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SA to summon Zambian High Commissioner for deporting Maimane at KKI Airport

Headlines SA to summon Zambian High Commissioner for deporting Maimane at KKI Airport

South Africa’s International Relations Department spokesperson Clayson Monyela
South Africa’s International Relations Department spokesperson Clayson Monyela

Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba is set to be summoned by South Africa’s International Relations Department to explain why Maimane was barred from DA leader Mmusi Maimane from entering Zambia on Thursday evening.

The department says it has noted what has happened with the barring of Mr. Maimane from Zambia and says it will be calling in the Zambian High Commissioner to get an explanation of what happened.

The department says that according to its own understanding, South Africans don’t need visas to enter Zambia.

South Africa’s International Relations Department spokesperson Clayson Monyela says this is regrettable as Zambia is considered a friendly neighbour.

“There are cordial relations that exist between the two countries, hence our intention to call in the Zambian High Commissioner to get an explanation as to what led to this incident, and we’ll take it from there.

“Let’s first get the rationale behind their decision to not allow Mr Mmusi Maimane to enter their country.”

“We intend calling in the Zambian High Commissioner to come and explain this whole thing to us,” Mr. Monyela.

He confirmed that this would be a “démarche”, the strong form of diplomatic protest which the DA had demanded.

Mr. Monyela also said that an official from the SA High Commission in Lusaka had been at the airport to receive Mr. Maimane but had been unable to help him.

Mr. Maimane said on Thursday night from OR Tambo International Airport on his return that the whole incident was “madness” and that he had been subjected to “apartheid-era” treatment at Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda airport.

Mr. Maimane was with a bodyguard and his chief of staff.

He had arrived on a flight to observe the controversial treason trial of opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema which is due to start on Friday.

The DA leader said first immigration officials boarded the SA Airlink flight and told him he was being denied entry to Zambia.

“No reasons were given,” he wrote on Twitter.

“When they saw I had taken a photo of them with my phone they asked me for the phone so they could delete it. When I refused they manhandled me and grabbed it. But it was locked and so they demanded I unlock it. I refused and so they said they would have to arrest me.”

Mr. Maimane said the Zambian authorities – by then reinforced by police – then forced his head down and demanded he unlock the phone, which he still refused to do.

They eventually gave the phone and other equipment to the pilot.

The Zambian authorities kept him and his two colleagues on the aircraft while they loaded the outward-bound passengers and then flew them straight back to Johannesburg.

They got the phone and other equipment from the pilot there.

DA national spokesperson Phumzile van Damme said Thursday night that Mr. Maimane had arrived in Lusaka on Africa Day to attend Mr. Hichilema’s trial on Friday and to “show support to Mr Hichilema, who is being unduly persecuted by his government, and to show the DA’s commitment to a human-rights based foreign policy”.

Mr. Hichilema is being charged with treason because he refused to order his convoy to give way to President Edgar Lungu’s convoy when it tried to overtake his on a country road recently.

Zambian authorities have accused Mr. Hichilema of thereby endangering President Lungu’s life.

“Mr Maimane had strongly denounced the trumped-up charges against Hichilema, and had condemned the ANC government for not yet taking a stand against his treason charges,” Van Damme said.

She said Zambian Police had “aggressively confronted Maimane” and had taken his phone. 

“The South Africa government has the right and the duty to issue a démarche, or diplomatic order, and we expect that they will do so.

“It is a deeply shameful day for the Republic of Zambia, when a Leader of the Opposition from South Africa cannot pass freely into the country – especially on Africa Day. But we will not be deterred.

“The Republic of Zambia is a regional partner of the Republic of South Africa and their treatment today of our country’s Leader of the Opposition flies in the face of these relations on Africa Day.”

Greg Mills, head of Johannesburg’s Brenthurst Foundation and an expert on Africa, said last night it had been brave and politically astute of Maimane to travel to Lusaka to support Hichilema and show democratic solidarity.

“Zambian authorities should simply have let him get off the plane and complete his visit,” he added.

Mr. Mills said the Zambians had started something they could not control by charging Mr. Hichilema.

He said they would be unable to convict him on the treason charge but they were too proud to drop the charges.

Responding to Mr. Maimane’s demand that the South African government should condemn Zambia’s action, Mr. Mills said Pretoria would have to decide if it supported democracy or authoritarianism.

“You can’t have democratic authoritarianism or authoritarian democracy,” he said.
“South Africa will have to decide which side of history it wants to be on.” 

