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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

I will be back in Zambia for HH’s trial-Maimane

Headlines I will be back in Zambia for HH's trial-Maimane

Zambian High Commissioner in Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba. with South Africa's Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane  during their meeting
Zambian High Commissioner in Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba. with South Africa’s Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane during their meeting
South Africa’s Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has insisted that despite the fracas and his deportation from Zambia, he will attempt to be in Lusaka on the next trial date of detained Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.
“I have asked the Zambian High Commission to give me full reasons why they denied us entry yesterday [Thursday] in Zambia. They have assured me that they are going to come back to me about that issue,” Mr. Maimane said as he emerged from a meeting with Zambian High Commissioner in Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba.

“Furthermore, we are not going to stay away. I have asked that at the next trial [appearance] of Mr HH [Hakainde Hichilema], we will go and attend – not because we want to meddle with the courts of Zambia, but we want to stand and ensure that the Zambian government acts in a democratic manner.

“I still hold the views that Mr Lungu [Zambian President Edgar Lungu] is not acting in a manner consistent with democracy. Therefore I will be going back there, given the time, for us to go and support Mr HH in Zambia. We are not going to be deterred.”

Earlier on Friday, Mr. Mwamba said Mr. Maimane had been notified this week to postpone his visit to Lusaka.

“On Tuesday, Mr Maimane’s office got in touch with us and informed us that he will be travelling to Zambia on Thursday. When we contacted Lusaka, especially about the details of Mr Maimane’ visit, we were advised that Mr Maimane should reschedule his visit,” Mwamba said as he addressed journalists in Pretoria.

“His visit was to go and visit his colleague [Hakainde Hichilema leader of largest Zambian opposition United Party for National Development UPNP] in solidarity and we found nothing wrong with that. But we advised him that there were concerns over his statements and utterances especially regarding the sanctity of our courts.”

Mr. Mwamba said Mr. Maimane had also been advised to get permission from Zambian courts “because there is a list which the courts approve, of people who can see Mr Hichilema.”.

The envoy said Lusaka will determine who is allowed permission into the country.

“Zambia as a sovereign state can determine persons to be allowed entry into our country and that is not in dispute. We however wish to affirm that Zambia continues to have mutual and admirable diplomatic relations with South Africa based on the historical economic and social ties between the two countries,” he said.

Mr. Mwamba said Lusaka had taken serious issue with Mr. Maimane’s remarks on the independence of the judiciary in Zambia, ahead of the trip.

“If you look at our judiciary, which is more like the British one, it is not similar to the South African one where you allow cameras in courtrooms. Ours is quite a conservative one. The integrity and sanctity of our courts of law is jealously guarded.

“We do not allow undue pressure, not even our Republic’s President can put pressure on our courts. So the remarks by Mr Maimane, stating that he was to pressure the courts to release Mr Hichilema – how does he pressure the courts? He said he wants to pressure our government to release Mr Hichilema. Is it not government holding Mr Hichilema,” said Mr. Mwamba.

“The arrest of Mr Hichilema does not in any way state that we are sliding into a dictatorship. It is simply a matter of the rule of law – no one is above the law.”

Mr. Mwamba addressed journalists after meeting officials from South Africa’s department of international relations, who wanted an explanation on Mr.Maimane’s Lusaka experience.

“Our position is very simple, that as an ordinary person Mr Maimane is very welcome. But if he wishes to politicise our court process, it is very clear we will not allow our court processes to be politicised,” said Mr. Mwamba.

He said Mr. Maimane has previously said charges against Mr. Hichilema were trumped up, and that was an assault on Zambia’s sovereignty, “and it undermines our rule of law and the judiciary especially”.

Mr. Maimane on Friday described how he and his colleagues were manhandled, had their cellphones and iPads confiscated by Zambian authorities.

They were prevented from disembarking from the aeroplane in Lusaka before they were forced to leave that country.

Maimane and his entourage were in Lusaka, hoping to attend the treason trial of Mr. Hichilema.

The detained opposition leader is alleged to have attempted to block President Edgar Lungu’s motorcade, which was travelling on the same road.

Zambian High Commissioner in Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba. with South Africa's Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane  during their meeting
Zambian High Commissioner in Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba. with South Africa’s Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane during their meeting


    • One wonders where this sudden interests come from, they have enough problems to discuss in their own country – killings, apartheid, robbery, poverty, corruption un evenly distributed wealth etc.

