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GrandView International in line for a major farmer input supply tender

Headlines GrandView International in line for a major farmer input supply tender

GrandView International
GrandView International

GrandView International in line for a major farmer input supply tender

GrandView International, the firm at the centre of the controversial purchase of 42 fire trucks has been shortlisted for a multi million Kwacha fertilizer supply contract.

According to a short list, GrandView is one of the companies that have passed the technical and financial evaluation to supply fertilizer and seed in the forthcoming farming season through the e-voucher.

GrandView, the company run by Bokani Soko, the Lusaka lawyer, has come under spotlight following allegations of corruption in the procurement of the fire truck at a cost of US$42 million.

And the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction in Zambia says it is shocked and extremely concerned that Grand View is one of the agro dealers short listed by government to undertake the distribution of the farming inputs for the 2017/2018 farming season.

CSPR Eastern Province Coordinator Maxson Nkhoma said shortlisting a company that has outstanding questionable business transaction with the Ministry of Local Government over the fire trucks is regrettable.

“It is surprising that while citizens are still waiting for satisfactory answers from government over the fire tenders scandal government has gone ahead to engage Grand View International in yet another government business as an Agro dealer a business which is supposed to be left to small scale enterprises to promote their growth”, Mr Nkhoma said in an interview.

Mr. Nkhoma has since called on government to protect small scale agro dealers from being swallowed by huge companies handling huge contracts.

He also demanded that the Zambian Government should explain the engagement of Grand View International as an agro dealer.


    • I don’t understand why robbers don’t just strike once, and repent. In my village there was this goats thief, we all knew him, but people bought meat from him. Even asking him “…where did you steal this fat goat, give me 2 kilo”.

    • All because of the work of his majesty President Lungu. Recently voted as the fourth most functional president in commonwealth countries.

      I have a PhD




    • PF bandits are all corrupt criminals!

      Zambia is the hungriest country in the entire world & PF bandits of visionless Lungu can buy a single fire truck for $1 million? To date, solar hummer mills exaggerated by PF corrupt bandits are not visible.

      Zambia will remain ever poor & hungriest as long as PF bandits with visionless Lungu illegally remain in power.

      How much is mealie meal?

      The Skeleton Key

    • The people who have been burning markets do you not know where Thabo Mbeki road in Lusaka is. Are you thinking there is no point because the new GREAT Fire Tenders will put out the fires quickly and it’s a waste of time even trying because not much damage will be done? I can assure you the newly acquired fire tenders are fake, Do the job and it will be worth it. The Farmers and the Zambians at large will forever appreciate you for incapacitating this beast moving in their direction! Next Grandview will be moving to Hospitals to supply fake medicines then to education to supply materials, then to armed forces until it sucks the life out of the gallant Nation of Zambia. Edgar Jonathan sucks!

    • @DudeLove. Dont mislead people iwe mambala. If grandview had no experience to supply the trucks, the rules allowed them to partner with an established company which has experience in this line of business. Dont you Zambians do the with Chinese companies when you are given a road Tender? By the way, go to PACRA or call someone at PACRA, Grandview International was registered in 2012, In 2015 they decided to rebrand the company so they changed the name.

  1. Its regrettable to keep having a presidential candidate with a questionable privatization past. UPND should do away with HH.

    • What has this got to do with the news article here? Or are you just a moron that posts irrelevant comments?

      Or simply mentally retarded? Whatever, you have shown publically that in any case you are an illiterate IDYOT!

  2. I don’t understand what fertilizer supply means. Are they buying from Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia then supplying the farmers? OR are they sourcing the fertilizer outside Zambia (because our NCZ has low capacity production) and then supply our farmers? Can someone please help me on this one….

  3. Has anyone presented evidence in the fire tender case??? Is there any formal complaint against grandview? If not, its fair game for them to throw their hat in the ring for supply of whatever they think they have the capacity to. They are a Zambian company afterall.. I am up in arms about the fire tender gig but as an armchair critic…we have been given ample time to come forth with evidence…..still waiting

    • Well Bwana Folded. the evidence is that there was a supplier cheaper who sued them, 2 with all our knowledge, its abusrd to buy one tender at a million…and hold up there before you go saying if it was approved,,it aint thier ( grandview) fault. THAT IS GOVT MONEY PEOPLE WONT JUST SPEND IT ANYHOW. People on that tender commitee have more work to explain what happened than Jonathan lungu asking for evidence from general public. lets say we dont have evidence but we are concerned about price. isnt it govt supposed to explain to us???

