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Police cancel Kambwili’s Chingola meeting


Police on the Copperbelt have cancelled a National Democratic Congress mobilisation meeting which was scheduled to take place in Chingola tomorrow.

Party Spokesman Eric Chanda confirmed this in a statement and accused Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo of instructing police to withdraw the permit.

Mr Chanda also announced that the party has since re-applied for a fresh permit.

“As NDC, we are very disappointed that police, under instruction from the Copperbelt Provincial Minister ba Bowman Lusambo have cancelled the permit for the meeting which was schedule for Chingola on Sunday, 3rd December, 2017. We want to appeal to the police not to be intimidated by politicians but to work professionally, protect their jobs and their integrity. Politicians come and go but you as police officers have a job to preserve because the police service is there to stay. If a bootlicker like Bowman come to you, you should be professional and tell such boot lickers that these people have met the requirements,” Mr.Chanda said.

Mr Chanda said it was clear that President Edgar Lungu and the PF were scared of NDC political consultant Chishimba Kambwili.

“We want to remind police and even bootlickers like Bowman Lusambo that we are in a democratic dispensation and we need to exercise our rights. Just recently, comrade Edgar Lungu told the nation that NDC and the entire opposition are scared of him but if you look at the action of cancelling the NDC permit for Chingola, who is scared of who? I think the action is clearly an indication that the PF government is scared of NDC and honorable Chishimba Kambwili,” said Chanda.

“Defend your decision and not just to listen to him and you go ahead and cancel the permit. Ba [Kakoma] Kanganja, ba IG besu, for once, emulate IG Ephraim Mateyo. Be professional. Do not dent your name because of bootlickers like Bowman Lusambo,” Mr Chanda said.

“As NDC, we have given you ba Kanganja and the entire police service a benefit of doubt and I want to inform the Zambian people that we have re-applied for the permit and the meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 9th December, 2017 in Chingola and the 10th December 2017 in Chililabombwe,” he said.

Mr Chanda added, “We hope that the circumstances raised by the police would have been resolved and that the police will act professionally and accord honorable Dr Chishimba Kambwili and the NDC team enough chance to talk to the people of Chingola and the people of Chililabombwe.”