      Anyways, come mannered otherwise we manhandle you again with a bit more physique. You will give lots of business to your airlines because the court cases have a long way to go.

      Just dont temper with our courts, let them act independently. Zambians respect the courts.

    • One wishes to see this type of care and concern from the South African government. The ANC seems to have forgotten how much KK and the rest of Zambia had to fight tooth and nail against the injustices of apartheid. We suffered with you, suffered and died for you and now you would not raise a finger to come to our rescue.

    • PRETORIA- Friday 26th May 2017 The Zambia High Commission to South Africa has informed… that Opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane was turned away from Zambia as his presence was going to undermine the sanctity, integrity and independence of the Judiciary.
      IN Article Above: “I have asked the Zambian High Commission to give me full reasons why they denied us entry yesterday [Thursday] in Zambia. They have assured me that they are going to come back to me about that issue,” Mr. Maimane said as he emerged from a meeting with Zambian High Commissioner in Pretoria Emmanuel Mwamba.
      SO MR. MWAMBA, when you meet face 2 face, you have no justification to give. You know for sure, there was no reason to deport that guy, you could not justify that and you are not convinced the…

    • SO MR. MWAMBA, when you meet face 2 face, you have no justification to give. You know for sure, there was no reason to deport that guy, you could not justify that and you are not convinced the Zambian govt acted correctly. Again these acts are tarnishing Zambia`s image. Please STOP it. Its political fight, keeping away whoever try to support HH

    • “we are not worried about the actions of a few evil men, but we are shocked at the silence of many good men” American Patriot.

      Zambian civil society, the pentecostal church, unions are a shame!!!

      How does Mmusi come in to do the job you were meant to do? WAKE UP & fight for justice!!!

    • Mr Maimane, I think you mean well and I apologise for the way you were handled by Zambian Police on the aircraft but try and do some background investigations on this case without being biased, also try and do a background investigation on this thing called Human Hyena (HH) this thing you are concerned about incited its followers to attack innocent Zambians in its strongholds who were not members of its tribal grouping. This HH things is a former privitisation crook, a ruthless capitalists that underpays its workers, the thing is a proper lowlife cretin in general so choose your friends wisely Mr Maimane because Human Hyena is a piece of fecal matter.

    • @2020Vision, HH,Maimane,Odinga,Obasanjo,Craig Mills are sponsored by the Oppenheimer family. HH & Maimane know each other through the Oppenheimer family.

    • Ba high commissioner kwati chipwatanga.On your next visit AD leader talk to tsosi guys and bring us some guns we fight these fools for the love of our president HH

    • Lungu and his embarrassments. How can anyone think Zambia is a normal country with the likes of Mwamba? Or Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri and clowns like Amos Chanda. This is very embarrassing. I think I am changing my citizenship to Tanzanian

    • PF was founded by a UNIP die hard vigilante. Unip was intolerant, introduced a one party state, incarcerated many Zambians with divergent political views, suppressed free media, no freedom of assembly, movement and expression. They were only forced to multi party politics when their coffers went dry due to sanctions. The country was on its knees. I am not surprised with what the country is going through now. Imagine having thousands of the current PF die-hard supporters like Mumbi and Frank in every district.

    • Don’t ever allow this Under-5 maimane into Zambia. Zambia is not South Africa where their democracy has no respect for government institutions and criminals have more rights than their victims

    • @Munone, Zambia played a big role during Apartheid times, including having the ANC headquarters in Lusaka. You mean we did not have our own problems then?? Please note that Maimane is trying to fight the way Kaunda fought for injustices that were happening in South Africa. Lungu has lost it and it’s a shame that he even want to contest 2021.. Let him stand. PF will regret and be taught a lesson.

    • Zambia – Please do not allow this charlatan back. There are more problems in South Africa that need his energy.

  1. Did not the world stand in solidarity for Nelson Mandela.
    How was this one person going to undermine the integrity of the zambian judiciary. If law is free and equitable why deny pipo the right to see the application of the law.
    Why can any party cadre say that a person will be arrested for contempt of court before that person enters the country when the only person that can charge a person with contempt is the judge of that court. If I am wrong please advise me.

  2. There is need for more such people on the continent of Africa. Mr Maimane will be remembered for standing up for democracy and rule of law

    • @5.2 Joseph Kaundura

      At least for now, he is enjoying the limelight, courtesy of Zambia’s PF government. Their mistreatment of him has added to his stature, even in his native country.