    • Tender rules stipulate that for such a huge tender to be awarded, the company should have been in existence for three years or more with a track record of supplying similar items. Grandview was incorporated in 2015 the same year the Tender was awarded. Is that enough evidence for you bwana?

    • Stiyopet and Dudelove.. You are both missing the point.. Those are speculations in the public..until someone actually takes the matter to an agency/court they will remain as such. Thats why you see the Miyandas take issues to court.. The powers that be wont pick something out of the air and act on it…especially if it makes them uncomfortable.. its up to you and me to move for action…till then.. Grandview and whoever else has fair passage.

    • @sityopet: so a tender is based on price only??? Maybe you can explain to us about the equipment specs. by the two bidders??? Then about the explanation, Honorable Mwale gave an explanation in parliament, ZPPA gave an explanation, the fire fighters union gave their view, what more do you need??? That is why the president has given you homework and challenged you to bring forth evidence!!
      @dudlove: this tender went through ZPPA, you mean to tell me they didn’t pick up that technicality??? I doubt that because that paperwork is presented for evaluation. Arms Folded is spot on: this is typical P.H.D. mentality-pull him down!! Because Bokani is young and Zambian, how can he be making all this money??? It was very common during the post newspaper heydays where Fred had a field day destroying…

    • Arms folded, I get your point, thanks. Zambian Citizen, Hi. Have you seen the Fire trucks whose cost you are so passionately trying to justify? That model of Scania is not manufactured anymore. In 1993 when I joined INDENI for a while, those are the types of fire tenders that were there. The tenders we have bought for US$1 million each are second hand so am really quite baffled at how you would think a Scania truck that should cost about K250,000 maximum can have fittings that will make up the difference to get to one million dollars. For ZPPA to go against their own stipulation that a company must have a track record for the supply of similar items and must be in existence for over three years must tell you that ZPPA have also been compromised.

    • And I can bet you anything that Bokani is being used as a figurehead to mask the real owners of this company who are probably bene Jonathan and the Kaizers. It would be naive to accept that a young lawyer from nowhere would decide to form a company and within the same year win such a huge tender on the first try beating out companies with years and years of experience in these things. Does not need a detective to tell you something is not right.

    • @dudelove: second hand??? I don’t think you know what you are talking about. Can you just elaborate on the specs. and maybe i will believe you!! So a young lawyer forming a company is not normal??? You see, that is why we Zambians lack the attitude for success, in the real sense, we fear it!!! 14: Jobreaker below has said it, had it been a foreigner you would be admiring and praising him. But because he is Zambian, you want to box his abilities to rise to the top. WE ZAMBIANS ARE OUR OWN ENEMY, IT REALLY IS A SHAME!!!

    • Zambian Citizen there is nothing wrong with a lawyer forming a company. What you are not addressing is why Tender rules were flouted and a brand new company with no track record is given such a huge contract. Justify just this one thing for me. Forget everything else, why are you OK with tender rules being abrogated?

    • Zambian Citizen, let me also appeal to your common sense and give you this scenario: Say you want to construct a State of the art building and then you call for Tenders. One of the Tenders is from a company with over 50 years experience in this industry, they give you a catalogue of massive buildings they have built all over the world and they charge you K25,000 for the whole project. Then here comes a one year old company that has never even built a toilet and they charge you K500,000. Who would win that tender from you?

    • @dudelove: dude, your examples are too childish and lack substance!! Can you provide PACRA printouts that tender procedures were flouted by awarding a new company the contract, I DO NOT WANT TO SPECULATE!! Then the 50 year old company does not automatically get the tender because they might not meet my specs., it is not mangoes I am buying!!! What if the 1 year old company is staffed with brilliant and world class engineers who are offering modern technologies the 50 year old company cannot offer????

