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HH picked up and taken to Police station, Zambia Police to issue a Statement later

Headlines HH picked up and taken to Police station, Zambia Police to issue...

FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema

Police have finally picked up UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema this morning and have taken him to Woodlands Police Station for questioning.

This follows a raid at his New Kasama residence seeking to arrest the opposition leader for failing to give way to President Edgar Lungu’s motorcade in Mongu on Sunday.

Mr Hichilema was driven to the police station at around 11:00 hours, with his lawyer Jack Mwiimbu and other lawyers accompanying the opposition leader.

This morning, hundreds of heavily armed police were still keeping vigil at the premises and turned away all journalists and party officials.

Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said she will issue a statement later.

And The Research Institute for Development and Democracy has admonished UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his Deputy Geofrey Mwamba for attempting to obstruct the Presidential motorcade in Mongu during the Kuomboka Traditional Ceremony on Saturday.

Institute Executive Director Malama Kapanda says the provocative acts were tailored at embarrassing the Head of State for cheap political expedience.

Mr Kapanda says the UPND leaders’ scheme was a threat to the life of the Head of State and the people along the route to Limulunga.

He has since urged investigative wings to probe the motive of the two leaders against the President.

Mr Kapanda who is also Association of Suppliers and Contractors president was speaking in a telephone interview with ZNBC news in Lusaka today

Meanwhile, former Kafue District Commissioner Michael Bwalya has called for a thorough inquiry into the conduct of Mr Hichilema and his supporters.

Mr Bwalya said the UPND scheme was a recipe for chaos in which many lives could have been lost if the presidential guards were to execute provisions of the security protocols.

He has since urged Mr Hichilema and his followers to accept the August 11 electoral defeat and move on.


  1. HH endangered Lungu’s life

    When it comes down to it, if you have to save a kife between HH’s and Lungu’s
    100% of you, will agree with me we save Lungu’s

    The police are JUSTIFIED what they are doing now





    • Mushota kutumpa uku. Why didn’t they fly Edgar in a chopper if they knew there was traffic jam of 60 loaded UPND convoy on the only road in Mongu? ZF now need train “how to stop a convoy”.
      Edgar should have been late than ….

    • We need an opposition with a message.

      Pf is a very weak party and usless unfortunately hh is clueless.

      You dont win surpot by disrespecting a head of state that has been recognised globally.

      You dont win surpot using showdown tactics

      How does an intellectual operate at the same level with the likes of GBM

      What value can gbm bring to a Zambia.

    • At this point or at the right time it would be useful to hear from the founding fathers of PF to understanf the original intetion of PF. If SATA was still alive MHSRIEP it would have been useful to hear his main objective of pioneering this party whichwas later ushered into power.In his absence the people that were close to him need to tell the nation what his real vision was. Was it the things that are happening now. Did Sata wake up one day thinking that he was going to take back Zambia to the dark ages? I remember him taking about money in the pockets of the Zambians, I remember the word pro-poor being mentioned. I remember Sata refusing to travel for a time stating that It was too expensive for a President to travel. I remember Sata coming to England to ask us to come back home to…

    • Please Mr. President, if at all you are genuine, fire Kanganja immediately. He is the one who put your life in danger in Mongu. He failed you, intentionally and deliberately. Find out why Kanganja did not command his officers to sweep the road for you.

    • develop our country. Yes Sata played politics with HH but he did not see HH as a stumbling block to what his intentions were. Sata loved his country and it’s people and got to the top but he was also humble and did not like greedy people who we now see proclaiming to champion his cause. If these people have any ounce of dignity they need to press the PF RESET button. What we are witnessing now is diabolical and betrayal of unimaginable proportions. PF has been hijacked and raped. Our country will go up in flames under the guise of PF, not in its original form but in this transformed form. Guy Scott almost stopped this but gullible Zambians said NO. Scott was a best friend to Sata and he understood his vision the most. Someone needs to stop this back-to-the-dark ages thing and now!

