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Katuka reacts to calls by smaller parties for UPND to be deregistered

Headlines Katuka reacts to calls by smaller parties for UPND to be...

Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka
United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Steven Katuka has said his party has suffered both physical and emotional abuse at the hands of the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership under President Edgar Lungu.

Katuka, who bemoaned what he termed as abuse to the opposition by the PF led Government, explained that violence has become more pronounced in the last six years of the PF leadership than other successful Zambian Governments.

And Katuka said the demands for the deregistration of UPND are ill-intended and misplaced, adding that the UPND has been at pain more than any other political party in Zambia as most of its members have died at the hands of police service and the PF cadres while others are languishing in prisons across the country.

Mr Katuka has since urged and warned what he termed briefcase Political parties in Zambia to cease being front runners of the PF’s evil scheme of taking Zambia to the one party state, affirming that the PF’s scheme to take back Zambia into one party state will not spare them as opposition political parties in the country, unless they have not intentions of being in Government at some point.

“The briefcase political parties in Zambia should not be used by the PF to champion their evil agenda of taking Zambia back to one party state,” Katuka said

Meanwhile, Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) President Edwin Sakala on behalf of 16 political parties insists that UPND should be deregistered because of that has engulfed the country for some time now.

Sakala further stated that the reason for other opposition political parties in Zambia to demand for deregistration of the UPND is because six months after elections the entire UPND leadership has failed to recognize President Lungu as a dully elected president of Zambia in the 2016 general elections.

“UPND should just be deregistered to curb violence in Zambia and because they have failed to recognize the president six months down the line” Sakala said

But National Restoration Party (NAREP) Lusaka province information and publicity secretary Richard Malilwe has distanced the Elias Chipimo led Party from the group that wants UPND deregistered.

Malilwe said there is nothing wrong with what the UPND has done to deserve deregistration.

Maliwe noted that deregistering the UPND would mean going to the costly exercise of by-elections and currently Zambia has no money to undergo such an expensive exercise.

“The UPND has done nothing wrong and deregistering UPND will be costly to the country” Malilwe said

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  1. UPND and any other democracy loving Zambian citizen should fight any calls to have any party de-registered. We do not want a one party state in Zambia and dictators are not welcome.

    • Yes we don’t want UPND de- registered but you must also start behaving like a political party not like a”rigid” talibans club. You have no heart for Zambia. You can’t think beyond your tribal grouping. change

    • When power is in the hands of bembas and their invited guests easterners suddenly democracy is not necessary.This is why Africa shall remain poverty stricken.Sakalanyongo and his convict brother are enjoying so why democracy.

    • Can you imagine first they shut down the post for whatever reason then LAZ and now UPND! Wake up zambians you can not shut down everyone that doesn’t agree with you!
      What next? Shut down elections? Because they are causing confusion?

    • I see things that you dont SEE

      I am the greatest predictor since the death of Michel de Nostredame.

      UPND will be deregistered and RIGHTFULLY so!

      It will create PEACE in Zambia

      No more shenanigans



    • The law of the land says Zambia shall be a multi party state. So your fears are unfounded. Advance other reasons. Multi partism is enshrined in the constitution. Just like the 14 days of hearing the petition. No one can change just like that.

    • Brief Case opposition political parties, you are treading a forbidden ground. Zambians fought against Kaunda’s one Party System hence the formation of the MMD Party. What is the MMD-Mutati itself saying on this issue? Do they want to revert to a ONE PARTY SYSTEM? PLEASE PF, DON’T INVITE PROBLEMS YOU CAN’T SOLVE! IAM ACTUALLY SEEING A COUP D’ ETAT BY THE MILITARY IF THIS UNSTABILITY CONTINUES! PF, BE REASONABLE FOR ONCE!

    • And humwine must be thrown in chimbokaila not at icc hague where you have wi fi .sate llite tv. Gym.

      For someone that grew up in the village icc hague is the place to be. Ki ki ki ki

    • If they cause havoc at this yr kuomboka .ecl will just get into his office and strike. There shall be no ha ha

    • Don’t worry this whole story is fake just like the we-are-talking-to-Donald Trump bulls!t!….eish damn dung beetle!

  2. We have systems in place called Parliament, called councils which the upnd can use to redress what they term as persecution. First and foremost, when the party walks out of Parliament, it affirms the one party state because the party that remains in those chambers will do as they please without opposition. So before anything, the upnd must realise that they’re at the forefront promoting the one party state with their continued strike against a president who has been in power for now 8 months, widely and worldly recognised. It’s like a young man who works up in the morning with a hard on, once he urinates, the hard on disappears faster than he had it.

    • Full of potential but when the moment comes to show up, they falter at their own hands. It’s a shame to see self professed intellectuals being out played by thugs and no bodies.


