakainde Hichilema when I don’t have this access.

    • Naimwe Ndanje, why HH again? He has business to do, unlike Dora who like attention.
      She even faked being beaten on Friday, did you read The Mast? Or maybe you have no access.

    • A whore is someone you have laid so you have the evidence. Why do men accuse women of being whores and never look at themselves?

    • She been laid to my knowledge by Micheal Sata for tuition and sponsorship at Unza, Chisha Folotiya… the list is endless.

  5. While its true that technological advancement has come with its own merits, its equally true that the disadvantages are there too! ZICTA iyanganepo!

  6. If Lazy had any brains at all he would either have dropped this woman or reshuffled her..surely if agriculture is to become biggest contributor to our GDP we need serious people there not a horny girl who goes on tour with her foreign boyfriend/lover with questionable residential status. Imagine she is on the phone to the president in the presence of this boyfriend. Who cares if she has 20 fake accounts? Do you know how many fake accounts some footballers have?

    • Horny you say? Your mother was horny for her to conceive you. You don’t even know perhaps you might be a product of adultery yourself. Silly kids disrespecting elders on social media. No wonder you end up dead with aids at the end of your short lives

  7. The question that begs an answer is why out of so many crooked cabinet masquerade are you the only target?

  8. When you get rid of established media houses like the Post Newspaper, then you open yourselves up to all sorts of internet garbage. This is your mess! The reporters are now replaced by children in living rooms making up staff.

  9. Ms Dora Siliya when you spread lies about your MP seat opponents and give false hopes to voters to get elected what do you expect? What goes around comes around Siliya you’re just a hypocrite.

  10. while the country starves this cretin is busy talking about facebook. what an embarrasment . ati minister. pf are so petty and childish it amazes me


    You know we have more important things to be discussing, this story is irrelevant no one cares about the “falsehoods that are tarnishing her personal name” if she was making a massive difference in her post perhaps the good would overshadow the “falsehoods”.

  12. Just ask FB to mark and confirm your real account,it is that simple because all accounts without a mark automatically get deleted ba minister.Thought you knew abt that as a public figure lol smh

  13. Don’t worry Hon. Dora. That is also affecting ordinary citizens too. its like an epidemic! Some people have also created FB’s in our names for similar character assassinations We should also ask FB to close them.

  14. She is using different accounts like condoms to solicit for s.e.x from different men. Ala Dora, voesek, we know its you.

  15. Your failed policies in MMD/PF have led to high unemployment & suffering among youths whilst you feast foreigners in Las Vegas.

    This has tempted them to use alternative means of getting food on the table, e.g. crime, prostitution, scamming e.g. fake facebook accounts.

    The best solution is to provide our youths with better job opportunities. A youth who is employed won’t have time to create fake Dora Siliti facebook accounts. I remember in the 80’s how Shamutete then GM at Nchanga mines solved the crime in Chngola by employing the dangerous criminals.

  16. Dorah once you accepted a public office you should have known it comes with cost.Big names like Obama ,Merkel ,Vladimir Putin,Trump and Jacob Zuma all get ridiculed ,abused and misrepresented in many forums with abusive intent all the time .So who the hell is little lady Dorah Siliya to think she’s more special?

  17. The problem with most of these responses nurtured in your hate-baked sexist fixation with a perpetual Dora Siliya diatribe, is that it exposes you all as hypocrites salivating in the bigotry yet pretending it is a time wasting excercise. Basically u are the kettle calling the pot black yet portray yourselves spotless. Like everyone else, Hon Siliya has every right to be treated with civility and every reason and right to set her boundaries. We all do. Your constant digging and piling of unsubsantiated innuendo suggests that you have nothing better to do or are the biggest degenerates with IQs lower than beans before your daily squat. You may not like that she is not bound by tribal affiliation but driven by commitment to serve country and therefore adapts well to administrations , thats…

  18. thats no reason to dehumanize her, dewomanise her, or demonise her. Open that photo ulbum of yours and look at the pictures of your daughter, sister ,wife and and you hear someone saying these same things you are saying about our minister. Trust me somebody has laid your sister , daughter and wife and gone to air and share. We can do better than sinking into this lowest of intellectual abyss .It seems to me that most of you are finding that shattering excitement that so escapes you by verbalizing your imaginations. Sorry, get a life, even a nightlife will suffice.

  19. The mushrooming plague of digital identity theft viz associated crimes has become a global phenomenom not necessarily or primarily defined geospatially. However , perpetrators are or can be easily traceable because of the fingerprints they leave in their trail, including grammar, type of demands and apparent familiarity with targeted victims, That is why it is possible for Dora to know the likely sources of origin.It is unfortunate that this vice, long the monopoly of West Africans can now be embraced by Zambians. It is wrong and morally decript. This has nothing to do with who she associates with as some seem to suggest. Experience the agony of being attacked , physically and mentally ambushed by an unseen enemy. She needs our compassion and deserves privacy and the protection of our…

  20. So,true asisi, mwaona kale your enemies ka…all these bloggers are haters and they will never acknowledge what u ve for the country…what a shame…this is zambia where real haters are born every second…let Dora do the job and her boss will deal with her if she has done something wrong….

  21. She has a private life beside being a public figure. There are people out there doing worse and coming on this platform to tarnish her reputation yet they are not without fault themselves. So what if she is dating mubalama? Ni mwana wanyoko? She has every right to defend herself using any means. All of you talking sh*t about her, will it increase your your salaries at the end of the day? Will it heal your sick children or bring peace to your homes? The 5 mins of adrenaline you get from trashing her is all you will get. The rest of the time, you will be as useless as your limp d*cks. You have her gist eh? Go use it to feed your families.

  22. The limitless freedom of speech is not good at all. If these fake chaps could be identified and punished would reduce the tendency of hiding in the alas identity.

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