    • Walanda bwino, we cant afford to be praise singers all the time to one particular person especially with the common one sided justice in the country.

  3. Come prepared otherwise you will be greeted by same officers.

    Its still up to us to allow you in or not.

  4. The more I listen to this person the more I understand Julius. Malema juju. This hired hand did nothing when miners were killed in his country he did not stage a protest when there was xenophobia, he did nothing when his country imposed visa entry restrictions unless you have a yellow fever certificate even from countries where this disease does not exist, he did nothing when MEE were pushing for nkandla money, nothing when the ombudsman report was ignored need we go on? Since when has any Zambian said the reason for going to SA is to see if democracy still wors?how ignorant can one be? The love of money is the root…

    • “He did nothing when the miners were killed in his own country…” Do you mean to imply that because he “did nothing” then, he must do nothing now? How logical is that?

    • Zambians are not trained in logic! Please, try to separate concerns and think logically. In your conscience you know that what is happening to HH is wrong, but your hatred for him as a person is clouding your judgement. Democracy is about processes and systems. Why is it so difficult for you to imagine that you could be in HH’s situation some day? Maimane, Malema, Odinga, Obassanjo and others are expressing the right thoughts even though they all have their own personal weaknesses. Their prior mistakes do not negate the fact that Mr. Lungu is destroying democracy in Zambia and he must be stopped by all right-thinking Zambians. Try to be objective my brother or sister. Zambia is for all of us, not just for Lungu supporters.

    • @Angel, that “Zambian’s are not trained in logic”. Do you speak from a cadres platform or just some self styled one-eyed creature? Stop insulting yourself please.

    • @Angel, simple logic didn’t you see anything wrong with HH and team playing Satwant Singh with the Presidential motorcade?

  5. What democracy does he stand for when a student fighting high college fees has been detained and this foool has not said anything. But he comes to give instructions here.They have failed to remove Jacob and his anc .His motive is to do with businesses HH may have with South African whites . Tsivangarai has been detained several times why hasn’t this uncle Tom done anything.

    • @ndanje khakis
      Mwamba doesn’t even believe in the reasons that were given as to why this Mmusi Maimane was prevented entry, and he is seeking advise, maybe you can help him with justification.
      It’s easy to issue statements, but when it comes to face to face discussion he failed. So if you have reasons why Maimane should not show up help Mwamba !!
      Otherwise, what your justification above, just as other people are irrelevant as they are not genuine to prevent that person entry to Zambia. So next week, the guy is in. Sorry. This whole saga is unwarranted.

    • @9 ndanje khakis

      The subject matter is what is happening now, here in Zambia; not what happens in South Africa.

    • Another illogical post! You have fled the continent but the village mentality and pettiness and plain stupidity have followed you wherever you have gone. Cry my beloved people! Will we ever be smart enough to build each other up and develop together instead of this constant illogical hatred of those with opposing views? Maimane was coming to Zambia in his personal capacity as HH’s friend. Why should you begin to give him a job description that he doesn’t need? If our systems worked properly, the AU and SADC would have issued strong condemnatory messages by now. If we were a logical country, parliament and the judiciary would have resisted Mr. Lungu’s desires to dispense with his rivals in such barbaric and cruel ways.

  6. South Africa must be the voice of reason and of justice in the SADC region. They must be the adult and the BIG BROTHER at the dinner table. It’s high time they weighed-in on Zambia. Tomorrow might be too late.

    • How can they be big brother when they are the youngest in the region? You don’t bequeath status on someone based on his brawn. That’s how Idi Amin became president. Zambia should have grabbed big brother status in this region but Zambians love to doze when everyone else is awake

    • @10.1 Phiri

      South Africa’s ANC has existed for more than one hundred years. We are the babies by comparison.

  7. Continue kicking Mmusi Maimane out of Zambia. It’s good publicity. Soon the whole world will get to know. Soon others will also start coming.

  8. Comment:
    This ka fellow from DA is merely playing to the gallery. Zambians cannot be fooled by this tsotsi.

  9. This issue has become too big for this empty tins…I told these Kaponyas the only trick they have is use the police. This crook Mwamba is the first to post articles on social media BUT when he is met face to face by Maimane he states he will get back to him with answers….really laughable…I wonder what these foools would do if the UN decided to send an envoy.