  3. ZDDM is clearly being used by PF. No opposition party should support such a move because it puts them in danger. If UPND is deregistered, you can be rest assured that other opposition parties are next.

    • Of course @MyZambia. The leader of the ZDDM Party Sakala, the spokesman for the group, is a brother to Richard Sakala the jail-bird and editor of the Nation newspapers!

  4. Absolutely no need to de-register the mighty UPND, the nation will be rendered funless! It would be like removing Tom from the ‘The Tom and Jerry Show’ …

    • We are talking about the governance of the country not democratic practices in opposition political parties and PF itself. We are saying the ruling party is assaulting democracy of this nation on a regular basis

  5. Much as I oppose the call to ban Upnd I don’t agree with Katuka belittling other parties. Every party is as important as the next party.

  6. These are efforts to force UPND and its leaders to recognize the Illegitimate Lungu Regime. Lungu is determined to get rid of the nagging Presidential Petition by banning UPND as a Party and expelling the UPND MPs from Parliament. That is Lungu’s current Strategy to cling to power illegally.The Petition is giving Lungu sleepless nights and KZ has advised him to achieve Legitimacy by banning and jailing the Petitioners. This strategy will set Zambia on fire and backfire on Lungu and his fellow Criminals. Wait and see!!

    • No it’s not true. Lungu is not having sleepless nights, to the contrary, Lungu knows now that UPND (with due respect of its great leaders) that the petition is a dead issue, going by the constitution which all of us Zambians made noise to have it assented to before the elections. The only thing which is giving him sleepless nights is the anarchy which is currently prevailing in LUSAKA. The other things are simply insinuations.

  7. MMD should have deregistered PF at the time it was championing opposition politics in this country and we should have seen what would have become of the democracy MMD under FTJ Chiluba brought to this country which PF is assaulting everyday with intentions of completely killing it. PF is running this country but they are too immature to maintain democracy and uphold the rule of law as evidenced by the continued protection of criminals like Kaizer Zulu, Dora Siliya among others

  8. It is against the tenets of democracy to deregister a political party merely on political differences. UPND and PF have their differences. Violence has been perpetrated by most by these two parties. However, we remember Mr Richard Kanchingwe, MMD fracas, but MMD was not registered.
    We have sufficient laws to deal with violence . To have a party deregister , the court of law must decide and any litigant must have a locus standi to the suit. The 19 political parties must seek legal advice if a class suit is fit for them in this case.

  9. The UPND is a Party in a crisis, it’s headed in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, the current leadership has failed and it’s hard for them to accept because of the amount of resources at its disposal from its well-wishers. There’s no need to de-register the Party, it will just fade on its own as many of its followers realize that it’s in wrong hands with a wrong agenda. When a third force emerges, then that’s it. Their presence is only felt through sponsorship of violence, and being unreasonably defiant.

  10. These tuma Brief case political parties how much votes to they get once there is any elections?
    cosmo mumba’s party ,Dan pule’s party. just guess that they are funded at state house.these are what they call (Nashalaneka) type of parties.

  11. De-registering UPND can’t and won’t happen and Katuka knows this. About time HH and team stopped crying over every littlest perception of injustice;and time to instead keep the govt in check for the greater good of all Zambians. It is a known fact that a hardworking opposition party is a key ingredient of a performing government, a fact which served the Mwanawasa administration well during Sata’s robust opposition days. But for as long as UPND continue to deny the reality of being in opposition, PF will continue to go scot-free. They are urged to emulate Savior Chishimba by jerking themselves out of the self-preservation mode. No one is about to harm them. Trump is more of a danger to them than PF, as Asad would tell them.

  12. UPND deserves to be de-registered as they are a violent party. They even terrorise Journalists. Indeed, by them walking out of Parliament is an endorsement of a one party system. Although, I have not confirmed this, I heard that the UPND were advancing for a Government of National Unit and that is the reason they have been struggling to petition the last year’s election. Unfortunately, they lost the 2016 elections as an opposition. The situation is different from that of Zimbabwe where the Ruling party initially lost an election and to reach a consensus, Government of National Unit was born. Therefore, to keep peace of our country and discourage tribalism, I would be happy to note that UPND is de-registered and let the members join other political parties.

  13. Frankly speaking i would wish we have a one party state until such a time when our opposition parties mature.UPND today behave like a terror group.its leaders believe in politics of name calling and wishing Zambia hell as long as its not them in power.upnd’s evil politics must come to an end.believe you me,only 3.5 provinces can cry if upnd is deregistered today while majority of us in 6.5 provinces will be very happy.upnd is not the only opposition party.democracy can continue minus upnd in Zambia.HH and GBM must stop politics of provocation as we are not interested!!SO PLEASE KATUKA TELL HH TO TONE DOWN AND WAIT FOR HIS TIME.ZAMBIA IS BIGGER THAN HH OR UPND!!

