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PF Responds to Julius Malema for calling President Lungu a coward

Headlines PF Responds to Julius Malema for calling President Lungu a coward

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

The the ruling Patriotic Front media team has described South Africa’s opposition leader Julius Malema as an imperialist’s rabid lap dog running errands for his master. In a statement made available to the media today and signed by PF’s Media Director Sunday Chanda, the ruling party said that Malema is running around because his paymasters told him so, including falsities by UPND National Chairperson Mrs Mutale Nalumango and Douglas Siyakalima during their visit to him earlier this month.

Julius Malema at a rally in South Africa called president Lungu a coward and accused him of suppressing the opposition.

Below is the full PF Statement


Lusaka, Zambia, 30th July 2017 – We have noted the irritating and insulting remarks against His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is also Leader of the Patriotic Front by the ‘shrunken’ Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema who attempts to project himself as the Spokesperson of the Opposition in the Region.

For the record, President Lungu sought recourse to the Preservation of Public Security Act, Cap 112 of the Laws of Zambia under Article 31 of the Constitution of Zambia to address instances of fires caused by arson, and to prevent further cases of economic sabotage, which threaten public security and people’s safety. Malema should be schooled that the Preservation of Public Security Act leaves the Constitution intact. All measured actions being taken continue to be subject to the Constitutional principles and strict judicial oversight.

Article 31 invoked by President Lungu and ratified by Parliament did not create a State of Emergency but deals with a Threat to Public Security or Threatened Emergency. There is no State of Emergency in Zambia. Article 31 was invoked long after Hakainde Hichilema’s incarceration. Hichilema was not arrested after the invocation of Article 31. He is a criminal suspect appearing before a competent Court of jurisdiction.

Malema is such a hypocrite who seeks to vilify Hendrick Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid but still go to bed with beneficiaries of Verwoerd’s apartheid, the Democratic Alliance. There is no doubt that Malema’s EFF and Mmusi Maimane have one paymaster and the two are nothing but puppets of those who seek to control Zambia’s mineral rights through their stooges.

Malema is a coward otherwise he could have jumped on the first plane, fly into Zambia and utter those remarks on the Zambian soil and later observe reactions from Zambians immediately thereafter. Today, Malema cannot travel to a number of countries in the Region, including Botswana because he is a political sell-out who has no right to poke his nose into Zambia’s business!

Malema is running around because his paymasters told him so, including falsities by UPND National Chairperson Mrs Mutale Nalumango and Douglas Siyakalima during their visit to him earlier this month. Malema and his EFF must be told that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was not arrested by President Edgar Lungu. Hichilema is a criminal suspect appearing before Zambia’s competent Courts of jurisdiction which Malema and his minority party must respect. It’s a miscalculation by Malema and his EFF to politicise a criminal matter. Zambians are not docile and certainly they do not need Malema’s flip flopping.

Lastly, in understanding Malema, we draw reference to the description of Malema by Zimbabwe’s information minister, Chris Mushohwe who described the EFF leader as

a “puny,” a “Gucci revolutionary…a shrunken, talkative joke, a charlatan who fancies himself big and cute enough to pass comment and judgment on developments elsewhere on the continent. What an embarrassment… We pity and dismiss him as an ignorant youth…”.

We say Cde Mushohwe was correct in his analysis of Malema!

While we understand that Malema has sold out to forces of capital and paraded himself as an imperialist’s rabid lap dog busy running errands for his masters, he has no business to delela Zambia by meddling in issues he’s ignorant about. Let him keep his delela in South Africa.

Issued by
Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Patriot Front Secretariat, Lusaka, Zambia

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    • So shallow. Malema is still in the lead on the scoreboard. Sunday your rant is very shallow and girlish. Mwaona manje mwayamba kulila. You are a ruling party, he is in opposition, but are exchanging words. Ask Zuma, he has failed to suppress Malema. Who are you Monday Chanda?

    • So hilarious kekeke, but I disagree Lungu is not a coward. He grabbed PF presidency at convention.
      Hoo wait, maybe it’s too, why is he scared of guys like Kambwili, Simussa, Chenda. Coward webo!

    • @Terrible. Thanks for calling UPND as Donkeys.

      The donkey is a well-known party logo/symbol for the Democratic Party in the USA. Donkeys symbolise hard work and diligence. A donkey is as obedient as it is stubborn to gain what is rightfully the donkey’s. So every time you refer to the UPND as donkeys you are affirming the the spirit of hardwork. Thanks @Terrible.

