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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Baseless corruption allegations are proof of an existing democratic space in Zambia-Amos Chanda

Headlines Baseless corruption allegations are proof of an existing democratic space in Zambia-Amos...

Mr Amos Chanda
Mr Amos Chanda

Presidential Spokesperson, Mr Amos Chanda has stated that Zambia has a solid democratic standing as evidenced by the freedom of some people to speak what he termed as nonsense.

Responding to a question on allegations of corruption on the President and government from Mr Kambwili when he featured on COSTA, a talk show hosted by Costa Mwansa on Diamond TV last evening, Mr Chanda stated that proof of democracy was everywhere for all to see in the nation because, if there had been no tolerance, some of the nonsense that was being said by People such as Kambwili wouldn’t have been said.

“Some of the nonsense, I should call it, that we are hearing today, in a state that is led by an intolerant government, an intolerant President, some of that rubbish, you cannot hear it. So, that is an expression of an existing democratic space available to even those that want to exercise their right to talk nonsense. That is the measure of freedom. Freedom of expression. You have got the right to say what you are saying. I will defend your right to say what you are saying even if I don’t believe in what you are saying. Even if I don’t like what you are saying. “he said.

“Even those Copper thieves have ascended in life and acquired something. But we are not going to descend to the level of how they went there. We will simply say that social mobility entails that you must give citizens an opportunity.” He said

Mr Chanda stated that those in government were charged with a high responsibility of ensuring that there was social cohesion, unity of purpose and tolerance of one another unlike people like Mr Kambwili who had no responsibility to put society together thereby could go about ranting in the manner he was doing.

“Those who have no responsibility like him, to put society together, can go about ranting in the manner he has done. And you will not expect the President to descend to that level for you to say that he is not corrupt. I can tell you, that an allegation of corruption, if you say Costa, you are corrupt, you must state if its a building, you must say this building, buildings have title numbers, have street numbers. You must say were US $10 Million has been stolen and from whom and state were it has gone. Just to go and band around figures, accusations, its the benefit of an irresponsible opposition. But a responsible government, no matter what, you cannot win a race to the bottom. That is a race to the bottom.” He said.

Mr Chanda acknowledged that there was concern that the quality of democracy was being degraded by reckless people but was confident that in the final analysis good would definitely overwhelm and triumph over evil.

He expressed shock that Mr Kambwili was going round saying of him that he had stolen money because he grew up in Chiwempala on the Copperbelt and now lived in Kabulonga.

“Yes I grew up in Chiwempala and did my Primary School there. I came to Lusaka for my college and University education. I now work at State House. State House is in Kabulonga and I work in State House . I can’t live in Chiwempala and work at State House. Certainly, I also lived in another township in Chingola, but should I be coming everyday from Chingola to work at Statehouse? Are those the allegations of corruption you can even pay attention to ?” He asked.

“But because of the abundance of freedom to communicate, saying whatever nonsense they wish, well, they can choose what to say.” he said

“You, Costa, are coming from Evelyn Hone College. I would be stupid to say I saw Costa in a Benz that you drive. That is utter rubbish. That is the lowest a person looking to assume the highest office of President can descend to . That whatever acquisition you see from someone who has gone through Primary School, Secondary School, College, University and Masters, that they must acquire nothing, he said before adding that the difference between success and failure was social mobility.

“Social mobility comes about when you empower somebody with education and you expect them to acquire certain skills and knowledge to create wealth. Am not here to defend anything but state that education is the best equalizer. That is why the PF government under president Lungu and even under president Sata then, invested heavily in health infrastructure, in education infrastructure, schools. To empower the population to create this space for social mobility,” He said.

Mr Chanda stated that it was interesting that those that used to be copper thieves now wanted to be at the same level as those that went to University .

“Even those Copper thieves have ascended in life and acquired something. But we are not going to descend to the level of how they went there. We will simply say that social mobility entails that you must give citizens an opportunity.” He said

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  1. Really? I think response to those allegations and allowing the probing is the indicator of democracy. Resign!

    • Amos how do you afford fees at American International School when your take home salary is K16 000? Fees at AIS are $18 000/year.

    • Let’s put it this way.

