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Mulongoti, Mumba and Milupi are Irresponsible, Selfish Leaders- Antonio Mwanza

Headlines Mulongoti, Mumba and Milupi are Irresponsible, Selfish Leaders- Antonio Mwanza

Charles Milupi Nevers Mumba and Mike Mulongoti
Charles Milupi Nevers Mumba and Mike Mulongoti

IT IS very irresponsible and selfish for opposition leaders Mike Mulongoti, Nevers Mumba and Charles Milupi to request Donors to withdraw Donor Aid to Zambia because of Hakainde Hichilema’s incarceration says FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza.

Last week, HH’s alliance partners appealed to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to fund “illegalities and people who will use their resources recklessly”.

Nevers Mumba, Mike Mulongoti and Charles Milupi of MMD, People’s Party and Alliance for Democracy and Development respectively, were speaking at a joint press briefing after HH was transferred from Lusaka Central Prison to Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison in Kabwe.

But an exasperated Mwanza had no kind words for his fellow opposition leaders and further called their actions as irresponsible outrageous and totally misplaced.

He said Donor Aid is meant to help the poor and it’s withdraw would affect millions of Zambians.

Mr Mwanza highlighted that Donor Aid cushions access of ARVS and all health facilities as well as water, sanitation and education.

He questioned how responsible leaders would trade the release of Hichilema at the expense of millions of Zambians.

Mr Mwanza added that the case of Hichilema was one before the courts and urged his fellow opposition leaders to allow for the due process of the law to take its course.

He went on to note that just because the trio could afford health and education care for themselves and their families, as leaders they needed to look above noses and remember that their call is to be of service to the people.

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  1. These three are foolish. They must look at Zimbabwe and see of the president is suffering or its the people of zimbabwe.

  2. Antonio Mwanza has a point. If donors have to withhold aid, let it be out of their own assessment and not by instigating them to do so. At the end of the day, it is not the politicians who suffer but the poor masses. Even during the HIPC agenda, the church and progressive citizens championed debt relief and debt cancellation much as they abhorred the Chiluba administration mischief.Let’s differentiate between development and politics

    • Anotnio Mwanza is a lemon, he has no right to criticize Mumba

      Why is he concerned over a matter he shouldn’t be. Cant stand Zambian men, pathetic !

      I hold a Phd



    • These opposition leaders should think beyond their hate for the ruling party. This is not just about them against ECL. It’s scary that they could have gathered and arrived at that decision to petition donors to suspend aid.

    • I have never heard a nationalist soliciting for suffering to be inflicted on the people they want to lead a nation.Bravo Antonio, these are misfits, mercenaries sponsored to create confusions so that their sponsor could descend on the country’s nattional resources could be plundered.These are the ukwalola umwela, they lack definite direction, especially someone coming a meessenger of background.Shame!!!!

    • Mwanza would prefer pf get loans to purchase teargas canisters and military artillery for the police at the expense of masses of Zambians whose lives are solely dependent on PAMELA lifestyle, bunga pamela, cooking oil in little pamela plastics, bathing soap pamela, relish pamela, they can’t even afford proper zambeef products now, even condoms pamela.

    • Other than wishes for twitch plays daily hoping for execution by some emulators sequentially, do they have a credible voice anyways? Driven by anarchist utopia they precipitate subversive acts and expect such would continue flying freely unabated in a our burgeoning Democracy. Take Zambia first before your pockets. Zambia is truly bigger than anyone of us Jesus already died for us all.

    • All of the 3 are one man party. Mumba is alone now. They were talking on behalf of their tummies. These people should have warned HH in the first place. Its only one troublemaker who is incarcerated not half the country. There is no crisis in zambia. Only upnd have a crisis of having not controlled their leader when they had time to do so.

    • These old chaps’ campaign is abrogating the Republican Constitution and are behaving below expectations; The Constitutions states thus:
      Defence of Constitution;
      2. Every person has the right and duty to— (a) defend this Constitution; and (b) resist or prevent a person from overthrowing, suspending or illegally abrogating this Constitution.
      Responsibilities of citizen:
      43. (1) A citizen shall — (a) be patriotic to Zambia and promote its development and good image;
      (2) A citizen shall endeavour to—
      (e) understand and enhance Zambia’s place in the international community.