  10. @9.1 Kanene the guy said he was coming to Zambia to press for the release of HH. How can you tolerate such arrogance. HH may have been arrested for genuine or fake reasons (it happens all the time every where) and is appearing in our courts of law. Mwamba may not impress you but allowing a foreigner to dictate matters is worse. Mymoney cannot rescue HH and neither can he send him to state house

    • He is not dictating anything, confine him to the law and not denying him entry. Just as the case against HH has been exaggerated, the govt is exaggerating on handling this Maimane.
      The govt seems to be panicking not knowing how to handle the case. This is becoming an international fiasco, that is what we are saying. It’s not that Mwamba has not impressed me, but the govt handling of this issue has not impressed me at all. Mwamba failed to justify the reasons in face to face meeting, that is an indication this is a trumped up case again. Bottomline is that these chipante pante actions are tarnishing Zambia image internationally. And when countries comment on what is going on, ECL comes up with the wild explanation of some schemes to take over African leadership. EMBARASSING INDEED.

    • “..the guy said he was coming to Zambia to press for the release of HH. How can you tolerate such arrogance.” Would you refer to KK’s historic pressure on the Boers for the release of Nelson Mandela from prison as “arrogance”?

  11. How big is this boy, Mmusi Maimane? What is so special for him coming to give solidarity to a Zambian facing court charges in Zambia? It seems he still has hang over of apartheid bull dozing mentality! Why insist coming to Zambia when owners of the land DO NOT want him! What is so special about his presence during court session of Hakainde? The tone of his language signifies the less respect for our President! As a Zambian, I can’t tolerate the kind of person like Mmusi Maimane to come to Zambia! Remember foreign elements can bring problems in the country if we are not careful! When we are quiet it doesn’t mean weakness, but wisdom and also thinking about bigger things to protect integrity of our beloved Nation Zambia. Long live President Chagwa Lungu, long live Zambia.

    • @14 VYAKULOLAVYE, you are a low information voter and an illogical and irrational thinker! Your reasoning is embarrassing and your mental capacity is less than that of a toddler! Firstly, anybody is free to lend solidarity to any person going through a court process. Secondly, you do not speak for all Zambians when you say “owners of the land do not want him”. Thirdly, is it not the apex of irony to suggest that foreigners should not participate in our country’s processes while you yourself are a foreigner participating in someone else’s country? Wow, the gall of it all! Lastly, the integrity of our nation is being threatened by Mr. Lungu and nobody else. He is the one in charge of an inept, barbarous, cruel and incompetent regime that is the laughing stock of the world.


  13. Democracy is about respecting other countries sovereignty and it’s democratic institutions.

    HH is hold by the courts and not by government. No one is above the law.

    In my view HH broke the law and he has to pay for that. Realisation always comes after a mistake.

    He should pay just like any other Zambian person in prison. HH is not special.

    • With such a policy, South Africa was never going to be South Africa today, and Somalia was not going to be where it is today. For not wanting to get involved, the world today regrets the Rwanda genocide. And thanks to Tanzania for helping Uganda dislodge Idi Amin Dada from power.

    • Hahahaha, @16 DJ Dene, how old are you son? Ati “HH is hold by the courts and not by government”, hahaha. You are such a frighteningly ignorant person. Many PF supporters are of your caliber and it’s no wonder we have so many problems in our country. DJ Dene, basic civics knowledge is lacking in our country. That’s why everyone thinks the president is the government and no one should stand in his way! No, my boy, the president is head of the executive, that should be independent from the other arms of government viz. the legislature and judiciary. The judiciary should check the excesses of the executive and the legislature…but we know that Zambia is a failed state. Nothing works as it was intended. HH is special because he is the leader of the largest opposition party that can…

    • continued…
      form government at any time! He needs to be respected. In South Africa, the leader of the opposition is a constitutional office. Mmusi Maimane is currently the leader of the opposition. He is paid by government for being in that position. Should he become president of SA, what do you think would happen with the relationship between Zambia and SA? Mr. Lungu is a short term, convenience thinker. In the long run, he will be held accountable for his actions.