      The President: Mr. Chanda how are we doing on democracy?
      Mr. Chanda: Very well Mr. President, very well, ….people are freely talking about how corrupt this administration is. That is one of the strong barometer of a democracy, it’s impeccable!
      The President: Very well Mr. Chanda, ….. keep it up!
      There you are; the cat is out of the bag. That’s the type of advisers surrounding the presidency.

    • Obatala naimwe. I challenge you to state whether you just have one source of income and that source is able to mèt all your needs. Amos works at State House for goodness sake. Even me I have three kids at university whom I manage to pay for accommodation and fees way above my salary. That is what Amos was talking about. Useless basic analysis of how one should be seen spending their income. That is too petty and nonsense. Usd18000 per year is simply K180000. Now you tell me that State House Presidential spokesperson can not afford that money both through his own income and well wishers. Oh Amos has a farm I saw him standing in one of his fields.

    • Chanda, Zambia has been and is in a state of deep corruption. Liberal political order of get filthy rich quickly has come with zero development since 1991 yet in peace times. Zambia has only achieved stripping herself of every national asset and natural resources condemning the masses to dangerous poverty. We have had zero development except opulence of individuals and national debts. At the center of these national woes lies gross mismanagement and dangerous incompetence, irregular spending with impunity and lack of internal control systems risking national peace. Corruption and lack of punishment are responsible for our national economic crisis. State and SOEs are not what could be described as the pride of a nation.

  2. Mmmm well said Chanda. Kambwili is an agent of the devil. Remember when he apologised to my Southern province people he said I was under the evil spirits to insult them. Kambwili is equal to Mushala full of evil. Clapping for Kambwili is clasping for Lucifer.

    • There was nothing evil about Adamson Mushala, he was just the opposition on the 70s.
      No one had pistol at state house under KK, but now almost all those working with Edgar fire shots at people.

    • Nostradamus,
      Go to northwestern province and say Mushala was a hero and see how the people there will castrate your s.t.u.p.i.d a.s.s.
      Zambia has always been a democracy from independence. That is why Kaunda listened to the calls for return to multipartism and call early elections.

    • If Kambwili then was the agent of the Devil and what he said was never condemned by the President and the PF at large essentially endorsing his statement, then the PF are the devil’s agency that is pretty much what u are telling us Denkede

  3. Social mobility is welcome buy should be done within the confines of the law. Indicators of democracy is not just one aspect of it. It has multiple indicators.

  4. Amos Chanda is ignorant and misleading he knows not the fine limits of democracy.Any false public statement is LIBEL and there’s laws against that.

  5. Kambwili has no reason to live because he is terminally ill and knows he will soon die whether he is in jail or outside. Beware of kicks of a dying horse.

  6. Without supporting what Amos is saying, this country needs a fresh start with a new mindset. Certainly, proven thieves and looters cannot be the alternatives. Today, known thieves and looters leading the so called opposition cannot be a solution to our problems. If we need change, lets just go back where we started, put back UNIP, it has more decent and honest people. Thieves and national looters gathering for power to steal and loot more are now in opposition, we know them. PF just reform from within and attract clean people, set a renewed agenda and continue beyond 2021. We can’t afford to replace thieves with worse thieves!

  7. Heads of Police, Anti corruption commission and DEC should not be appointed by the President. If that is difficult, we should have expatriates, preferably Whites. Without this taking place, believe me you we are not going anywhere, if things are left like this, things like the Public Order Act(Colonial Act) will continue to be used by Police to the fullest the way it is being abused now

  8. To put this matter to rest, let all those Kambwili is accusing of being corrupt drag him to court so that the courts can ask him to produce evidence. If Kambwili manages to produce evidence against the accused, nothing will happen as those people are protected by the powers-that-be and the saga continues. They will only be prosecuted when they leave office. If he fails to produce evidence then the matter is closed and life goes on.

    • No! Kambwili has the right to a citizen’s arrest in the first place. Let him take them to court and produce the evidence. The reason he is not doing this is because he is lying through his teeth. Upanfiwe ewulwa nechibi. So let him draw first blood and shout to the world once more that he has been vindicated. Having been one of the pack, he is scared that the pack knows more about him than he knows about them. We are sick and tired of the monotony of anthill politics. Let Lungu steer the ship full speed ahead and ignore these good for nothing h.oodlums. They have nothing serious to offer.

