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Visiting youths from ANC and ZANU-PF say President Lungu is an inspiration

Visiting Delegates from South African’s ruling Party, the African National Congress Youth League (ANC) and Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) Visiting Presidential Memorial Park

Visiting Delegates from South African’s ruling Party, the African National Congress Youth League (ANC) and Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) Youth League have described President Edgar Lungu as an inspirational leader in the region especially to the youth.

Comrades Sifiso Mtsweni and Gugulethu Gwamanda who are in the country to attend The Meet the President Dinner paid a courtesy call to Policy Monitoring and Research Centre this morning with their counterparts from ZANU-PF Comrade Anastasia Ndlovu, who is also Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister for Tourism and Comrade Admire Mahachi. They commended the Patriotic Front for having a vibrant policy think tank whose research work remains extremely beneficial to the Party and Country as well.

Comrade Anastasia Ndlovu observed that while most African Countries have good policies in place, implementation was vital if the benefits are to accrue to the people. The Deputy Minister who commended PF Government’s economic diversification said it was time for Countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa to add value to their exports as opposed to exporting jobs elsewhere. She further observed that with a Policy Think Tank feeding into the thinking of the Party and Government, the ruling Party will become more relevant to the Citizens and it should not surprise anyone if it stayed longer in power. Ms. Ndlovu noted that such an initiative will help the PF government make citizens understand public policy.

Speaking at the same function, Comrade Sifiso Mtsweni of the ANC observed that with Zambia being led by a gallant leader such as President Lungu the country would grow to greater heights in the region and globally.

Comrade Mtsweni also noted that President Lungu was a democratic whose government has allowed the Opposition to operate, an ideal strategy of handling opponents that political leaders in the region needed to emulate.

And receiving the guests Commerce and Industry Minister Hon Margaret Mwanakatwe (MP/MCC), who also serves as PMRC Board Chairperson thanked the youth leaders for their active participation in politics.

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  1. mature
    upnd won't like this. they will come out with guns blazing from all angles. the fortunate thing about them is that they fire blanks..................
      It normal to praise someone who has invited you to a feast, don't you know that mr mature?
    • mature
      @Political flatulence (PF). if you know that the one inviting you is a bad guy, why accept his invitation? haven't we seen a myriad of invitations comcerning national consensus sent to your upnd on several occasions that have either been ignored or turned down for one reason, you do not accept his excellence ECL as president of this great nation. when our able govt. invites those that recognize not only him, but also his works, you cry foul. hey, halloo, hallo, just get a gun and load it for all i care.....
    • Wanzelu
      What on earth is going on here? When I said PF in Zambia is just an extension of ZANU-PF people did not believe me. Well here is the evidence right there. Free HH now.
    • Peter
    • Jeko
      Thank you very much for the compliment, now you can have him. The only inspiring thing about Lungu is his fake Christianity.
    • maloza
      - Zim is a failed state due to Mugabe's dictatorship supported by war veterans & Zanu-pf youth league - South africa was declared a junk status country due to Zuma's corrupt leadership supported by ANC-YL - I won't be surprised if tomorrow Somali & DRC youths find inspiration in lungu. Let's benchmark ourselves on success stories, NOT junk. if the youths of Sweden or Japan can find inspiration in Lungu, then we can yes. Not failed states.
  2. NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND ) BEST BLOGGER 2016.
    Kiki this does not surprise anyone because we all know that zanu pf are a useless party. Is Zimbabwe anything to be proud of? To people under a frog and dictator like mugabe even the devil will be a better alternative. As for anc everyone knows that south africa under hiv infected zuma is a corrupt time bomb waiting to explode. The anc have outlived their usefulness. What is there to be proud of?
  3. mypoint
    yes they can praise PF because they want another foolish country to follow in their foolish foot steps. Africa is a disgrace.
  4. Njimbu
    Those are upnd cadres for you!!!for NEZ and his fellow tongas,whoever does not support UPND is called names!!!hey these guys are evil. The beauty is in a democracy like ours,not all people can be PF or UPND or FDD.people belong to various political parties but only one party with national support like PF wins general elections!!!so cadres like NEZ may get rotten in opposition.3.5 provinces wont win upnd the presidency ba NEZ!!!join PF the winning team or you shall die in opposition!!
  5. Sharon
    South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and Angola know what Zambia did for them. These Namwala boys will continue to bark because they are steeped in tribalism!
  6. 2020vision
    I personally detest Zanu-PF and all that it stands for! Mugabe is a traitor to his own people and has grown flithy rich while his people suffer! The old Mugabe that was married to mama Sally was a gentleman but then he fell from Grace and actually fell for Grace! ANC youth on the other hand are more than welcome!
    • patriotic
      fell from grace actual fell for grace is a beautiful line haha,as for zimbos and bafana bafana youths praising lungu, it is expected of them since their parties are in government which alignes their loyalty to our government since uncle bob and zuma are in good books with ed marrow
  7. Kabwe
    If ZANU-PU and the troubled ANC was to say this about me, I would be troubled. It must hate ECL to hear this.
  8. Mwansa Kabinga
    The PF youths should take this opportunity to engage the South Africa's ANC Youth on the recent rambling by NUMSA's Secretary General who threatened an economic embargo on Zambia, just because the Zambia Revenue Authority dragged Mmembe to Court due to the Post Newspaper refusal (not failure) to pay the statutory TAX.
  9. watch out STM
    No matter how much u would praise the devil wil never change to GOD and who ever praises it is a devil. There4 be ready to fall with it. Anything bad wil never b good it wil remain bad
  10. Patriot Abroad
    Thank you Comrades. It's good to observe so e of our Youths are developing very well, with rounded intelligence. Our future feels secure. Psssst, that does not include opposition, UPND Youths. Those kids need our Love and a Encouragement to walk away from the perpetual Loser Party.
  11. Chimpada
    These are useless youths whom we don't need visiting Zambia. Your Lungu will go in the history of Zambia as a bloody thief president
  12. Brain matter
    Zambia is worse than before stupid leaders with no vision at all .Zanu PF and ANC no same damage vision
  13. Brain matter
    Zambia is worse than before stupid leaders with no vision at all .Zanu PF and ANC same damage vision

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