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President Lungu calls for creation of more districts

Economy President Lungu calls for creation of more districts

President Edgar Lungu has directed the ministry of Local Government and Housing to create more districts national wide.

 President Lungu says the creation of  new districts in the country has helped to bring development closer to the people.

 The Head of State said when he commissioned ten newly built medium low cost housing units in Chembe District.

 The construction of the housing units demonstrates government’s resolve of improving the livelihood of people living in rural areas through the provision of decent accommodation, he says.

 He says government is working tirelessly in ensuring that the housing deficit is addressed in the country.

 President  Lungu says there is need to build more housing units in a bid to overcome the existing housing shortage.

 Mr. Lungu explained that the commissioning of the housing units in Chembe District is the beginning of the construction of housing units in all newly created districts. 

 The Head of State said the construction of decent housing units in rural areas is critical in attracting skilled personnel to serve in remote areas.

 He appealed to the people of Chembe to work with government in bring development to the area.

 Meanwhile President has appealed to traditional leaders across the country to work with government in fostering national development.

 The President complained that it is sad that some traditional leaders don’t want to partner with government in taking development to their respective chiefdoms.

 President Lungu cited infrastructure development as one of the areas chiefs can work with government in improving the wellbeing of the people. 

 He urged traditional leaders to support various developmental projects being implemented by the state.

 And speaking earlier, Housing and Infrastructure Development minister Ronald Chitotela implored the would be occupants of the houses to care for the property.

Mr. Chitotela said the housing units have been constructed at a great cost hence there is need to take care of the infrastructure.

He assured the people of Chembe that government will continue striving in providing decent accommodation for its people.

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  1. That Chitotela so called minister has built his own property estate as per PF tradition of hoodwinking the public as they plunder Zambian resources led by their party president. Its sheer laughable for PF to talk about any development without their personal gain – THEFT.

  2. Ba Lungu naboo…Yaaaaa I thought at this juncture he was going to be talking on how to diversify the economy etc, Districts for what??

  3. Kabolala has a lot of plans to silence people with his sweet words when asked as to what is your plan. You have failed to revive agriculture and you cheat people for more districts yangu yaku mayoooo impupu

  4. It was yesterday HH was supposed to attend his case before the magistrate court in which HH sued Minister for your Islamic religion and Christian for Lungu which did not take place after the plan almost crashed. The truth is that the plane was sent to pick HH nor wonder your Minister did not even attend the court because she was waiting to hear that HH has died in a plane crash.

    Zambians be watchful and know the kind of your so called president and his leadership. I don.t see God in Lungu but devil.

  5. You are failing to develop a simple toilet in a village and yet u want to create new districts. Lungu you f.u.c.king I.d.i.ot. uletontokanya

  6. Noooooooooh, you 1d10t. Enough of this. Make a case and improve the current ones and then move on to create others based on justifiable need. The level of 1d10cy is so incomprehensible!!!

  7. This is how he is going to create the 500,000 jobs he had promised. He has no clue of how to create private sector jobs because the PF- Foo-ls’s polices are bankrupt.

  8. Ha ha ha. Muchibe! Sata’s record cannot rhyme now. Completely off key now ba Lungu. Some one causes confusion in his own party by sowing division, then he starts jumping up and down with fake ground breaking ceremonies .How can you govern effectively fighting everyone ? Outside you are fighting everyone. Inside you are fighting your own members. What type of leadership is this? 2021 Zwaa!

  9. As I have always said., even Edgar Lungu became a bad leader, underfive shall remain far worse. Just imagine an educated leader who inherited Mazoka’s party on a silver platter appointing GBM out of 15million Zambians as running mate! Appointing GBM as vice president and leaving our country in the hands of GBM if the little underfive died. How can such a one be entrusted with the Presidency? Answer me UPNDonkeys.

  10. Shame on these so called Zambian leaders with no vision; KK developed Zambia with less provinces and districts; these blind leaders are telling lies to the masses; development can go anywhere without being called province or district; all we need is leaders with integrity and vision; release HH you evil PF

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