    • African leaders are all the same:
      When they fail to solve economic problems, they clamp on media, opposition to sway away people from real problems:-
      – Robert Mugabe
      – Yoweri Museveni
      – LUNGU
      – Al Bashir
      – Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
      – Dos Santos
      – Paul Biya
      – Idris Deby
      – Jemmah
      Ministers who kneel down before Lungu & the People who worship Lungu are the ones making him feel like a small god, who should be worshiped by HH.

      Dictators are not born, but created by bootlickers.

    • So what are you going to charge HH with? The police instead endangered lungu’s life because they did not clear the way first. The road was suppose to be cleared a number of minutes before Lungu took off. You don’t sweep the road as you move, and you saw the consequences.

    • @Mushota and those who think like you, wait for Lungu. That is exactly how Idi Amin Dada started in 1971 when he overthrew Milton Obote. Fools like yourselves in Uganda at the time were overjoyed until power got into Amin’s head and started killing them starting with the educated ones like yourself Mushota. Today you can be happy of HH’s arrest but wait…. posterity will teach you and your like! That I bet you!

    • I have watched the video for more than 5 times and i think the all thing was staged just to get at HH, Look at the sweeper car for the president, There is very little or no space between it and that of the president. If you follow the normal procedure the sweeper is usually many miles away from the presidential motor and makes way for his car way before he arrives, It stops all traffic in the way but on this one there is no gap between them and it appears like all the car, sweeper and president`s car where just overtaking HH all at the same time, If you disagree go watch the video again. This all kaizar hand all over it.

    • He was attempting to assassinate ELC when he blocked that motorcade. How stu.pid is this man! He needs to be punished, he has crossed the line.

    • Thank God HH is alive after an attempt to kill him in broad day light.

      This is another case of mistaken priority. Fortunately this will now raise HH ‘s profile internationally because the whole world has now carried the story and are laughing at Lungu ‘s desperation to to silence the opposition.

      We are now back to KK era folks. This was planned move by Lungu and his stooges to charge HH and Kill him by poisoning him.

      The case HH is being charged for is very weak and a pretext to have him killed so that the petition case does not go ahead.

      A dark day on Zambian democracy indeed.

      VIVA UPND and HH.

    • @J.J :
      Spot on….and imagine even that famous pro.stitute Mumbi Phiri is blaming UPND for the window which was open for the car in which Lungu was travelling – did she expect UPND to close it for him? The PF Govt has failed to run the country – BUT WE STILL WANT THE CONCOURT CASE HEARD.
      These are just distractions from the stolen votes. How can it be that all of a sudden only Lungu is living happily in Zambia? Strange Deaths; The Post closed; Opposition harassed; Elections stolen, etc. For Zambia to be Liberated – we have to k.ill Rupiah Banda and Lungu! Only a mad investor will come to Zambia.

    • @Mushota and all those in the Lungu camp should answer these few questions.
      1.Why did the police fail to 1.wreck and sweep the road for Lungu before allowing to pass through?
      2.Why was the rear window to president car open?
      3.If the arrest was genuine what was Kaizer Zulu and Amos Chanda doing at HH’s house at 23hrs are they police?
      4.Do police(PF) caders have the mandate to urinate and defecate on lawns at HH’s residence including breaking his house?
      Lungu will pay heavily for what is happening.He will wish he was not born.This is the death of Zambia.

    • So you saying the law must be selective. If our leaders commit a crime the must be ignored in the name of democracy . Come on let’s be fair with each other

    • As if we needed confirmation, Zambia is truly a failed state. There’s no need to pretend. Zambia is competing with South Sudan for bottom of the sewage position.

  2. He we go again, arrests only after another PF cadre Mumbi Phiri climbed pa Chulu… Why Kanganja taking shiiit from PF Secretariat? What will Fr. Bwalya say about both mongu and New Kasama conducts?

  3. It’s time these rich people started giving respect to the presidency and not names. Let the law teach us something from the same and make good to would offenders. Zambians will learn from the out come of the same. Be it rich or poor citizen let it be a lesson learnt to all Zambians. Proud Zambian.