    • Zambian Citizen, how are my examples childish when that is exactly what has happened with this fire tender deal? Can you give me a track record of fire tenders supplied by Grandview in the past? Why need PACRA printouts when the rules flouted were ZPPA rules??? Am not understanding the logic you are using. My example is clear. Would you in your personal capacity say as CEO of your company agree with your Purchasing department to such a transaction?? And please be realistic. Are you telling me a company like IVECO can fail to meet our specifications??? Are you being serious? And how many companies have you heard of that employ people to extremely high positions based on just qualifications without experience? Do they not start them as management trainees? You are throwing common sense out…

    • Zambian Citizen, I like your passion but please add some objectivity.. at the end of the day these are things that me and you are paying for..worse still the poorest of the poor are paying for. I havent seen the fire trucks myself but I have been reliably informed that they are indeed second hand! That goes straight into my basket of smelling something wrong. Secondly, if indeed Bokani Soko opened his company in the same year of the tender being floated then we must look at what won him the tender over others with massive experience. My point remains that on both sides we must be objective and if indeed we do have evidence or genuine grief..Lets take it to be heard (forget thethought that it wont be acted on, at least you would have done your part). Zambian Citizen and other defenders of…

    • @Arms: You really expect me to believe that those Fire trucks are second hand and the government accepted that??? For that I challenge both you and dudelove (both local residents): Go and get a photo of the odometer and have it posted right here on LT for all Zambians to see. I put you to that!!!! Then I will believe you.

    • @DudeLove. Dont mislead people iwe mambala. If grandview had no experience to supply the trucks, the rules allowed them to partner with an established company which has experience in this line of business. Dont you Zambians do the same with Chinese companies when you are given a road Tender? By the way, go to PACRA or call someone at PACRA, Grandview International was registered in 2012, In 2015 they decided to rebrand the company so they changed the name.

  4. Well done to these NGOs for bringing out these mis-dealings, once again where are the opposition parties??? We are lacking a credible opposition to provide checks and balances and to these people who are already filthy rich and want to continue amassing wealth at the expense of the poor your days are numbered and God will Judge you accordingly!

  5. Unbelievable!! This company should have failed in the fire tender because they didn’t meet the 3 years in existence requirement and also didn’t have the requisite experience to handle such a tender. They had only been in operation for one year. But here they are again in the agro business and because they are supported by State House, they will get this tender as well.

  6. People will keep on complaining about Grandview International that they are this and that in their dealings but lets be mindful that the company in business and still in its growth stage hence they can jump on any opportunity where ever it arises to survive. Lets not blame the company. The company has been shortlisted for passing technical and financial evaluation. You mean those experts who were doing evaluations are not competent? While others spend their precious time blogging, sleeping, boozing etc others don’t sleep but planning how to make money and where to get make from. I end here.

    • Are you sure you don’t understand why there is this uproar about this company? Do you realise that the Directors are close associates of Lungu and somehow were awarded a multi million dollar tender without qualifying for that Tender as per Tender rules? See why people are complaining?

    • Exactly my point.. Until someone brings an action or formal complaint..Grandview remains in the running for whatever contract they can get a hold of.. Blog away….

    • @dudelove: So does knowing ECL, who Bokani Soko knew way back, disqualify anyone from soliciting business from government???

    • The problem we have in Zambia is HONESTY. We have people justifying wrong doings due to political inclination. THERE IS NO WAY A COMPANY FORMED IN THE SAME YEAR OF FLOATING SAME TENDER OF THAT MAGNITUDE CAN BE AWARDED SUCH WORK!!! PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF COMING OUT BECAUSE OF IMPLICATIONS. I am a businessman and do tenders and its IMPOSSIBLE TO BE AWARDED SUCH a tender with no experience UNLESS there is some undue influence. Its just a matter of time ZAMBIAN people will know the exact details of such deals and the culprits will pay. Enjoy while it lasts!!!

    • Zambian Citizen, soliciting business is not wrong. The wrongness comes in when business is given after flouting the rules. This immediately points to having that association with Lungu in the first place.

