Home Entertainment 3rd annual Lusaka Comic Con showcases Zambian youths talent and creativity

3rd annual Lusaka Comic Con showcases Zambian youths talent and creativity


Lusaka Comic-Con (LsCon) is a spectacle that brings together lovers of comic books, anime, video games, movies, global pop culture and visual arts. The 3rd annual event was held on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at the American Done Lusaka Show grounds. The lively event was attended by comic book culture enthusiasts (Fanboys and Fangirls) who came clad in various costumes of their favorite characters. Cosplay ( the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie , book or video game) is becoming extremely popular in Zambia . Fanboys and Fangirls came dressed in creative costumes such Wolverine from X-men , SubZero from Mortal Kombat , She-Ra Princess of Power ,and many more .

The Lusaka Comic Con had activities such :

  • Displays and sale of various styles of art work such as anime ,comic , digital paintings ,caricature ,among others.
  • Zambian made arcade game machines (made by 6 Light Media) .
  • Console games and PC games.
  • Zambian made comic books.
  • Trivia (Movies/series/video game & Japanese Anime)
  • live music performances by RnB artiste Scott , rap duo Simply Deep , and others.
  • Sale of comic books ,collectables ,toys, pop culture memorabilia (by Time Machine Zambia)

The LsCon is a great initiative as it helps to educates people and promotes local and urban art. we have so much untapped talent in Zambia which must be given a chance to be showcased to the world.


cosplay at Lusaka Comic Con
Video games
Cosplay at Lusaka Comic Con
Cosplay at Lusaka Comic Con
Cosplay and Lusaka Comic Con
Arcade games
representative from 6 light media explaning how they built the arcade game machines
Origami display
Cosplay at lusaka Comic con
arcade games
Origami display
Lusaka Comic Con
Artist displaying her art work
Artist displaying art work
art work
Performance by Scott
performance by Scott
Artists displaying their art work
Art work
Art work
Rap duo ,Simply Deep ,performing
Vinyl records on sale
Art work
Cosplay at Lusaka Comic Con
Cosplay at Lusaka Comic Con
Rap duo performing
the host of the event
Comic books on sale
Artists displaying their art work
Art work
zambian comic books
Zambian Comic book writer explaining what his comic books are about
Time Machine Zambia exhibiting their Comic books and other memorabilia
Lusaka Comic Con
Lusaka Comic Con
kids playing Arcade games
Computer games




  1. FuManchu
    Nice event but it should also be used to identify talent available to be encouraged for production of home grown comics and characters! Zambia can not be perpetual copycats of everything foreign! I bet no one attended characterizing either Katona, Ponyax, Apam Wamba or indeed long forgotten "Smiler" the naughty lad whose life in Lusaka revolved around Matero! Zambian humor is great and comics wouldn't lack subject matter!
  2. Transporter
    Event should be natinwide or hosting should alternate among all the capital towns of zambia..Nice creativity and mind provoking event!

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