    • I expected Sunday Chanda to behave today been a Sunday, he should have put politics aside and visited one of these Joshua Banda churches.

    • Mama you just hit terrible right in his swinging dangling straps of meat between his hairless legs, the boy doesn’t know that a donkey is a symbol of hard work that’s Democrats in the USA use it has their symbol.

    • Sunday has described exactly what he is. Sunday is a toothless lap dog mouthing off to appease his pay master coward Lungu.

      Unlike Sunday, Malema is a force to recon with in a great country and PF should be careful not to dare him otherwise he can instruct his soldiers to take over properties owned by PF thieves including Lungu in south Africa. And Zuma would not do anything at all.

      Sunday you are actually doing a disservice to stupid coward pay master. Malema is paid by South African people he represents unlike you, being paid by a PF top thug Lungu.

      The whole PF is a bunch of good for nothing id10ts terrorising Zambian people are raiding their meagre savings to fund their lavish life style. Thats the whole idea of linking bank accounts to ZRA.

      Mwanya ba PF your time to be…

    • If you hate lungu like I do and would like him removed by any means ,please give my post a positive.

      Free HH now or else.

    • Chanda did no have to attend, and as much as I refuse to agree with Malema’s sentiments, Malema is a Powerhouse in African Politics compared to Chanda.

      Cringe worth



    • Both Lungu and Malema are cheap, going by such exchanges. I cannot tell the difference between the two. If Lingu’s men had stayed quiet they may have been even more honourable considering that they have a government to run. Do they really believe that they are a Government of the Republic of Zambia or they still think they are a katemba or an illegal govt?

    • It may help the PF hierarchy to read and re-read its orthodox responsive marathon statements which open numerous cans of worms. Put differently, PF reactions are self-destructive on the basis that the PF behaves as a victim and, it elevates itself in relative to the selected or an imagined abuser (in this case, EEF leader). The PF pundits conventionally depict every imagined adversary in a travialised manner. The said description when cautiously paraphrased, indicates that the bloated imagined status of the PF HIERARCHY is an illusion which is an end in itself and, it is designed to mask PF criminal activities. The said descriptive approach of the PF pundits is designed to set their state run propaganda machine in motion. An arrestee (HH) was traditionally apprehended by the gatekeepers…

    • This is undisputed because in terms of executing assigned tasks within the sphere/province of the state, there is a separation of powers. Nonetheless, the principal arresting officer is Lungu himself. PF irregularities and organised criminal activities are voluminous and, an author can write between 5000 and 30 000 pages of PF deeds and denials. We only write miniature works. Viva HH and UPND. The PF leadership must stop elaborating on events for which there are held solely responsible for their causation. In this context, the PF is merely exhibiting its defensive position, which is synonymous with discredited governments. Hence, the PF projects baseless accusations and victimizes every entity which criticizes it. Viva HH and UPND.

    • As soon as he started quoting the Zimbabwean Information Minister, I lost all interest in his statement. Zimbabwe’s ruling party leaders are not a good source to quote if you want your argument to sound authoritative. Not only are they known for persecuting the opposition, but they’ve run the once strong economy into the ground, while enriching themselves in the process–at the expense of the suffering masses. They’ve been running a dictatorship for decades now in the name of nationalism. In fact, if anything, this gives away the inner ideological maneuvers of the PF government. Seems like they are using Zimbabwe as a role model for their governing style. And that’s scary. I’d take Malema’s word any day over these PF political hacks.

    • This is sad! How does PF start quoting the Zimbabwean minister? Do they ignore the rampant abuses of human rights happening in that country? Does ECL approve of all this nonsense being written and said by Chanda, (ex Father) Bwalya and Mumbi? This is indeed shameful! Delele?! Ah!

    • You challenge your WIFE to a fist fight, but quickly organize door-bouncers to tie up her to a tree & then beat & torture her. Then u proclaim that you are strong & a skilled fighter.

      Sorry my brother lungu, Mr. Malema is right: You are a WEAK COWARD. I strongly suspect you used to start a lot of bar fights & o-bola paid door bouncers after being clobbered.

      Politics is a popularity contest based on policies, NOT false charges, abuse of judicial bodies, beatings, torture, killings, curfews, police brutality, tribalism etc.

  1. Sometimes, it is good to keep quite than respond to everything in the media. A seasoned politician will not waste time to respond to just about anything in order to look relevant. Is this the main duty of this so called media director?