    • When this ka *****e Mwanza will be locked up on trumped up charges, it will be too late for the ka dog to realize that the same poor people he is talking about have lost all their rights including their rights to medication under these masquerades.

    • Most of the money is looted because Lungu is surronded by thugs and all types of people that drain the economy instead of adding value. Can Lungu and team account for the borrow 10 billion euros.


  3. BA mwanza,donor aid always has conditions….and it was the president lungu who said donors can take their aid if they want…So who do you blame? Amano cine cine cuuma

    • What are you telling us who doesn’t know half the the money goes the pockets of the people in govt.therefore I see no wrong in mumba and friends asking IMF not to fund the selfish leaders who are drunk with borrowing. In the shot time they have been in govt they have accrued 20 billion debt for the poor zamhian

    • I had respect for Mwanza and Edith but they have both proven to be shallow mind with nothing to offer. Surely how can you try defend Lungu. Can this Mwanza chap explain the expired ARVs that were bought while the PF looted and people are suffering. Can he account for the Eurobonds? Has Zambia become a better place since Lungu took over. All these are a resounding NO. Leadership is more than holding the instruments of power. There is nothing inspirational about Lungu or his leadership. All we have are divisions, increased public theft, thugs in government institutions, etc.

    • @Mwanza Antonio! Why do you choose to pretend now! Are you now that HUNGRY that you have decided to join the Lungu camp. Is it not your Lungu who was telling the donors to pack their bags and leave this sovereign country with their aid! Did you say anything (condemn) that irresponsible statement from the clueless drunkard. Stop running to PF, Find something to do, get a life.

  4. Since when did IMF and World Bank become ‘donors’? These institutions are lenders who give loans at inflated interest rates (depending on risk) and often with conditions that actually are against the poor. As for donors like the Scandinavian countries, they attack good governance as a precondition. But in either cases, these thieves often pocket and steal a good percentage anyway. If this dude was serious about protecting the poor, he would direct his criticism to these corrupt and thieving dictators of Lungu and his minions.

    • What can a Wako say against Lungu? They are celebrating together that they can use state instruments to harass and kill Zambians.

  5. Desperate appeal from desperate nationals.How many appeals made to the international communities so far only My Money responded awkwardly.When making an appeal pliz remember Mwaliteta and the group also,its not just about hh,Ilya uma lyena namuliloba napanshi patalala.What has happened to the petition!

  6. Antonio thinks he’s more wise than those old men..?styopeti..get lost..they are fighting for a just cause..we can’t have an innocnet person at Mukobeko..continue eating the women’s money with Nawakwi..

    • Actually I am surprised that has now tilted towards PF. All along he was a voice of reason but now his mind is with the thieves in PF. IMF should not give money because PF will take it into their pockets just like they did to the Euro bond. PF is a rogue government. IMF should wait for more credible people to govern Zambia. These irresponsible PF fools are accumulating dates for our children to pay in future and this is money they have stolen. Come on Anthoio do not have a callous heart like Lungu.

  7. So you “three stoojoos” are saying that, because of Double HH, donor aid should be halted. Uziless chaps

    • In as much as i do not support donor IMF aid, pstr Mumba and his team are doing it out of selfish motives. do you even realize the implications of what they are aiming at? This is as good as killing the poor people for them to receive political sympathy. This is not good, especially for pstr. Mumba whom I still regard as a spiritual father.

    • @Mwanza Antonio! Why do you choose to pretend now! Are you now that HUNGRY that you have decided to join the Lungu camp. Is it not your Lungu who was telling the donors to pack their bags and leave this sovereign country with their aid! Did you say anything (condemn) that irresponsible statement from the clueless drunkard. Stop running to PF, Find something to do, get a life.