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    • IndigoTyrol
      Why Kambwili insists on being a Dr. buffers me. In Zambia now, even people that work as HIV coordinators are calling themselves doctors. They have no shame. Even posting on Facebook. The law should clamp down on these clowns, as they are bringing this title down and deceiving the public to being who they are not. Impersonation is a crime!!! Those of us with real PhDs know how hard it takes to earn one.
    • Nostradamus
      That title DR is discrediting whom Kambwili can be. Instead of adding value, you are in fact devaluing him worse than Kwacha.
    • Nubian Princess
      These useless oppositions. Please zambians close your eyes for a second and imagine Chishimba Kambwili as President of your country. Napapata!
    • Thorn in the Flesh
      POLITICAL NOVICES YAP ON DEAF EARS ========================== There you Zambian politics for dummies. So which Erick Chanda is this? CK will have to learn that it's not new for him to be in opposition. One thing is for sure though, he will not make it to the presidency. Fyaba nabene ifi fintu.
    • Former PF Supporter
      @TOO MANY PARTIES AND POLITICIANS. Kambwili has a lot of things that he does apart from politics except that only his political activities are reported in the media. They mostly can't report personal activities about Kambwili that have nothing to do with his ambition to become president of Zambia. If you wish to know, Kambwili is an accomplished businessman. Those of us who've known him for a long time know well his other non political activities. And Kambwili had been rich for a long time even before he became a politician contrary to the nonsense that politicians are trying to feed us.
  1. Njimbu
    Well done Zambia Police as we cant continue like this...politicking daily!!!when can Zambia develop?our opposition political parties are useless.if given a chance to gather,all they do is insulting Edgar Lungu instead of telling us Zambians how they can do things better than PF Govnt!!! Politics of insults and name calling should come to an end in Zambia.At all opposition gatherings,all one hears is INSULTING ECL,HOW THEY WILL REVENGE AND TALKING ABOUT CONTRACTS!! can this nonsense add any value to a poor Zambian's life?BIG NO!! Lusaka Police should cancel upnd's kafue card gathering tomorrow too.POLITICS OF PROVOCATION BEING DONE BY THE OPPOSITION IS JUST CAUSING UNNECESSARY TENTION AND HATRED AMONG ZAMBIANS!!!let PF who won 2016 elections work in peace until 2021 then we can do...
  2. Politics of the belly godfather
    Who is Bowman Lusambo to be instructing the police? That boy is nothing but one of the useless ministers ever appointed based on noise making rather than principles.
    • Jay Jay
      As long as you have politicians appointing Police Commissioners and have a say in renewing their contracts this will never ...when are we going to wake up!!
  3. Njimbu
    Continue.... Let PF who won in 2016 work in peace until 2021 then we can do politics closer to general elections in 2021.MAJORITY ZAMBIANS IN 6.5 PROVINCES ARE TIRED OF EVIL POLITICS BEING CONDUCTED BY THE OPPOSITION WHO DREAM ABOUT STATE HOUSE 24/7!!! Bravo once to ZP for a job well done!!! NJIMBU BB 2017!!!
  4. abilima
    The s.tupidity of NDC can be seen from putting up a big poster and referring to a clown like Kambwili as "Dr.". Oh, anyway, they accepted him as their "President" - tells a lot about the caliber of members like Mr. Eric Chanda.
  5. Njimbu
    @politics of the belly godfather; who told you that its Hon.Bowman Lusambo who instructed ZP to cancel NDC Chingola gathering?ZP are experts and old enough to know that the kind of politics conducted by Kambwili is evil and can cause chaos in Zambia.our peace is more important than Kambwili's or HH's desperation for our state resources!!! All well mean Zambians should recommend ZP for this.today Congolese are running into Zambia in large numbers because of careless politicians in Congo DR who have destroyed peace in that country.this can happen to Zambia if desperate politicians such as Kambwili,HH,GBM,etc are not controlled!!! Recall last weekend,HH was heard praising Zimbambwean Generals who forced Mugabe out of office and comparing Zambia to Zimbambwe.SO YOU WANT ZP TO CONTINUE...
    • Spaka like lilo
      Iwe to day Congolese are running into Zambia because of the other wannabe dictator kabila who also wants a 3rd term like lungu...
  6. laughing matter.,.,....,.
    ck and prime tv are new friends to u5 mwape lupande mucheleka sichinga nawakwi panji mulenga sata miles sampa muvi tv list is endless. all thse heavy weights tried to sale u5 he is not saleable pompus tribal tax evader asornist sturbon arrogant bitter misser list is endless. come 2021 he is lossing 2026 he is standing again
    • Spaka like lilo
      Hehehe he just shows you the power of HH, he is not even mentioned in the article and you have kaponya rats muster.bating over just thinking of him......hehehehe....mulimuchibe...
    • Facts
      I find it disgusting that the media and some very ignorant people are addressing this uneducated thug/jerabo from Roan as Dr. Kambwili when the man has never even seen the roof of a university. Why are we debasing standards to this abysmal level in this country?
  7. Jay Jay
    I don't know whether to sympathise with BUFFOON CK or not...these fooolish African Politicians never cease to amaze me...even these empty tins in PF, not everything lasts forever!!
  8. Vantage Point
    The mediaeval ages of UNIP rule, when you could not buy kapenta or board a bus without a UNIP card. History repeating itself. This Lusambo must be from very primitive backwaters.
  9. Kizo
    Kkkkkk levy left mmd , sata left mmd these men left comfort zone but them after being dropped that's when form party and condemning PF .
  10. Facts
    I find it disgusting that the media and some very ignorant people are addressing this uneducated thug/jerabo from Roan as Dr. Kambwili when the man has never even seen the roof of a university. Why are we debasing standards to this abysmal level in this country?
  11. James Banda
    My humble question is; do we really have time for such such stupidity and crap from both sides? No wonder we are such a poor hopeless country! We are fed up
  12. Kweshoni Mark??
    RIGHT you are, preoccupied with nonsense and hope develop!! Lusaka is pathetic, dirty and we have I.idiots attracting each other's attention 24/7!! Are we just cursed??
  13. Kweshoni Mark??
    Mexico exports avocados worth $1bn annually We have the climate and the land, but no!! We just want to go on and on while Egypt is exporting mango juice to Zambia
  14. Mzambia wa Zamani
    Here we are advising Kenyans to go back to work and stop their 24/7 politicking ...yet what example are our actions setting?
  15. nb
    This are nonsense let ck resign first contest in luanshya if he feel so instead of bringing confusion in the country ,honestly how can you be campaign for another party as consultant while busy decampaign the party you are refusing to leave just resign go and make noise in ron see how heavy you are in politics
  16. Vuyo
    Bingiza (dung beetle) commonly known as kambwili should sit down, this fool just want to confuse people, by the way if he think he us so big (not in his body size) why can't he leave pf n concentrate on hus so called ndc (ndola donkey & company)?
  17. Kanabesa
    Anyone can be a president. But what makes a good president is what kind of people he surround himself with. If you surround yourself with dummies, you will appear to be one. If you surround yourself with people who know whats best for the country, you would make a huge difference. e.g. Mwanawasa. As for CK, anything is possible as you know zambians forget easily. As long as you have the right message they will forget every wrong you have done and vote you. As for Kambwili, people might give him the vote hoping he will teach the corrupt people a lesson if he was to be president.

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