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The Mutati Faction prevents Nevers Mumba from appearing on a radio show as MMD president

Headlines The Mutati Faction prevents Nevers Mumba from appearing on a radio...

President for Movement For Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Nevers Mumba Casting his vote at Woodlands A Polling station in Lusaka yesterday,11-08-2016.Picture by Josephine Nsululu/Zanis.
President for Movement For Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Nevers Mumba Casting his vote at Woodlands A Polling station in Lusaka yesterday,11-08-2016.Picture by Josephine Nsululu/Zanis.
MMD Die Hard Youths Coordinator Gerald Chiluba this morning led a group of youths from the party to prevent former party President Nevers Mumba from appearing on a live radio program at 5FM.

In an interview shortly after meeting the station manager of 5FM, Mr Chiluba said they had information that the opposition UPND media team had circulated media alerts to international news agencies to monitor the program.

He said Nevers Mumba was going to escalate the view that President Lungu has become a dictator so as to paint the country as dictatorship in the eyes of the international community.

“We had information that the UPND Media Team had circulated the media alert to international news agencies to monitor the program, where Dr Mumba wanted to escalate the view that President Lungu has become a dictator arising from his address to the nation yesterday,” he said.

Dr Mumba was scheduled to appear on the Burning Issue an interactive radio program that talks about governance issues but Mr Chiluba with the help of youths from the party made sure that their former leader did not appear saying Dr Mumba can not appear on the program wearing the MMD president jacket when he was no longer the president.

He said he had no problem with Dr Mumba appearing on radio as former president or former vice president but that his continued masquerades was a danger to the growth of the party.

He said that Dr Mumba was making it difficult for the party to move from his destructive leadership which had left the party divided.

“These are the same people that are agitating circumstances that have led to the situation we are in as a country.

“Just yesterday the republican President was expressing concern with regard the detoriating levels of lawlessness in country because of his continued behaving of misleading and misadvising the general public.

“As MMD Die hard we are more than determined to put One Nevers in his place, We shall make sure that he will never appear on any platform as MMD President because the law that govern political parties in Zambia is very clear with who the MMD President is, that is non other than Hon. Felix Chipota Mutati period,” he said.


  1. Our country is now all, except in designation, a dictatorship and if it is not yet, then we
    are not far from it. Our political leaders in the ruling party often issue intimidating statements that frighten
    people and make us fear for the immediate and future. 23 April, Catholic Bishops Statement

    • ‘Dictatorship’ must qualify as the most abused word in Zambia! Even this MMD in-fighting is now being cited as a case in point for dictatorship in Zambia!!! Anybody taking such ill-conceived insinuations seriously must consider getting their mental faculties examined!!!!

  2. The Supreme Court declared Nevers Mumba President of MMD. What’s the problem with these people?

    • These young hooligans have seen that violence pays. After all, Bowman was promoted from being the leader of the Die-hard youths to being a minister. Yaba!

  3. How did Nevers Mumba suddenly mutate into an “Evil Evangelist”? How did Mumba embed himself into the ranks of UPND? What convincing lies did he advance to get the post of Vice President of the Southern African Opposition Party and share weird ideas with Mmusi Maimane? How much money has been floated into Nevers Mumba’s account by the Brenthust Foundation in which Obasanjo has been recruited to provide military tactics to the insurgents in the SADC Region. Yet Obasanjo has failed to help fight the Boko Haram in West Africa?

    I repeat the message that when the ANC in South Africa re-brands itself, South Africa and Zambia must declare Obasanjo a prohibited person in the SADC Region.

    • @Nkhata: leave it, it’s too complicated for your small brain. Let others appreciate what Mwansa Kabinga has blogged, it is for people with open minds and read between the lines. You have to see beyond the rubbish your donkey leaders feed you. SPOT ON, Ba KABINGA!!!

    • Yes Mwansa Kabinga

      We also know that Obama was recruited by the openhimers to dupe blacks and steal their wealth………

  4. And political sycophants think zambia is a democracy. Wnen will these youths become men.
    Upto 35 you are a youth and you want Zambia to mature. We treat these men as youths and they behave like spoilt children. Zambia redefine youth. What a joke 35year old cslled youth . Only in Zambia.
    Being a youth you dont take responsibility for your actions. Being a man you have no excuses

  5. For me my only issue is if we are in a democracy why are the opposition denied freedom of assembly by the government through the Police. Before and after elections the opposition have never been allowed to assemble no matter how many times they have followed the right procedure in terms of intent to peacefully assemble. That’s the only question I have as a non partisan citizen of Zambia

  6. How Is It Possible That Someone Is A Minister And A President Of An Opposition Political Party?

    Mutati Type Of People Are The Ones Who Will Turn Against This Govt And Latter Overthrow It And Take Over To Bring MMD
    Back To Power.
    Lungu Be Careful With People U Appoint Into These Positions

    • It’s normal unless your reading is restricted to Zambia only. All over Europe there’re coalition governments with opposition members holding ministerial positions. Recent case is the UK.