  9. There is no consistency with this government’s actions. They do nothing to Kambwili but arrest the Mongu chap who claimed the recruitment of teachers was marred with corruption. Yet clearly, a number of teachers recruited for primary schools there don’t speak Lozi the medium of instruction in lower primary schools.

    • Recruitment of teachers seems to be a problem nation-wide. In mwense, Lupuala, the residents complained that the system employed people from Lusaka, who immediately are requesting for transfers and the local schools remain without teachers after these urban dwellers leave. There is need to an overhaul regarding how these recruitments are being done. It seems now without connections one can’t get anything.

  10. Amos pliz mwaiche, continue eating don’t think people are foolish and can’t see your corruption. First evidence is the auditor’s report that stated that misappropriation of funds has increased and many more things like undelivered equipment, ghost workers and students. The firetruck is just a tip on the iceberg, we know there is overwhelming corruption. The Chinese and so called investors can smell corruption and right now they are in full swing corrupting you guys and even abusing voiceless locals because they know you Amos and crew is in their pockets.

    • He says he will not responding on the ‘race to the bottom’ accusations then goes ahead and responds and even insults CK by calling him a copper thief. So what is the difference between the two of them ….nothing.

  11. Iwe Chanda are you telling me you have never retired an imprest without conducting an activity? Chanda mina amate, tekanya yama you are heading for jail after 2021. Ask former occupant of your office sakalla fimo fimo he was jailed by the great President Mwanawasa. Stop corruption now and rehabilitate prisons so you can be sure of comfort. Stop poliking, leave Kambwili alone, his same aggressive utterances helped your boss ascend to power twice. Because you don’t understand that politiks is a function of time, you disposed CK too early and thus your maggots were exposed too early too. you don’t know political dribbling nimwebo ba takata cabe! listen to yourself nothing but nonsense you spoke. Journalism also is pathetic, no investigative facts to present.

    • Amos chanda has no responsibility to defend Lungu in personal matters. If the president is accused

  12. Congratulations Mr Amos Chanda you have completely missed the point. Why is Kambwili being probed by ACC? The answer is you are trying to intimidate him because his vocal against the PF leadership. If you had solid evidence you would have locked him up but you don’t!. Why was the NDC meeting cancelled recently? Because you don’t want people to challenge you or as you put it “insult you”, people are not happy with govt and you want to silence all your critics. Ba Amos democracy is not about having the ability to speak out but what happens when you do!

  13. This is so sad, to imagine that this the calibre of people who surround the president and are supposed to constitute his sinner team! It is indicative of the standing on the appointing authority. What Amos Chanda has achieved in the interview above is “hiding behind a finger” and it does not call for rocket science to know what that means. Its not what he has said that is important, its what he has not said! The Financial Intelligence Unit has identified a number of Ministers in whose bank accounts are many “shady and suspicious” transactions involving large amounts of money suspected to be proceeds of corrupt activities (from mining deals, maizegate, mululagate, construction contracts, etc). An upright and responsible leadership serious in ridding the system of corruption would have…

  14. Kambwili is a failure he knows that his destination is predefined and those behind him are money beggars

  15. Any one in authority should never keep in employ a self confessed “bootlicker”, for you keep him in employment at your own peril. Such a person will tell all the lies to stayed employed. ELC should make and smell the coffee. These employees, only stand with him when the going is good and for advantages that accrue to them resulting from the relationship, the day tide changes ELC is alone!

  16. Mwebantu sure how many times will Kambwili be sued (his mouth always says something suable). Should government workers spend time moving from one court room to another because Kambwili has defamed or accused them. Also Kambwili has the right to report corrupt people to the police. So far he has not done so. Perhaps he is just politicking. Taking Kambwili to caught everyday will be like intimidating him. Let him report the corrupt people and let us hear who is not taking action!

  17. No one is saying you can not afford anything , what we are saying is you have aquited wealth way beyond your earnings , what bussiness to you run that had made you multimillionaires in a few years while the majority struggle ????

    • That’s the same question we keep asking hh about and you 1diots are ever on his defence. Hh acquired that wealth when his income was far too low. If you can defend hh stolen wealth you can as well defend for Amos.