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    • This is a time to stick together as Zambians

      We are under war and threats from South Africa

      Here is the thing, we don’t need them

      Mwamba should be supported by all of us,

      You talk about patriotism, here is the test now.

      Mwamba is right

      How do you condone a prisoner being visted who has Treason charges

      Well done Zambia

      Can you imagine Hakainde going to visit Hillary Clinton?

      This is a circus and its not fun anymore



    • This is what the Catholic Bishops wrote….Our country is now all, except in designation, a dictatorship and if it is not yet, then we are not far from it. Our political leaders in the ruling party often issue intimidating statements that frighten people and make us fear for the immediate and future.

    • The silly guy is being condemned in his own country. If I pontad here saying that I’m off to the USA to insult, THE USA WOULD CERTAINLY deny me entry.

    • The SA Govt must take decisive action by expelling the Zambian High Commissioner. Give him 24 hours to leave the country. F00lishness should be treated as such. He personally sanctioned the entry refusal of Mmusi Maimane as his is a staunch cadre of the rulling party.

    • We are slowly been banded in the same jungle class of congo, Zimbabwe, central African Republic, Burundi, Somalia, we have now become part of least league in the African ladder.

      Zambia twasebana.

    • Q1. Now imagine one of our ministers is sick and has been booked at morning side clinic in South Africa and the police detain him and shove him back in the plane to Zambia, what would we Zambians who love our ministers so dearly do?
      A) we would call the ambassador
      B) we would send Sunday Chanda to teach them a lesson
      C) Zambians in South Africa would stage protests
      D) Non of the above

    • – True democracies respect the opposition leaders.
      – Fake democracies (i.e. dictatorships) brutalize the opposition.

      Look at how RSA Govt has jumped to protect an opposition leader, while ours is caged facing death penalty for a traffic offence

    • Warren Buffett Quote:- It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

      Zambia’s good reputation of being a mature democracy took 26 years to build but now it’s been ruined by lungu’s appetite for recognition.

    • The road to dictatorship is littered by ill-informed carders who celebrate every wrong move. Surely PF carders your love for Zambia should be above your hatred for your political opponents/other tribes! Don’t wait until you are the one being persecuted before you say “this is wrong”. Ask kambwili if he is celebrating today. Today Zambia is a pariah state like Somalia, all for what! Talk about cutting your own nose to spite your face! The world is watching even as PF carders continue to hide their heads in the sand. You should be ashamed guys

    • In his own words the DA leader was in Zambia to exert pressure on the judiciary to release HH.
      Which country would allow a foreigner to undermine it justice system?
      For that reason, our govt was justified to deny him entry into Zambia.

    • If Maimane thinks that now he can start going around the world to start insulting leaders from those countries the way he insults Zuma, then he is terribly mistaken. Maimane is a face of apartheid and must stick his b.a.lls in South Africa where he has some value. Zambia does not need the type of South African democracy

    • Lungu is an embarrassment. South Africa has always been Zambia’s main partner. I think its time Lungu resigns on principle. He has failed to govern and control his thugs. Complete dented Zambia’s image even at the regional level. The motorcade charge has been dropped and the arresting officer for all charges was caught lying and forced to apologize so where is lungu going with pesecuting an innocent person. By the way, Zuma does not have support within in country so Lungu is creating more future problems

    • He has since ably explained. Zambia is a sovereign state and can decide who enters and doesn’t.

    • South Africa should deport Emmanuel Mwamba immediately because he precipitated this crises by using PF cadre poison in international relations. South Africa could even go further: they could downgrade diplomatic relations to the level of consular services since there is no serious government in power in Zambia.

    • “Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba is set to be summoned by South Africa’s International Relations Department to explain why Maimane was barred from DA leader Mmusi Maimane…”


    • “Greg Mills, head of Johannesburg’s Brenthurst Foundation and an expert on Africa, said last night it had been brave and politically astute of Maimane to travel to Lusaka to support Hichilema and show democratic solidarity.”


    • Zambians are too docile to relies what is going on…they would only wake up if SA owned Zambia Breweries made an annoucement against the govt.

    • When President Lungu said former colonial master want to come back and take over leadership in Africa, he forgot to explain that house niggers like Maimane would be used to achieve this aim.
      Maimane defeats the whole struggle that people like Nelson Mandela and Kenneth Kaunda fought. DA is a front for white supremacists in South Africa who want to take over control again.

  1. These shameless *****s are set to destroy everything Zambia has gained by their stupidity. knowing the South Africans, I fear for Zambian residents in SA. Bushe kanshi which devil is controlling the actions of our security wings? why should all Zambians suffer because you want to protect the illegalities of one person? This country can do without Lungu but Lungu cannot do without this country. bushe kanshi bupuba bwashani ubu?