    • That is PF for you. No job descriptions. When a party cadre is the one to address foreign affairs when there is a substantive foreign affairs minister, it is a sign of disorder. If What Malema said hurts, then it’s just the truth because the truth hurts. What PF is doing is not any different to what was happening during the Apartheid years in South Africa. Instead of lashing back, it would be wise to call a meeting and do some introspection but PF has no capacity to do that. They are a puffed up party!

  2. As far as I am concerned, there is only one rabid, demented HIV infected dog called Edgar Lungu. He is a coward and scatter brain and block head.

  3. PF you are the cowards….you saying that he should have jumped on the first flight to Zambia to verify the information, so you could send him back to South Africa at the Airport and make mockery of him…you guys are amazing.
    We told you this situation will reach the international community very soon…Remember FTJs third term bid…do you know who helped Zambia with that not to go ahead the international community: so watch your line it’s about to lay flat….just release HH and enjoy the rest of your 4 years left.

    • just imagine, it seems this ka sunday is suffering from alzheimers diseases… recently they chased the DA leader, now they invite another to humilate him like a dog

    • You know there is a problem is Zimbabwe ruling ministers are quoted and referenced to respond to a criticism.

  4. The current people in government do not represent Zambia. Our country has been hijacked by PF opportunists. All they know is quarreling and insulting – no positive action at all. Zambia is a weaker state compared to SA by all metrics. If Zambian leaders are clever, they should have taken advantage of the opportunities created by weak and incompetent leaders like Zuma and Mugabe to channel development resources into Zambia and to develop capacity in many important areas of national development. It is worthless to have a government full of foul mouthed (or ass l!cking) beggars. Honestly, I’d rather be a citizen of a tactical and humble nation. Even wars are not won by words but through focus and concrete tactical action.

  5. Just looking at him, it’s a sheer waste of energy, effort and time to even listen to such a prunk. The id10t Malema doesn’t know anything and if as me, no one can ever ever allow this dull chap to be president of South Africa. It’s good he hasn’t seen that.

  6. Why is PF talk shop boys labouring to agree clearly that Zambia is under ‘state of emergency’ as the world know it. Labouring and justifying so called article 31 can never be believed. Since when did Edgar Lungu believed in rule of law?. His ministers were in office illegally after dissolution of parliament, some of his ministers are currently in office illegally after court adjudication and many more. On that basis us in UK think Lungu is for sure a coward who uses the law when it suits him and his PF regime.

  7. Jeez, these PF dudes are really insecure… why do they have to search Youtube to look for anyone around the globe who dare say anything about their believed god? This is a sign of insecurity. Look at Obama, Putin or even Trump himself… how many people say bad things about them everyday and just ignore. Even Zuma himself, Malema was insulting Zuma in the same speech as criminal meeting another criminal in Kabila but I don’t think Zuma even bothered to respond. I think this goes to show Lungu is indeed an insecure coward, a dictator behaving worse than N/Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

    And look at the language… very juvenile indeed!

  8. “Malema is a coward otherwise he could have jumped on the first plane, fly into Zambia and utter those remarks on the Zambian soil and later observe reactions from Zambians ……”

    PF is definitely full of cowards…one thing for sure if Julius jumped on a plane to Lusaka they would deport him back to Joburg even before his foot touches the tarmac.

  9. There’s a battle to remove the ANC from power in the next election but all indications show that ANC is going to rule for another 200 years. So it’s better to pick “small ” entities like Zambia.

    • In highly sophisticated democracies, whatever social, economical and political activities are happening in the neighborhood are taken serious by both the ruling and opposition, because whatever sh*t happens next door comes back to haunt you. These guys in SA are already overwhelmed with economic refugees from sh*tty neighbors, they don’t want Zambians to be added to the economical jigsaw puzzle, malema is looking at the future. You ndanje you are looking at eat now, sh*t now. No future.

    • @Divide: Why would I leave my country to go and clean an old white person’s behind??? Mealie meal has reduced due to successive bumper harvests, copper prices are rebounding and the mining houses are already exceeding their production forecasts, the exchange rate is forever improving, I am a taxpaying SME owner and I will leave properties for my children, agriculture sector is offering endless opportunities as land is plenty and available to me and my countrymen to possess and make it productive (fish farming training and technical support is now available). Why oh why would one think of leaving this beautiful land???

    • Surely is that the only thing on your mind, look beyond that roughage in your duodenum you call nshima and think huge.