  8. Antonio Mwanza has a point. If donors have to withhold aid, let it be out of their own assessment and not by instigating them to do so. At the end of the day, it is not the politicians who suffer but the poor masses. Even during the HIPC agenda, the church and progressive citizens championed debt relief and debt cancellation much as they abhorred the Chiluba administration mischief.Let’s differentiate between development and politics

  9. To show solidarity with HH, these three leaders must voluntarily submit themselves to be locked up at Mukobeko with HH. We will clap for them, but no innocent Zambian will lose sleep apart from their families.

  10. Mwanza is right. It does not mean that when you differ in the house , then even children should not eat. The trio are just wasting their time and the reporters space. You even hold the press conference for such stup1dity honestly…..
    Nevers Mumba please go back to the pulpit, you are so much in a hurry to make ends meet in any way possible…politics is not for small children bwana. Milupi i understand how you feel about your relative, for you i have no comment, but for the other chap Mulongoti you are just a time waster..go back to your family party and campaign within your family. Am sure even your wife (mulongiti) cant not waste the vote on you..

  11. Wanting a poor Zambian to fight and die for any one to be in leadership is most wicked thing I would allow any one to lecture to me. Stopping aid of any form from any country is detrimental to the general welfare of ordinary people, not any government official. Zimbabwe is a case study close by. Big Robert G Mugabe would never even for a day go hungry or Without enough for a Singapore hospital medical bills, the same can be said about all politicians in that country. But look at a common citizens there. Without being political and partisan this kind of talking from Mumbai and colleagues is an attack on poor majority Zambians regardless of political views . It’s careless and full of vested interest. Be considerate, realistic and mean well to the people, and we will do the change of regime…

    • Out of your own President mouth came that same setment that away with donors Zambia can do with out donors sowhy. Are you crying Woolf

    • Edie – Do not twist what the President said to suit your narrative. That is the problem when you only read news leaning to your thinking.

  12. Surely are Charles Milupi,Nevers Mumba and Mike Mulongoti politicians who can attract the attention of donors?these are useless and broke niggas fighting for HH’s attention so that they can have ngwees in their empty pockets.
    Which donor country can withdraw AID because of HH?NONE!!come on guys,who knows this “cuundu chaitwa chairman-HH”,beyond our boarders?only his business partners in SA tried to make noise 2 weeks ago.but after noticing that nobody is listening to them,they have also gone quiet.

  13. Can I have a sober comment from Antonio Mwanza or his allies on this statement: Last week, HH’s alliance partners appealed to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to fund “illegalities and people who will use their resources recklessly”.

  14. Mwanza is now singing for a govt job. Njala yamunyonkola.
    It’s a case of wako ni wako here; his statement is dressed in kumozi kumava ideology. What a pity that even Antonio is now a muzungu anikonde sycophant.

  15. I have always said that what HH is going through is not a strange phenomenon. Most Leaders have been imprisoned.

    But there’s nothing wrong also with what these three opposition?Leaders are advocating for because it’s a normal occurrence for donors to impose sanctions on nation’s over bad governance.

  16. Antonio Mwanza – we know him, he has an IQ of a 5-year old boy. Disgusting! If he was as intelligent as the three men he is criticizing he would have had more money than them. From the way he is ranting on behalf of PF, which is not his party, somehow one senses a tinge of jealousy! Go to hell, Antonio Mwanza. At least His Excellency ECL is quiet about it because he knows better. Antonio don’t come here to exhibit your poverty and low IQ, it is too much for us to take both of them in and understand the desperation in your stomach. PF Secretary General is now waiting for you to pay you your K2,000 for petrol into your car and remain with enough change for a bag of mealie-meal.