  18. “Those who have no responsibility like him, to put society together, can go about ranting in the manner he has done…just to go and band around figures, accusations, its the benefit of an irresponsible opposition….But because of the abundance of freedom to communicate, saying whatever nonsense they wish, well, they can choose what to say….Even those Copper thieves have ascended in life and acquired something. But we are not going to descend to the level of how they went there. We will simply say that social mobility entails that you must give citizens an opportunity.”

    • “..We will simply say that social mobility entails that you must give citizens an opportunity.”

      While you have become multimillionaires way beyond your means is what kambwili is saying………and 90 % of struggling Zambians agree with him…

    • …I am not part of that 90%, thank you. Because I believe in justice and truth. If you accuse someone of a crime, you have to prove it. Not prey on weak and gullible minds by spreading slander in the media.

    • Citizen…..

      Well , you were defending the $1 million price tag on those trucks while we said it smells of corruption…..looks like ACC are now investigating again……people power…..it will be the same with these millionaires at statehouse , they will be investigated….

    • The investigationfor irregularities in the fire tender deal by ACC is closed- there was nothing there, all tender procedures were followed. This new investigation is about comparing the specs. I wouldn’t get excited.

  19. Amos is just waffling. A life style Audit will show that Amos Chanda and his Partners in Crime are living beyond their means. This govt is corrupt to the Core. The fish rots frI’m the Head downwards.

  20. Are you ever going to part someone on their back when they succeed in something regardless of their status in society? It looks all are thieves and corrupt elements except for you and your masters who SUDDENLY got rich without explanation. Now you have another noise maker in the making wanting to parade himself for presidential competition in the name of Kambwili. What pains him is that Lungu came from the bottom to lead them. The bembas say Musalu wali pesamba. Ask Kambwili what that translates to in English.

    • Let them all be investigated….kambwili, HH and all those suddenly rich at state house.. …that is what we are saying.

  21. Zambia bwafya.Ba Lungu will be in prison come 2021.He should just leave now otherwise things are bad for him.Corruption yamwipaya especially fire trucks and the road from Ndola-Lusaka.pipo are annoyed.Toll gates tefitu.Chongwe toll gate to cost 1.9Million kwacha?Iwe guys feel sorry for Zambians.Takwaba ukwiba kwaifi.

    • Yes OP, when we were telling you lungu is a fraud convict and is not suitable for the high office you ridiculed us…..now look.

    • …prison or inauguration in 2021??? This is what Amos is talking about: “freedom of some people to speak what he termed as nonsense!!!
      Some definitions of NONSENSE:
      1. Nonsense is a communication, via speech, writing, or any other symbolic system, that lacks any coherent meaning. Sometimes in ordinary usage, nonsense is synonymous with absurdity or the ridiculous.
      2. foolish or unacceptable behaviour.
      synonyms:rubbish, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, guff, blather, blether, hot air;

    • …prison or inauguration in 2021??? This is what Amos is talking about: “freedom of some people to speak what he termed as nonsense!!!
      Some definitions of NONSENSE:
      1. Nonsense is a communication, via speech, writing, or any other symbolic system, that lacks any coherent meaning. Sometimes in ordinary usage, nonsense is synonymous with absurdity or the ridiculous.
      2. f.0.0.lish or unacceptable behaviour.
      synonyms: rubbish, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, guff, blather, blether, hot air;

    • There is no way with magic or miracles that someone on $100k pa and with allowances salary goes up to $400k max can declear $2.3 million after just I year in office…….which magic badala ???

    • Ba Zambia Citizen, yama ikaleni fye panshi , aba bemba batila ‘uyo ushikete ni mufutule tuleya’. this is what we are calling chipantepante type of governance or approach, when you’re challenged you rush to a dictionary to define the terms..by the way you forgot to indicate a citation for reference purposes, which dictionary?

    • Aba bemba batila, “ilyashi lyamu chibuku”. You clowns have no substance!! Like the biggest 1.d.iot of them, Kambwili, it’s all pointing fingers but can’t prove a thing in court. Kambwili threatened to expose people and inform ACC, where is that story today??? Time wasters!!!