  4. I hope all this is handled professionally. No need for torture and all that gestapo nonsense. HH should have seen this coming following Kampyongo’s statement that he was committing treason.

    • How you handle Police Brutality professionally? Of course knew that by pursuing the stolen votes, Lungu was looking for ways of silencing him and this was it. History is full of jailed or murdered true freedom fighters that never surrendered.
      If this is what Lungu wanted, the only sure thing is that it wont work and in fact it will do the opposite!! People who are already suffering economically will always look for their liberators. The shortages in Zambia did it for for Chiluba – and this time sheer HUNGER will do it for HH. Remember those people who died queuing for free mealie-meal recently!!

  5. HH should wait for 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!God will give u state house if it is meant for u.Sata waited and he was given………………………

  6. Mr Lungu, leave this man alone. You claim to be a Christian but your testimony leaves much to be desired. You cannot claim ignorance in all of this. You are making Zambia a terrible place to live. You are not the first president and neither will you be the last. There is a more acceptable way to conduct these types of activities. What are you afraid of???? Remember there is a God you claim to know and if he is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the living God, he is surely a just and righteous God. Your going after HH is cruel and uncalled for. And for those of you supporting this behavior, take time to reflect on the climate in Zambia. Mr Lungu and his minions are not interested in the welfare of Zambians except theirs, and obviously anyone in opposition who dares hold them accountable…

    • So you have seen nothing wrong with what HH and his GBM did. do your research.the Presidency should be respected at all times

  7. You voted for Lungu that’s what you reap. You may insult HH to be honest it’s will affect the nation as a whole. Rule of law should always be upheld. The court failed to hear the presidential election case. This is what’s causing the problem. EL is the worse president Zambian’s have chosen. Chiluba, despite his activties he was better than Lungu.

    • @Kevin:
      I entirely agree with you. When you look at what is going on, Chiluba was a saint by far!!
      How is it that only that Ugly Fat Sugar Dady Rupiah Banda and his rat eating clan are the only ones that truly happy in Zambia today?
      The stu.pidity and doci.lity of Zambians is the real cause of this nonsense!! They tolerated the PF vote by show of Pangas at Mulungushi and that is haunting the whole country today!! Zambians allowed the usel.ess Zambian soldiers and Courts to intimidate Guy Scott who wanted a proper nomination process BUT now even the same st.upid soldiers cant feed themselves or buy new clothes for their lovers!! Time is up for PF now!!

  8. This is a serious matter and I am glad we’re not in Unip days because many of those in HH ‘s entourage were simply going to disappear without trace. As mentioned above let the questioning be professional.

  9. remember 50 % VOTED for this man called HH, I always say Edgar lucks wisdom and never acts like a leader. How many Zambians are you hurting right now. Including about 20% of those in PF….70%. Why throw teargas at a defenseless citizen who is sleeping? couldn’t you have simply asked him to report to central police or woodland?
    FRED M’membe once said ‘ ITS NOT ABOUT TAXES THEY WANT’

  10. Bravo ECL, This fool has over played his cards and it is high time for his arrest. His is just an ordinary person therefore ordinary laws must apply to him as they do to others!!

  11. “Mr Kapanda who is also Association of Suppliers and Contractors president”….i am also a “tenderprenure”!!!

    • This is how desperate PF has become looking for any form of support from id.iots that nobody else has even heard of!! Nobody really knows what that Fckn Stu.pid Association does except his grand mother with a stale unwashed pus,sey!!

  12. The so called Kapanda just shut up and keep your foolish and shallow thinking to yourself. Majority of Zambians know that what PF has brought to this Country is shameful to the rest of the World. just continue with your evil way of earning wealth through contracts but time will surely catch up with all your evil deeds in PF God never fails.

  13. A driver is deemed to have committed an offence, a passenger is being arrested. HH never drove a vehicle in month you grease heads

    • My friend it’s the boss who was giving orders. If HH was truly not interested in the way his driver was driving he would have stopped him and instructed him to give way but no thanks he is the president in his head.

