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HH is inciting the army, says Mumbi Phiri

Headlines HH is inciting the army, says Mumbi Phiri

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri
PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri

The ruling Patriotic Front has accused UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema of inciting the army to emulate what the Zimbabwe Defence Forces did leading to the forced resignation of long-serving leader Robert Mugabe.

Mr Hichilema is quoted as saying that what happened in Zimbabwe might happen in Zambia or any other African country.

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri tells QTV News via telephone that it is unfortunate that Mr. Hichilema is inciting the army and other government institutions to emulate what happened in Zimbabwe.

Ms Phiri has since advised Mr. Hichilema t be careful with some of the statements he issues as they have the potential to cause chaos in the country.
She has accused Mr. Hichilema of promoting the unlawful takeover of the elected government.

Ms Phiri states that Commonwealth Special Envoy, Ibrahim Gambari who is in the country should see to it that the UPND Leader is not playing double standards when it comes to dialogue.

And PF Media Director Sunday Chanda has described as careless, irresponsible and dangerous remarks by the UPND Leader.

Mr. Chanda says Mr Hichilema should desist from making inciting statements for the people to rise against the government.

Meanwhile the ruling Patriotic Front in Monze District chairperson Gilbert Mwila has urged UPND Members of Parliament in the district to closely work with the government in taking development to the people.

Mr. Mwila tells QFM News via telephone that it is shocking to see UPND Members of Parliament s in the district distance themselves from government projects, wondering how they will serve the people effectively.

He says it’s sad that UPND Members of Parliament even shunned the launch of the 2017/2018 farming season in Monze last Thursday.


    • This woman is proving to be annoying.

      She reminds me of Grace Mugabe. Is this woman the First Lady? Is there something we should know? Maybe she is amai nini.

      Either way, she is annoying

    • And you didn’t say anything when you boss ECL threatened concourt. That’s more serious. A lot of things happened in Zim. Party expels RM, people throwing the streets and the army worked with the people. Which one are you talking about?

    • 2017 vote Mr Kudos as Best Blogger with the hardest hitting truths.

      Most dedicated and professional, objective blogger. We have a month to end of December.

      Vote UP if you like this post. Vote down if you like Mumbi Phiri.

    • President ED Mnanangwa has just declared February 21, the birthday of H.E President R.G. Mugabe (RtD), a national public holiday in Zimbabwe. I wish HIchilema was wise enough to understand what this means for liberals. In Kenya, his brother Odinga has been obliterated and left confused. In Mozambique his brother Alfonso Dhlakana of Rename has called it quits from similar playbook.

    • This writing is not news n.a. lusaka times,,, its quotations he said, she said!!,,, while they making statements,, lungu was booed in Zimbabwe,, now he is running off to Kenya!! What a mess

    • There is nothing strange about what HH has said. Military agitations have been part of political change in Zambia.

      I look forward to another new Mwamba Luchembe and Captain Solo to rise to yhe occation free us from Lungu s oppression.

      Looking at way Lungu is going about his business always in the air flying about instead dealing with pressing national issues. He will one day never be allowed to land in back in Zambia. Mark my words.
      People including men and women in uniform are suffering under Lungu. They are not paid on time while Lungu has money to gly around and claim huge allowances with his fellow thieve Kaiza.

      I can not wait for the army to take over in Zed and restore real democracy.

    • This is now children at play. Let Zimbabwe be Zimbabwe and Zambia be Zambia. There is a good reason why Shona is not Zambia’s official language. It is foreign.

    • Hey Sweetheart Mumbi please stop giving HH oval head attention….He will NEVER rule Zambia period.

      2018 vote ZANU PF (ED)

      2021 vote PF ( Edgar)

      I thank you

    • I don’t much about women’s make up or foundation but i can tell when a woman has over done to the point where they look like Casper the friendly ghost!!

    • Instead Mumbi should advise lungu that his constant abdication of his basic responsibilities by running away to other countries at the drop of a hat is what may prompt an ambitious and brave soldier to take over. He has shown people he doesn’t like being president but travelling. Zambians want a president who can spend time fixing problems, not always moving about like a stray dog.

  1. There we go probably another case which may end up in a nolle.And the one complaining about UPND members of Parliament is it not recently when one was almost lynched by PF in Western Province.And the circus goes on….

  2. Hazaluza Hagain is a treasonable character! These type of leaders are the reason Africa has lagged behind. I have never seen a mammal behave the way he and his followers also known as d… behave.