  17. What do you do when you have a small fire in the house threatening to burn down the entire house which has an open direct connection to cooking gas? Don’t you cut the fuel supply first? Don’t you also close the windows and doors to cut off oxygen supply? I have labored to use a simple lesson from the fire department and I hope you now understand what all who are calling for a halt to funding have in mind. We have said it before that our Debt ($16 Billion in case PF has not told you) is fast approaching our small GDP of around $20 Billion (we may have to revise our GDP down). By definition, if your Debt becomes equal to your GDP, that technically means you are bankrupt! Don’t we feel ashamed to continue borrowing? We have no Audit report of how the Euro bonds have been used and yet you…

  18. and yet you want to borrow again? Zambians will be shocked by the reality of this irresponsible debt contraction. Currently, half of any borrowing will go into PF pockets in the name of contractors (Can you get a contract if you don’t have connections to the powers). Since PF has taken away our rights and freedoms of expression and assembly and that they are daily issuing threats to brutalize citizens with impunity, funding them will only make our country a callous police state it has become. Sad that Antonio Mwanza’s moral compass has stopped working. Not sure what they have given you. Yes drought of donor funding will be painful but we are already in a painful situation where you now are spending double on electricity for example. We must first put our house in order and stop the…

  19. We must first put our house in order and stop the current rot! Unfortunately for Mwanza, the donors have already made their observations. This is why for example they are using different funding vehicles like CHAZ as opposed to MOH because of lack of accountability and corruption. It’s all about Government Accountability, good governance and guaranteeing Human rights to all regardless of ethnicity or political persuasion or religion. We have seen how many civil servants have been victimized on account of their ethnic extraction – either transferred, fired or retired in national interest. Is that not a human rights issue? We also have to release the over 3,000 political prisoners first! Until then, forget about donor support! If you want to cry please go ahead!

  20. This aid is lining up the pockets of politicians. We are busy contracting debt which we do not even put to good use. What have we benefited from the Eurobond? Mr. Antonio Mwanza is just trying to gain political mileage for his party. The problem is the opposition is too jealous of one another.

  21. This week we are sending more bulk petitions to donar countries, IMF and world bank highlighting lungus abuse of democratic rights of the opposition. Right of assembly, right to travel without harassment and the basic right to greet supporters and well wishes.

    Any monies released to lungu will be further used to violate our democracy we are telling them…..

    • I came accross a link for upnd were they are busy posting rubbish and signing petition to US secretary of state to halt funding. I have all their contact numbers and i know what they are planning. I dont want to mention names for now.

  22. Antonio Mwanza could do well to keep quiet. If there is mismanagement of donor funds, the poor do not benefit. The money ends up in the pockets of the rich plunderers while the poor keep suffering to death. More than 80% of that money enriches the already rich people. Thats why there is so much oppression in our country. So that even if we see wrongs, no one should talk and allow plunderers to plunder the resources. No need to keep quiet. H. H. arrest was a long calculated move to silence all opposition voice in the country. Time will come for the oppressors to pay the price of their oppression. God is not asleep but watches everything.

  23. We must learn to be self sufficient. Debt must be avoided.. The best course is to be debt free and plan big time.
    A borrower s a slave to the lender… borrowing , borrowing, borrowing all the time…. why cant we learn to work and lend out instead….
    I hate debts….every one of us must hate debts … Even Mwanza must hate debts….
    I rum my farm debt free and pay my taxes…..

  24. PF own a rabid dog that is biting people. They are telling us to neither cry nor protest. How fair is that?

  25. I used to have confidence in Mwanza as a young upcoming politician but not anymore, he has now become a flip flop politician with no real direction

  26. Antonio is a failed political project. Ask those of us who were with him at UNZA. No wonder he couldn’t complete his studies during our time. He is only clinging on to Nawakwi for his stomach. This is after he had chewed HH’s money until UPND couldn’t trust this guy anymore. Antonio and Hapunda are not chaps you can trust in politics.

  27. And childish too! It is time we stopped calling people who are given honorary papers “Drs!” Ignorance is the disease of UPND party and all its sympathisers. These fake “Dr.” make us real ones to be mistaken for these guys!

