Take advantage of the on-going Tax amnesty on Interest and Penalties-Mutati


Finance Minister Felix Mutati interacting with tax payers
Minister of Finance, Felix Mutati has called on Zambians to take advantage of the on-going amnesty on Interest and Penalties by the Zambia Revenue Authority -ZRA- to offset outstanding tax obligations.

Mr. Mutati says the amnesty is directed at promoting sustainable growth of businesses and enhancement tax compliance.

The Finance Minister said this during a breakfast meeting organised by ZRA in Lusaka to discuss tax compliance and the ongoing amnesty.

He further directed ZRA to collect a minimum of 3 hundred Million Kwacha between the month of June and December 2017 during the tax amnesty.

And ZRA Commissioner General, Kingsley Chanda said the Authority has collected 1 hundred and 36 million Kwacha from tax payers since inception of the amnesty and that 1 hundred and 79 applications are also being processed.

Under the amnesty, ZRA has waived all interest and penalties for all tax payers with outstanding tax debts prior to March 1st, 2017, provided principal taxes are paid in full.

The Amnesty start on April 24th and will end on July 31, this year during which taxpayers are expected to submit outstanding returns and pay all principal liabilities for tax periods prior to March 1st, 2017.



    • Mutations, you are in a Pf led govt which promised more money in the pockets and low taxes. But for now it seems you are fulfilling Kochi kubeba slogan of doing the opposite of pf promised. Chances could be Mutati you are decampaigning Pf to increase RB’s mission of bringing back MMD round two.


  1. Ba Mutati yes had some of us not come out to ask for this amnesty nothing would’ve happened learn to assist your fellow man ba mudala imwe don’t be cruel for nothing ..next we ask the govt to remove the e-services nonsense which is making the filing of tax returns a nightmare! The e services is only useful to big firms not tuntemba and sido businesses or SMEs of which class the majority businesses belong to, so be realistic allow the average small business man to file returns manually as well as pay manually and not have to send money through a bank that will charge a fee of K50.


  2. Worship God Almighty instead of fellow man, otherwise you will perish together with your soul.


  3. Next round of loans from IMF is in december thats why there is an krder by mutati to zra to collect 300million kwacha.
    You can only collect what is due. If you dictate figures as mutati has then taxes will increase to meet his directive.
    Its all about IMF



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