Zambia’s 2017 copper production to drop


Mopani Mines

Zambia’s copper production is expected to inch lower to 753 992 tones this year from 774 290 tones in 2016 mainly due to lower output from Konkola Copper Mines.

Ministry of Mines Permanent Secretary Paul Chanda told reporters that production at Konkola Copper Mines is expected to decline by 40% this year.

Mr Chanda added that production at Konkola Copper Mine will fall by 40% while output at Lumwana Mine, owned by Barrick Gold, should decline by 15%.

“Konkola Copper Mines appear to be more experienced in processing than mining and as for Lumwana it is because of declining ore grades,” Mr. Chanda told Reuters.

The government had said in June that copper production was expected to rise to 850 000 t in 2017 owing to expansion at existing mines and ongoing greenfield projects.

The Zambia Chamber of Mines, an industry body, said output would depend on power supply, infrastructure and stability of the fiscal and regulatory regime.

“Resolution of the pricing and provision of power remain paramount to the immediate future of mining in Zambia,” Chamber of Mines President Nathan Chishimba told Reuters on Monday.


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    Can the mines ps explain how we go from 850000tornnes in june to 753920 tonnes when we have a production decline of 55% from 2 mines. Can he explain how he arrived at at his 753920 tonnes figure please
    850000 tonnes looks like another piece of misinformation by the mmd/ pf regime

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    I quote ““Konkola Copper Mines appear to be more experienced in processing than mining and as for Lumwana it is because of declining ore grades,” Mr. Chanda told Reuters.
    It seems that our government already know that Konkola Mine is more inclined on processing Copper than mining as perceived to the recent issue of outsourcing the KCM mines, this to me clearly indicates that the developed / drilled resources have declined at the KCM mines. I am sure all this is due to poor forecast on opening up new areas by the mines.
    KCM should invest more on development so that more developed reserves can be attained rather than just depending on the already developed reserves and outside concentrate from DRC and other mines to be processed at smelter. This only benefits the DRC only which sends it…

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    Another FAKE promise from Lungu now exposed! 850,000 tonnes!

    Next it will be how many JOB LOSSES after promising 500,000 new jobs?????

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    The observer,…..with due respect even jf they invest in development for better reserves it is possible that we are or have run out of reserves at an economically viable return.

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    Masalamuso, the economically viable reserves are still there I am sure that is why KCM wants to involve the contractors who can speed up opening these areas. If they are finished they wouldn’t waste their capital in bringing someone with machinery which they might not at have at the moment to develop for them. I am sure my brother you have read that they even say that KCM has a life span of another 50 years before actually exhausting all the resources which they have on their mines, meaning it’s this same Orebody which needs to be developed and they are of the same grade I am sure because the Zambia- Congo DR Orebody mineralization is of high grade as per data already availed by the initial explorations which was carried in this part of the region.
    The homogeneity nature of the…

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    Get a grip of these Mines PF. Copper price is high and we should benefit from higher volumes surely. I mean, when the prices were really low the Mines were outstripping our mines for the purpose of stockpiling.

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      Anyway, we all know thus is a preamble to govn’t giving Konkola FREE ELECTRICITY at citizens cost. We are under blackmail, cheap labour and free operation costs.


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