    • …yaba, it seems all that exposure to the developed world does nothing to improve your thinking. When i talk of mealie meal prices dropping it’s not nshima I am talking about but it is a sign that we have a working government in place and things are looking up in our economy. So for you to agree with a lumpen opposition guy from South Africa instead of putting your country first really shows that your judgement is compromised…

  10. Kiki the whole region is against this dictatorship. Parties like pf and zanu pf will soon be the thing of the past.

    • unfortunately the region doesn’t vote!! PF and ZANU thing of the past, if social media was the national elections, upnd would be in power…

  11. 80% of bloggers who have posted here are not even in Zambia. They are happy that a s.t.u.p.id twit of a lumpen like Malema is insulting our president. I mean, what do you expect, these are the real cowards who run away from their country to be fringe citizens in a white man’s land. I really believe Zambia is a better country without these cowards as we are taking real ownership of our country; The children of these cowards will always be referred to monkeys in the white man’s eyes and have bananas thrown at them as the white man will never consider them their equal. We in majority chose our president and love and respect him, so we couldn’t care less about the bitterness from these armchair hooligans who prefer to support a foreign political misfit who has no significance on our…

    • I do not agree with you. As an example, here is my story. I had to leave Zambia in order to get a good education and real work experience instead of fighting each other everyday in Zambia. You cannot imagine or appreciate what you are missing until you travel and see how other countries run their affairs. FYI, anyone who has been in and outside Zambia has more exposure as compared to local, remember “umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya” . About ECL, you don’t force people to respect you. Respect must be earned. You talk about majority, yes majority of Zambians are kept in the dark precisely “uneducated” so that they remain easy to manipulate like pawns on a chessboard. Its not about quantity but quality of voters. See how much debt we are accumulating, no clean water, dangerous…

    • cntd..

      dangerous roads, continuous load shedding, police brutality, selective justice etc all this is OK for you unfortunately. Please wake up!

    • Your exposure is useless here if you stay there. Young men and women here, even the uneducated are defying odds by working hard and opening businesses and empowering the next generations. All you education is not adding value to Zambia but your host country!! Even a villager in Shang’ombo or Mwense is Zambian and their voice by vote is important, that is democracy, it’s not about quality or quantity whereby you create an elitist society but every Zambian’s vote is significant!! ECL doesn’t crave for respect as the majority chose him and that is enough for him. The problem is we have a vile and undisciplined opposition and an unpatriotic and hoodlums for diaspora, THEY MUST RESPECT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE BECAUSE IT IS US WHO ENDORSED ECL. Look our country is not perfect nor is it first…

    • …world, but we are progressing well: loadshedding finished last rainy season and the PF government are building 2 major power plants, the police need upgrading but it has been the same since UNIP and is not ECL/PF’s fault, the judiciary is now operating under the new constitution and will need time and effort to improve, so what’s all the fuss about??? Try and get facts from real people and not fake media like watchdog. Connect to Zambians in the private and public sector and get real information!!!

    • Your President is lazy and fooool….where is PF media team to respond to Nevers Mumba’s $33billion debt allegations!!

    • Zambian citizen


      You use violence against the opposition and do not allow divergent views……anyone who is a threat to lungu is either sacked or jailed..

      …..and in a free and fair election there is no way lungu could have won despite just spending 10 billion….

    • @spaka…you repeat the same thing over and over…let me say it again, hh has been rejected 5 (FIVE) times, dude. There was no violence or rigging or whatever rubbish you think happened. Zambians just rejected hh again and chose ECL, twice!!! Live with it.

    • @14 Zambian Citizen, you have made your case based on your elitist perspective. Only the PF aligned people are enjoying life in Zambia. The majority of the nation is living in serious poverty! So, your songs about how great things are in Zambia is a mockery of the majority who are suffering! Furthermore, ECL and PF rigged the last elections big time. That is why we have all these tensions in the country because many people, including me, believe the election was stolen from HH. ECL does not have a clear mandate from the people of Zambia.