    • Your mother was always right to say you are an ediot, You are such an ushole, always out of topic and never making any sense.

  3. Kaponya (HH) is a small bitter man who should be more afraid that the UPND have vowed to replace him with Garry Nkombo at their first ever convention.
    (HH) believes he’s the Halpha Homega of UPND but the youngsters in UPND are able to see beyond his crookedness.
    We should ask ourselves why Felix Mutati left UPND after canvasing the whole country in 2015 with the Privatisation thief and Satamist (HH)
    We should ask ourselves why Lupando Mwape and Maureen Mwanawasa are no longer found in his company. He is an evil spirit this demon from Hell

    • This same Kaponya (HH) thinks that having sat in prison for 4 months is an automatic passport to the Zambian Presidency. He’s a Hallucinating Hyena living in denial.
      (HH) is panicking after Mugabe was kicked out because Zambians know better that our President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been President for 3 years whilst the Dicktator (HH) has been opposition president for 11 years.

      ECL 3 years as Republican President

      HH 11 years without a convention

    • If he was small I doubt you would be talking about him..in fact you are lucky he is not as organised if it was in RSA, where the opposition is clued up that lazy man Edgar enjoying himself in Kenya would think twice before taking trips longer than 24 hours within Africa. Everytime Zuma leaves RSA he is like a hen that has left its eggs unattended.

    • By small I mean, small in character. He may be rich or self made on Pluto or Jupiter buts as faras Zambians he stinks. Together with Mutinta. They both stink.
      The bitter man (HH) is pure evil. He is not magnanimous. He has no political clout rather he is pompous, bitter arrogant. These are the traits that define (HH).
      Most Zambians simply hate the lMBEClLE.

      UPND has vowed to replace him with Garry. Watch this space

  4. This is how it started last time before the Mongu debacle we heard empty tins like Mumbi and Former Currency Katondo St Dealer barking before you know it Hakainde was behind bars facing treason charges…the problem PF has is that they don’t have intelligent people in influential media positions to respond to a disorganized opposition leader like Hakainde!!

    • Your point makes sense for the first time in your blogging career Gay Jay.
      Keep it up.
      I sometimes observe you trying to be neutral in your comments but the UPND inclination is easy to pick out Mr Cadre number 1 Gay Jay

  5. Comment: I voted for Lungu, I don’t think I would the same if elections came today and I know I am not alone thinking like that. Does Mumbi want the police to arrest HH and later suffer embarrassment like we saw in the Tayali case? Lungu should keep some of these people away from him. Twapapata.

  6. G40 in upnd is on the up we want Adolf gone with his Great Bag of Maize allow us to seek a clear mandate from the people based not on who is rich and who is poor but who has a good agenda and a none wife batterer but we know you cannot dare call a convention as you will be gone with the wind

    • He might be arrested again before the end of December and this time the Giant turd Malya Bwamba can take the UPND Presidency from him and share it with Garry

  7. Uttering treasonous sentiments whilst on the Copperbelt. (HH) might go into Mukobeko again for the long haul. He never learns.
    The Under 5 has embarrassed himself again

  8. I don’t usually support Mumbi, in fact I feel embarrassed to be in her company. But the continued reference to the stale Mugabe’s so called coup can only mean one thing : Oval Head wants (in his confused dreams ) the army to the same here. Mugabe wanted his Grace to replace Mnangagwa, but so far we haven’t seen Edgar trying to replace Inonge with Esther, or has HH heard something like that?

    • “We demand that the PF must release all the political prisoners. This is the first time since Independence that the country has so many of its citizens in prison as political prisoners.


      That’s Akainde for you. He tries to incite the peace loving Zambians.

    • His wife thought she could cause Armageddon using Zambian citizens but she was surprised they continued shopping and working while the maggot was being sodomised at Mukobeko

    • Is this the best PF can do to have as a representative of the party? This one does not add to the party, but subtracts. Doesn’t the party leadership realise this fact? Is this a reflection of the best they can find to place in such an important position in the party???? Do they care? Both Mwila and this lady would be better in other roles than SG and DSG.

  9. Ignore HH. His not a factor. Just continue delivering to the people of Zambia the electorate. Zimbabwe’s case is different from Zambia. Mugabe overstayed as President. ECL just finnshed the first one year term and this five year mandatory. HH will never win elections. Maybe what UPND must do is to change there president like ZANU PF has done. Majority Zambians can’t vote for HH only minority Zambians and that’s why HH comes second because HH is minority voters.