    • If HH had hired a taxi, the point you raise could be valid. In this case the driver is an employee of HH and operates under the instructions of his master.

    • ba gariel naimwe …. the police have arrested HH but people are blaming ECL/PF …. how about that?

  14. I want to commend the Police for their professionalism otherwise HH could have been no more as we speak in other countries. You don’t risk your life like that so that you should start claiming victimisation. The rules are that you give way to the Presidential motorcade just like you give way to an ambulance.

  15. Why do presidents harden their hearts when elected. They fail to humble themselves and heed to advise but chose to be cheated by every jim and jack. Today you might be harrassing someone but tomorrow its you and your family. Remember history will always remain once created and might backfire on you someday.

  16. Stupidity has an expiry date and so it is with HH and all his minions here who are yapping shamelessly and senselessly like rabid dogs. GBM was Defense Minister and knows the procedures for Presidential Motorcade, Ambulances, Bank of Zambia cash delivery motorcade, Fire tenders, Police and Zambia Army security vehicles on the Zambian Roads. It was stupid to attempt to force the security wings to slaughter them at the peak of the Kuomboka Ceremony! they asked for it and should just repent of this cheap publicity they are drawing.

  17. If we really have people in Zambia who respect the presidency and our laws,then HH must be caged.what he did in mongu was pathetic.nobody is above the law.NO DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD CAN ALLOW HH’S POLITICS OF PROVOCATION.WE SHOULDNT ALLOW FAKE DEMOCRACY TO DESTROY OUR PEACE.WE HAVE HAD 6 PRESIDENTS SINCE 1964 AND IF IT WAS MEANT TO BE,HH WILL BE PRESIDENT.SO WHY IS HE SO DESPERATE ABOUT PLOT ONE?its not us who told him to borrow heavely for his past campaigns.PLEASE ZP CAGE HH FOR US TO ENJOY PEACE!!

  18. Zambians are useless and meaningless. How special is the life Mr. Edgar Lungu compared to yours. Why are you devaluing yourself like this. Wait soon that what is happening to HH it will soon start happening to you or your relatives even friends. You are calling for it by supporting a State Police and dictatorship. You will cry. All peace loving Zambians must stand up and condemn in the strongest terms the injustice, breakdown of rule of law, abuse of State machinery and security. None respect of the constitution and brutalizing of citizens. This must come to end before people stop fearing death. Ask the Rwandese about their experience of war.

    • Lungu is vindictive, pretending to be a humble Christian. He’s purging his perceived enemies one by one so he can have absolute power. His strategy is simple: he first took out his main critic in Mmembe hiding under the pretext of tax evasion. But that was a calculated move to get rid of the ‘voice’ so his deeds couldn’t be broadcast to the rest of the world. He successfully did it without any strong opposition at home or abroad.

      Now he’s going for Hakainde Hichilema, knowing very few people will hear about it since Mmembe and The Post are gone. But the world today is more connected and savvy than his adviser Rupiah Banda’s ambassador days under KK. Investors will run away from such dictatorship regime.

  19. This matter calls for level heads on both sides of the divide. This is not a time to settle scores or get even. Personal vendettas should be put aside. It must be Zambia first.

    It is also time for the Police to start acting in a professional manner as opposed to taking orders from politicians. HH should have been interrogated before he even left Mongu. Taking this long has just resulted in politisatiion of the whole issue.

    The PF and UPND should realize that Zambia existed before them and will exist long after they go into oblivion. All we are asking of them is not to destroy our motherland. For crying out loud is that something they can’t do?