    • @Angel: I go through a lot of areas in Lusaka every day and people who have chosen to work hard are not complaining. That poverty dogma has been put in your head by upnd and hh through their vile and fake social media network. If there is so much poverty, why are bars, supermarkets, grocery shops full all the time?? Why are more East Africans opening shops in our neighbourhoods, if there is so much poverty who do they sell to?? Come to Buseko market and see how Zambians are controlling the timber trade, come see how many young Zambians are opening offices in Rhodes Park etc-YOU HAVE BELIEVED A LIE!!! Elections stolen from hh and rigged?? Why don’t the many people including you help hh produce evidence to expose the rigging??? Now what surprises me is that you talk of rigging yet upnd…

    • …didn’t even get a parliamentary seat in inner Lusaka or C/Belt, what kind of popularity does he have?? Regional popularity?? The alleged election thief got 82 + 12 mps in 7 provinces out of 10 while hh only got 56 seats in 3 provinces. You see Angel, you people in diaspora combined wouldn’t even outnumber one polling station in Kabwata or Chawama or Lubuto etc so it is the majority that vote who determine the elections. Your are a scattered minority who play no role in the determining of the leadership of this country if compared to the majority who make the 3.6 million eligible voters. Yours is the role of mere armchair critics, and you have become quite unruly with your unwarranted insults and foul language against a constitutionally elected majority government. Your white…

    • @14.9-14.11 Zambian Citizen, this is the sort of thinking that keeps indigenous African people in poverty with a smattering of corruptly wealthy elites! Your economic analysis is laughable. We are talking about national debt and its impact on social programs, we are talking about access to employment, business and quality education. You are talking about people using survival techniques! Some people steal money and property to be able to live a good life…can that be a sign of a thriving economy? You are talking about Lusaka, have you been to Kabwe and Mufulira and rural areas? There is poverty there which was not there earlier.

    • …I think you are looking at things superficially. During the run up to the elections I was in Zambia for about 3 months. I saw the “rigging” in terms of the reporting on the public broadcaster, ZNBC. They literally campaigned for the PF. Also, the PF meted out violence on anyone wearing UPND regalia especially in Lusaka. The police were also part of the PF! They never allowed other parties to campaign in Lusaka and on the Copperbelt. All these things are part of rigging! That is why the court nullified Nkandu Luo’s and Mwanakatwe’s elections (even though ECL has kept them on). The UPND actually won many areas of Lusaka but there votes were spoilt or transferred to the PF.

    • …I understand your desire to show patriotism, but please don’t do so at the expense of the truth. If ECL does something great, I will be the first praise to him and show patriotism. However, at present the truth is that Zambia is NOT doing well and the blame squarely lies with the current leadership.

    • The problem that I and millions of Zambians have is that it is only the upnd that see the problem with the current leadership!!! Truth is your upnd was rejected again and you have to respect the will of the people!! Yes, there was violence in some parts but the violence was pre-elections and did not affect counting of ballots which was done professionally by the ECZ; what about the ethnic cleansing that took place in Namwala against non tonga people?? What about the intimidation of electoral officials that took place in Southern Province?? What about the underage voting registration that took place in Southern province??? if upnd won in Lusaka why didn’t you expose the vote transfer or spoiling because the number of spoilt ballots was uniform across the whole country according to the ECZ…

    • …website.
      Truth is, Zambians voted last year and have moved on and are going about their lives. The crisis you are seeing and singing about is only in upnd’s heads!!! From the petition, the economic collapse, ammagedon, dictatorship, now the fake debt crisis is all part of a poorly construed strategy by your impotent political strategists to discredit the constitutionally elected EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU government. We are now getting used to your alarmists rubbish as it is not affecting our lives anymore as we increasingly perceive you bitter upnd elements as deranged bitter losers who have no plan to inspire voters to choose you!!!! Edgar Lungu till 2021 and beyond!!!! THERE IS NO CRISIS. ZAMBIA IS RECOVERING FROM A COMMODITY DOWNTURN AND WILL BE BACK ON IT’S FEET. WE HAVE A WORKING…

    • “We are talking about access to employment…ARE YOU AWARE THAT INFORMAL EMPLOYMENT IN ZAMBIA IS UP TO 65% OF THE EMPLOYABLE POPULATION??? A lot of people now either work in micro, small and medium enterprises or they own and run them. These informal operations provide income to over 2,600,000 Zambians and they are able to send their children to school, buy food and provide shelter for their families. Most of these owners of these MSMEs are today building houses, they own cars, they send their children to private schools who provide quality education, some of them are even buying cheap land on the outskirts of urban centres and venturing into agriculture!! The challenge even for government with the help of UN and other aid agencies is how to “formalise” this informal sector so as to…

    • …extract tangiable statistics and enable them contribute to ZRA and NAPSA. As a country, we are evolving, it takes time, right attitude and effort. Not condemning everything government does.

  12. …national affairs and will never ascend to the South African presidency. It is a shame to even call you Zambians.

