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Dante Saunders given a 24-hour ultimatum to give police vital information regarding recent fires in Lusaka


Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front has given UPND supporter Dante Saunders a 24-hour ultimatum to give police vital information he has on the fires following Hakainde Hichilema’s arrest.

The ultimatum was issued by PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya who said the ruling party believed the self-acclaimed political activist had vital information that could be of interest to the police.

“We want to believe that Mr. Dante Saunders has information that is very vital for the police in terms of putting an end to these sporadic fires. If he doesn’t voluntarily go to the police and give them that vital information, we want to believe that the police should take interest in what he has said.

“Whether those fires are being deliberately started by UPND or not, the fact is that government property is being destroyed and taking the country backwards. So we are challenging him to voluntary go to the police and give them that information so that these fires are stopped. Whoever is doing it, it is arson, it is criminal and they should be arrested,” Mr. Bwalya said.

Therefore, Mr. Bwalya said, the PF had given Mr. Saunders a 24 -hour ultimatum to furnish the police with all details he had failure to which he should accept to be called a liar and an alarmist.

He said the police should move swiftly on people like Mr. Saunders because it was such kind of characters that allegedly created confusion in the country.

Mr. Saunders was yesterday quoted on a named radio station claiming that the sporadic fires ravaging public institutions in the last one week were stage managed by the PF.

He said it was a ploy by the ruling party to dent the UPND’s image in the wake of Hichilema’s arrest with five others.

He said that if the UPND was a violent party, its supporters would have taken to the streets to protest their leader’s incarceration.

