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Zamtel has the most affordable internet bundles-Survey

Economy Zamtel has the most affordable internet bundles-Survey

Data Pricing Comparison compiled by Manic
Data Pricing Comparison compiled by Manic

A recent survey has revealed that state owned telecommunications provider Zamtel has the most affordable internet bundles in Zambia.

The survey conducted by technology publication Manic also showed that MTN has the most expensive data packages across all the key Internet Service Providers in the country.

The survey was restricted to pricing and did not include data speeds but also involved price checks for two other leading Internet Service Providers namely Hai Telecom and Vodafone.

It is worth noting that the survey was however focused on 4G connectivity for the five surveyed providers who were offered Home or SME bundles.

Across all the packages, Zamtel showed that it has the most affordable pricing from all the five surveyed as at 24th November 2017.

Across all the five providers, the lowest data offer is the 10GB where Zamtel and Airtel rank the lowest price at K250.

The survey also revealed that the maximum data offer from all the five ISPs is capped at 100 GB with different pricing.

Zamtel offers the lowest 100GB at K900, followed by Airtel at K 1600 with Vodafone as the highest at K1,899.


  1. Worthless and misleading survey as does not consider speed and connectivity, Zamtel has the worst internet connectivity that my bundles would expire before I used them due to non or slow connectivity!

  2. Very useless survey. whats the point of having bundles which i cannot use? if i bought car tyres costing K10, with holes, would you sensibly say i have bought the cheapest tyres. Why did you even waste money on such a worthless research? were you just motivated by the desire to spend money? mu zambia we specialise in spending money.

  3. this is a good start but one also needs to do a speedtest if the connection is poor you might not be able to get to your allotted amount for the month …….also seems to be a bit of price fixing like in south africa

  4. Vodafone was the best when they just came in Zambia but of late they don’t seen to care about the multitude of network outages. I think MTN is truly the “number one network in Zambia” as they claim.

  5. Zamtels customer care is the worst in this country, their line is not answered and they are very unhelpful when you go to meet them in person. I almost cut the sim card in their sight.

  6. Only surveys from IPSOS are credible, Manic is just a blog and its to be read with a pinch of salt. Recently Zamtel has been running”Baby come back” adverts which practically mean they are loosing clients. Could this post here be a PR stunt che?

  7. Of course it is the cheapest and the worst as you will never use those bundles due to horrible connectivity. I have graciously abandoned the network as i lost 5GB which i couldnt use in 30 days. I Am NOT coming back BABY zamtel.

    • i agree you,when it comes to internet bundles zamtel is the most thieving company on earth. buy 500mb they will expire while trying to connect you

  8. Zamtel internet is very slow and connectivity is rarely available. It is only suitable for edge phones and not computers and modern high class smartphones. Currently MTN is the best in terms of connectivity and speed. MTN needs only to adjust their prices slightly down. Vodafone started well but currently experience frequent outages.

  9. None of you has a clue. Value for money, hai is miles ahead. You download a movie on DSTv in high definition in real time as you watch. Imagine, not standard definition. That’s instant. To hell with ZAMTEL. mTN is losing it. Started well but now crappy. Useless for movies.

  10. You may choose to spend more if you want. But bundle consumption and connectivity are all the same if took a keen study.

  11. Comment:
    Service provision by Zamtel is laughable. At this very moment in time they stand as the worst, perhaps in the entire Africa?!

  12. Comment:
    Service provision by Zamtel is laughable. At this very moment in time they stand as the worst, perhaps in the entire Africa, if not the world?!

  13. Don’t worst your money on ZAMTEL! better go for MTN, the BEST ” or just give it to the poor.
    If you can’t, take it to the bank for something else .
    THE CELZ NETWORK PERFORMANCE / connectivity is more than useless, THE MOTION OF fulwe AND A fulunyemba can be be reliable most tha than this network.
    They are only relying on a 2g speed and that’s there best , even if you see a 3g or a 4g – 6g it’s just a gong’a just subtract the other number the answer remains the same :2g, very frustrating.
    Am not not just dreaming, it’s from
    my experience, I have a Zamtel Wi-Fi router from 2013 up to now they are still saying : twalabombelapo till no mre.It’s your choice guys.

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