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Boyz II Men to headline 2017 Stanbic Music Festival


Stanbic Music Festival Poster

Stanbic Bank has announced that Grammy award winning R&B group Boyz II Men will be the main international group at this year’s Stanbic Music Festival.

Stanbic Head of Marketing and Public Relations Chanda Katongo announced during a news briefing at the Bank’s Headquarters in Lusaka.

Mrs Katongo said the festival will be held on 22nd and 23rd September 2017 at the Lusaka Polo Club.

She said the profile keeps of the Stanbic Music Festival keeps on growing adding that the bank is excited to sponsor this year’s music festival which it uses to connect with customers beyond banking and as a way of appreciating the arts.

“We consider sponsoring the festival as another way of giving back to our community and assist in the development of the arts and culture sector in Zambia,” Mrs Katongo said.
She also revealed that ticket prices and selling points will be announced in the next few weeks.

A check on the BoyZ II Men official website www.boyziimen.com however did not have any listing for the Zambian gig.

The events listed for September 2017 are all in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mirage Hotel and Casino from September 2nd right through to September 17th 2017.

Boyz II Men is an American R&B vocal group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Formerly a quartet including bass they are currently a trio composed of Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman.


    • Mushota
      You know you are FINISHED< when you starting heading to third world countries to raise money. Thanks BB2014,2016
    • Mungala
      Iwe ka Mushota so Africa is full of finished people.Did you take your medicine this morning?, every day that passes when I read your comments am beginning to realize you're a mental patient no doubt.Too much kusabaila...kikiki
    • Bongo
      Ba Mungala give the shemale a break. I think he/she referring to Boyz II Men. This trio is no longer a household name in the music industry that's why they can't wait to jump on this opportunity to go and perform in third world countries like Zambia. Premium music artists are fully booked year in year out to go and perform where the money is.
    • Nubian Princess
      Shawn Stockman needs this gig, he was found to have be leaving a double life with 2 wives and 2 sets of children he therefore needs to support. Help a brother out!
  1. Gary
    Improve customer care. That's the issue with corporate entities in Zambia - it's all window dressing. If you look at the banks that are not playing to the gallery, their service seems to be much better. Anyway, this one I won't go as I'm out of pocket. We plan a year ahead.
    • Chandarb
      Remember when Shaba ranks came? I tore my blouse to make it a Shaba do! Ala my mum whipped me. I'm a doctor now
  2. Mwinza Wiza
    In typical fashion, we will wait for them to come until 1am and then they will do 3 songs and disappear.
  3. Nzelu
    Boyz II Men can remain in the 1990s. They are best left state side. Bring us greats. Celine Deon would be great.
  4. Cindy
    For those who don't know much about BoyzIIMen, this male R&B group is still making waves. They have a new album released in 2014/5 & travel extensively! Last year they were in Cape Town. They are one of a kind...real music and not instant coffee music being produced these days.....I respect this trio and will definitely travel from my country to see them in concert!
  5. Aldridge Kabungo
    Huh....it is surprising to read some of the comments are you sure they are finished or maybe you just head 1song for them...coz I don't think it can even be possible to bring them here alone.it is why there tour starts in Namibia some time in August and then South Africa and that is when they will come to Lusaka.then east Africa

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