  14. Lungu needs to change the way he runs govt. Lungu appointed Ministers to help him govern the country. This Mmusi Maimane debacle could have been avoided had the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Transport and Dept of Immigration co-ordinated the handling of the issue instead of using PF Secretariat Cadres to dictate Policy and run Govt. These Illiterate PF Cadres don’t understand International Protocols like IATA and Geneva Conventions. By sending heavily armed Policemen on the Plane the illegitimate govt has breached these International Protocols. Lungu must learn to distinguish between GRZ and PF Secretariat. Now Lungu is tarnishing Zambia’s image and reputation further. Lungu should depend on Civil Servants for Professional Advice rather than Party Cadres like Mumbi Phiri,Kennedy…

    • Totally agree and well said.
      Unfortunately, even the so-called elite here on LT do not grasp this simple assertion. They focussed on Maimane wanting to come to Zambia, but that is not the issue, the issue is how this was handled, therefore, tarnishing Zambian image.
      Worse still, the High Commission was not able to explain the reasons, which is even more embarrassing. Which has given that guy, even more, energy to want to come to Zambia.
      But as usual, now that Mwamba has requested for reasons, they will start cooking them up.

    • @17 Zulu and @17.1 general kanene, both of you have hit the nail on the head. Processes and protocols are there to avoid irrational and arbitrary decisions by people in decision making positions. The minister of home affairs, a known cadre, moved with swift cruelty to impress his boss. I doubt that he spoke to his counterpart in foreign affairs! This tells you the level of thinking among these people. The High Commissioner was left to look very foolish because no proper reason was given for this extraordinarily barbarous debacle. For God’s sake, how can we be represented by such mentally immature leaders?

  15. Let Mmusi Maimane come to Zambia and be arrested as prohibited immigrant so that he will be with Hakainde in Chimbokaila. Let him brave the Zambian security.

    • I do not doubt that the Zambian security forces would arrest Maimane and provoke an international incident. After all, they do not reason independently. If the president says “arrest him”, they like dogs will simply carry out the order without regard to the law. Unfortunately, we have a lot of PF cadres in police uniforms. I also think that whatever training these “officers” are getting is awfully deficient in the most basic information, like how to effect an arrest, how to prepare a case for court, how to treat people in police custody. So far, the security forces have failed big time on all these BASIC and fundamental issues. Furthermore, why do we seem to only employ psychopaths in our police service? Zambians should reject this savage group!

  16. Please come again. If Chagwa does the same thing, IATA should ban Zambian Airports, fine Chagwa and prosecute all culprits at ICC! The old cases of PF cadres taking over the Ndola runway to prevent Miles Sampa from landing and the Shiwangandu incidents of PF cadres stoning aircraft and attempted bringing down of an aircraft are all crimes that must see their day at ICC! It now makes sense why Chagwa et al were so desperate to leave ICC!

    • the burning of a campaign bus with the deriver in mutendere, the brutal assault on post journalists in chipata, all those crimes need conclusion one day.

      While PF cry about evicting families in Namwala who did not even live in namwala, those presented as victims were bussed in from outside. Ask them to show the victims, they fail.

    • spaka like lilo – It is this silliness of burying your atrocities under the sand that makes other people very scared of power being in your hands.

  17. Check how civilised the meeting was, even shaking hands despite their differences. Does Maimane know how uncivilised HH and his UPNDonkeys are within Zambia while showing the opposite when he is in South Africa? Donkeys are like that.

  18. lungu has been fainting uncontrollably since this great son maimane came on the scene. He is really putting pressure on the already frail and sick rat lungu. azamwalila lungu

  19. KK was arrested by MMD and Nyerere as former President of Tanzania in to speak on his behalf. Was that interference of the court process.

    • You m0r0n. Nyerere never went to the press and arrogantly claimed to pressure the government and courts to release KK. Kupusa

  20. There are enough issues for maimane to sort out in SA such as corruption, xhenophobia, high crime rate esp in Pretoria and Johannesburg where almost every day People are losing valuables including money and even life. Why waste time and resources to support criminality in another country ? Next time u come by force, u will end up in prison….. Emulate the great Zuma who understands the cordial relationships that exist btwn Zambia and SA.

  21. Many DA whites – led by Helen Zille – have openly expressed their genuine dislike for blacks. To many South African whites, the blacks are just good chola (bag) carriers for the racists. Mmusi Maimane is a shameful eyesore in Southern Africa and Africa in general.

