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Western PS warns Zambian contractors abandoning works in newly created districts


Works on the controversial Chisola Dam in Chief Musele's area in Solwezi North Western Province where First Quantum Minerals is developing Kalumbila Mines have taken shape despite a Protection Order issued against First Quantum Minerals over the construction of Chisola dam

Western Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba has warned some Zambian contractors who have abandoned works in the newly created districts in the region to get back on site or risk their contracts being terminated.

Mr. Liomba sounded the warning today in an interview with ZANIS in Mongu.

The PS expressed displeasure at some Zambian contractors for abandoning their projects despite being paid by Government.

Mr. Liomba has since given the local contractors up to Monday next week to move to their various sites or their contracts will be terminated and be given to other serious contractors.

He said Government cannot afford to waste public resources on derailed projects and shoddy works done by some local contractors even when the Government has fully paid them to do works.

The PS said the Western Province administration will not condone the negative attitude by some local contractors as it was retrogressive to the development of the region.

Mr. Liomba said in order to ensure sure such tendency among contractors does not continue in future his administration will only engage contractors with good track record to do government projects in the province.

He was however quick to commend Chinese and some local contractors who are already ahead of schedule in their various projects in the region.

Mr. Liomba said government was in the hurry to deliver services to the people of Western province and wants contractors whether of foreign origin or locally based to work to its expectation each time they were engaged to do any projects.


  1. governor
    What happens if a construct is terminated after the down payment is given to the constructor and the works they have done are less than the paid money?
  2. Jay Jay
    Its the same warnings all the time with these useless empty tins ...no policy changes to procurement and Tender process...we all know that these contractors are proxies companies for high ranking PF officials and ministers.
  3. Jay Jay
    Meanwhile in Tanzania, the President has confiscated the passports of foreign managers on a Govt construction site until the project is completed....now that's pro-action not these thieves we have in State House who make the same noises and do nothing but repeat the same thing over and over again.
  4. Spy mashra
    Where on earth will a contract involving money be drawn with the only consequence of breaching the Ts and Cs is termination of that contract? in my view referring to the National Tender board as incompetent is overrating it. I think it is a group of wicked ruthless marauders with the sore intention of national plunder and sabotaging the economy. There is no other explanation apart from the fact that these contractors are just conduits of corruption and plunder for gvt officials. If the people would take their power from you and entrust it into another man its because you have constituted yourselves enemies of them. Preposterous!

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