    • So if you have HARD FACTS that rules and tender procedures were flouted, why don’t you go to the ACC and other authorities to kickstart the proceedings against the corruption???? Why don’t you team up with characters like Laura Miti who can make noise for you and show the nation and the world the corruption being done by “Lungu” and his associates Bokani Soko and all????????????????

    • @DudeLove, Even you big mouth Chaps, when HH takes over power most of you UPND thieves will become millionaires over night. You think we dont know you. And the reason why most of you are busy bogging day and night here is because you want to make sure your party takes over power so that you can root this country. Look at what happened just before elections, UPND supporters created shadow management team at RTSA comprising of Tongas only, They did the same in the Army, is that not the start of corruption? Who can you cheat imwe naimwe. We know you. Talk about something not Corruption. UPND is the the worst.

  7. All the days for the thief, one for the owner. And just that one day can turn tables. Ask the former petroleum minister in Nigeria she will tell you. She stole government money bought assets in Nigeria and UK but today she is renting in one of the apartments she once owned in UK and about to be extradited to Nigeria to answer graft charges. What goes around, comes around. Jonathan be careful or you will have no one to blame when you will be gnashing your teeth in Mukobeko.

  8. had this been an international supplier we wouldn’t be talking of it but since he is a local supplier black people mentality is pull them down koma muzungu, matter of fact that profit for fire tenders will circulate within the country and every one wins, fire tenders were bought in a transparent manner, if you have any objections report them to ICC, mean while let Grandview supply…I’m breaker

  9. So this company specialises in almost everything, from fire trucks company to agriculture fertilizer supplier? Oh dear! Talk about corruption in broad daylight. I mean how do they even vet and assess these companies? You can’t be specialist in everything within a year of being incorporated. Not with some name that sounds like a hotel or brothel.

    They need to be cutting off these middlemen so called ‘suppliers’ and deal directly with the OEMs who can also supply… it’s cheaper. But of course they can’t do that because they want a cut, what a ‘Nchekeleko’ country this is!

  10. In normal procurement settings this company should be under investigation and hence cancelled from participating in any tenders. But Zambia the fallen nation with a rotten head nothing works, fighting corruption is only lip service. So sad indeed and such a shame, the World is watching and laughing at foolish Africans destroying our own economies.

  11. flag JO BREAKER – Check your records. It is not just about local companies. We are also complaining about an international company that has been awarded to construct the Lusaka- Ndola dual carriage way about over pricing. So what are talking about? This is the problem when people want to justify and support wrongs. Anyway umulandu taubola. Let them enjoy but time will come. If they are your friends or relatives please assist them to do right things and not wrong things.

  12. @6.1 sityopeti, please check your facts so that you don’t publish falsehoods or inaccurate information. As you know, we have UP.NDonkeys in our midst whose sole existence depends on falsehoods and innuendos, disgusting if I may say. The truth in the public domain is that the company which took government to arbitration bid higher ($49million I think).

  13. Mr CSPR Eastern Province Coordinator Maxson Nkhoma sir, a person remains innocent until proved guilt. People continue working until proved guilt. A company cannot stop just because someone is uttering something to gain his political mileage. If it does better than others why leave it out and go for expensive one
    Mr Nkhoma sir, the bidding was open and the major complainant in this matter had a higher bid than GrandView International
    Mr Nkhoma sir, let us first find out how how the other bidder arrived at 49m dollars.

  14. One of the criteria for evaluating tenders and shortlisting bidders is previous record of successful performance. In the case of Grand View, they have successfully delivered 42 trucks worth $42million, even beating a European company who sued unsuccessfully. Lets encourage them to perform even better this time with Agro bids. NEVER MIND THE UP.NDonkeys, “..we are not here to impress talkative men and women…”, to borrow a cliche from THE President of Zambia.

  15. Nangu Chipuba chisu.You can not develop when you admit that what ever comes even a fool provided is my tribe mate and tribal cousin it is ok.
    This is Zambia for you.Is Nitrogen chemicals of Zambia involved in this transaction or only middle men?
    Zambia for you.More money in peoples pockets.

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