  22. Ba Kanene and other upnd members you only see the side that supports you no matter how wrong your party may be. Always looking for loop holes in PF. As for me Ive condemned pf misdeeds whenever they are committed. Once you start seeing your
    ..mist stakes you’ll make progress

  23. What bloggers who are in support of Mmusi action have not put their minds to understand the following.
    1. That Africa has more than 300 opposition parties and headed by politicians of note.
    2. The opposition leaders are all competing for democratic space in their countries and fully realise that their roles have territorial clauses.
    3. That Zambia and Zambians suffered huge material and human loses in defence of and creation of democratic space that the likes of Mmusi are enjoying in South Africa today.
    4. This so called solidarity support is in fact and assault on the very fabrics of Zambian political establishments, the judiciary and the executive.

    It is therefore folly for a sane government to try and sanitise a visit by a foreigner whose DNA smacks of utter disregard of…

    • @28 Joseph Kaundura…how pathetic can you be? You are contradicting yourself by your own logic or lack thereof. Point 3 and 4 are diametrically opposed. You are committing a logical fallacy. If Zambians suffered to create a democratic space in South Africa, knowing that apartheid was wrong, why shouldn’t South Africans suffer to create a democratic space in Zambia, knowing that tribalism and hooliganism and dictatorship is wrong? Don’t share on an open forum when you haven’t thought through your arguments. “An injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere”.

  24. “I will be back in Zambia for HH’s trial-Maimane” He is a man; the likes desperately needed in the region, leaders who can exert pressure on misguided despots.

    • We do not need this fool in Zambia – ati I will be back in Zambia for whatever, who is he to intimidate us. Please responsible authorities do not allow this lunatic into the country.

    • atase show some patriotism iwe. Are you that desperate to have blacks colonize zed. at least ba zungu to colonize you morons again cause….

    • @ 29.1 The Dark Lord

      You sound like a Zimbabwean – keep Bob at the helm till death do us part. Check it out. It is no longer Zimbabwe. It is now, Zimbabwe ruins – at least what it has been for a while now and what it was the last time I checked. I lived in Zimbabwe the first four years of Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s rule. Zimbabweans were the proudest of humans then. They no longer are. And Bob is still at the helm, doing as he pleases. Edgar Changwa Lungu is Mugabe’s adopted son. Soon Zambia will be switching sides with Zimbabwe. We are destined to become the next Zimbabwe ruins. The cracks are already showing. Lungu is slowly developing into the dictator he told us he was going to be; and you, among others, musing yourselves at how luck we are to be ruled by another Bob.

    • Imute wa Kalilo you need a lot more education on Zimbabwe. Under the man you so hate and claim to have ruined Zimbabwe the country leads in literacy. Secondly after land reform and this year alone the Agriculture sector has tremendously recovered with tobacco sales expected to reach a whooping 3million kgs bringing in a close to 1 billion Usd, all this being distributed amongst the new black farmers, a feet never achieved before.

      I am not the one to judge the general living standards of living of peoples of Africa. But my dear brother kindly note that some of us have been to all your compounds and experienced both forms and standard of living in the two countries. I have been to devil street, Emersdale, Kalingalinga and all other compounds in Lusaka. Its not a rosy affair as…

  25. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The current PF leadership are full of hatred, envy and they live constant in fear of their own shadows. Imagine if Sata, Scott and their comrades were like these managers. I call them managers because they do not qualify to tick the boxes that make someone to be called a leader.
    Zambia was once the beacon of hope, tranquillity and peace. Wait and see something unoredictable happens to HH. Zambia will ungovernable . I’m pure bemba and I do not believe in the current stupid and uncultured bembas being used to shout loudly with full of hatred towards HH or anyone supporting him. Sata taught his followers to love those who insulted him. Today you the likes of Lusambo claiming to love Lungu more than anyone and that he will do anything in the…

    • In behalf of all bembas I disown you as one of us and declare you a tonga. The fear of the law is the rule of democracy. S*ny0k0 HH and his kaponyas shouted and refused to stop and now you go like the fear of the Dark Lord (Negro Please). Its chaps like you who are making Zambia ungovernable but thanks to the gods the looooooooooong arm of the law finally caught up with Human Hyena

  26. If its about the law then why did the police raid HH’S house with out a warrant?
    PF guys are just jelabo kaponyas.
    U will see your ass soon.