    • Njiimbwi, you are expressing total show mindedness on this issue. Don’t tell me UPND never got a single vote from eastern, luapula, copperbelt and lusaka even PF got some votes from UPND strongholds. Minds like yours are a retard to the development of this country as you think with your emotions and not the mind……………… PF when in opposition was only on C/belt, Lusaka and Luapula. Was it de-registered by president Levy Mwanawasa you retard suffering from brain constipation and thinking fatigue?

  14. You mean the mapatizya formulae group to be knocked down?Yes the move is welcome.look at galu nkombo fighting police.these are not leaders.HH can’t afford a smile.pepani chipani canu a Tonga you can’t win any national election.tribalism will consume you.

  15. CNjiimbu, you are expressing total shallow mindedness on this issue. Zambia has over 70 Tribes and you can’t tell me that Tongas are not Zambians simply because they voted for HH. Well what about Easters who voted for ECL, are they more Zambian than Tongas? Don’t tell me UPND never got a single vote from eastern, luapula, copperbelt and lusaka even PF got some votes from UPND strongholds. Minds like yours are a retard to the development of this country as you think with your emotions and not the mind……………… PF when in opposition was only on C/belt, Lusaka and Luapula. Was it de-registered by president Levy Mwanawasa you retard suffering from brain constipation and thinking fatigue?


    • Actually muli mwanawasa Lusaka was upnd/fdd, copperbelt was mmd, pf was only in muchinga province, their fortunes only changed when RB came on the scene.

  16. Only dogs can support a return to vomits because they know not where we are coming from and where we are going. Yes bakabwa, Inja Popi.

  17. No one can touch Bravehearts and born frees, let them diregister their sons and daughters.

  18. No need to de-register upnd, democracy is much more important however, it comes with responsibility something which the upnd is failing to see. We all have a duty to ensure upnd survives. The wrong thing about that party is HH & GBM

  19. This is a great opportunity to stump out tribalism and anarchy in the country. I very much support the move to deregister this tribal party and violent party. All their supporters Just know the language of insults derogatory comments. Lets all support this move for the sake of peace in the country.

  20. Pf has always wanted to have single party state from the days of Wynter K and these are just trying what Winter failed to achieve. There are many people who are not political parties who have not recognised President Lungu but are you going to deregister their citizenship?

  21. If you think you will benefit by deregistering UPND you are cracy, what percentage of voters does the so called 16 parts command? Your slave mentality will kill you. In a democracy a party is deregistered by voters, not calls from disgruntled, voter starved parties. Even Your wrotten mind can not tell you that you can not deregister a party that represents half of national voters, who do you represent voters or your handlers.

  22. No need to deregister and dead party!!! I tell UPND is dead…come 2021…. they will be walloped even hard than 2016… We can bet… I put K2000.00 Any challenger? Come and claim the K2000 after 2021 elections…if you win…but I f I will I will donate your K2000 +K2000 to the orphanage… It is promise… If you are interested… I can provide an email alternative email……

  23. No need to deregister a dead party!!! I tell you, UPND is dead…come 2021…. they will be walloped even hard than 2016… We can bet… I put K2000.00 Any challenger? Come and claim the K2000 after 2021 elections…if you win…but I f I win, I will donate your K2000 + my K2000 to the orphanage… It is promise… If you are interested… I can provide an email alternative email……

  24. It’s not difficult to deregister the UPND, especially if they continue on their campaign of violence and anarchy but it’s not necessary for now. If you’ve any doubt, ask The Post Newspaper.

    The UPND has always considered other parties as small since HH took over. Their alliance with PF failed because of that attitude, but the PF went on to unseat the MMD alone while the UPND believed that no single Party could achieve that feat alone

  25. There is no point of calling for deregistration of UPND for their failure to recognize ECL as Republican President. That call is misplaced and should be condemned by all right thinking Zambians. Let UPND go and go on crying. Facts are there for all to see ECL was sworn as Republican President and is the Commander in Chief of he Armed Forces. He has been making appointments etc and doing his normal duties as Head of State. Mwe Bantu what else do we need to accept that ECL is the current President until next elections in 2021. IN any case who would like to lose in any competition? Losers always complain and these complaints will go on and on. Let us to other productive things than talking of UPND they not in charge of govt. operations or machinery. They are official opposition party and…

  26. An intelligent wise old man under the UPND of Anderson Mazoka, now turned into a donkey by UPNDonkeys under hh. What a pity!
    By the way, Mr Katuka, you once said that HH is an incorrigible young man who has damaged Andy’s UPND and does not listen to advice. Do you still hold the same views?

  27. Mushota you are so boring these days….it’s like you don’t have much to impart these days….you think with your ass instead of ur head…shame…

  28. Kanshi Katuka afunine kwi. Because he is a type that is confrontational in his speeches, you wonder what wrong with him. Any way he

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