    • It’s not our fault that your president is better at chibuku, jemasons etc. You must be Bowman lusambo a die-hard Mmd. Now a die-hard pf. The political fissure in pf is irreparable. Politics is not 1+1. Kambwili is a politician, he has dossier on your president. The president also has dossier on Kambwili. So you probably never get answers. Worse still your man is not audible (fu fu fu) so difficult to sell. Kambwili hate him or not, he has destabilized pf. The half life rate at which pf is deteriorating every minute. very alarming, isn’t?

  22. Just wait when God is going to judge the world this is when we will see who was who on this earth starting from Pastors, Reverends, Clergy men and then to Presidents, Kings and Queens, Soldiers and Police men and ordinally people. Angels will not be corrupted:

  23. very wasted phase transition in the history of Zambia. Basically the calibre of advisors sorrounding presidency is alarmingly shallow. All they know is raising travel advances, stealing. Please get to work, conceptualize something about our local commodities for increased industrial productivity. Always Borrowing for infrastructure has left us in debt highest in Africa. mule kwatako insoni ..as you make your incessant travels abroad aren’t you ashamed that you always a borrowing government.

  24. Evidence of corruption allegations is,

    1 – $42 million Fire tenders

    2- Auditor generals report shows too much
    misapropriet of funds…

    3 – $288.milion purchase of Ambulances given contract to savenda .

    4 $ 1.2 billion 316 kilometers ndola dual carriageway. While in Kenya a 560 kilometers dual carriageway is coasting $600 million.

  25. Corruption now has a new definition called ‘Social Mobility’. What is that even supposed to mean? How come this ‘social mobility’ only seems to apply to a select few connected to those in government? He’s trying to say he deserves to steal because he’s got a college degree, more so than those without a degree. What a crooked way of thinking.

    Politics is supposed to be a sacrifice, a public calling where is no much monetary reward. Where I live those that hefty salaries and riches join the private sector and not politics. In Zambia it is the opposite. Who told you being accused of being corrupt is a badge of honour and evidence of democracy? ‘Social mobility’ my @$s!

    • Hehehehe…… social mobility is lungus new term for corruption…..because one gruw up in a non privileged background, they have the right to steal without questions……its called social mobility…….hehehehe…

  26. Bane Amos has worked in UK for ,3 years with every thing almost free and this is because of the incentive that comes with the position he held. He has been With state house 2 years now u xpect him to be poor. This political mediocrity and we must stop it. Its like expecting an MD of a proper organization like eg airtel Zesco to be poor an live in kalingalinga

    • Ba Bupe, Chanda served Zambia in UK as a civil servant but now at state House. The salary structure in both capacities can never make him rich. I don’t know how define rich, but rich Zambians among them are HH, GBM, Sikutwa etc.

  27. *****ic comments from the usual insulters. No facts, no sense, empty and cadreic noise of feverishly disgruntled opposition cadres tired of losing and masquerading as bloggers! Thanks to freedom of expression. I don’t think if Dictator HH became President he will Grant us such freedoms. Never! We will all be made to be praise singers singing Kumulu Lesa panshi HH. He has the hallmarks of a dictator. A party that is trying to show itself squeaky clean is actually a dangerous grouping of dictators. Watch out Zambia.

  28. This Chanda is insulting the intelligence of most Zambians who are more educated than him but cannot match up with the wealth he has acquired within a short space of time . Working for state house is not a licence to getting rich which is beyond your income or means.

  29. It’s the “everyone is talking rubbish even me!” syndrome. That’s not about democracy but about talking rubbish. This nincompoop being in his position (or indeed any government position) is proof enough of decay, corruption and general degeneracy in Zambia

  30. Zambia has changed presidents a record five times…Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda, Sata and now Lungu. Only a f.ool will continue to deny, for selfish reasons, that Zambia is an admirable democracy. While some good for nothing politicians dream of State House and wait for something to comment about and talk of being vindicated by this and that, Zambia’s democracy has been vindicated by the white man they always run to for support to demonize Zambia on the world stage. Trump’s comments about Zambia being a model of democracy has contributed to their delirium because they are in denial. Power hungry people like CK with no principles lamentably fall short of being presidential material to join this list. Theirs is only, but a dream.

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