HH’s treason case takes off on Aug.14 as reconciliation talks flop

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema leaving the court
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema leaving the court
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema leaving the court
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema leaving the court

The long awaited treason case involving opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and five others will start on August 14 2017 in the Lusaka High Court.

And reconciliatory talks between Mr Hichilema and President Edgar Lungu initiated by Catholic Bishops have hit a snag.

A check at the High Court registry on Friday afternoon revealed that Mr Hichilema’s case has been cause listed to be heard on August 14 2017 at 09 Hours by Ndola based High Court Justice Charles Chanda.

Mr Hichilema’s lawyer Gilbert Phiri also confirmed that Justice Chanda from Ndola will hear the treason case.

“On this date the matter will come for plea-taking and an explanation of the charge to the accused,” Mr Phiri said.

Mr. Hichilema and his five co-accused have been remanded at a Mukobeko Maximum prison in Kabwe.

The opposition leader has been in police custody since they were arrested on April 10 after a police raid at his home in Lusaka, following a dispute over the presidential motorcade.

Mr. Hichilema is accused of conspiring to overthrow the government of Zambia.
Treason is Zambia carries a death sentence.

And highly placed government sources have disclosed that efforts to reconcile Mr Hichilema and President Lungu have failed.

The sources said the talks failed after Mr Hichilema insisted that he will only discuss reconciliation when he is released from prison.

The source said President Lungu on the other hand was adamant that he will only entertain reconciliatory talks with Mr Hichilema if the opposition leader agreed to discuss such matter whilst still under detention.

The source revealed that Mr Hichilema stressed that there is no way he could start discussing any possible reconciliation with President Lungu whilst behind bars and told the Catholic Bishops that he is ready to face trial.

“This is why the case has now been cause listed because all efforts have failed. HH is not backing down on his demands that a prisoner cannot negotiate whilst behind bars whilst President Lungu is also insisting that dialogue can only start whilst HH remains in prison,” the sources said.

“As it stands, nothing has changed and President Lungu is determined that the case should proceed.”

On Thursday, Catholic Bishops led by Lusaka Diocese Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu travelled to Kabwe’s Mukobeko Prison and held a two and half hour long meeting with Mr Hichilema aimed at brokering dialogue and reconciliation between the UPND leader and President Lungu.

And on Friday, a five-member delegation of the Civil Society Constitution Agenda visited Mr. Hichilema at Mukobeko Maximum prison.

The delegation led by its Chairperson Bishop John Mambo was ushered into the correctional facility at about 10:30 Hours by facility authorities.

In a statement, CiSCA says the purpose of the visit was to offer solidarity and encourage the opposition leader in line with biblical teachings that mandates all believers to mourn with those who are mourning, to visit those in prisons and sympathise with those who are suffering.

“Further, CiSCA believes that genuine healing of the country cannot be separated from justice for all,” it said.

“CiSCA welcomes and supports the efforts of the Catholic Bishops in fostering reconciliation and unconditional dialogue. We further urge everyone to pray for the success of these efforts. We can only wish those mediating and all parties involved God’s guidance in handling this matter.”


    • How does HH expect to be released as a suspect?

      Under what law, and what possible article?

      Does he think Zambian Law provides for the president to pardon a suspect?

      Let the matter get to Court, then the outcome determines the platform for further possible talks.

      And in any case what would be the topic of discussion between Lungu and HH?

      Do you just say we need to talk without any topic or agenda?


    • August 15, 2017
      Mukobeko Maximum Prison Death Chamber…

      Inmate number 6700/H20
      The named inmate meets the criteria for not attempting cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
      Treatment aimed at sustaining life has been withdrawn
      Examination of the trunk has shown evidence of post-mortem staining as a result of hypostasis.
      No palpable Paulse
      No heart sound
      No observed respiratory effort
      No breath sound
      No response to painful stimuli
      Rigor Mortis has already set in
      ….and there I declare inmate number 6700H20 dead
      Time 3:38pm
      Date August 15, 2017

      Dr Katondo boys

      2021 vote PF (Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Please don’t insult me this is how I earn a living.President Edgar Lungu has already scheduled me August 15…I will be at Mukobeko…it will definitely be a busy day for me…I have never signed 6 death certificates in a single day….I will do a 5 minute examination on each inmate and I will wait at least 3 hours for Rigor mortis to set in…so it’s 5 minutes plus 3hrs multiply by 6…this will be a busy day for me

      2021 vote PF (Edgar)

      I thank you

    • Under 5 has learnt it the hard way. Arrogance does not pay. Even if he were to be released by the high courts, he still has paid the full price because 4 months in Mukobeko sivintu.