  28. Going to donor agencies and cooperating partners is a recognized instrument for forcing the point of view of one group on the whole country. When this tool is used to weaken or undermine a lawfully elected government, then it becomes a tool of a few disgruntled outlaws. Imposing one option on government is not democratic. In a democracy, the aid continues to flow without interruption. At the same time, the opposition political parties and certain civil society organizations continue to lobby and exert pressure on government to improve governance. In this way, a win-win situation is created. It is not inappropriate for patriotic people to demand the boycott of the same fatherland that they claim to defend. These are spoiler tactics and they do not stand a chance of succeeding.

    • Which lawfully elected government? You mean chagwa dictatorship or something else? You must be serious. Chagwa is a cheap dictator and will pay dearly for it.

    • @Dr. Kasonde Makasa
      Exactly, my point. Milupi, Nevers and Mulongoti think because they cannot be in government with HH, then natufilile munsenga. These are old men who have lived their lives and want to bring down Zambia with them, just because they cannot eat from GRZ jobs now that their messiah, HH, cannot take them into the political kingdom. It is desperation of the worst kind, if you ask me. Morgan Tsvangirai of MDC tried it in Zimbabwe. But, boy, did this endear poor Morgan to the Zimbabwean electorate. The answer is an emphatic no. It made most Zimbabweans lose the little respect they had for him.

  29. The photo should have read: “A group of children conferring to one another about childish stuff with childish behavior!”

  30. Actually donors do not give cash to the government,they bring their own people and disburse these funds themselves or thru NGOs…And that’s the assistance that they play in assisting the Government…Now coming to the three Opposition Opportunist even if the Supreme Leader HH were to be elected President of Zambia in 2026, he would still need the donors to balance up the budget because there is no level playing field with the developed world…

  31. Let me just remind everyone on this forum. Nothing in this world is absolute. No one has absolute power to twist everyone around. time comes when your own power comes to an end.

  32. I don’t know about Milupi and Mulongoti but I will say this about Nevada Mumba. Mumba doesn’t hate PF and neither does he love Upnd. It’s just a question of opportunity for him.Had PF accepted him instead of Mutati, Mumba would be singing a different song. Upnd should be wary of this blood sucking leech. Instead of closing their eyes Upnd should read the history of this Lucifer to know what type of snake they are dealing with. I write more on this rattler.

  33. Its was irresponsible and selfish for PF to take Zambia from 6.4% economic growth to 3% with heavy debts,powe rationing and Fitch downgrades.
    Leave these 3 fine men alone they haven’t done as much damage as the PF has done since 2011.

  34. Viva mwanza…Zambia is beyond HH.let’s be realistic..shud we suffer cos of hakainde s carelessness. HH s case isn’t political..its criminal

  35. Mulongoti , milupi and Mumba are political failures.Don’t punish Zambians for voting PF..Everything has time…iam sure Zambians are learning the harder way

  36. Why should wicked Mumba, Mulongoti and Milupi starve the poor Zambian like me to death for voting for PF?

  37. Comment:
    Indeed the three have miniscule following in Zambia. A total of nuclear family votes each, all told.

  38. What variety or species of crops are these leaders of minute political parties called Milupi, Mulongoti and Mumba? We hear they are Presidents of some political parties. God forbid. These guys pop out of their little parties to seek political glory and relevance under the umbrella of UPND. Well, it is up to UPND members to be cautious of these strange visitors masquerading as friends of HH when they are actually yearning for his money irrespective of the plight that Hichilema’s family is experiencing. The Bembas say ‘ICHIKUPEMPULA ECHIKULYA’. Nevers Mumba has acquired the skills of pretence to out wit his so-called friends through his dark corner meetings to earn his bread. Does the UPND party have a THINK-TANK to assess the calibre of Milupi, Mulongoti and Nevers Mumba casting…

  39. Mwanza is an oppotunist looking for a job from the PF govt. Mwanza should listen to Mr Elias Munshya’s Facebook Video and will know that the HH Treason issue is Not a Legal Issue but a Political issue. There is no Treason committed by HH and his workers. Lungu is just using State Machinery to destroy HH politically by imprisoning them for years. HH and his workers did not commit any covert acts that could be considered to be Treason. The Lungu govt want money from IMF to finance the Budget which includes financing the Persecution of HH and his workers. IMF,World, Aid Donors and other Western Financiers should not finance Lungu’s Dictatorship. Dr Mumba and his colleagues are very right in calling on these Financial Institutions not to finance Lungu’s growing Dictatorship. In anycase…

  40. Which Zambians are these 3 political failures, with no followers representing. They seem to be bitter because of their own political failures and now out of frustration they want to starve the Zambians to death.