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    • ReleaseHH
      This is where the problem is. Why are pf cadres giving orders to the police? Thats why we are saying, those police are all pf cadres, they are not professional. Kennedy Kamba ordered police to stop UPND rally and it was stopped. Mumbi Phiri, Amos Chanda and Kampyongo prior to HH arrest said HH would charged with treason and what followed we all know. Now ka frank bwalya is saying Dante Saunders is behind the fires. Now watch what will happen tomorrow. The police under the panga family are no longer professional.
      The people responsible for investigating fires is the fire department and not police, that's i get surprised to see police and pf cadres giving statements on the cause of the fire, and why are they the first to arrive at a fire scene and not fire brigade. Is it strange fire dept has not issued any statements on fires only police and pf cadres, WHY?
    • ML
      ultimatums after ultimantums, warnings after warnings, arrests arrests, killings after killings, deceit after deciets, corruption after corruption, nepotism after nepotism, whoops the list is endless KAYA!
    • Melody
      This is how such idiots insinuate the police to take action, it is the same remarks from that disgraced woman that after her so called press conference led HH brutal raid in the night. This so called self proclaimed father should know that Zambia is not a police state that each time people speak their mind, then they should be threats of unnecessary arrest. What Saunders is trying to say is that, people sometimes take advantage of the situation at hand and this could be either UPND or PF so that ultimately the one who is blamed is that person in bereavement. The self proclaimed father should know that PF and Edgar will not be in power forever and the same axe being unleashed at the opposition will be used against them. Am now 68 years old but I wish I could live a little bit longer so...
    • Party of Fieves (PF)
      But kwena ba PF are toying with the people of Zambia. All the things that are wrong and they decide to target Dante because he called out the PF police to explain the aggravated armed robbery that they carried out at HH's house? C'mon Mr. Lungu and the PF government. 15 million Zambians need good roads, jobs, health services and you want to answer things that someone else should be doing? Awe iyi yena ni NO. Frank Bwalya be HUMBLE...sit down.
    • VJ Rigger
      But is Bwalya 'Police', to issue such an ultimatum. Nowonder Kambwili uttered those unforgettable words about him.
    • Rainman & the Magna Carta: I make it Rain on Command
      Why should the police be instructed to take interest in what Suanders is saying? We now sayng these cops are not trained and cant detect anything leading in Suanders' statemnet if there is any?....The police would have already summoned the man for his statement please, they dont need instructions from cadres. When UPND say PF use Kanganja and has employed cadres to abuse anyone with opposing views, PF is busy nfweke-nfweke, with a no on their lips the whole time!
    • itizi turu
      Sunday Chanda made similar statement when he accused UPND, why wasn't he given an ultimatum? Its this confusion in PF that's dangerous for the country. Every cadre is competing with their chakolwa to issue a statement. How do they expect people who don't recognise him to respect him when they dont.
    • Sad to be Zedian
      Freedom Bwalya most of the times people of your former calling are level headed and of sound mind. That may not be said of you. Shame that earthy possession has take over your thinking.
    • Matador
      If any PF official can wake up and give instructions to the police you can only sympathize with that position of police chief. Surely his is about role without clarity; role conflict; role overload; role under load; role ambiguity; and role IMPOSSIBLE!
    • laughing matter......
      You are very lucky. Hh is like mandela. He will forgive and forget once he goes to plot one . Viva upendi.
    • Nostradamus
      If Frank Bwalya won't be fired for all these crimes is bringing in UPND families, then Lungu is truely a humble
  1. Mwense
    Hahaha....... PF cadres should learn to separate themselves from police, I thought that ZP was doing investigations, stop giving them directives. Frank Bwalya seems to be worried, are you the one behind the fires?
  2. Abene ba Nyekese
    These fire cases are absolute nonsense. Why should Zambia waste limited resources this way? 2 steps front, 5 steps back and we say we need development?? Whoever is burning infrastructure for whatever reasons must be held accountable when caught. We cant afford to loot Zambia's resources in such a wasteful way. If caught, please investigators, na nebo mukanjiteko nka pume bamukukulu batuchusha muno.
    • One Zambia
      That is why it is important for Mr. Saunders to justify his claims. This is serious and people should not open their mouths carelessly.
  3. The Political Sycophant
    So the PF police will move in to arrest Mr Saunders. Zambian police are now totally controlled by ruling party are cadres, they can unleash police to anyone who crosses their path.
  4. Sameki Bushe
    Sure PF is taking Zambia to the pits. Everyday it is ultimatums given by PF for the police to arrest every innocent Zambian. This Ka Bwalya is now finished. Wait these PF criminals will take Zambia where it it will be hard to recover quickly politically and economically. Wait until sanctions from the West start to be applied on Zambia
  5. ASAFU
    who is frank to say this nonsense in Zambia. He does not even make a class in society. Comrade Saunders forget about this yapping idiot. the failed priest boy irritates me.
  6. Fwebantu
    Frank Bwalya is an insane,lishilu,cipuba,iciwelewele please I urge the general public just to ignore him
  7. Chalochandi
    UPND has stated that they want their Petition heard. And it is basic common sense that the petition CAN ONLY BE HEARD in court. And the issue of fires does NOT tally that the same UPND would be burning the same courts they want to hear their petition! It is clear that it is in UPND's interest NOT to destroy courts because that is where the petition can be heard from! One does not hear court cases in kitchens, but in courts! Can't these half-baked leaders like frank Bwalya think?
  9. jon wila
    Ba frankly Bwalya plse be nice to people they will bury you in harmony and say good things about your past life and your spirit will be received well in heaven,God bless you!
  10. Mateo
    Frank Bwalya are you normal? This pf is full of mad people. Where is Zambia heading to with this kind of leadership kanshi? Nefiwelewele just comment unnecessary. This Government is chipantepante everyone is a spokesperson for the Government Bwafya.
  11. Ndanje khakis
    It's sad if Saunders actually said those words. Without supporting Frank Bwalya, I would encourage anyone with information regarding the fires to assist the police. This is our court with or without Edgar &HH.
  12. charlie diaspora
    When several citizens cried-wolf back then when PF sent militias to Sudan as communicated by Kabimba, it didn't unnerve most...well it does come around, that what goes round...always confront challenges in the bud because small snakes grow into big snakes as ZAPU's Old Josh said so long ago in the midst of Chimurenga..
  13. J.J
    Iwe chi frank, is this police for oppossing views only. Sunday Chanda said it was the UPND, tell him to help you identify the people involved. I think you are suffering from the effects of stopping priesthood.
  14. Kazim
    These are the people that are making Edgar Lungu bad. Yet again, Edgar seems to be cool about it. What does that say about him (Edgar) if anyone in Pf can randomly issue directives? Useless! What's the point of having Edgar when everyone and anyone can do his job? Defies logic!!
  15. Harry
    So ba bwalya, your PF is saying it is UPND responsible for fires. So your PF should be given the same ultimatum to disclose information to the police
    @chalochandi walasa inga mukela. Truth be told only those who don't want the petition to be heard in court can burn the courts down. UPND cherish the courts that's why they want the petition to be heard not on the streets, in bars, but in court.
  17. Patriot Abroad
    Shucks, a visit to Police stations us fodder for UPND. Another one for the hangman.....gonna busy!
  18. MaryGoRound
    Frank Bwalya and other PF officials are claiming that UPND are causing the fires around the country. Why are they not running to the police to give them the information about the particular individuals involved in the same way he (Bwalya) is giving an ultimatum to Dante Saunders?????
  19. Zimu
    Is this man a police operative or a party cadre. He has found very lucrative earning money by always find stupid news to broadcast than preaching the word. What a great country we have with such idiots
  20. JJ
    There we go again. Any person with 5 senses would not support what PF is doing. Only God can save Zambia or we sink like Titanic!!!
  21. lemba
    Very sad indeed, instead of asking Mr. Saunders to provide information to the police all of are busy condemning Mr. Bwalya. Does it mean that what is happening with our courts and other buildings is ok with all of you? Just because it is Bwalya from PF you can’t condemn the arsonists. When you are condemning Bwalya for giving an ultimatum to Mr. Saunders you should also try to find solutions how to solve this problem.

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