    • There is either bad journalism in Zambia or this article is pure propaganda. The judiciary in Zambia doesn’t wait for talks by catholic bishops to fail for a matter to be given a hearing. That sounds fake. The article also suggests that the President was personally participating in the detention. Why do people want to stoke hate? We all know that the Catholics are working on a political solution & not fixing a case in court. Let us be truthful & loving as Zambians rather than planting disunity. God Bless Zambia

    • I doubt the LT sources.
      “This is why the case has now been cause listed because all efforts have failed. HH is not backing down on his demands that a prisoner cannot negotiate whilst behind bars whilst President Lungu is also insisting that dialogue can only start whilst HH remains in prison,” the sources said.
      In this quoted statement they are alleging Lungu is the prosecuting authority which Lungu doesn’t want to be seen as. If that is the attitude the mediators assumed then they were heading for a flop. They could have pretended Zambia is a democracy for the sake of the talks

      See how dull HH can get? At least the church has tried. Will they try once more? Good luck. But Iam interested to seeing those agonising adjournment in court hearings that take years. HH wanted court and he has one. Anyways, have a nice stay at MMP.

    • If Lungu does not release HH in the next two weeks then he will not live to see 2021.

      Mark my words. What I have said has come to pass.

      Free HH now.

  1. I agree with HH… Fake “President” Lungu is a just coward.

    My hate for Lungu runs so deep and deeper.

    • @ZAMEXIT. That is not a nice thing to say about anybody and for that matter a legitimate head of state. Why is the hate so deep? Did he by any chance sleep with your mother behind your father’s back?

    • This is a blatant abuse of the rotten zambian judiciary to fix political opponents by lungu.

      It’s a shame that the evil dictator lungu, a dull corrupt lawyer who drunk a widow’s benefits, has destroyed the police, judiciary, parliament, DPP, constitution, Prisons all for hatred for dissenting views.

      Before lungu came into power, CJ Ireen Mambilima was held in high esteem. Musician Drimz even sang a hit song about her. Now she’s viewed as a shameless old hag being used to oppress the evil dictator’s enemies.

    • @ ZAMEXIT Why would hate someone whom you dont know; will never meet; who doesnt put food on your table? Wake up and smell the coffee! Hate is evil. Even if EL had slept with your wife, why hate him? Sad! Very sad!

    • In my dream I repeat I saw HH being released by the people????not Lungu.watch the space the knife in Lungu’s hands will be turned back on his throut soon.

  2. Let’s get on with it. Our Judicial system needs this trial and there should be no interference from Government, NGOs , Churches, Cadres, Kaponya, Jerabos, the President and please no Nole Prosequi too. This is a trial that will make or break the independence of our judicial system.

    Ladies and gentlemen, let the game begin

    • That is bound not to happen-the judges are shamelessly compromised. Worse more, they have picked a Chanda, a northerner, PF staunch for a judge…. There have never been an evil president like Lungu in Zambian history, he is simply a devil, shonongo himself, a pure shameless sadist with no remorse!

  3. There can be no genuine reconciliation without justice! Much as you want the treason case to continue, the state must bear in mind it owes the accused damages with regards to the state-sponsored aggravated Robery at the residence of the accused. Also the wrongful and lengthy detention of an innocent person without trial has come to haunt the state. That can explain the desperation of moving the case to Ndola, a total waste of taxpayers money. A wrong is a wrong! A wrong does not become right because it is the state committing it! Shame!

    • Anything is possible under PF! We are tired of paying taxes and seeing our resources being abused to settle personal political scores! It’s pathetic to see the PF party abusing state funds to fight its battles in the name of the state abusing and corrupting all institutions with our resources. Sad! The honorable thing is to call off this who Recog thing they call treason. Rather than sending Bishops, why doesn’t ECL personally go to meet his friend? Is that not cowardice and lack of sincererity in the dialogue process?


  5. There is only one winner in all this. Playing stubbornness will not help. Perhaps he is enjoying free food and accommodation

    • Kikikiki azaina na free beans mambala. He has learnt it the hard way. His arrogance yamuletelela. Boma ni boma. Play with boma at your own peril. By august 14 he will be 4 months 4 days behind bars.

    • It’s not stubbornness! Those are what we call principles – not getting the easy way out but ensuring justice and righteousness triumphs at the end of the day!

  6. HH and his 5 co-accused do not need sympathy. The need Justice;they need to be heard in Court. HH cannot apologise for a crime he did not commit. “To love God is to do Justice and to do Justice is to love God”. Those who inflict pain and suffering on others cannot claim to love God or to be Christians. Shame on these Sadists!!

