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Former Chimwemwe ward councilor resigns from PF with immediate effect


Former Chimwemwe ward councilor in Kitwe Charles Kabwita has resigned from the Patriotic Front (PF) with immediate effect.

In a statement unveiled to pan African Radio news yesterday, Kabwita said his resignation was done after careful thought and consideration.

Kabwita said he decided to resign from his position as youth secretary and from the Patriotic Front owing to various reasons which he believes are known by his former party.

Kabwita has however stated that he has failed to adjust and work with the new patriotic front which has embraced the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) which Zambians voted against for in 2011.

“My resignation was done after careful thought and consideration” Kabwita said

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  1. Mulenga
    Its good you have realized how bad pf is under Chakolwa Chagwa Kadansa Kamwendo Lungu.there is too much criminality in the government...lol
  2. Njimbu
    Many have taken that route before and got lost in the political forest,e.g;Miles Sampa,Mulenga Sata,Wynter Kabimba and his co,etc who regret their actions today!!! Its normal for politicians to jump from one party to another.HOW MANY FORMER MMD MEMBERS ARE IN UPND TODAY (PROF.LUNGWANGWA,DR.SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE,ELIJAH MUCHIMA,SARA SAIFWANDA,MUTALE NALUMANGO,ETC) SEVERAL!!!ex-mmd members were divided into two groups and joined either PF or upnd.besides,we even had some PF members joining upnd such as Obvious Mwaliteta,Mulenga Sata,Bob Sichinga,Dr.Guy Scott,Sylvia Masebo,GBM,etc!!SO WHAT IS THIS KABWITA SAYING?POLITICS IS ABOUT NUMBERS!!even your new party to be led by Kambwili will seek members from MMD,PF,UPND,etc!!! HENCE YOU CAN GO TO HELL WITH YOUR NONSENSE CHARLES KABWITA!!PF IS FAR...
    • Monze
      What stupidity are these comments. MMD have never took over in UPND. MMD has taken over in PF. People like RB are calling the shots. Please do not compare apples with oranges. Shallow thinking.
  3. MMD Cadre
    You thought we were fools when we told you to vote using your brains, I hope you wont be swayed with 30 pieces of silver to back and dance dununa reverse. A lot of you people were making fun of us who advised you to vote PF out. Bitter lesson learnt.
  4. Ndanje Khakis
    He's a former councilor because he was rejected by the people. Are MMD not Zambian? So if this cretin joins Upnd how will he be treated? He's quitting just because he's no longer enjoying those fringe benefits. Wishing him the best.
    Fili eko tuleya, politics is a chidren`s game it’s like akabwambe. For some time you enjoy the other time you are chasing your friends to get a touch. So, if you using bad words against your friends they will like wise use them against you. The late at which we are going, the PF should clean the prisons, I can assure you that they are going there after 2021.
  6. Ndanje Khakis
    Ba Monze your thinking is very retrogressive. A party to thrive must be open to all. GBM was new to Upnd but was given the second highest position in the party. The move nearly paid off. MMD played a part in PF victory.
  7. Trigo
    Is he former ward councilor ? or is he a PF ward councilor who has resigned according to your news LT it shows this man is the current ward councilor who has just resigned this is when he will become former.. Please LT dont side with any party just write accordingly..
  8. Cj
    I honestly fail to understand the thinking of most of us zambians Upnd has not ruled this country but MMD has and failed us why embrace them when they failed Zambians?
    • Miya
      CJ: GBM was a Ministerin PF why give him Vice Presidency in UPND. The same PF you are saying failed? It simply means even GBM failed. Leave politics to politicians. Silvia Masebo was once a very powerful Minister in a number of Ministries in both MMD and PF. She was adopted by UPND and lost again. You need to be a politician to understand political dynamics. Do not just make noise it will not help you.
  9. Kwacha
    The boy is bitter of his a Aucle who was expelled from the party.Go and form a party if you want
  10. Mwebantu
    You must admit the MMD guys are smart. PF is overflowing with cadres so this is when they are realising that RB is in charge. You guys really need an education!!! I pity your simple mindedness!!!!
  11. lemba
    CJ umunweumo tausalenda and for you Mwebantu what has RB done to you guys that you don't even want him to associate with anyone? Wake up wake up you dreamers the Republican President for Zambia is Mr. Edgar Changwa Lungu not RB. If you are not careful ECL will continue to be after 2021 so change your mind sets and stop dreaming.
  12. Chovix
    Don't disparage him he has every right to choose want he wants, he may have lost the elections but he was a leader at district level and he also had followers. What about your secretary General Davis Mwila, was he not rejected by pipo in his own village? Is he not the one pulling strings in PF today and expelling members anyhow? You say politics is a game of numbers but how do you have numbers when you are busy expelling pipo with divergent views who also have a following! We shall see how many pipo PF is going to attract in the near future because I am very sure they have lost a big chunk of followers including me and my family.
  13. Terrible
    May I remind UPNDonkeys making lost comments what I stated before the elections last year that all PF members without exception came from MMD including Mr Sata. They were one and the same family. Sata and Rupiah Banda were bossom and family friends and actually very close. Therefore I stated that if successful political alliances were to be formed pre-2016 the natural one would be between PF and MMD. Those who failed and continue to fail to read this factor are those who choose to think like Donkeys. There is the true story of motor vehicle convoys of Mr Sata and President Lungu crossing during the 2011 election campaigns. The two convoys stopped and the two leaders emerged from their vehicles and greeted each other amiably and with hearty laughter. Off they went their ways. Now imagine...
  14. Terrible
    There ishe true story of motor vehicle convoys of Mr Sata and President Lungu crossing during the 2011 election campaigns. The two convoys stopped and the two leaders emerged from their vehicles and greeted each other amiably and with hearty laughter. Off they went their ways. Now imagine it was PF and UPND then? No prizes for guessing. So what are UPNDonkeys and other donkeys talking about? The script of MMD taking over PF was written and peddled by UPNDonkeys and it has failed because how do you separate two sides of one coin? Make two half coins? You must be a donkey!
  15. Terrible
    For the same reason before Mr Sata passed on he made peace with his creator by unceremoniously discarding Mr kabimba and Mr Mmembe, you think it was an accident? You got to be a donkey! You remember a fellow called Fred Mmembe and the Past news dont you?

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