UK pledges to continue supporting Zambia’s development

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) with British Minister of State for International Development, Rory Stewart after a meeting at State House in Lusaka on Thursday,October 5,2017
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) with British Minister of State for International Development, Rory Stewart after a meeting at State House in Lusaka on Thursday,October 5,2017

The United Kingdom has pledged to continue supporting Zambia’s development agenda.

ZANIS reports that Visiting British Minister of State in Charge of Africa and International Development Rory Steward said the United Kingdom is keen on working with the Zambian government on a number of bilateral issues which fall in the frame work of the common wealth.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on President Edgar Lungu at State House in Lusaka today, Mr. Steward said Zambia plays an important role in the region due to its stability.

“Zambia’s stability has an effect on other countries in the region”, said Mr. Steward.
“The United Kingdom is willing to help Zambia as the country deals with refuges.

The British minister also said that his government is concerned with the levels of poaching in Zambia and that the UK will do all it can to help reduce the vice.

Mr Steward said Britain is ready and willing to work with the Zambian government in order to improve the welfare of the Zambian people.

“We would like to see where we can work together whether it is in governance, livelihood or education,” said Steward.

And President Lungu said, it was important that the two countries scale up their development cooperation especially that Britain has created a new ministry in charge of African developmental issues.

The Head of State said Zambia is diversifying from mining to agriculture and process raw materials as opposed to mere production.

President Lungu said Zambia was now encouraging and attracting investments in other sectors including the energy sector.

“We are in a transforming path of our economy so that we can improve the quality of life”, said President Mr Lungu.



  1. This basically means the Uk government are happy with the fire engine deals. Also they accept Pres Lungu as the legitimate Zambian President.

    This includes the Queen too




  2. UK cares not for Zambia. It has its own problems…Zambians should not seat idle and hope for suckers to come develop country for them.There is never free aid…..


  3. This statement from the UK Government must be hurting in the UPND Corners.

    For them all they want is the PF and Lungu to fail. A civilized Opposition Party must work and support a sitting government where they see good projects being implemented for the Goodness of the people and the nation at large.

    Plus importantly to provide accountability. UPND are for shooting down everything.

    Even where good work is done, HH cannot say the UP Government has done correct here. His is about condemning all the way.


  4. The British people never abandoned Zambian people no matter how we Label them they continue supporting us.

    Try that with our leaders.


  5. It is good that the UK have come to realise the importance and potential of Zambia in the region.

    Zambia’s stability is dependant on Recognition that the political stage is marred by undemocratic and immature opposition party politics. It is imperative that UK supports stability of the elected govn’t and not encourage opposition in waging unfounded claims about undemocratic acts against the govn’t.

    Governance is for the Zambian govn’t and it’s people. Please do not encourage the govn’t of Zambia to fill the struggling country with refuges by giving them excessive funds which will inevitably be misused leaving the poor citizens struggling with poverty caused by overpopulation and poor services.


    • It is important for UK to especially refrain from siding with opposition party’s. It’s important not to use funding as a weapon to induce govn’t favourable action on your behalf. Withholding IMF funding to bully the Zambian govn’t and it’s people is unwise and only the citizens suffer if we cannot find proper economic growth.

      And please our wildlife is our own. We appreciate our wild life. All children takes are in animal imagery. There is a tendency to suggest Africans do not understand the importance of their wild life. We care.



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