  20. My GOD save us.We need to reflect on the love of GOD and love each other truthfully. Let us pray for each other.

  21. The PF under Mr. Lungu have made a political calculation that without their leaders’ own earned political capital as a moral right to lead the country they must kill or silence those who have earned it. It’s the politics of Jealous. It is a well-known fact that Mr. Lungu without state machinery and a hand from Sata’s inner circle power brokers had no political muscle or platform on which to be president. He has no plans or dream for our country that is worth considering. There are no outstanding personal accomplishments in his background to warrant his current lofty position. In my view It is understandable that he has brought a severe case of inferiority complex to the job and wants people to recognize him even when it doesn’t matter. Let’s think together here if HH refuses to…

    • Let’s think together here if HH refuses to recognize him does that matter? No! Whether Hakainde recognizes Lungu or not Lungu continues to masquerade as president, get paid as president, and enjoy his office of the President whether dully or unscrupulously elected. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for him to start pursuing and persecuting the opposition because he has a job.
      Thinking neutral minds must evaluate the events with a brain. Let’s pause a bit and see through what these tricksters are doing. How are the movements of the president of Zambia organized?
      First, there is the Office of the President, the intelligence wing of the country that map’s out the movements of the head of state. There are advance parties that are sent incognito to every area where the President will be at…

    • at any given time. The intelligence wings work the scene and scenarios to ensure the safety of the Head of State. Because of this the government of Zambia knew who was on that road the president was travelling, and where all those people where located.
      Second, there are several rounds of sweeper motor bikes and other vehicles to work the road ways and remove all other motorists to ensure the safe passage of the Head of State. These advance road sweepers carry armory they are authorized to kill dissenters. But usually they would fire warning shots, and there is usually no problem with compliance as motorists are given sufficient notice to safely stop or detour for Boma to pass. If this was done the situation that we talking about could have not happened. But why was this not done?

    • The most likely scenario was that the President and his party knew where the opposition motorcade was and without sufficient warning and at high speed showed up expecting compliance. The dilemma for the Opposition was to save their own lives by not crushing out of the road at high speed with their cars. For the PF that was enough for their optics and narratives. The opposition have not stopped for the President to pass!!!! The President’s entourage drove to the opposition motorcade at high speed without warning. That was irresponsible government and very childish. It’s like children comparing the content of their boxers with each other.

    • Therefore, the person who was endangering the lives of his citizens was the President, he and the Office of the president knew where the opposition motorcade was, and he went there at high speed without warning expecting the opposition who were also in a motorcade to go crashing out of the road so that he could pass, and that was very irresponsible. Knowing how calculating and wicked Mr. Lungu is he was using the Presidential motorcade to mastermind the deaths of the opposition in a road accident period. He knew what he was doing. But the opposition chose to live by not crashing out of the road, and that is the crime that has been committed here. Choosing to live when Lungu wanted them DEAD. The next step they had to follow them at home bandit style to go kill them.

    • What we have is a satanic, drunkard, irresponsible government order playing with people lives and the instruments of power. It’s criminal government that is in hurry to withdraw from the ICC because they know the atrocities they are committing. Sometime last year I had warned that Mr. Lungu was wolf in Sheepskin, a pretender monster in the order Idi Amini Dada. Hakainde’s family should look no further than the fridge at State house where his dismembered body will be soon awaiting to be Lungu’s dinner.

    • But in the unlikely story that this is Zambia, a proper government concerned about the future of our Republic we soon emerge, and Zambia shall be prosperous and free of these political idiosyncrasies. We are a better country full of kind-hearted, good God loving people. We don’t need Lungu’s shenanigans we need proper leadership. This Presidency is wasted opportunity to fix the problems of our country. The sooner we wake up to this reality the better we will be.

    • @desert Fox it’s not about recognizing or not recognizing someone. It’s about what could have happened in Mongu had the police lost their head. It’s sounds ok because nothing resulted from that confrontation. I can add the the presence of Godfrey Mwamba has brought savage behavior to Upnd.

  22. @2 how does the arrest of one misguided donkey turn Zambia into a police state? You and I continue to blog freely, discuss politics freely anywhere, and I have note seen a single policeman anywhere harassing me or you or any innocent and law abiding citizen. I feel much safer here in Zambia than south africa. Please don’t mistake anarchy for democracy, that is the folly of donkeys.