  10. And HH minority voters talk to much and they think they are more clever and intelligent than majority voters. HH minority voters don’t know that majority wins, but they claim to be clever and the same HH minority voters who claim to be learned and can run the economy, forget to contemplate the constitution of Zambia. I was under the impression that the constitution shall hear the presidential petition for 14days, but to HH the presidential petition must continue until HH is satisfied according to his will

    • Majority of ministers who should pay back the tax payer’s money they chewed when drunken master misinterpreted the law to suit his campaign strategies? A joke is more dignified than this majority

  11. when is this retard going to tell me what he is going to do for mother zed like sata used to do. its LUNGU this and LUNGU that each time he opens his dundumwezi mouth. surprisingly his couch potatoes don’t even advice him to take a different route. shame

    • What was Sata promising you then? Let me jog you memory …Within 90 days every Zambian child will eat a boiled egg and a bowl Kelloggs cereals for breakfast …really laughable how forgetful you tins are!!

  12. Emulate Zimbabwe so that HH can be the next president.It with be like a baby who has been crying for milk for a long time and the mother is not paying attention. When the mother gives it a bottle of milk, it will be quiet and sleep.

  13. HH deserves to be in a pitch black room full of bats in Mukobeko. Statements like that one is reasonable and this time around there will be no commonwealth brokers.
    HH, listen to this loud and clear: We the Zambians DON’T LIKE YOU! You repel us for God’ s sake.

  14. Madam Mumbi Phiri, don’t worry your beautiful head about Under5, we will take care of him……
    For under5 and his Donkis, this is an ominous signal of his imminent collapse and implosion.

  15. “Meanwhile the ruling Patriotic Front in Monze District chairperson Gilbert Mwila …”•••••
    It’s indeed one Zambia, One Nation

  16. When service chiefs overstay, their being manipulated by chaps like HH is very high ! KK was smart and never kept a Service chief more that 3 years lest they begin thinking that the service is theirs. Basop

  17. Zambians and the army are hopefully not so stupid to the level that they can be incited by something that is in the public domain, who incited the Zimbabwe situation. Its more likely what you are doing or not doing as a government that brings about these situations.

  18. HH is a dreamer!!!which army in Zambia can remove an elected Govnt or president Edgar Lungu who has only ruled for 3 yrs now?am sure HH is missing mukobeko.what he is trying to do is pure treason.in my life i have never seen a desperate politician like HH.God’s time is the best!!all HH and GBM want are contracts.HH has no plan for Zambia apart from his pocket!!
    ONLY A MAD PERSON OR A BANTUSTAN CAN VOTE FOR HH’S UPND!!!The Zimbabwean sutuation cannot be compared to Edgar Lungu or our current Govnt.Mugabe over stayed in office.moreover,there is no Govnt change in Zimbabwe.Zanu-PF is still in power and most likely Zanu-PF will win in 2018.So what is HH celebrating about it?HH IS INDEED U -5 POLITICIAN!!! Its HH who is like Mugabe.
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  19. You don’t sleep, miss meals because of HH are you sure he is as small as you would like him to be? When you hear HH your heart palpitates, calm down.

  20. I am always looking forward to HH telling Zambians how he can improve the economy at a faster rate than PF are doing. If PF have failed, instead of inciting violence, demonstrate how you will do better e.g in agricultural by forming value adding companies in your strong holds e.g meat processing firms, corn flakes making companies, leather processing, canned food etc. Then ask for a national mandate to replicate the same. Am sure capital shouldn’t be an issue with dollars in offshore accounts. People from the south have been faithful to you sir and you can’t wait to be president to create jobs for. HH needs to demonstrate that he thinks better than ECL by adding value to cattle instead of selling whole animals to Zambeef.

  21. It only becomes majority win when elections are conducted in a civilised and fair manner, so stop on picking on HH. Why does this woman have such a big mouth. Ala stop pocking and picking on HH, by far He is not your equal, would have never fancied you so get on with your fellow dull ones.
    If you were a fair person, it would have made sense, you are so biased and jealousy. Will not be forgiven for speaking ill of a woman (Mutinta) at her lowest time.

