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Impostor jailed for masquerading on behalf of the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust

General News Impostor jailed for masquerading on behalf of the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust

Kafue Magistrate court has convicted a man with two of his compliances for allegedly obtaining money by false pretenses.

 Kafue Magistrate Army Masoja jailed People’s Concern Foundation Director Evans Chisha for seven years with hard labour  for collecting money on the pretense  that his organization is a subsidiary of the Esther Lungu Foundation  Trust when in fact not.

 Mr Chisha was jointly charged with Monica Tembo and Anna Jere who were jailed for simple imprisonment for the same period.

Delivering judgement Magistrate Masoja found guilty the trio of eight counts for obtaining money from unsuspected people of Kafue district.

 Both the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust Board member Anne Kabayi and Kafue Acting District Commissioner, Joseph Kamana welcomed the judgement.

 They said in separate interviews that the conviction would serve as a deterrent to would be offenders.



  1. Cage the id!ot, just like Mushota is disguised as student in Scotland, but swallows cum daily, to the point she cant remember she has been blogging she is 27 for the last 3 yrs

    • Is that name for the judge for real judge ARMY MASOJA, how able judge Army Army. What does this same organization do anyway?

    • This case just goes to prove how Chagwa’s judiciary is politicised. Just because Chagwa’s name is mentioned within one month the case is disposed off & a conviction granted but yet there are people rotting in prison for being accused of stealing a chicken.
      Anyway these are candidates for the next pardon.

  2. But what does this same foundation do. Is it quantifiable how much it has lifted people out of poverty. These first lady things must be stopped, if not stringent audits must be invoked.

  3. The name itself tells it all. Typical of them. Bena fyonse fyakutola fye. The other two were just following blindly as usual. Disgusting elements!!

    • The story of Zambia, thieves leading their sly cousins to milk and abuse. And a ridiculously named magistrate to jail them! Why can’t Zambia be a serious country??

  4. Pa zambia, every first lady paka ankale na ka NGo, why did they not have them before they became first ladies, sometimes you can smell rats, why is Veraz NGo, Maureen and others

  5. “Army Masoja”? The whole thing sounds like a circus to me.
    10 years with hard labor for a few thousand Kwacha’s.
    How many years will it be for the missing “Euro Bondage”?

  6. lusaka times please be serious, how can a magistrate name be masoja masoja or army army, bwangalo or its a real name? i wouldnt trust a magistrate with such name to hear my case AWE SURE

  7. so its true the Esther Lungu foundation has collecting money from these institutions how else would these people impersonate or align themselves with Esther Lungu foundation. But i know cadres wont see the common sense or want to use their mice like brains.

  8. The number one impostor is Esther Lungu herself. Where and how did she obtain the money for her so-called ‘Esther Lungu Foundation Trust’. It is common in Zambia that when some of these women in rags from shanties suddenly overnight find themselves rich with the title ‘first lady’ the first thing they do with the help of their husbands is to loot the treasury to fund all sorts of dubious activities. Esther Lungu is a full-time impostor.

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