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Government to set up fruit processing plants in Eastern, Luapula, North-western and Western Provinces


Lusaka traders packing fruits in Siameja area which locally known as Mabuyu in Tonga language.

Government says Zambian farmers will benefit from the three fruit processing plants to be constructed in Eastern, Luapula, western and North-western Provinces , respectively.

ZANIS Business news reports that Ministry of Agriculture acting Permanent Secretary, Peter Lungu says the three fruit processing plants would provide direct market for the local fruits farmers.

Mr. Lungu said the move to construct the fruit processing plants was a good move as it would add value to the products which will be processed at these plants.

Government had carried out a feasibility study which revealed that Zambian farmers had the capacity to supply fruits which could be processed into various products, he said.

“Our farmers in Zambia grow a lot of fruits such as cashew nuts, pineapples and mangoes but have no market for them. Through the feasibility studies which were carried out, we found out that constructing fruit processing plants will help our farmers because they will have a ready market for their produce.

“Farmers in the areas were these plants will be constructed will be given first priority when it comes to buying fruits for processing,” he said.

He also explained that the amount of money which would be spent in constructing the processing plants has already been sourced and will
be announced during this year’s budget.

The fruit processing plants will include a mango processing facility in Eastern province, a Palm oil processing plant in Luapula Province, a cashew nut processing plant in Western Province and a Pineapple processing facility in North-Western Province.

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  1. Juliet Perth
    I would love to see fruit processing plants in zambia but the idea that GRZ will run it is where I found a problem. Get it governments should not run profitable business worse of Zambian government. These will be white elephant plants soon. Just like the mobile hospitals and hearse. Anyone with information about these 2 mobile hospitals and hearse?
    • Victorialfalls
      Exactly my thought. All these ideas are taken from CEC. People submit brilliant projects but no money is given to them. The moment government is involved the cost of coming up with a single plant will be five times more. This can not be the case if you give an individual a loan through CEC to have a plant and later on run it. We have seen small companies grow I.e boom manufactures. Empower citizens and not politician through boma.
      Just because Lungu was caught on social media eating mango like a fool in Eastern Province?? The Government should facilitate, just ventures should be private owned. They failed to run the Mines, Airline, UBZ, ZCBC??? now fruit processors?? Keep on dreaming. This is lack of version.
  2. Patrick muyangwa
    Since when did cashew nuts and palm oil become fruits, Kkkk and 3 processing plants in 4 provinces, please be up to speed
    • Kwindi kodjo
      Cashew nuts are obtained from cashew apples which are fruits. The apple bit is highly valuable but totally under-utilised. Palm oil is actually pressed from the palm fruit
  3. UNIP Die hard
    Yesssss! Chiluba would have a heart attack if he were to hear that we are going back to the UNIP way. Its the only way Zambia will develop. Individuals don't have enough money to put up processing plants but government has. Zambian banks are too greedy to lend money to such progressive projects so the government is left to do it.
  4. Masalamuso
    Its z great idea but let them tell us where the markets are and have we been funded by the chinese and to the tune of how much and when do we repay. What are the processes that are going to be implemented. ... the govetnmwnt provided money for a youth under ceec to build a pineapple drying factory in mwinilungu 2 years ago.what happened to zambeef palmoil plantation and processing plant, is this the same one that was recently sold. Govt makes big annohncements but without details.
  5. bwafyaa
    @l Juliet Perth, I agree with you we had these processing plants in quite a number of places some built with latest technology at that time. I do recall some tomato and Mango processing plants in Central, Western and Lusaka Provinces built for ZAMHORT with the help of the Italians. They were all struggling profitably, they were sold and machines disbanded and shipped. I think WE NEED TO HAVE AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO THIS INDUSTRY: DEVELOP PRODUCTION, GOOD HORTICULTURE TO PRODUCE GOOD FRUITS IN LARGE QUANTITIES ,HIGH QUALITY TO WARRANT ESTABLISHING FACTORIES and THEN FIND THOSE WHO CAN PROCESS AND SELL.GOVERNMENT CAN DO WELL TO RUN EXTENSION SERVICES TO DEVELOP FRUITS PRODUCTION,RAW MATERIALS WHILE PRIVATE SECTOR CAN PROCESS AND SELL!!
  6. Masalamuso
    Bwafyaa, you are on the right track, but may i suggest that we actually locate markets to sell the produce then we invest in production facilities. Zambia has the growing skills but we lack vidion in marketing. We must also ensure that growers are committed to and can afford continuous plantings.
  7. One Zambian
    Its stupid to carry research that has already been done by someone. Fruits are in high demand in many countries. One and half dried mango at woolies sales for about R30/K20. In Zambia a 5litre paint for of mangoes goes for less than K15 in Mumbwa. Dried mangoes can be stored longer.. while we at it let us be the first to market dried kandolo. Negativity from you guys, especially UPND outside Zambia, is too high. Let's point out mistakes objectively. Work hard to win some of us to support your party for 2021 in the meantime lets work together but hold our government accountable by being objective in our criticism and pointing out corruption in tenders etc
  8. One Zambian
    I think government should facilitate training of people from all provinces and empower them to run with such projects. even if 60% of the selected fail we will have done good (40% success rate). In countries like South Africa out of 10 new businesses 5 fail in the first year, out of the reamining 5, 2 are successful... Its a bad rate but that 2 may just be what our economy needs to create employment
  9. Masalamuso
    One zambian, those mangos in woolies in Sth Africa where do they come from........ if they are being sourced in sth africa and there is a plentiful and regular supply....why would they try to get from zambia and pay the road freight to get to sth africa. Just curious... maybe you could check and ket us know where they come from. Thanks
  10. ANYOKO
    I KNOW THE COST IS US$42million because fire tenders costed 42 water in mongu 42 then fruit processing 42.Good idea , which people were SAYING DORA SILIYA CANT MANAGE AGRICULTURE CANT U SEE NOW THE RESULTS? EVEN WORKING AT NIGHT AFTER HRS SHE IS VERY HARD WORKING

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