  2. Problem is they don’t think ahead with decisions they make. These things have repercussions. A proper case of don’t shyte where u eat.

    • who is this guy from SA he thinks this SA where u can be insulting anyhow no ways ,WE did what we didi for them to get independence of which the didnt even pay us back so why should they be insulting us again,its like bitting the fingure that feeds u.That guy should learn to be sober and they shouldnt dare us

  3. We don’t need these Boer thug sympathizers in our country, who are hellbent on furthering their own interests and agenda via cheap Machiavellian crooks like Kaponya (HH).
    We are now seeing for ourselves the foreign sponsors of economic sabotage and ransom to whom this Kaponya (HH) Hadolf Hitler was going to auction Zambia. Had he won the elections, this chap was going to sell us out.
    There is no diplomatic row here. President ECL was merely protecting our Zambian soil by sending this economic mercenary Maimane back to his Xenophobic country. Read the warning to Africa in today’s papers by HE Edgar Lungu. The colonialists are regrouping right under your noses!
    By the way Jacob and Edgar are good friends.

    • Kaponya (HH) the graves of the miners you sent into forced early retrenchment are still breathing and you will never see happiness or enter State House as long as you live. You will never enjoy spending a single dime of your ill-gotten wealth from privatization cutbacks and corrupt commissions in which you screwed us Zambians. You and the neo-colonialists will never take control of our resources.
      From today’s judgement Kaponya your next stop is Mukobeko. Mutinta will have to camp in Kabwe while Kaponya shuttles between the high court and prison.
      After that I will personally be present at your beheading\hanging to cheer on. Unfortunately we don’t use more humane methods like lethal injection in Zambia. But who cares? It’s just a simple Kaponya being executed for planning to usurp…

    • What regrouping ???
      You beg them for money every day. Lungu and Zambia can not survive 1 year with out handouts from them, smell the coffee.

      Those Mugabe rehtohrics don’t work any more.
      What minerals do you have ?? Hungry copper mines being cleaned by Indians and Chinese who actually bought them at toilet appear prices.

    • Jacob who? Of course, Jacob Zuma and Lungu are friends. They are both thieves, dictatorial and stupid. That is why Jacob Zuma will be kicked out of power this weekend, or at least in the coming months. South Africans are not as stupid as WE are in Zambia. Their democratic institutions like the justice system are not yet destroyed to the levels in Zambia, but it is on that path if Zuma remains in Power.

  4. Let us not forget we are a land locked country. I hear south Africa had refused Mwamba when he was first appointed to go there. I guess they knew why

    • And what is that got to do with erm erm sugar?

      Do I make sense ? No

      Like you ofcourse



  5. No problem, let Emmanuel Mwamba update the RSA govt. on the rules set by the court not Maimane to decide for the whole of Zambia’s his version of how we should handle our issues.

  6. South Africa MUST launch a sanctions against all PF members and PF government leaders from entering RSA until full human rights are restored in Zambia together with complete press freedom and freedom to assemble, and associate. If this fails, the RSA MUST impose Sanctions on all Copper exports via RSA from Zambian mines!

    • Juliaf – It wont work – South Africa benefits more from Zambia. Maimane should be in the forefront of fighting for all Africa when black Africans die of xenophobia in his country – not this grandstanding.

    • Anything to bring victory to HH will do even risking the country s security is welcome . Even hiring mercenaries will do. Even promoting hunger among our people is welcome What a shame sir

  7. I am afraid Zambia is starting to go down the lane as its International reputation is starting to be tarnished and our democracy is becoming named “authoritarian democracy”.
    Yes, unnecessary charge for treason, when the whole saga around HH, doesn’t qualify for treason, now there is no way out to save their faces, other than to suppress any form of support rendered to HH.
    The situation could get worse if not carefully handled.
    The authorities can be happy that there no form of violent resistance, but that should not be taken for granted, as the case become exposed during the trials.

  8. Maimane is seeking political attention nothing else. Well done Zambian authorities, these are leaders who being funded by modern colonialists, they should be restricted. we are not ready to slide back into colonial era no no no no.