    • Yes, those that left their specimens at the accused’s residence will have their body parts modified by experts….Kikikiki….The tragedy of PF is doing things without thinking things through! You are hereby grounded by IATA! No direct flights from Lusaka soon. You have to travel by road to some airports in neighboring countries before you can board a plane! Meanwhile you have put our brothers and sisters in SA in danger. The call to expell all Zambians from SA is getting louder and they have vowed to take the law into their hands if the SA authorities don’t take action. This is how complicated this issue is getting. It took 50 years to build the good reputation Zambia has had and it only took one hour of PF f00lishness to destroy that! Sickening indeed! Chiluba was very wise because he…

  27. U unruly poor fools , bakoswe naba kolwe mukabwekelemo uko mwafuma. Mwashupa saana. Ici calo tecenu mweka. Jehovah Lesa acipela kubantu boonse mumulinganya no luse kuli umo nomunankwe. Yesu atile nga mwatemwana elyo bakeshiba ukuti muli basambi bandi. Ba Edgar ngamwakwata ukutenwa elyo bakeshiba ukuti your declaration of Zambia as a christian nation is real. Practice what u say pantu icicetekelo cabule milimo califwa. Faith without work is dead.

  28. Thanks to PF’s imprudence. Otherwise, I never would have known that this guy, Mmusi Maimane, existed somewhere in the Republic of South Africa.

  29. Honestly foreign affairs must tell that Mwamba the right diplomatic code of appearance, you cannot have the whole entire high commissioner with such a childish table hair cut! No wonder he is the laughing stock of the diplomatic community in Pretoria with his scandalous habit of picking up prostitutes from Pretoria and Joburg night clubs at weekends.

  30. #10, Namwala killers, like your friends in RSA! What are you talking about? South Africa a voice of reason to Zambia? Zambia is already a voice of reason to all including you tribalizts!

  31. The manhandling of Mmusi Maimane is an international scandal. Zambians are used to being manhandled and assaulted by the authorities, and they usually have no recourse to justice. But manhandling a high profile potential president of another country for unknown reasons puts us in the category of a failed state. Our “law of the jungle” approach to governance needs to be changed immediately before we destroy our relationships with other countries. We have the law in our books, let’s follow it!

    • Under which international protocol and law is that. When did potential become outright ascendency. This Mmusi boy is lost. He cant force himself into a country whose government is unwelcoming.

    • International scandal my foot. Failed state my fine black significant part of the body. Shall we let loons go crazy like monkeys on roads for the sake of other countries praising us? Suppose HH wins (God forbid) and mymoney loses (am willing to bet money on it) and still in opposition. For argument’s sake let’s say the opposition go bananas. Who will mymoney support? It is crystal clear he is supporting HH cause he is in opposition

  32. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere! The world is watching and will not be silent! Change course mr Captain Chagwa or suffer Shipwreck!

  33. In Zambia we have 3 arms of Government

    Who is Maimane to tell us that he will come to Zambia to force the courts to release Haikaka Humwine. He cheated last time that the police assaulted him. I am now authorising the police to handle him as a criminal the next he tries to force himself into this peaceful country.
    The worst opposition politicians that Africa has are:

    All bitter men and have same financiers, but chances of them being presidents is ZERO, ZERO, ZERO.

  34. Maimane first sort outr your issues with your Zuma and ANC. second, zimbabwe is so near you there, why havent you visuited tsavinrai and the others when they v been in more soup. by the way the opposition leader in Uganda was arrested few days before the elections, you kept quiet and you never visited the leader. to be honest with you a thousand times, YOU CAN NEVER SAY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ABOUT DRC AND KABILA NOT EVEN ABOUT BURUNDI AND LUANDA. You are a coward and a hypocrite. when HH was suffering in the last few elections you never visited him, today you want to show you care. dont come and tease my HH. he has the stamina to get over it, soon he will be out, without your presence. that i am very sure.we dont want to attribute HH ‘S VICTORY WITH YOUR PHARASEETIC BEHAVIOUR . YOU ARE…

  35. We need more african leaders like Maimane who will stand up against the wrongs being perpetrated. The Justice system in Zambia is one sided and only a person who is not sober will not see it. Our government thinks they are very clever and will force courts to drop all cases against them in secret thinking that we are not seing anything. That’s why in Zambia leaving presidency cannot be a desirable thing. One knows that the same courts they were abusing will be used by the proceeding government to prosecute them. Praise singers on the other hand are busy preaching Lungu gospel due to few allowances given to them in secret making the whole thing complicated.

  36. This guy must deal with his arrogance and sort SA issues. He failed to deal with Zille and want to take it out on Zambia. He must votsek and concentrate on South African issues. Ni Zambia ya Nyina??

Comments are closed.

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