  41. These three are the real danger to HH. That why they are always parading theselve before the media for southern province to see them. They have evil motives in all this case. Ithese are the guys who can’t ring there fit in politics and now wasn’t to eliminate HH AND RIDE ON HIS hard and love for his c.onutry. aba bemba batila UKwali isoke twakwa fulebantu. Data called mergers as Judas for nothing. He became vice president because he killed comes vision. Rember he was the opposition spokes person after the disputed 200l election though to have born won by kambela. The opposition were again blind to see through all statement nerves was making until he betrayed them and gave information to levy on the claim and witnesses for the presidencial petition we are witnesses to the outcome of that…

  42. Thats why upnd and HH lose election after election.Which votes can these 3(Milupi,Mumba and Mulongoti) lonely politicians add to upnd?these 3 have no following anywhere in Zambia.Nevers Mumba stood as an MP in his home village Chinsali but lost terribly to PF!!Mulongoti has never won a seat anywhere in Zambia.maybe Milupi may win under upnd in lozi land because in those areas even a “frog” if adopted by upnd would win!!
    As for donors,these 3 are empty tins.no donor country would listen to them!!moreover,almost all donor countries have embassies in Lusaka,so they have acurate news about how bad hh behaved in mongu and how he became a wounded hyena after losing 2016 elections!!thats why they are quiet because they know that HH made a mistake!!

  43. PF and opposition parties have nothing to offer this country. We will be in this quagmire for many years to come. Politicians will be opening their mouths any how including amateurs like Antonio. But the masses remain hungry

  44. Zambians are chameleons. Remember a few weeks ago Mwanza tore apart the PF agenda for the country and the postings from Upnd members were all praises even labelling him a future national leader. Now today he states another “truth “and just because it’s not condemning PF he becomes a villain, a wacko …

  45. Dear Mwanza,

    Please give an itemised list/evidence of how donor funds in Zambia reach the poor or kindly explain in detail how the funds have been spent to uplift the poor in Zambia? Once you establish that fact, you might just arrive at the conclusion that you need to sit down somewhere dark and keep quiet!!

  46. Mad Milupi will NEVER be president of Zed
    Madder Mulongoti will NEVER be president of Zed
    Maddest Mumba will never be president of Zed.

    Why then are they behaving the way they are?
    For Mulongoti who campaigned for PF, he wanted to be rewarded immediately after elections.
    For Milupi and Mumba who campaigned for HH, they are angry that their ambitions of being ministers under HH, has been delayed. The two have come to realize that the highest level that they can reach is that of a provincial minister.

    Why do they look desperate?

    Among the three, Milupi, Mulongoti and Mumba, only one has a secure source of income, and that is Milupi. Mulongoti and Mumba are beggars who have turned Milupi into their pay master in the absence of HH. The noise they are making is not for free. HH…

  47. Antonio Mukwasu Mwansa is talking rubbish. Lenders and Donors are not naive and will not finance Repression and Persecution in Zambia. Lungu and Mutati wants to borrow $1.6 billion from IMF to partly finance the National Budget. The Police,the Army,the Courts,Prisons etc are financed from the National Budget. All the Policemen and Prison Officers being used by Lungu to persecute HH and his workers are being funded from the National Budget. The IMF Board and Aid Donors will not approve funding to Zambia to help Lungu persecute his Opponents. Until HH is released from Jail Lungu and Mutati should forget about the IMF Loan and any Donor Aid. Antonio Mwanza is supporting persecution of HH coz of the ‘Mukwasu’ factor as well as asking for a job or a brown envelope from the Illegitimate Lungu…

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