    • But they could have allowed him in the country and deny him an opportunity to see HH, if that is their problem. Now denying entry into the country is uncalled for. And total ru-bb-ish

  9. There is nothing here. These kids are just playing a foolish game. They are just daring Edgar Lungu. Edgar Lungu has got powers as a President which he is not using. It is not authoritarianism at all. You cant have a country without a leader just because it will be call authoritarianism. An opposition leader comes to mock you and you leave him in the name of democracy? Kutumbpa. If I were in authority I could have sent Kenneth Kaamba to go and deal with him. Kaili ninshi nshiliko. In the meantime HH is in the Chux and Zambians are enjoying peace.

  10. It’s normal to refuse entry to a country by an individual. Former Swedish prime minister was refused entry to the USA. It’s also not unusual to summon an ambassador. The USA ambassador to Turkey was last week summoned to explain the the brawl that took place in DC during the Turkish President s visit.

    • Dont compare the USA with Africa you nonsensical piece of excretion.

      We did the right thing for heavens sake.

      Why don’t you learn?



  11. Please understand that HH is facing treason charge – which is not ordinary. No sane president would allow a foreign state to intervene in a treason trial. Remember Mandela tried to convince Nigeria to no avail. its like you allowing your opponent to mobilize resources to take you out! on the surface Maimane may look innocent but in the political arena anything is possible.
    i wish he can block President Zuma’s Motorcade as a way of protesting against constitutional abrogation – he would sure be long dead! and by the way how does he know HH is innocent or quilty of the offence? does he know Assanger of wikileaks has been incarcerated for months now?

    • You must be mad and devoid of history. How was Dr Julius Nyerere allowed to visit Kaunda when he was also arrested under useless charges by Chiluba?

    • intervene? Visiting someone who is incarcerated is intervening in a court process? It is the first time I have heard that


  12. What a shameful lungu & his PF00Lish regime. Zambia being compared to Apartheid regime is such a shame to lungu. Unfortunately it’ll be the cross-border traders who will suffer the most.

    Already things are bad, plenty zambians are being returned at beitbridge. Some are being given 3 days stay instead of the automatic 30 days.

    They thought deporting Maimane would be have no consequences like deporting that Pastor Angel something.

    lungu has bitten off more than he can chew.

  13. ECL and PF are a big problem and a menace to Zambia.
    South Africa is generally tough on such issues and may react befittingly.

    Even if the ANC government does not react, the ordinary South Africans and DA members might react on individual basis – mostly targeting some PF supporting Zambians living or transiting thru South Africa.
    If I were a PF member or support, I would be cautious about traveling to RSA.

    If not handled properly, this issue of HH may slowly degenerate into not only a national mayhem, but also may lead to some negative international implications.

    If not careful, ECL and PF might be treading on deadly grounds – the net consequences might be catastrophic.

    • You talk so much nonsense I yawned many a times

      Wake up!

      Edgar Lungu is the best thing that has ever happened to your country.



  14. We are slowly been banded in the same jungle class of congo, Zimbabwe, central African Republic, Burundi, Somalia, we have now become part of least league in the African ladder.

    Zambia twasebana.

    • mwasebana vichani naimwe ba Divide & Rule!!!
      What value was Maimene’s visit going to add to this beautiful nation of ours leave alone cause chaos and gain political mileage….he was here for a publicity stunt to please his masters (those white supremacist)

      Take a stand or you will fall for anything…..there is no loss on our end…..

  15. Well done Zambia ifyabupuba ichimpwena aka mu guys aka. If they see nothing wrong in an opposition leader going to give support to a suspected criminal in the name an opposition leader of that country, it fine.

  16. Twali bebele ati aya ama voti umbi aksanguka ichipuba( we told them that these votes someone will become a fool)…………………………..te-apa.

  17. Take time to inflate your democratic credentials. So much violence, so much crime in the country. No Zambia, no end of apartheid. First, learn to work with governments of the day, no matter what. No permanent friends, only permanent interests. It was callous to force entry into Zambia, the land of flowers. In Zambia political parties come and go. In South Africa the same party of independence will hold sway simply because the opposition is childish and immature to rule the country. There is no need to take the UPND case personally without receiving collateral damage. Arguments are welcome.

    • So did Kaunda take things personally when he fought against Apartheid in SA?? If you were the President of Zambia at independence, instead of KK, Apartheid would still be in place in South Africa and Nelson Mandela would not have been released. You cowards are letting our country down. YJust because you support Lungu does not make right what happened to Maimane. You are calling the DA childish??Really??? Are you a real doctor or yours is an honorary degree!