    • I feel sorry for you. You know very little about Zambia. Some of us lived in Europe but are now back home helping to create employment and improve our nation.
      Just come back home we will employ you.

    • I am in Kabwata right now and I run my own SME, why would I want to work for you??? Opportunities in my field of business are vast and will only get better as I employ people as well and pay taxes to improve my country. And I don’t envy living in Europe….

  13. @ 12.1 12.2 There will be no Zambian refugees going to south Africa. For your information since you depend on what you read online we’ve people from neighboring countries sneaking in Zambia for refuge. The only one who sees what you’re saying is the one who who wants chaos so that his party can rule. As for ANC ruling another 200 years, it’s an understatement. …it will rule for 1000 years.

  14. United dunderheads never cease to amaze they actually believe that this Juju man Malema is supporting them??? Anyone in the international community who believes Malema the same cretin who spoke about shooting boers means well is a proper dunderhead! Malema is an ardent supporter of Mugabe who everyone in the international community knows has terribly abused his own people.

  15. Sunday Chanda says HH was not arrested by Lungu. Really? Lungu is the current Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces which includes ZPS. HH was arrested by ZPS led by IG Kanganja at the direction of the Commander in Chief who is ECL. ECL thru ZPS arrested and charged HH and 5 others will Trumped Up Treason charges. HH was charged by the Zambian State which is led by Lungu. Lungu is abusing State Institutions and Machinery to arrest and persecute his opponents including HH. Sunday Chanda should take Note of the Roles of the State and the Head of State instead of waffling like a Headless chicken.

  16. SUNDAY,MONDAY, whatever they call you. Just zippy it up, you also sound like an *****, answering back, when malema has spoken the facts.

  17. “……two are nothing but puppets of those who seek to control Zambia’s mineral rights through their stooges…..”

    The trash bankrupt dictators use to excite their thugs.. …while at the same time running to beg for aid and bailout from the same imperialists.. ..

  18. Chanda is a jobless guy surviving on making political noisy like the former priest forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Chanda remember that I and my family we have withdrawn our vote return CK.

  19. Mr. Chanda, don´t be a fool. Who doesn´t know that your president is a coward? This is the man who chickened out even from the last presidential debates.

  20. Ati the whole region? Are you on Mars? Is Malema or Maimane a president of the region? You must be demented.

  21. @1.3 Mama, thank you for that. I mean for finally accepting that you are UPNDonkeys, complete with my description. I trust that by mentioning the US Democratic Party you are not in any way likening the esteemed Mr Obama to underfive., which really is an abominable insult.

  22. There is no difference between Article 31 and 30 in the manner it’s being implemented. It is a ploy to encroach on civic space. There may be an extension at the expiry of the current one. The beauty is most PF cadres will have woken up then and will stop supporting things blindly. Let’s enjoy the rough ride into the PF Abyss!

  23. ….i hope you have now given up the donkey no.nsense of trying to liken the underfive stint at Mulobeko with Icon Mandela’s Robben island stint, another of the oUPNDonkeys many abominations. Surely how can UPNDonkeys ever rule Zambia? They dont seem to learn to choose their allies strategicaly, Malema an ally surely? GBM running mate surely?

    • You PF rats want to forget GMB was your defence minister and infact bankrolled sata and PF.

      The EFF leader is right lungu is a coward for brutaising the opposition and any one with presidential ambitions…..a true leader is not afraid of the opposition or anyone who had presidential ambitions

    • That’s the surprising thing isn’t it, between the coward and the very bravest are the in betweens, but in the context of Zambia have you seen the ones that have got it all to giving up to fight for ideals?

  24. Cowards are very sensitive to threats, they respond to every noise and act ruthless.
    They have no time to analyze the noise, they will throw wild punches in the air.

  25. Honestly this is not the way to engage foreign leaders.We have an embassy in South Africa and it is their job to respond to such matters.Ba Sunday ala fwayeniko inchito kumbi.

  26. “What impact has the Economic Freedom Fighters had on South African politics?”

    The SABC tweeted this question yesterday and asked followers to vote for one of these four options: 1. Substance and debate; 2. Good entertainment; 3. Just hot air nothing else; 4. Viable alternative voice.