  7. @Zambian Citizen -if it is complicated then it is fabricated. How can you n Kabinga be the only ones who understand. IT DOESN’T NEED SMART BRAIN, IT’S JUST LIES!
    And this Chiluba was just left by ZP. If it was UPND youths,they could not have moved a step from the assembly point. DID CHILUBA get a permit especially under the revoked Article 31. How did he manage to move without police stopping him

    • I fully comprehend what MK has posted and only a deliberately switched off mind can pretend not to understand.

    • …yaba, another donkey!! As I put it, it requires an open mind and being able to decode and comprehend how global events are connecting and happening. The problem is you guys don’t see beyond what your leaders tell you; So if you believe it is lies, suit yourself.
      Chiluba approached the 5fm station manager in a civil manner and proved his point without raising any dust for the 5fm staff and police to be concerned. Contrast that with upnd supporters hostility and insults towards Hon. Sumaili at the courts the other week??? WOULD YOU SAY THE POLICE ARE WRONG IN WHAT THEY DO?????

  8. Nkhata bay It only can happen in the zambian democracy. We are really stuck in the african way of politics.
    53 years and still primitive

    • It’s not African it’s lungu and PF.

      Lungu and kapoyongo and the police have full knowledge and blessings of all this thuggery….like the attacks on mourners at the funeral….

  9. All MMD members of Parliament pay a certain percentage of their earnings to Felix Mutati not Nervous Mumba. So who’s the genuine leader of the party?

  10. A Fallen prophet can become a danger to society. Look at Satan’s destruction after falling from Heaven

  11. It’s not an open mind when you are one sided. It’s just a reflection of a stunted brain. How did CHILUBA prempty Dr Mumba’s mind to know what he was going to say? It’s sad to have a dwarfed head thinking they have an open brain

  12. Nevers Mumba was to appear as MMD president, what a democracy! It seems like everyone who needs easy money in politics can just pretend people are being oppressed. My wise advice, if you make Zambia unruly now for the PF government, I believe PF will also make you sweat once you get into power (if at all). CREATING A CYCLE! Go to Malawi and you will understand what democracy is after Muluzi allowed youths to express “their democratic rights.” Is there any democracy within UPND? How long has Hichilema been president for the party?

  13. So Nervous Mumba is suffering from the UPNDonkey disease which includes flatulence in thinking capacity. Nervous should ask himself why his alliance with UPNDonkeys failed to deliver the Presidency to underfive, simply put he did not carry the MMD support base with him to U5.

  14. This man is like a restless devil. One minute he is UPND, and next back to MMD to try his luck. Does he not see how ridiculous and lost in direction he has become. All his actions are to try and climb back to a Leadership position via the old roots. There is no room. Why does he not start a new political party of his own? It’s very sad to see how grubby he has become. Like a weasel or as busy as two two bagged up raccoons looking for an exit out of the sack! He is so serious about it he can’t see what a ridiculous figure he’s become. Oooooh makes your skin crawl!

  15. Dictator this dictator that, this word is so carelessly used in Zambia to an extent that people are beginning to define it as though we have not known the characteristics of dictators. If you live in a country where you have a dictator can anyone dare walk in a public radio station and start intimidating the broadcasters? This has become a tool for people whose mental faculties have reached the maximum thinking capacity so the only thing left in them is Dictator word shame. His Excellency the president of the Republic of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu, flagged off three major national projects in the Copper belt. Dis-tractors are pulling in the opposite direction.

  16. The Doom sayers predicted that the kwacha would go down by September 2016 this was a month following the declaration of His Excellency the president of the Republic of Zambia ECL. The declaration was made by no other than the president of one of the opposition parties Hakainde Hichilema. This is July 2017 almost a year on, the Kwacha is as strong as ever holding on. So on what basis was Hichilema basing his prophesy? It must have been pure malice. Shame on politics of hate and malice shame!

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