  18. – Mamane was deported because of lungu’s JEALOUS & ENVY that HH is having international support
    – HH’s house was vandalized because of lungu’s JEALOUS & ENVY that HH has a bigger house than state-house
    – HH was arrested because of lungu’s JEALOUS & ENVY that HH received a huge thunderous welcome in Mongu than him
    – HH’s vehicles were confiscated because of lungu’s JEALOUS & ENVY that HH had a bigger convoy of 60 cars in Mongu
    – lungu wants HH in jail because of lungu’s JEALOUS & ENVY that HH has more electoral support even without state machinery on his side, e.g. ECZ, DeadNBC, ZAF, Brutal police, Govt ministers using Govt cars etc.
    – lungu wants HH dead because of lungu’s JEALOUS & ENVY that HH is eligible to stand in 2021, while the constitution barrs him.

    What a…

  19. People in diaspora shut up. You ran away from this country. You are not helping the country to develop, you cowards. We need people with integrity to talk. Stop the nosense. please I say just shut up. Zambia is for Zambians period.

    • People in diaspora are Zambians who may look at issues in an objective way, they do this for the love of a better Zambia

    • Mushota is Lungu your relative nangu yaba shani. Ni guy obe. Everything he does you support with passion. If he ordered all Zambians to be jailed, you’ll be the first one to support. Try to be more objective. I admire your PHD. Behave like one.

  20. Zambians wake up ubupuba bubi. Why are you supporting Maimane. He has failed to deal with impeaching Zuma on state capture by the Gupta family and wants to come and make political mileage in our country. What does he want makandi. HH was daring authority for a long time this arrest is long overdue. I am not a cadre but will stand up for the rule of law. @Mushota Bravo. Let’s defend malicious campaigns against Zambia

  21. Why are they interested in our own affairs? Do you think what hh did if it was done in SA this maimane thing was going to be left free, the answer is NO! Let’s respect the Presidency because that is the highest office of the land. To Maimane, mind your own business in SA. Amano yachimpwena fye.

    • Why are they intrested in our own affaires ???

      Maybe because Zambians are some of the most people seeking asylum in South Africa according to your own ambassador mwamba ?…

  22. Really shameful behaviour on the part of Zambia. Unfortunately, when your establishment is not founded on the truth you are bound to be insecure. Not even fraternizing with churches can set you free. Zambia is rapidly becoming a country where everyone has to live in fear of the government and its cadres.

    If what the government is doing is clean then they will remain transparent. Maimane’s support for a particular person is non of our business as long as he is within the bounds of the law. Very very saddening affair!!!

  23. GBM stop this bad games please. HH and GBM are bad for Zambian development.

    They are doing what the opposition did in Zimbabwe. But they won’t succeed

  24. Come on SA show some balls and let’s see who needs who more ? Which country can not do with out the other. It’s time SA showed if it is just a savage country ruled by whites or a regional power willing to react to neighbouring countries who’s polices are a threat to its security like Mugabe who’s polices have made his citizens flood SA in very corner.

  25. If Maimane did not issue his premature judgement on this case certainly he would have been allowed free entry…may ask, what was he here for…..support HH’s lawlessness against a democratically elected government and you expect this government to allow another nincompoop like him to come and get publicity stunts at the expense of law and order…hell to the no……we wont allow that..

    DA likw UPND willl never form government…they will both continue to big opposition parties and thats all…these two parties are the ones being used directly by former colonial masters in their quest to come back under the pretext of democracy…

    Zambia and South Africa must wake from this slumber and see the wolfs in sheep skins…..its the devil under disguise….
    Let those with ears hear and…

    • South Africans don’t want their country to slide into chaos like Zimbabwe.
      Sorry to disappoint you.

    • Spaka….I am not talking about Zimbabwe….DA is a white supremacy party and Maimene is a puppet leader to put there to disguise it as neutral party….but the reality is that its a party that is anglo-american heavily funded as is UPND in Zambia….what ties does a free african have with their oppressor….none!

      ASK yourself…..

  26. @12.1 Mushota so the thesis of your PhD included uncivilised insults? I am very disappointed by your posting to say the least

    • Like I have mentioned before she needs help. This article seems to have struck a wrong chord and she has been so busy responding to everything. Mushota if you had heeded to My advice and saw a therapist then please take your medication u appear to be experiencing an episode

  27. SA govt is so mature …they understand that their citizens need their support regardless of party affiliation especially if that citizen pays tax. Just like the US govt will send its marines to rescue any of their passport holders trapped anywhere in the world.
    Meanwhile in Zambia there is no respect or separation for the three arms of govt because we elect foools like Lazy and in embassies we have cadre boot-licking former Journalists and middlemen like the crook Mwamba.
    I told Lazy and his tins that they will start a storm they are incapable of seeing through…its a shame the Lazy Bum Edgar has surrounded himself with advisers who are more stupi.d than he is.