  22. The sentiments by HH are timely. Everyone is watching the rooting ef break in the rule of law. If kangnja has failed our only hope is the Army. Carders have taken over the affairs of our once free Nation with zp literally under instruction from party cadres over National issues. Can as well call on military to come to our rescue from this plunders before its too late. They have raped our Constitution which our men in uniform swore to protect.

  23. HH’S predictions SPOT ON

    HH said what happened in KENYA might happen in Zambia. He was right=SAME RULING PARTY.
    NOW he says what happened in Zimbabwe might happen in Zambia. He is right, very right=SAME RULING PARTY.

  24. HH is the most backward of all colonial stooges. What influence does he have in the army? perhaps a patriotic soldier should do us a favor by taking matters into his own hands and spare Zambia from this devil worshiper. What an opportunist.

  25. Here we go again… another f00lish and bogus ‘Treason’ case! So these PF dummies are telling us the Zambian Army so childish and thin skinned they can be enticed to rise against the government by mere words? Obviously the army in have seen what happened in Zimbabwe, I don’t think they need HH to remind them or entice them.

    This is definitely a sign of insecurity from the PF, trying to hide their fears behind HH or they don’t trust their own army. Obviously what happened in Zimbabwe can happen anywhere, Zambia included. That is a fact, the truth and not enticing… everyone knows that, Lungu included. It’s like me telling the wife: ‘if the climbs on the table, she may fall down and hurt herself’. “Oh no you are praying for her to fall down; your words are bad, think positive”…

    • continue reading…
      “Oh no you are praying for her to fall down; your words are bad, think positive”. No it is a fact, and nothing to do with bad words.

      Grow up PF and stop listening to your fake prophets. What will entice the military is the bad deeds you are committing (corruption; plunder of national resources; lack of freedoms and intolerance for those with opposing views; lack of independence of the judiciary and legislative organs of government; no media independence; poverty and the economy collapse; stealing elections results; etc.), and not what HH said. Again grow up and starting governing to people’s expectations.

    • “I was under the impression that the constitution court shall hear the presidential petition for 14days, but to HH the presidential petition must continue until HH is satisfied according to his will” – WELL SAID BRO!

    • “(corruption; plunder of national resources; lack of freedoms and intolerance for those with opposing views; lack of independence of the judiciary and legislative organs of government; no media independence; poverty and the economy collapse; stealing elections results; etc.), and not what HH said.”

  26. Under5: “This is why we have the Commonwealth here to restore our freedoms,” he said.

    Really? The Commonwealth thinks there is no freedom in Zambia?

    We demand a clarification from the Commonwealth Secretary General. What are your real intentions Baroness Patricia Scotland? You can’t just brush aside or ignore this statement which is very insulting and contemptuous of Zambians.

  27. Today is the day my son graduates from the University of Copenhagen with a first class degree in medicine. I have another son currently doing his officer training in Zambia Army heavy infantry regiment- and hoping for selection to Zambia special forces battalion command (1 Commando ). I am a proud father! I thank God for these blessings!

    As for the headline above I think Mumbi Phiri is out of context.

  28. How can HH incite an army of cowards which is evidently pro PF? The army generals in Zambia share stolen money with the president. It’s possible that very junior officers can be incited but nothing serious can happen as long the army generals are getting their share of the spoils. And this is where Mumbi phiri and the PF top leadership should be careful if they don’t want the Zimbabwe situation. They should continue sharing whatever they are stealing with the army generals so that they can keep them in the barracks. We all saw how that ZAF commander Chimese (I can’t remember his first name) was behaving during the 2016 elections. That guy is a full time political cadre period.

  29. Of course the army in any country takes over when something seriously goes wrong in that country but at the moment we are under the good leadership of Edgar Lungu.Don’t compare Robert Mugabe with Edgar Lungu.Mugabe is an old man.Lungu is young enough to be Mugabe’s son. Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years. Lungu has ruled Zambia for only 3 years.

  30. Mumbi Phiri Mumbi Phiri! if what happened in Zimbabwe is illegal, why did Lungu go to celebrate with them? why not condemn Lungu in the first place?Mulenashako umuchisha chinani kwati ni mbwa yilya iyakuti yasha ukuboko, yalafwenena kukulu.

  31. wig yaselelako kunuma bana nanikane, please pull it up a lil bit. after that then we can start talking politics because that wig is getting in the way. lol

  32. This woman’s politics are just as disorderly as her sexual habits! Could it be that verbal “ukunya” is orally sexually transmitted?

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