  7. U cannot negotiate with a gun held to your head.There cannot be genuine reconciliation without Justice. An apology without remorse is useless. The truth sha?l set us free. We cannot condone Persecution thru Prosecution. Let the Trial start and be concluded urgently. Amen!

  8. This trial will make a mockery of Zambians judicial system and further draw the world’s attention to human rights violations by PF.

    There is no other evidence or the evidence they have Is laughable and will be ridiculed by the international media further isolating GRZ , you wait and see.

    Bweengwa kidnapping, GBM gym training , VPs house fire in mongu all come to mind when one thinks of PF evidence.

    There is no treason evidence only vindictiveness by Mr lungu and anger at not being recognised as President and the fact HH and UPND remain popular and can pull a crowd.

    • Kupusa kwamuletelela mambala….just give him ka nolle prosecution.. The case has not started and this f.ool knows it all…also include that your god hh does not recognise ecl and insists he is the HE . The good thing is hh can b arrested again and again as it is now normal, its only affecting his tonga tribesmen.wennyo

    • Who are these co accused ????names please…..elyo, do these co..olso not recognise lungu as president mwa????..,hh apart from the motor cade what else did he do??educate me please am desperate to know de truth.

  9. one important condition – accept that you lost elections pants down and that UPNDonkeys is a cult!

  10. How does HH expect to be released as a suspect?

    Under what law, and what possible article?

    Does he think Zambian Law provides for the president to pardon a suspect?

    Let the matter get to Court, then the outcome determines the platform for further possible talks.

    And in any case what would be the topic of discussion between Lungu and HH?

    Do you just say we need to talk without any topic or agenda?

  11. Under what law is Lungu going to release HH…only a nolle or the courts can release HH whether charge is trumped up or not.Happy trial date has been set.

    • Under what law indeed? Should the head line read: HH’s treason case takes off on Aug.14 because reconciliation talks flop OR is it “HH’s treason case takes off on Aug.14 as reconciliation talks flop?”

  12. Our worry is kangaroo courts.courts have ceased being arbirtrators.Judges have foregone their morals.If one can turn to zambian courts and seek justice you are simply looking gor it from s wrong place mark my words.

  13. HH now u are going to suffer.

    Lungu would simply testify in court that his life was threatened by your actions in Mongu and that qualifies “treason”.

    U are in for a long walk.

    Tears of Ba shimayeni is vindicated. U can’t eat stolen money without being punished.

    HH u can’t win this case no matter how good your lawyers might be.

    U are done!

    • Did HH instruct his driver to obstruct Mr lungus motorcade?? As far as UPND were aware my lungu was travelling by helicopter. Then there is the part of why weren’t UPNDs team informed of upcoming motorcade, where were the cops lining the streets as per usual….and the UPND motorcade is seen to have pulled over when Mr lungus car passes, how was he in danger ?

    • He instructed him by the virtual of his position. A driver follows the instructions of the master.
      Secondly the laws of zambia says whenever use the ambulance, police officers asking u to pull out, U just that.

      If HH wasn’t in the car, the driver could have given way.

      That action itself betrays HH. U don’t do that even if you are angry.

      I’m sure the driver is not even in detention. He is innocent.

      43. (1) A person is guilty of treason and shall be liable to suffer death who-
      (d) prepares or endeavours to carry out by force any enterprise which usurps the executive power of the State in any matter of both a public and a general nature; or
      (2) In paragraphs (b), (c) and (d) of subsection (1), “by force” means either
      (a) by force used in such a manner as, whether by reason of the number of persons involved or the means used or both, to imperil or be likely to imperil the safety of the State or to cause or be likely to cause death or grievous harm or serious damage to property; or
      (b) by a show of force calculated to arouse reasonable apprehension that force will…

    • CONT’S
      (b) by a show of force calculated to arouse reasonable apprehension that force will be used in such a manner as is described in paragraph (a).

  14. this hate will continue even after the two ( HH and ECL) leave politics. lungu is increasing the tension.we all know DPP is appoint by president, the president releasing anyone in ramand using the dpp.dont cheat yourselves that dpp is independent.

    • Big Joe, I wish you could expand on your submission about what constitutes treason. Your submission is the closest I have come to the understanding as to what actions constitute treasonable offence. Initially, I also had the idea that what happened in Mongu was a simple traffic offence. But, I was mistaken concerning this matter. However, it will be nice if an elaboration was made.