  23. Let’s think together here if HH refuses to recognize him does that matter? No! Whether Hakainde recognizes Lungu or not Lungu continues to masquerade as president, get paid as president, and enjoy his office of the President whether dully or unscrupulously elected. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for him to start pursuing and persecuting the opposition because he has a job.
    Thinking neutral minds must evaluate the events with a brain. Let’s pause a bit and see through what these tricksters are doing. How are the movements of the president of Zambia organized?
    First, there is the Office of the President, the intelligence wing of the country that map’s out the movements of the head of state. There are advance parties that are sent incognito to every area where the President will be at…

  24. That was a serious breach of security protocols. Imagine the Head of State coming face to face with a van full of opposition party cadres!!But also there was nothing HH could do to stop those vans driving in front of him and pave way for the Presidential motorcade. The moment they(vans full of UPND cadres)saw the police vehicles overtaking them they should have stopped on the roadside. Where were the police? I thought they were supposed to be lined up throughout the route to be used by the President?? Why didn’t the President also close the car window when overtaking HH’s motorcade? All these are honest questions seeking honest answers.

  25. Stealing from privatisation is no achievement.the chap stole he knows.mulikede at I ulivubide!those who still are never rich like your ing’ombe ilede

  26. Why Did they not arrest SATA when he blocked George Kunda in Ndola way back. this country is being destroyed by Zambians, why is it that the tribalism among the bembas’, easterners is okay why do you concentrate on the tribalism done by the lozies and tongas. In Zambia you are all doing tribalism and very soon God is punishing you. 2021 God willing i stand and when you vote me or not, I’ll put accountable all those involved in the killing of innocent people in the name of tribalism, nepotism, corruption and etc. The country is collapsing and everyone is busy stealing and yet no one can see, smuggling everyday. wait for me!
    God Bless Zambia Army, God Bless SikazweThegreat & God Bless Zambia.

  27. Hechi Hechi is completely useless. It is only that he does not read the Bible. The scriptures in the Bible says, respect those in authority as Leaders are appointed by God, the Almighty. You can not force matters. You better wait for your time and God’s time is the best. This animal Hechi Hechi deserves to be in prison. I remember when Hechi Hechi was coming in politics, he used to say, he was a messenger of Hope and he was not in the habit of insulting. He said, he was bringing modern politics on giving a message of Hope. That charisma has been thrown to the wind and he thinks, what he is doing now will make him win an election or people will sympathise with him to persuade HE ECL to invite him and for Government of National Unity. Sorry, Baba, this is not a privatisation where you…

  28. Apparently in Zambia the life of a president is more valuable and important than that of other citizens. What nonsense is this! Why didn’t his bodyguards go ahead and clear the road (which they shouldn’t do at the expense of other road users) if his life was that more important.

    The humble one practising politics of vengeance and vendetta.

    This is what frightened tinpot dictators do. Lungu is so scared of his own shadow, he is using state machinery to prove how powerful he is. That’s how insecure in his own skin and stolen presidency he is. Only school kids use ‘I’ll teach him a lesson, we shall see who’s the boss and who’s more powerful’. That is a very dangerous behaviour and abuse of state power. ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’

  29. Guys Lungu has been pushed- Christian or Non Christian its action time. The same bible asks us to be wise.
    Do you realise lives would have been lost if if state security had executed its security provisions accorded to Head of State. ( Please please UP your POLITICAL KNOWLEDGE – Indeed Knowledge is power. Some of you are hust yapping with no backing facts.
    HH and GBM should just move on its not their time. If it was GOD who appoints would have done so accordingly.
    Look at Trump all indications showed Clinton would win but it is not the case.
    Power is sure sweet- Nowonder HH & GBM want it so badly

  30. Zambian leaders never learn: – Arresting any opposition leader only makes him/her more popular.

    – FTJ imprisoned KK under house arrest & KK emerged more popular & FTJ a disgraced leader.
    – FTJ imprisoned Dean Mungomba. When he came out, he had more kudos. Unfortunately he was given TB in prison
    – LPM imprisoned MCS yet the imprisonment changed image of Sata from that of a clown to a leader of substance.
    – LUNGU has caged Mwaliteta & turned him into a freedom fighter

    Harassing HH will be at LUNGU’s own peril especially with the on-going petition whose outcome can call for fresh elections.