    • especially if they pay tax

      Tax is not an option, you mentally challenged person

      Get some knowledge, you are always spouting nonsensical gibberish



  28. SA should confiscate and return all looted funds by lungu and his gang kept in SA.

    Confiscate all properties and funds looted by PF that are in SA.

  29. Lungu has tampered with the Hornet ‘s Nest and the Wasps will definitely sting him. The Barbaric Raid on HH’s Home and his subsequent arrest and imprisonment on Trumped Up Treason Charges was a big mistake by Lungu. Lungu has made another mistake of arresting and deporting the DA Leader. This is a grave breach of Diplomatic Protocol and Zuma will have no choice but to retaliate. South Africans will deal with all PF Senior Officials going to that country for holidays or Medical attention. These moves by Lungu will backfire and South Africa and SADC will now confront Lungu head-on. Lungu has started a war which he will lose. Surrendering Zambian Foreign Policy to PF Cadres like Mumbi Phiri, Kennedy Kamba, Sunday Chanda etc is a grave mistake by Lungu and he will live to regret it.

  30. It is not surprising that the opposition leader from SA wanted to come and see his vanquished Zambian opposition leader. Birds of the same feathers flock together i guess. Mwamba told him not to start off form his base, but because he is as stubborn as incarcerated HH he wanted to try the Zambian authorities. Well done Zambian immigration.. keep it up. We fought for their independence what more do they need from us?? Let this chap concentrate his fight in his own country….ATAASEEE UKOKWINE. This guys thinking is the same as HH, only seeing negatives in the ruling party SHAME ON YOU!!!

  31. SA should also send these PF thugs back when they go for medical reasons at their clinics. Kadansa went to SA when he over drunk and collapsed in public. Next time he comes their please refuse him entry and send him back on the next plane back to UTH. You don’t even have proper hospitals and you keep running to SA all the time. All PF goons must be black listed and watched at all times, depot them as soon as they set their feet on SA soils.

    • Bamwine! what you just wrote above is what is known as rubbish…..bunkum…garbage..bosh…drivel….its obvious you lack both knowledge and wisdom…the government of zambia already contacted the SA government and informed them that they would not allow Maimane entry…..SA govt…knew what would happen….its called the intelligence community…..

      Stop spreading your anger…ire…fury around…take a glass of water and chill pill…

  32. Oh shut up you donkeys, why didn’t he start with attending the African Freedom Day? But no he just wanted to be little our Government. Maimane who does he think he is here in Zambia to dare our Government? He was told to wait but he opted to come. What they did is a lesson to others who thinks they can undermine Zambia’s authority.

    • Kwena ba Lemba ifyo mwa sosa na ine na sumina. Mwamba Emmanule amwebele ati alolele ilyo tala isa ku Zambia. So, ba Maimane bena ni ba Chumbu Munshololwa. Kano fye ifyo balefwaya…Batwale ukutali bu cintala.

  33. @Mushota , You are becoming petty and seemingly irrelevant when you go on RANTS with people who are trying to correct you or just trying to get on your “NERVES”. Am sure you can tell the difference between getting on someone’s nerves and genuine criticism. For someone with a Phd, this kind of behaviour you are exhibiting is not necessary. Am beginning to question your Phd.

  34. This is gross. The treatment of Maimane was very bad.
    We need to apologise to SA and sort out our mess.
    We were not looking good with this treason case and now we have completely lost it as a country.
    Enough said.

  35. This chap I know him very well. He was is married to white lady and changed his accent. He is gay and supports gay rights. Maybe he wanted to DO HH. Shame on you Maimane.PF cadres go and Demonstrate at SA embassy for allowing this ***** to even com. So f President Lungu had died out of HH stupidity the would have benn celebrating. As per Trump LOSERS

  36. High Commissioner Mwaba is working very well and is vindicated cause he earlier advised the overzealous,noisemaker,and attention seeker DA leader to reschedule his visit to Zambia but he did not listen to Mwamba’s timely advise.The embarrassment of being bundled and deported is self infliction.

  37. Mwamba Emmanuel aebele Maimane ati alolele ilyo tala isa ku Zambia. So, ba Maimane bena ni ba Chumbu Munshololwa. Kano fye ifyo balefwaya…Batwale ukutali bu cintala

  38. He was not DEPORTED, but denied entry. The fact that South Africans don’t need visas to enter Zambia does not mean they have a RIGHT to enter. It is a PRIVILEDGE which can be denied. As a sovereign state we decide who to allow or not to allow entry without explaining to anybody. Did you even hear what this lunatic of pro-apartheid DA was ranting before he left for Zambia?