    Little and Just hot hair that will pass off after a few years beyond its 4 years its just around one character and same political games as projected

    (1) Malema was President of ANC’s Youth wing when he teamed up with Zuma to oust President Mbeki from Republican President. He then vowed to “KILL: for Zuma. (Read Frank Chekani’s book titled: ‘EIGHT DAYS IN SEPTEMBER’ for more frightening revelations.
    (2) In 2008 I was conducting research at a South African Institute when black South Africans mistook me for a potential “economic immigrant”. I got the most hostile treatment from black South Africans, but amazed to have received professional support from white scientists in that Institution. Fortunately well coordinated xenophobic attacks on African foreigners occurred just a day after I had departed for Zambia, The Malema-led Youth Wing contributed to the atrocities behind the curtains.

    (3) Malema shocked Africa and the rest of the World observers when he went to London to castigate Nelson Mandela for having sold out to the Whites in South Africa. He further declared that he (Malema) was no fan of Mandelas. WHO PAID HIM TO WAGE INSULTS ON MANDELA? I guess the white racists enjoyed the wine when a young black politician went to London with a mission to insult Mandela.

    Whatever vomit Malema spews on Zambia must be taken with a pinch of salt. Malema is indeed a rabid infested wild dog

    • Unfortunately this is what happens when you are biased, read what the UK press says about Malema? Why cant we be factual and think about Zambia than our political alliances? Your language just says it all. “rabid, infested wild dog? Surely? I don’t agree with his type of politics but would never be so self righteous to take someones point of view with a venom typical of egotism and bigotry..

  29. From my little research regional politics have always existed. Kamuzu of Malawi was never on the side of the blacks in SA, he was in the hands of the whites and betrayed the likes of Kaunda, Samora, Nyerere that were fighting for and with ANC. In Zambia we had businessmen that were sponsored by the SA white government. Malena is not news nor a new development to such regional politics. He shown his weakness from his original focus of financially liberating our brothers in SA to cross country politics. He is now lost and can’t see hunger in his own country which is being plundered by the swallows. We won’t let the swallows come and control us we are better alone and we shall overcome our troubles and again assist and guide our south African brothers on how to do it.

    • What claptrap is this? everything you started off with was right, until you see the swallows in SA and forgetting they are the same swallows you are applauding in Zambia and may be paying your wages in cohort. Patriotism and nationalism should be left to the pure and genuine who don’t think about their pockets. Based on your comments you are not one, and God Zambia is dying out for genuine decent Zambians.

  30. Sunday he knows nothing in my views. 1. Fire erupted in UK (Manchester ) and other places in UK. Did UK imposed threatened state of emergency? RSA itself. Fire erupted in cape town, Johannesburg. Did RSA imposed Threatened state of emergency? There are a lot of country’s around the world where fire is erupting but they are not imposing threatened state of emergency he is referring.

  31. lets hope the opposition in s/a will vote for upnd in 2021 cause i have seen the alliance seem to be working with two spokes person in s/a coming up so well,malema wat are you trying to teach upnd and nalumango just get the money and zip up

    (4) When xenophobic attacks were being inflicted on foreign African nationals – at the exclusion of the whites – No Zambian politician criticized South Africa. Malawi and Zimbabwe quietly organised transport to ferry their nationals home. Has Malema, Irvin Jim and Maimane picked a lesson”
    (5) The management of political parties in modern times, anywhere in the world, requires that political parties form a think tank that able to analyse ideologies held by political parties registered in any country in the world. We wonder if UPND has full information on the factors that led to the formation of EFF in South Africa. If UPND were to form a Government what formula would HH’s Party use to forge and mend relations with the ANC-led Government? UPND appeals to…

  33. I like the vanity when someone boasts about the drop in mealie meal prices ! Like wow, they deserve a medal ! What an accomplishment !!!

    Yet they forget to add that the price reduction has come at the expense of 1,4m peasant farmers. Floor price reduced from K85 to K60 per bag.

    Mealie meal price has dropped by robbing Peter to make Paul happy ! And you expect applause for that ?

    (6) UPND’s appeals to to Malema’s party (EFF) – even when made in desperation – lack clarity on their intellectual capacities in dealing with international politics. Zambia’s PF Government has taken note of most events occurring in South Africa, UK, Europe and USA, but has stuck to international norms of non-interference in other states internal affairs. Why on Earth would UPND forge links with racist-sponsored DA, EFF and NUMSA to cause anarchy in Zambia? Yet more serious issues are still at play in South Africa; and Donald Trump has a plate full of problems as he navigates within his Senate.