  15. He committed a traffic offence that endangered that life of the President. Such an act under zambian law is classified as a treason act. It might not be treason in other countries but it is in zambia.

  16. @3.1 Truth, you Donkeys never fail to amaze us the majority Zambians! On one hand you want, actual DEMAND THAT, the treason trial begins. On the other hand, the same Donkeys, you claim that there are no impartial judges in Zambia. In other words in the minds of UPNDonkeys the trial can only be impartial if the verdict shall be in favour of underfive donkey. So why ask for and even go to trial, you should just remain in prison for ever. It was the same with the 2016 elections, “I shall only accept the results if I win”, so why participate in the elections?
    Q: What kind of reasoning is this?
    A: UPNDonkeys, underfive donkey.

    • UPNDs calculation is the Zambian police, judiciary is not impartial……the only hope for UPND is international pressure on Mr lungu.
      We live in a global village and GRZ can not live without western aid….

      What a better chance to expose the undemocratic crackdowns of Mr Lungu than a sham trial for all to see ???

  17. Before underfive was arrested for treason, he flatly and adamantly refused to reconcile or even to discuss reconciliation. Now he claims that he cannot discuss reconciliation unless he is released from prison. What will changevif he is released? We will go back to square ‘A’ wont we?

    Q: What kind of reasoning is this?
    A: Underfive donkey, UPNDonkeys

  18. Very soon the tribe of the trial Judge, Justice Charles Chanda, will become one of the “famous” preliminary issues by underfive and his lawyers. Typical.

    Q: What kind of reasoning is this?
    A: Underfive donkey, UPNDonkey.

    Caution: each part of the answer carries 50% of the mark.

  19. @4 Mwinemushi, the law provides that a suspect shall be detained until case is disposed of if it is a capital offence like treason. The suspects whom the law allows to detain are presumed innocent until proven guilty. In other words underfive has not been pronounced innocent or guilty, but the law requires that he is kept under lock and key until trial confirms whether he should continue under the lock and key with additional responsibilities of hard labour like cleaning the streets, the toilets, tilling the maize fields, or if he is lucky milking the prison cows…….now that is a good one!

  20. Where are the eleven suspects of market fire? Inspector constable Kanganja said they will appear in court. So far nothing or am I missing something? He lied to the nation and people have forgotten so soon. They start the treason case so that the fire issue is distinguished. What a bunch of effing [email protected]!

  21. @19.1 Spaka, which international pressure? All countries of the international community declared the elections free and fair and recognised the President. The same international community recognise the sovereignty of Zambia and welcome the trial because there is no other legal avenue available anywhere in this world. I hope that by “international” you dont mean NUMSA, Maimane, etc because those are just (misguided) individuals, they dont represent the government of RSA. I am sure you read on LT yesterday that a South African government and business delegation is heading to Zambia?

    Q: Imwe ba Spaka, what kind of reasoning do you have?
    A: UPNDonkeys, underfive donkey.

    • Mr terrible

      Ask the IMF why they will not give GRZ any bail out ?? You think there is any other reason why they would refuse ?? If you think IMF is not the international community , think again.

      You and the other PF chaps on LT were laughing, same as you are doing now, when we first said we will start petitions to expose the PF crackdowns on democratic freedoms of the opposition. None were lies. All verifiable abuses.
      Suddenly even local politicians were calling for a boycott of GRZ by international community….

      We started petitioning all international organisations and companies we though might invest in Zambia.

      You watch, this case will further confirm Zambians slide into dictatorship.

  22. Kwena ba underfive bala bukabila bu Mandela.

    Q: Following in the footsteps of a totally different person, what kind of reasoning is that?
    A: UPNDonkeys, underfive.

  23. @ Rupiah the police have been given added powers they can keep you in without taking u to court promptly so take your time they will appear soon and by the way they might end up being state witnesses HH case has a date now. sorry if you are dissapointed give the police a chance.

  24. The govt has no case against HH and this treasonable case is nothing but a horrible joke! The govt will only be exposed to ridicule for bringing a traffic office to court dressed in Treason, very stupid toilet move. There is thus nothing for HH to negotiate.

  25. There we go, we have read for our selves, no one should pressure the judiciary of taking long to hear the case. Yes 14 Aug has been set, I just hope bena under five will not expect court to be hearing this matter every week.
    Ifitala umuntu wenu naipompa so desist from pressuring the judiciary as it takes a while as dairies are full. Do not cry foul! If you check with people around the country prisons they will tell you how long it takes them to be in court so bane’ let allow judiciary to do their work without pressure.