  39. Maimane is very stubborn..He was informed earlier that he could not visit Zambia untill a crystal clear clarification was sought from the court. But in his haste to gain political mileage, he contemptuously brushed aside this sound advice with gross impunity, and with the audacity of a hungry hyena, he embarked on a journey to Zambia without due authorization from the Zambian Government.

  40. This is where you step in as head of state and do damage control. Trivial as this incident may look to some flat brains, this is a colossal diplomatic blunder that needs immediate attention! Muyopa chiani? What has happened to diplomacy and respect for VIPs? RB, KK where are you on this?? Zambians flock to SA for various reasons and a lot are resident in that country. I fear what to imagine will happen to them when all hell breaks loose. Why not allow him? Sad development.

  41. Dr Mushota, you are a nice person but you are behaving strange today.. Why ? why? mwana wandi? u mu cinshi kuli bantu bonse u suma? avoid being sarcastic……
    When you are educated, you expected to be civil and noble in your character. Imagine a medical doctor insulting you because you are suffering for STIs……
    To all bloggers let us aim to analyse issue without attacking personality.. I admire developed countries like Japan. Their workmanship is amazing and the ethics are so high that a minister can resign morally if he is caught in immoral state… even insulting yet the most Japanese are not Christian….

  42. Don’t compare Mymoney to Mwalimu Nyerere . Nyerere was not a failed opposition leader he a respected world leader. Unlike Mymoney Nyerere was neither confrontatinal or arrogant . Mymoney and his fellow ruffians were barred from entering Parliament for unruly behavior and he wants to export that savagery to Zambia.

  43. Mushota the retard has nothing else to do but occupy all the space on this forum. A bitch and hired gun by PF. Not worth a penny!

  44. Zambian South Africans teaching you how to fight for your rights. Wake Up. Take the battle to them. Freedom has to be fought for, never earned on a silver platter, especially here in Africa.

  45. Not sure about Maimane’s credentials other than that of a DA leader. But it is not true the information he is channeling out that Zambia is an authoritarian state. President Lungu is less of an authoritarian leader than both Maimane and HH would be if they were in Lungu’s shoes. It is unfortunate that Vusi has decided to to take break from his own local assignments to go and start fires in another democratic state. He should tone down. Being in opposition does not mean that you should emphasise even points that do not need emphasis. Is there any reason for example why Maimane should use the language that he is using to describe the people’s govt of Zambia even if HH is his friend as he puts it?

  46. We told PF cadres that they are without any vision and can’t stir international philosophical diplomacy for because most PF are unschooled. Imagine Kambwili threats of deporting Chinese Doctors on flimsy grounds, that tells you the bigger picture of PF moronic behaviour.

  47. Lungu is an embarrassment. He has failed to govern and control his people. He should resign on moral grounds. Why allow police to go this far? This will start affecting us. South Africa is a much needed partner. Zuma does not have support in South Africa and this is Lungu creating future problems for himself. Internationally and regionally Zambia’s image is damage.

  48. This is how true democracies work, an opposition leader of South Africa is getting representation from his own country for Zambia’s backwardness in Governance!

    Hats off to The Republic Of South Africa that goes beyond party sttupididty!

    Viva HH! Viva Maimane!

  49. Our leaders have less wisdom. We need to pray for them. Pantu pakuti 5 years ikakumanefye kwena, there will be a lot of destruction done.

  50. Zambian judicial should not have undue influence from foreign countries.South Africa has a lot of problems to nurse than Zambia has.People at Malikana Mines were butchered like cockroaches,no foreigners had to intervene in such a senseless act.Zuma has openly confessed to stealing and stripping national assets.No one foreigner has commented about it.Who is this nonentity Maimane to come and fart on the affairs of Zambia.It is like Zambia has become a country where even satanists and nonentities can just come and do whatever they want.Mu Zambia temwakukumunina ifiko.It is a sovereign state with independent brains. No one should decide the fate of our nation apart from Zambians.

  51. Maimane is a let down. Had alot of respect for him before but his recent behaviour leaves much to be done. Abash any attempts by anybody to influence or pressure Zambian courts ! That is not democracy…..lets not abuse democracy.