    • @31 maloza, Everything you have said is right BUT I DOUBT YOUR TAKE ON MWALITETA?? Who is even asking about Mwaliteta apart from those he was working for??

    • I really cant understand how anyone would even envision an outcome of fresh elections coming out of the petition…really cant …especially from able bodied humans who seemingly can use technology to post items on blogs , et al….

      Jus me tho…

  31. From comments above you can see PF diplomats in the diaspora and their views with no analysis but full of emotions? They are fearing for their jobs. The question people should answer is where were the sweepers. This is just a calculated case to arrest HH.

  32. Please don’t be cheated, no lives could have been lost anywhere. There is just an exaggeration by simple minds. The problem though is that we have simple gullible minds


  34. A lot of people are brainwashed. You hear even things that did and do not exist like the Presidents life was in danger, how surely mwebanthu? Yaba

  35. @Keleni tasa atushe

    “Final nail in the coffin of Democracy. ZAMBIA IS NOW OFFICIALLY A POLICE STATE”!!


  36. This is no longer a UPND / PF matter. Its a state issue. ECL is the head of state, endangering his life is tantamount to countless cases including attempted assassination of the president.

    • Shaka is it HH who opened Lungu’s window?The window was open because Lungu was not there a state agent wanted to shoot HH that’s why it was a calculated move but failed.

  37. This is simple. …If u recognise ECL as president of zambia then u wouldn’t tolalet such behaviour by HH and his supporters..remember he is protected by law as president and is recognised.on the other hand if u don’t recognise ECL as president like same then u would call it all sorts of names .The truth is no one is above the law…my only hope is this should not divide Zambia..

  38. A lot of people are brainwashed. You hear even things that do not exist like the Presidents life was in danger because of the motorcade overtaking the other, how surely mwebanthu? Country of gossip and exaggerations. You are just troubling HH, I don’t like the man myself but he should not be mistreated for rubbish things

  39. Protocol wasn’t followed by Lungu’s security. Why wasnt the road cleared before hand to allow smooth passage of the PF Presisent? And you want to put the blame on others. Lawlessness PF with their errosion of Democracy at large. This is unacceptable.

  40. In England where I live. Because Police are tactical, wise and intelligent, if such a thing happened like at Kuomboka, HH was going to be the last man to be questioned. They could have been interviewing his drivers now, but in a much more civilised manner. But in Zambia, what works is just abuse of tear gas. We have failed to rule ourselves


  41. Vice President Levy Mwanawasa was nearly killed on the great east road when a car rammed into his official car. It seems most of us have forgotten.

  42. HH Donkey should blame his lawyers for losing the petition in the allowed 14 days and himself for not giving his lawyers the necessary evidence. Blaming the ECZ, the judiciary, the President and everything else will not bring the Presidency to the donkey.
    Seeing his uncivilised behaviour since 2016 justifies any means of taming the donkey. An arrest in whatever form is much more civilised than in dictatorships, where he would be behind bars without trial by now, or worse he would be dead by now.

  43. Zambians are f00ls. Supporting the barbaric actions of Lungu. Wait until your family member gets killed. I am going to pray to my God and he will deal with this deceive corrupt thief of a president pretending to be a Christian

  44. Such uncivil behaviour by a few misguided donkeys is what causes the loss of freedoms for the rest of us innocent law abiding citizens. A donkey therefore must not be allowed any freedom to tamper with our freedom and human rights. There is no place in the world where donkeys have freedom. If you want freedom you must become and behave like a human being.
    Lock up the mambala!

    • Terrible , I truly love this comment because truth be told they are making ourlives difficult. We can’t move freely because of there selfishness and rubbish behaviour. Let them be locked up and very soon everyone will forget about them and life will be good for normal citizens.