  35. I find it so funny to see PF brag about such pathetic fundamentals as Mealie Meal at K70, Exchange rate at K8….etc.

    Why can’t PF beat RB’s fundamentals which they found of, and squandered ala,

    Mealie Meal: K35
    Exchange rate: K5/Dollar
    GDP growth: 6%
    Uniform petrol prices
    No increase in energy prices of up to 75%
    Reserves: US$ 3 Billion

    PF beating their own worse position is nothing to brag about. And them only achieving 4% GDP growth after growing the Kabola to unsustainable levels is pathetic. But PF think everyone has got short memories like them.

  36. Malema an imperialist??? Kikikikikiki… has he even been to school? I wonder who is still foolish enough to be paymaster to Sunday Chanda

  37. Comment:
    Wonder what’s happened to Malema?
    He’s so shrunken.
    Must be affecting him badly, the size!

  38. Malema is a coward whose nationals kill fellow Africans and he has his tail tacked but wants to talk about peaceful Zambia!

  39. Sunday Chanda I hope he understands the humor of his choice of language. “Imperialist lap dog” is something we miss from rabid Cuban government statements of the 1980s… Where exactly did we find this guy Chanda??? Maybe they found him locked somewhere in the tunnels where he has not read the news for the last 40 years

  40. I just saw the PF’s comment and ZANU PF came to mind. Ba PF be serious who in their right mind takes ZANU PF seriously? Zimbabwe has half its adult population out of the country 80 percent unemployment no currency, an oppressive dictator who has ruled for40 years, He is 94 and still clinging to power and you want to emulate Zimbabwe? Where are you taking Zambia?

    • In fact Mugabe caused Mwanawasa so much stress he raised his BP and caused his death. All because Mwanawasa wanted to distance Zambia from Zimbabwe’s human abuse

  41. What is sad about Zambia is that our dictatorship is based on greed and criminality elsewhere it’s former freedom fighters feeling entitled to rule as a reward for their often exaggerated contributions.In this respect ANC has outlived its usefulness like ZANU PF and are a liability to their respective countries.

  42. Sande Chanda, seek a psychic doctor before it is too late. Your mental make up is getting worse. You cant be this mean and trivial. Learn to ignore certain things or you give credence to them…..

  43. Tell your president to lift state of emergency in Zambia for those wishing to return to Zambia to do so without fear of harassment at airport and freedom of movement.
    State of emergency is always associated with dictatorship and cowardice of imaginary enemies to those enforcing it. If Zambia is as peaceful as some PF beneficiaries claim, then tell your government to lift the state of emergency than inconveniencing ordinary Zambians.

    • Why would you fear to come to your own country?? Unless ofcourse you are up to no good??? Only people with ulterior motives and have been doing things to break the law should fear Article 31. If you went abroad to study or work and want to come back, why should you fear the police????

  44. Malema is a bitter soul and has misled most of his supporters that he’s their saviour and yet not true…Only a fellow danderhead would agree to his rants…Ask yourselfs a question why this danderhead has been banned to enter Botswana a relatively quiet country…

    • Botswana is actually a dictatorship. You don’t stand a chance if you are against the ruling party there. If you are a foreigner they will throw you in the next bus out of Botswana

  45. Some things are not worth responding to. When something is not true just keep quiet because words can spin out of control. He uses bad words then you use bad words. One thing I liked about President Kaunda he never responded to everything. Learn to keep quiet I think a response to Mr Malema was not necessary he wont even read what was stated. Then he is not our interest. We can listen to his input but we do not owe him a response. Lets not get irritated about what does not concerns us.

  46. Malema is always right…
    He points out issues that really matter to us as South Africans and Africans in general, he showed us things we never suspected, he introduced transparency in South African and African politics, and he was man enough to go back to former president Thabo Mbeki and apologize for overthrowing him.
    In life, we all make mistakes, but it takes real men to realize them and act accordingly, now thats the kind of leaders Africans should look up too.
    Thanks Mr Malema for the risks you are taking just help your fellow brothers and sisters…
    We appreciate boldness…

    • Let him end in your country and not poke his nose in other countries…Mind you South Africa is not role model for Africa in terms of democracy…Anarchy is very different from democracy…okay???

  47. You know what I find all this tiring and petty. Juju is an oaf. A clown, look at how he eggs on his supporters in Parliament. No finesse. He helped to have Thabo Mbeki removed and whoever pays him to have HH removed as UPND President he will do it, which some who are going to him in the guise of wanting him to talk about things he knows nothing about are doing. Juju keep on toyi toying and leaves us be to handle our own mattere

Comments are closed.

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