  52. he is silly we in ANC Zambia support his deportation that is sovereign business and Treason charges should be treated as such

    Besides he has betrayed ANC and Fellow South Africans he should not try to make cheap political mileage against ZUMA by pretending to Visit HH

    Viva ANC Viva Zambia Long Live Zambia Long live South Africa No politics of advantage or secretive and pretences to be supreme

  53. GBM should grow up. U are a disgrace to bemba tribe. Bring that gas filled stomach back home please.

    This time u wasting should be used for campaign.

  54. Those crying Zambia’s sovereignty over Maimane fiasco must stop going to RSA beginning with the President for medical treatment. If the Zambian government cannot respect another country’s holder of a diplomatic passport RSA should not respect Zambian diplomatic passport holders too. Wina azalila
    DA should block Edgar or a Zambian Minister from entering any of their hospitals. Dictators must be met head on.
    Chiluba allowed Nyerere to visit KK at Mukobeko during his treason trail|||

  55. Well done Imigration Department for refusing entry to that f00lish DA leader Maimane!!why cant he keep his f00lisness in SA?who knows him in Zambia?
    HH’s aim is to auction Zambia to foreigners,so Govnt must cage him for forever.Even that Mills mentioned in this story is from Anglo America.he is one of those who funded HH’s campaigns in 2016 and HH promised him a copper mine.HH IS A GREAT DANGER TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

  56. We can learn alot from South Africa. Imagine, Maimane is an opposition Leader in that country and Zambia barred him from entering the country and YET the South African government whom Maimane opposes are the ones protecting him. Can you for a second imagine if HH went to Uganda and got into trouble in that country, would the Zambian government of PF call its Ambassador to come and explain. I am sure the Zambian government would be celebrating. You can not underrate Maimane. His Party runs the Tswane Munincipality, The Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay and the whole of Western Cape. The young man has a lot of influence. Pano aneba ba Mpombo, what would happen if Mmusi was to win the next elections and become the President of SA. Please we should see in future.

  57. I said FUC.K the hell OUT, didn’t you hear me you Cape donkey?
    RSA government, please take your Cape donkey for grazing on Table Mountain. As patriotic Zambians, we WILL NOT stand for nonsense. A Cape donkey passes st.upid insulting remarks against our duly elected government and his government expects us to lay the red carpet for him? Tell them ee dont lay red carpets for Cape donkeys or any other donkeys for that matter, try OR Tambo airport maybe. I said FUC.K the hell out, did you hear me!
    Well done Government, we are very proud of you and ee shall stand by you in thick and thin when we are attacked like this.

  58. Serves the ludicrous DA leader right.

    He should grow up and learn good manners.

    The SA authorities will learn about this chap and keep a close eye on him for embarrassing them. He is a sorry excuse for an opposition leader.

  59. We are waiting for the GRZ to respond , we need to hear from both side what exactly transpired. We as south Africans we can not rush in judging because, Zambian helped us during the struggle of independence. I thank you.

  60. So now our courts should hand over all criminal cases to Maimane to determine case by case which one is correct and which is not? And to let Cape donkey decide which case his Zambian counterpart donkey should face or not. In short Zambia must surrender its sovereignty to Cape donkey Maimane or indeed the South African government. UPND Tonkeys, this is the ultimate in shame for any citizen. Surely

  61. Surely even Tonkeys like HH, Nkombo, Mukuni, Mwaanga, Sejani and the like have some sense of shame in them despite being a brain stunted breed of donkey?

  62. I am puzzled that even Officers of South Africa’s Foreign Service can display such ignorance on matters brewing in the SADC Region. No wonder their Govt is being insulted left and right at will by white racists. How come that Zambians are so well informed on political dynamics brewing in South Africa. For instance, we know what the SACC has said, how the Big Shots in ANC have expressed their minds, matters revolving around the a failed appointment of Brian Molefe to position of Finance and his questionable return to head ESKOM – and lately what University Academics from FOUR University have publicly said.

    Iam indeed puzzled on the dullness expressed by South Africa’s International Relations Department spokesperson Clayson Monyela. God forbid!

  63. The only thing here is that zambia and south africa have nothing in common where democracy is involved. South Africa is a democracy, while Zambia is a dictatorship. you will never understand this unless you have lived in both countries. the only democracy zambians know is going to the polls to vote and engage in political campaigns. after that the president becomes an almighty king who directs everything in the country. the country is run by state house so much that he even controls the judiciary through the judges he appoints and no one else is allowed to speak anything concerning court matters. Democrasy is about having independent democratic institutions which do not exist in zambia. in south africa on the other hand there is freedoms of everything! the law is not to strengthen…




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