  26. Another blunder from Mr HH to refuse the reconciliation talks. The bishops wanted to give him a political lifeline, and in his twisted mind he thinks he is popular and assumes the arrogant. The Presidency won’t be his in 2021, the best he can do is write a book on Arrogance, the memoirs of HH, or write on the walls in his prison cell- HH WAS HERE using whatever since pens are not allowed inside police cells at Mukobeko. What an era of Blunders.!

  27. This episode of underfive donkey should not waste your time fellow majority Zambians. Every problem that cannot be solved dies naturally. The first to die now is dialogue and reconciliation. This will soon be followed by UPNDonkey party.

  28. I had also thought it would be a traffic offence until I read what force is under treason-those that haven’t read the penal code, may you read through again

  29. Ok so be it Zambia forward WITHOUT HUMAN HYENA (HH)…ati kikikikikikikikikikikikikiki….

    I think this is the wish of HH he doesn’t want to reconcile… what do you have to lose? It shows the pride and arrogance of this lowlife cretin…

    So let it be …. this level of bitterness is unseen, HH is such a bitter fellow that chloroquine is like a wilson sweet in comparison..ati kikikikikikikikikikiki…

  30. Zambians can see for themselves that underfive’s mind is unstable and he does not know what he wants. Just last week he issued statements that
    1. He wanted dialogue without conditions
    2. He did not mind staying in prison until he was tried and found innocent.

    Now he has flip flopped as usual and is setting a condition that he cannot dialogue whilst he is behind bars. In other words he is setting a condition that he must first be released from prison.

    Q: what kind of behaviour, unstable mind and inconsistency is that?
    A: Underfive donkey, UPNDonkeys.

  31. When they are challenged with facts, they cannot answer, change names and resort to inbred cultural insults.

    Q: What kind of creatures are these?
    A: UPNDonkeys, underfive donkey.

    • Where are facts ? No can see any facts, Just waffelling about donkies , maybe if you rephrase your so called facts ?

  32. HH missed a great opportunity. He needs to learn the act of negotiation. Step by step will do it. Let him reconcile with Lungu first and the freedom was going to come. This I am very sure of. But to ask to be released first before talking was juvenile. Sad! Was this the advice from his Lawyers? What an opportunity he missed. I hope he can call back the Catholic priests with a change of heart. Freedom Mr HH is imminent but not on your terms alone. It is a give and take, mune!

  33. And he said he was ready to talk without preconditions. Maybe he got carried away and forgot that he was in Mukobeko when he isfued his statement…..shows lack of thought, I mean a mature process.

  34. @ZAMEXIT, you missed the point! It is the demon that has been destabilizing Zambia which is the son of the devil! Are you from Namwala too? No wonder you can’t get it!

  35. The Catholic overrated their influence and mistakenly thought HH would listen to their pleas for dialogue. It will be very interesting to hear what the Bishops are now going to say.

  36. How do some bloggers think, if at all? Or is it just blind partisan sentiments? What does HH have to reconcile for? The man is innocent, until proven guilty, by the way. No one has proven anything and any sane person knows ‘treason’ evidence will be hard to come by. People should seriously look at this from an objective non- partisan premise. Why has it taken so long to get to trial? No one can confidently state that they can prosecute this case and get HH convicted. This is persecution, vendetta and brutality by a regime that is paranoid because it does not have any governance know how. @ Patriot – anyone has the right in their own estimation not to accept an election result. Does that amount to treason? How many regimes are recognised by the opposition around the world? Very foolish…

  37. Children of the de.vil are stubborn…
    Please leave the sat . an.ist why bother.
    He is in love with the prison…

  38. Well, it is an egg-chicken question. President Lungu has no authority to release a detained person pending trial. His authority to pardon kicks-in after conviction. Meanwhile HH says he cannot negotiate while in prison.

    Maybe a tactic could do the trick – the DPP issuing a nolle prosequi, which may also be viewed as a political manipulation behind the scenes. Maybe just let the court process do its bit.

  39. My question though is why DOES PRESIDENT LUNGU seem to be in the forefront front of the treason argument. Is he twisting the hand of the judiciary. Why does he seem to interfere with the process. Which Lawyer does that. Am I right that President Lungu is a qualified lawyer who should know how democratic governments should behave. Just a reminder to President Lungu and the NP party . Democracy means The Judiciary , must operate independent of the executive ( Lungu’s ) interference.Three arms of the government exist in Democracy. Stop messing with the courts. if you were elected by the people serve the people with dignity. Do not bulldoze your way. Do not divide our cherished Zambia don’t leave scars that will be difficulty to heal. Obama once said I like the opposition because it…

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