  45. I call upon America and the EU to impose sanctions on Lungu and his PF thugs and Kanganja who will live the rest of his life to regret

  46. In life it is important to treat others decently if you would want them to do the same to you. If you treat others shabbily, you will also be treated similarly. HH and GBM have been on rampage disrespecting a democratically elected Edgar Lungu. What HH got last night is a taste of his own bitter medicine. I do not think police would have raided his home the manner they did if he had been decent in his treatment of the Head of State.

  47. Is there anybody with incriminating evidence of how he stole from the Zambian people? he ie becoming a completely sick nuisance. As for fat albert, just ensure no arizona truck or its proxy ever carry and Government goods. We are tired.

  48. mr lungu is a zambian president and he has all powers,hh was wrong,he was suporse to give the president tatol respect……hh should be charged

  49. No issue here on that motorcade. Just charge HH’s driver for that little misdemeanor and stop the useless exaggerations

  50. Can the EU and US get involved here. Clearly HH like any citizen should have been warned by the advance security that clear the way for the questionable president. They did not and neither did HH refuse to give way. He had a very large convoy and did not even realize until all the sudden the questionable president overtook him. Please EU and US come in and let Lungu stop this nosense

  51. HH did not do anything wrong and this desperation by Pf sympathisers like that Bozo from Glasgow above should think twice. God Bless Zambia!

  52. True zambian then hh should not be on the road if he could not see 3 police cars pass him. High way code says be alert all the time and be aware of your sorroundings.

  53. Instruments of power must never be underestimated coz if you do then you calling for trouble.
    Hh has no advisor s they just eat his money .
    GBM knows what service men can do . nkani yalula

  54. Just what the hell does Malama Kapanda mean by saying “presidential guards could execute provisions of the security protocols?” Well, I hope he realises that African presidents in general & Zambian ones in particular seem to do a worse job of hanging on to their lives. Since 2007, Africa has lost 9 leaders from a total of 54 states. That’s a presidential mortality rate of nearly 15%; much higher than the infant mortality rate of Sierra Leone, which is the 2nd highest in the world. In other words, a baby in Sierra Leone sorrounded by Foday Sanko’s murderous rag tags has more chance of surviving its first five5 years than African presidents do of getting through a few terms in office. Now, I can then understand why Lungu is so fragile that even sharing a road with him ni kuchenjela…

  55. ………….. kuchenjela because his guards will do some security protocals on you. Now, this man is a top kamwendo munjila, so are all roads & airports going to be closed every time he is marcopololing? Anyway, with his HIV status, I foresee another state funeral soon, its an African Presidents mortality rate thing! No need for security protocal, HH will not push him over the edge

  56. Lungu has wrong advisers. They are using him to benefit themselves. It will come to pass nothing stays forever especially evil deeds.

  57. Why do you want EU and USA to sort your problems.? Respect your institutions instead of depending on

  58. More time is spent fighting between PF and UPND than finding solutions to the myriads of problems affecting many poor Zambians. PF is in power, they must spend all the energy on finding solutions to the myriads of problems affecting the majority poor. If HH and team committed a crime, why didn’t the Police arrest them on the same day (all the >60 vehicles in the convoy) instead of waiting for instructions from Politicians? Without a non partisan Police, we should forget about the Democracy we fought for in 1990.

  59. How do you know that oval head (HH) and fat Albert were not warned in advance? Knowing them they refused since HH is the president of Zambia so why should he give way for an ordinary person ECL. Yes he refused to give way, if not why was his car driving so speed? You can’t say that he did not know, he knew who was passing and he knew that only the president had an escort, so don’t defend him let him tell us why he did not give way for the President the people’s president the chosen one?

  60. Tiyeni fye tu iponone there is too much kudelelana.Tongas we have been pushed in a corner lets show these so called majority.

  61. May the Lord forgive you all.

    Zambia is for everyone. one Zambia! one nation!.

    This is not Edgar Lungu`s country.

  62. @65 try same act in the US , Russia, UK or any of the developed StateS then you will know whether HH’S ACT WAS TRIVIAL




Comments are closed.

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